Best Greyhound Tipster 2022 – PROVEN Number 1

Looking for the best Greyhound Tipster in 2022?

In this article we will reveal the best greyhound tipster that we have come across after reviewing hundreds of betting tipsters/services over the years.

Alongside that we will also take a look at some other promising tipsters.

Go into where you can find free greyhound tips and see where you can get great information on greyhound betting.

Best Greyhound Tipster 2022

Premier Greyhound Tips

Let’s get straight into it!

The best greyhound tipster in our opinion is Premier Greyhound Tips.

Established back in October of 2014, Premier Greyhound tips has consistently made a profit over the last 7 years. Staking £10 per point, the total profit made is currently at £9257


The type of graph you want to see.

During our review of Premier Greyhound Tips.

A profit of £1712 was made from 79 selections, staking £25 per point.

The service is the cheapest on this list of the best greyhound tipsters. Costing £30 for the first 3 months (£10 a month). Then renewing at £50 for every 3 months after that (£16.66 a month.)

Also a £1.99 trial is available for a 15 day period.

Greyhound Results

Another positive for Premier Greyhound Tips is that you can often use the betting exchanges to get bets down in the last 10-15 minutes before a race starts. There is also the option to set your bets to be matched at SP also.

Overall Premier Greyhound Tips is our choice as the best greyhound tipster for a number of reasons.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔

Discounted Trial ✔

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Premier Greyhound tips is the clear number one best greyhound tipster around. However let’s take a look at some other greyhound tips services that are on offer.

The Greyhound Punter

Best Greyhound Tipster

Next up on the list is “The Greyhound Punter,” which is a tipster that has been established for a few years and comes with a good reputation.

This tipster operates on twitter and sends out selections via Telegram.

The Greyhound Punters official results show a profit of 460 points after 717 bets. Subscription to the service costs £35 a month or £87.50 for 3 months (£29.16 a month)

You can view the Greyhound Tipster on Twitter Here

The Greyhound Tipster

The aptly named “The Greyhound Tipster” is one of the newer tipsters on the scene.

Priced at £80 a month it is definitely on the higher scale of paid greyhound tipsters that I have seen. Official results October 2021 to January 2022. When they released their platinum membership suggest a profit of £284 to £10 stakes.

Which is pretty impressive however also suggests that members would need to be staking higher amounts to cover subscription fees.

You can view the official site here

Greyhound Maestro

Greyhound Maestro is a tipster service that comes out of the Bethub stable. It has a long term winning record going back to 2017.

After 1542 bets a profit of £5440 is stated on the official site if staking £10 per point.

Greyhound Maestro Best Tipster

Monthly subscriptions cost £33 making it a more suitable service for those that are staking lower amounts. There is also a free 14 day trial available for those that want to try it out.

Click Here To Trial Greyhound Maestro

Where To Find The Best Free Greyhound Tipsters

Want to take a look at where you can get free greyhound tips?

Generally these tips won’t be as high quality as the likes of Premier Greyhound Tips. Here are few reputable sources you can use.

Timeform Greyhound Tips

Timeform produce daily lists of their best bets of the day in the Greyhound betting markets.

If you select best bets for example. Then you are presented with two or three of the best (as advised by Timeform) selections.

Giving you a short breakdown and reasoning of why a selection is fancied.

Unfortunately there are no long term results to see whether or not these selections are profitable.

Perhaps best used alongside your own analysis or perhaps if you are going to the dog tracks yourself and fancy a few bets.

Sporting Life Greyhound Tips

Sporting Life are another source of free greyhound tips. Similar to Timeform, Sporting Life produce a daily list of greyhound selections that they fancy to pick up a win.

One aspect that Sporting Life do really well is in their write ups. They are much more well written in comparison to Timeform’s. Giving an indication that they may be better researched.

Where To Find The Best Greyhound Data?

Looking to to find more data on Greyhound betting?

One of the best sites for Greyhound racing data is Greyhound stats UK.

Greyhound stats allows you to get a breakdown of trainer results, track statistics and statistics on individual greyhounds.

Greyhound Stats


Best Greyhound Tipster 2022 – Conclusion

Greyhound racing is often looked as the less attractive sibling of horse racing. It doesn’t attract the fanfare, TV rights or prestige that horse racing has. The local dog track isn’t likely to be a spectacle of fashion and fanciness.

However as a means to make money from betting.

Greyhound racing is not a sport that should be over looked. There are some excellent greyhound tipsters that have shown a consistent winning record.

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Why Bookmakers Limit Or Close Accounts, Can You Stop It

You have received an email from your bookmaker, which goes something like this.

After reviewing your account we can no longer offer you promotions and your stakes may be subject to limitation.

On further inspection you log into your account, try to place a bet and…………………

Why bookmakers limit accounts

Find that you are only allowed to bet a very small of money.

Have You Done Something Wrong!

Whereas before a bookmaker like Skybet/Bet365/William Hill would allow you to stake several hundred even thousands. Now they are saying that you are only allowed a paltry £4.55.

Bookmaker account closures and limitations are becoming more and more common!

Why Bookmakers Limit Or Close Accounts

Sometimes bookmakers do have legitimate reasons to close accounts. Perhaps you already have an account and are using trying to open multiple accounts in your own name. This is against most bookmakers terms and conditions which will result in them closing them down.

Another reason is they may suspect that someone is using stolen data or identity to open a betting account. Which again is a very legitimate reason to close someones account

However very often a bookmaker closes accounts to protect their business. In the case of bookmakers limiting accounts this is always the case.

Why bookmkaers close accounts

Basically they are saying no more “no mas” we don’t want to lose any more money to you.

It’s an admission by them that you are beating them at their own game or that at least they think you will beat them at their own game in the long term.

So they either close your account completely or limit you to such small amounts that you can’t really hurt their bottom line.

Here are the main reasons bookmakers close or limit accounts.

  • Matched Betting ✔ 
  • Arbitrage ✔
  • Making Bets That Consistently Beat The Closing Odds ✔
  • Betting Like A Professional Gambler (Clear Profitable Pattern Of Bets) ✔
  • Your Account Is In Decent Profit ✔

Basically if you are in able to make consistent profits then they don’t want your business.

Are Bookmakers Allowed To Limit And Close Your Account?

Unfortunately in the majority of countries there is nothing you can do about a bookmaker closing your account.

One slight ray of hope has appeared out of Spain. Where Bet365 were ordered to restore the betting limits for a number of Spanish customers, after it they were taken to court.

(This happened in 2019, but unfortunately hasn’t effected bookmaker behaviour.)

Bookmkaer limits Bet365
£4.55 limits seem to be a common theme?

However here in the UK this is certainly not the case and bookmakers are given free rule over who they can provide betting accounts for and who they cannot.

There is no law in place can that stop a bookmaker from closing your account and refusing to take a bet.

This means that bookmakers will continue to milk losing customers whilst turning away profitable ones.

How Can I Stop Bookmakers Limiting Or Closing My Account?

There is one clear way to stop bookmakers from limiting or closing your account.

Are you ready for it…………..

Don’t try to make a profit your betting and lose to the bookmakers over the long term.

Honestly with bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes etc that is the only way to keep your accounts healthy.

Another option is to use betting shops. Although eventually you will also get limited if you don’t bet too frequently and move around shops. Then you can usually get your bets on for a longer period of time in comparison to online bookmakers.


They won’t accept any winning bettors long term. It is not in their business interest and with no law to stop them, they are going to remove the biggest expenses from their business. Which is winning sports bettors

Obviously I wouldn’t expect anyone to actively try to lose but that’s the truth. If you are winning long term then there is no chance of keeping soft bookmaker accounts.

Want to learn how to extend the life of your betting accounts?

Read This Article – 5 Way To Prolong Your Betting Account

Bookmakers That Don’t Limit Or Close Accounts

Betting exchanges are websites that don’t limit or ban winning players. They use a different betting model to make a profit.

Instead of making money off losing bettors betting exchanges use a commission model where you are charged on winnings. This is generally 2% across the majority of betting exchanges.

It should be noted if you are very successful on the betting exchanges you may need to pay a higher percentage in commission.

Betting Exchanges No Limits

The major betting exchanges are –

  • Betfair
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook
  • Betdaq

There are a lot of similarities between the three with Betfair being the oldest and most popular. However in recent times it has had a lot of negativity for its frequent maintenance issues. Whilst liquidity is still good on the platform its unreliability is an issue.

Smarkets is next on the list. Used by the majority of matched bettors and arbitrage bettors. The platform itself is very stable with very little unplanned downtime.

Next up is Matchbook. Similar to Smarkets it is used in the UK by a lot of matched bettors/arbitrage bettors.

The amount of money to be matched seems to be lower then Smarkets on the majority of markets. Smarkets also tends to offering better market spreads with less gaps compared to Matchbook.

Matchbook No Limits

Betdaq doesn’t really seem to have much going for it. It is the least popular of the betting exchanges. Has changed ownership a few times and introduced a sportsbook. Occassionally they offer 0% commission for certain events which is worth keeping an eye out for.

Out of the four Betting Exchanges listed my personal preference would be Smarkets.

It is the betting exchange I use the most, have had very little issues with and currently seems to be much more stable then Betfair. 


We have covered why bookmakers close or limit accounts throughout this article.

Overall unless there is a law that comes into place which forces bookmakers to take bets from everyone.

Then the winning sports bettor is always going to end up being closed or limited very small amounts by bookmakers. Ultimately if a business can remove its biggest expense and breaks no law doing it. Then they are going to exercise their right to do so.

The best option if you don’t want your account closing or being limited. Is to open an account with a betting exchange where being a successful bettor isn’t a reason to close your account.

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

5 Pro Tips To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Account

Stop bookmakers limiting your account

One of the most frustrating aspects of the sports betting industry is that when you learn a method of making profit. The bookmaker can just turn around say “no thanks, we don’t want your business anymore.”

Sometimes a bookmaker will close your account completely.

Other times a bookmaker will put tiny limits on your account so that you can only stake pennies on a selection.

How can you stop bookmakers limiting your account?

5 Methods To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Account

The sad truth is that unless you are betting with betting exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets etc or sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle.

Then you will be limited if you are a profitable sports bettor.

Hold on though, the good news is that after many years of betting successfully myself, there are a few strategies I have found which help prolong the life of a soft bookmaker account.

Allowing in some cases several extra years before the limitation hammer is swung!

These strategies I have found to work very well with Bet365.

Which in my opinion is the most valuable soft bookmaker account you can get.

1. Prime Your Account

When you open a new betting account, that is often when it is looked at with the most scrutiny.

Bookmakers employ people to assess the risk level of their customers.

Customers are then basically categorized into being recreational bettors or sharp bettors.

If you want to extend the life of your betting account then your aim should be to initially look like a recreational bettor. This is why many successful sports bettors look to prime new betting accounts.

What do you mean by priming an account?

Priming an account means that you place bets in order to look like a recreational bettor rather then a sharp one. Instead of hammering an account with value bets, arbitrage bets and exploiting free bets to the maximum amount.

Stop bookmakers limiting your account

You want to look like a normal recreational bettor.

2. Pick A Favourite Team

This is a fairly simple method that helps make you look like a recreational bettor.

Pick a favourite team and look to bet them most weeks.

Recreational bettors don’t look at where they can get the best value or best odds.

They bet with emotion and picking a team that you bet week in week out makes you look exactly like the sort of customers a bookmaker wants to keep.

Ways to stop bookmakers gubbing accounts

One of the longest running accounts I have, is one that I used to bet Tottenham with each week. I did this for the first few months laying off the bets on the betting exchange Smarkets.

Years later I still mix in the odd Tottenham bet amongst other sharp bets.

Initially you will lose some money. However with Bet365 in particular the losses that you make will be recouped somewhat by the loyalty bonus they throw out every few months.

3. Accumulators

Next up are accumulator bets. The bookmaker’s favourite type of customer is the one that chucks a load of accumulators on every week and doesn’t bet anything else.

For keeping your account pegged as recreational, placing one or two small accumulator bets each week is an excellent way of looking like a regular punter.

Bet365 Acca

Using Oddsmonkey’s accumulator matcher. I found that taking the top treble would lose £0.67 in EV from a £10 stake.

Which isn’t a huge amount of EV to give up, given how valuable a Bet365 is over the long term.

Also if you combine this with the Bet365 2up promotion. Then you can reduce the amount of EV you give away even further.

Personally I have found throwing in small accumulator bets amongst my other “sharper” bets to be very beneficial.

It also helps to mix up my betting patterns which leads on to the next point.

4. Mix Up Your Betting Patterns

If you are arbitrage betting, taking large value bets or just exploiting free bets for the maximum amount it can be fairly easy to spot.

Recreational bettors (which is what we want to look like) are not disciplined.

They vary their stakes, bet different sports and try out different markets when things aren’t going right.

If someone profiling your accounts see’s you are only placing single bets on horse racing or lower league football and also making a profit. Then it is likely they will take a deeper look at your account.

Esports Betting

Placing bets in different markets and mixing up your betting patterns can help your account look like a mug bettor.

Rather then placing a football accumulator each week, mix in a rugby accumulator from time to time or a esports accumulator, tennis accumulator etc.

5. Live Betting

Live betting is huge and again it is one of the bookmakers favourite area’s at the moment. You see it over and over again at half time in football games. Bookmakers love to advertise terrible value “boosted” bets.

They prey on the fear of missing out, emotion of a live game and the rush to get on the “boosted” bet before the game resumes.

“Back James Milner to score the next goal at the boosted price of 8.5!!!”  (When the true odds are really 13.00)

Mixing in live bets amongst your other “sharper” action is again going to help you look more like a recreational bettor.

Another advantage of live betting is that if you can do it profitably. Then it is much harder for a bookmaker to compare its price to others.

Due to the ever changing nature of live betting and lack of a closing line.

Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Account – Conclusion

So those are 5 methods that I have used in order to prolong the accounts of my soft bookmaker accounts.

Specifically I have found them to work well with Bet365 accounts. As those are the soft bookmaker accounts I value the most and make an effort to maintain for as long as possible.

Other strategies that may also help to stop bookmakers limiting your account include.

  1. Not withdrawing too often .

  2. Rounding up your betting stakes.

  3. Avoid using ewallets.

  4. Spreading larger stakes amongst different bookmakers if possible.

  5. Avoid betting on horses the evening before races (unless its a major televised race.)

Until betting legislation changes the majority of bookmakers will always look to get rid of the customers that cost them money.

However using some of the methods described in this article will help you stay under the bookmakers radar for a longer period of time.

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The Basketball Geek Review 2022 – £2211 Profit From £10 Stakes?

Master Football Tipster

Basketball Geek Review

In this Basketball Geek review we will take an in depth look at this basketball tipster service.

The Basketball Geek comes out of the Betting Gods tipster platform.

In this review our focus will be on.

Are the quoted odds achievable?

Can you follow the Basketball Geek using only exchanges and sharp bookmakers?

Is the Basketball Geek a profitable tipster to follow?

Basketball Geek Review

Basketball Geek Results

So first off let’s take a look at our recorded results following this basketball tipster compared to the official results.

Basketball Geek Review Results

The graph above shows my results following the Basketball Geek recorded as staking £10 per selection. These results are over a 3 month period.

In total there were 522 bets, a profit of £308 was made.

Staking £10 per selection a total of £5220 was staked.

A return on investment of 5.9% was made.


The second graph is the official results for the Basketball Geek.

There were 586 official selections over the same 3 month period.

A total profit of £329 was made to £10 stakes.

Staking £10 per selection a total of £5860 was staked.

A return of investment of 5.6% was made

Why The Difference?

There is a difference in results for a few reasons.

Missed bets

Selections are sent out at 08.00 in the morning. There were a few occasions where I wasn’t able to bet these selections at this time. I either completely missed these selections or they shortened in odds to the point where I wasn’t able to get close to the quoted prices.

Bets likely to get my account limited 

Some selections the Basketball Geek sends out are on obscure markets, that I felt were likely to get my account flagged as being sharp. For example betting friendly matches in the Estonian league is likely to raise a red flag to a bookmaker’s risk team looking at my betting account.

I made the decision not to include these bets.

Breaking Down My Results 

In total £302 was made from the 1×2 market and Asian Handicap market after 284 selections.

The total profit made from the Under/Over market after 238 selections was £6.

Breaking into down into odds ranges you can see the results in the table below.

Odds 2.00 and below335 selections-£33.00
Odds 2.00-3.0067 selections£155
Odds 3.01 – 4.0038 selections£85
Odds 4.01 – 6.0034 selections£80
Odds above 06.0128 selections£21

Results Since Adding The Basketball Geek To My Own Portfolio

Since this review I have started using The Basketball Geek as part of my long term effort to make £1,000,000 from the sports betting markets.

Aiming to win around £40 per bet (rounding up stakes.)

After 264 bets a total profit of £912 has been made after the initial review was published.

(I stopped using this tipster at the beginning of 2021, This was due to increased bookmaker limitations and I found using sharp bookmakers the odds were getting harder to match.)

Basketball Geek Review –

Are Quoted Odds Achievable?

The Basketball Geek quotes a long term return on investment of 13.77%, is this realistically achievable?

Basketball Geek Official Results

I will be honest no I don’t think it is.

The Basketball Geek is a obviously a very talented tipster but I do think they that should adjust the way they record their odds.

Here is an example of why I think they to need change this.

Basketball Geek Odds

At 08.00 I received the selections for the day and at the top you can there is a selection for Sporting CP at odds of 2.6.

The Basketball Geek quotes Betfair Sportsbook, Bet365, Pinnacle and Dafabet as the bookies with these odds available. (or at least that is how I interpret the email)

However when I go to place this selection I see that these odds were only available with Betfair Sportsbook.

Using oddsportal and looking at the Pinnacle odds, you can see that odds of 2.6 were not available that day and that odds of 2.42 were available when the selection was sent.

Basketball Geek Pinnacle Odds


So getting the the exact same odds as the Basketball Geek usually requires you to have access to the one bookmaker that is offering a standout price.

I believe a fairer way to record prices would be to take a price which is widely available with 2 or 3 bookmakers.

Also something I would like to see from this tipster and all tipsters in general is minimum bet odds. If the odds do shorten I want to know what are lowest odds I should consider taking.

Getting Better Then Quoted Odds

For balance however I should note that there were times when I could get a better price then the one quoted in the Basketball Geeks email.

Here is a selection sent out for WNBA games with quoted odds of 1.9.

I was able to get 1.98 on this selection.

The more popular the league, the easier it was to match quoted prices or get better then advised. So for example NBA, WNBA and the Chinese Basketball Association were quite easy to follow.

However overall I believe you will generally get lower then the odds quoted in the official email.

Which Bookmakers Do You Need To Follow The Basketball Geek?

In order to follow all of the Basketball Geek’s selections you would need access to a few soft bookmaker accounts.

The most important one would be Bet365. I found that the majority of selections were found with Bet365 and they were often also the best priced bookmaker for a number of selections.

Marathonbet was another bookmaker that were also were quoted often. If you have access to the majority of European bookmakers such as Unibet, William Hill, Betsafe etc then you will be able to bet on the majority of selections.

Can I follow the Basketball Geek just using exchange and Asian Bookmakers?

Yes and no.

You will not be able to bet on every selection that the Basketball Geek advises. There are some leagues that Pinnacle do not feature and the liquidity on the Betting Exchanges is not there for the smaller leagues.

For the NBA,WNBA, CBA and majority of the European leagues you will be able to bet using Pinnacle.

You will miss some of the more obscure bets on smaller leagues and friendly bets.

Outside of the NBA, the liquidity on the exchanges was generally very poor for most other basketball markets at the time when selections were sent out.

Basketball Geeks Selections

Here is an example of today’s bets.

You can see from the 4 bets advised, that all 4 were available with Pinnacle.

The Basketball Geek sends out on average 175 selections a month.

So given the volume of bets even if you are not able to bet every selection due to bookmaker restrictions. You should still able to bet 100 selections or more a month.

The Basketball Geek Review – Conclusion

So the big question is do I think that you can make a profit following the Basketball Geek.

Yes I do.

Although I have issues with the way they record the official results and I wouldn’t follow the same staking plan as recorded on official results.

(They record everything to staking £10 on every selection. So for example they stake £10 at odds of 10.00 and £10 on a selection at odds of 1.87)

Shortening Odds

The Basketball Geek generally advises selections that shorten in odds throughout the day. This is a very good sign that long term these selections are going to be profitable.

Here is an example from today, the over 190.5 in the Blackwater vs Northport game.

The selection was tipped at odds of 1.9 and closed at 1.7 with Pinnacle.

If you want to see how the Basketball Geek does in the future I will be using the service as part of my making a million from sports betting challenge.

Using a variable staking strategy. Staking smaller amounts on higher odds (£5 at odds of 10.00) and staking higher amounts on lower odds (£50 at odds 1.87)

Which I believe will be profitable in the long term.

If you subscribe to the newsletter you will get a monthly update on his performance, along with every other strategy I use to make money from the sports betting markets.

So overall although the Basketball Geek is not without issues there are a lot of good points.

The volume of bets is high with 100+ selections a month which is a big positive.

I made a decent profit over the review period despite taking lower odds then those quoted. Along with not betting some of the more obscure selections. 

All in all I do believe that despite its issues the Basketball Geek is still one of the best basketball tipsters available on the market.

If you want to test out the Basketball Geek Yourself, Click here for a 15 day trial


Affiliate Notice

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)



4 Football Trading Strategies 2022 – Profitable On Betfair

Football betting strategy 2

4 Football Trading Strategies

Football betting is a huge global market. It attracts billions of pounds in turnover and is often one the first sports that new bettors try to make money from.

People are always looking for football trading strategies that actually work.

Especially with the growing number of bookmakers limiting and closing accounts.

In this article we are going to look at using strategies on Betfair and other betting exchanges. Which allow  you to approach football betting in a way that is not available with normal bookmakers.

Which betting strategies actually work?

What are the best football betting strategies?

Caan Berry recently put out a video related to three football trading strategies you can use for the live betting markets. I thought it would be interesting to cover these strategies and look at the merits, potential dangers and situations where you could use these strategies effectively.

You can view the video below.


Football Trading Strategy 1 – Market Overreactions

The first strategy that Caan mentions in the video is taking advantage of overreactions in the market. Specifically mentioning the market reaction after a goal is scored.

When a goal is scored this is often a point where traders will look to exit their position.

For example if someone has layed the over 2.5 goals market at the start of the game. Their trading plan might be to hedge the trade for a profit after 20 mins if there is no goal. If a goal is scored then they will exit the strategy for a loss.

In this scenario if an early goal is scored. That trader is often going to exit that trade without considering the value of the odds that they are are backing. 

This takes advantage of panic in the market.

Football Betting Strategy 1

So in this example the trade would be to lay the over 2.5 goals market straight after a goal is scored. Then exit a few minutes later as the market corrects and the odds drift.

A strategy I have seen used with this type of trade was to hold the trade for 15 minutes before hedging for profit. 

Obviously the danger with this type of trade is that you open yourself up another goal being scored before you exit the trade. 

So although this is a strategy that will generate a lot of small wins, when you do lose it is going to be for more.

If you are using this strategy you have to acknowledge the risk vs reward and as always make sure you have a solid staking plan. 

It is not a strategy to use for every game.

You should always do your research and record when you see the optimal conditions for type of trade. This will allow you to anticipate in the future the best situations for this trading strategy.

Match Odds Market Strategy

Caan suggests in the video using this strategy in the match odds market.

In the match odds market you have the added upside of the opposing team scoring a goal whilst you are waiting for the market to correct itself.

It would make sense to use this football trading strategy when there is a heavy favourite that has taken the lead. Market’s like this tend to have more recreational money in the market.

When you have more recreational money in the market, you have a lot more traders that are not going to be assessing the value of the odds available. They will exit positions regardless of the odds being value or not.

The potential downside of the trade is again the danger of a goal against you whilst you try to scalp a few ticks.

However if you can find opportunities laying at shorter odds. Then the potential profit of a goal coming in your favour will yield a greater profit then a loss.

Football Trading Strategy 2 – Scalping Time Decay

The second strategy that is discussed in the video above is taking advantage of time decay.

As time moves forward in a football game, markets have to adjust to the changing probabilities of the games outcomes.

So for example if Man Utd are leading 1-0 against Brighton and are priced 1.17 on the 60th minute mark. If no other goal is scored then this price will gradually move to 1.01 before the end of the game.

The same has to happen for every other market in the match.

Football betting strategy 2

Here are a few pointers to use this strategy successfully.

  • You need fast live feed for pictures – You don’t want to be lagging behind every other trader and miss key moments in the game.

  • Use market panic to your advantage – If the market heavily favours something to happen odds can sometimes stall. For example a heavy favourite is losing by 1 goal and market expects them to score. However as the game approaches the last 10-15 minutes odds movement can accelerate due to market panic.

  • React to game tempo – Something else to consider is the tempo of the game, is the referee regularly stopping it, players time wasting, faking injury etc

This is a very solid strategy.

During the 2018 World Cup renowned football trader Psychoff gave out free trading advice. He used the above strategy several times successfully in both the goal markets and the match odds markets. 

Obviously with any scalping strategy you are always at the mercy of a goal going against you.

However when using this strategy in the match odds market. There will be times when a goal will be scored to your advantage.

Like all betting/trading strategies it is about finding the situations that suit the strategy and provide value. Rather then trying to use the same strategy for every situation.


Football Trading Strategy 3 – Parallel Market Intent

The next football trading strategy Caan outlines is parallel market intent.

This basically means looking at markets in the future. Which are currently related to the one that is happening at that moment.

Let’s say for example Juventus are playing on Wednesday night in the Champions league against Liverpool. During the game Cristiano Ronaldo (The most important player in the Juventus team) gets hit with a bad tackle and is taken off on a stretcher. 

Ronaldo Injury

Juventus are due to play Inter Milan on the Sunday and are priced at 2.2.

However due to the injury of Ronaldo the odds on Juventus immediately start to drift out and are priced at 2.42 within 5 minutes of the Ronaldo injury.

This would allow you to lay Juventus at 2.2 and then back them at 2.42 to guarantee your self a profit.

In the video below I outline how to lay and back (or back and lay) a trade to guarantee a profit if you are not familiar with this concept.

Out of the strategies that are outlined in the video created by Caan.

This third strategy is the one that appeals to my risk profile. As regular readers of this site know pre event trading is my favourite strategy to use.

It is extremely low risk and when you are quick to react to information then very large profits can be made.

Which leads me on to the next strategy.

Pre Match Trading Strategy

So we have covered the three football trading strategies that Caan Berry outlined in the video above.

Each of these strategies were based on the live betting markets. With the third combing both live and future markets.

Are there good football betting strategies to use in the pre match football betting markets.

The fourth strategy that I want to write about is pre match trading. This involves opening a position and exiting it before the start of the game.

This is an extremely powerful strategy and is personally my favourite strategy for the football markets.

Due to the fact that it can be extremely profitable and very low risk.

Football Trading Strategies

One of the best times to look for a pre match betting opportunities is when team news is announced. This will often lead to large movement’s in the match odds markets. 

(Below is movement after team news was announced.)

Football Trading Strategies Betfair

For Premier League games, teams often release their line up on twitter an hour before kick off.

Reacting quickly to the line up information is an extremely effective way of pre match trading. As long as you have good knowledge of the teams playing. Enabling you to identify if a key player is missing.

I know some very successful pre match football traders that also use sports journalists and official team forums to get information that the majority of the market may not be aware of.

If you are looking for a very low risk strategy to make money from the football betting markets then this is a good one.

You can learn more about pre event trading across all sports betting markets here.

Football Trading Strategies – Conclusion

So we have covered four very solid football betting strategies.

The football betting markets are some of the tougher betting markets to beat.

However if you put in the time and use the strategies that are suited to your approach to risk. You can find consistent ways to profit from football betting and trading.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and found some information that you can use to profit from the football betting markets.

If you want to learn more about Betfair trading in general you can visit Caan Berry’s site here.

Got any other football betting strategies that you would like us to write about?

Add a comment below.



The Bad Man Tipster – How He Profits When You Lose!

The bad man tipster – how he profits when you lose

I met up with an old friend recently who shares a an interest in sports betting much like me. He started to tell me how he was following a tipsters that turns £25 into a £1000.

“What’s his name,” I asked.

“The bad man tipster.” He replied.

So it peaked my interest and I thought I would do a little research.

The Bad Man Tipster – Scam Or Legit?

Now if read my blog you might have seen why social media tipsters want you to lose.

You probably already know what I am going to write. These tipsters basically work for bookmakers in essence and want to you to lose.

The Badman Tipster makes money when you lose. If you actually make money then he doesn’t make a penny. 

He works as an affiliate for bookmakers and makes a commission on the losses of every punter he sends. If he only sends winning punters then he doesn’t make any money at all.

Badman Tipster Affiliate

The Casual Gambler reports that he lost 57, £25-£1000 challenges in a row.

This would have lost £1425 for anyone following his selections. In honesty though the losses since his inception will in my opinion likely be far more. Tipsters that run this sort of business model will never track their record publicly or proof it anywhere.


Because its in their best interest not to. They don’t want to document how much money people are losing following their bets. 

The Bad Man Tipster Odds

Another shady aspect of this tipster is that they don’t even post the odds they bet at.

Badman Tipster

“I recommend placing the bet between odds of 1.25 (1/4) and 1.50 (1/2).”  (The Bad Man Tipster)

Obviously there is a huge difference between winning a bet at 1.25 or 1.5. Especially when you are rolling over your bankroll for the next bet. Putting such a wide margin of odds on their selections means they can easily manipulate a challenge.

If the goal comes late they can claim they got on at 1.5, if a goal is scored instantly they took it at 1.25.

There is just no transparency and its obviously easy for them claim what they want.

You will also see that he only states Bet365 as an option for the bet.

If you are serious about turning a profit from your betting you need to find the best odds for every bet. Often you will find that Bet365 don’t have the best in-play odds and you would have been better off betting at a betting exchange like Betfair.

But as Bet365 are the best bookmaker for tipsters that make money as affiliates. You won’t see them touting the best odds for each selection.

Again when they get paid for your losses why would they want show you how to give yourself the best chance of being profitable.

Affiliate Tipsters

There are thousands of these tipsters around. All pushing affiliate links and doing silly challenges.

My advice is don’t follow any of them.

Unless you are fine with giving money to a guy that provides losing betting tips.

For me personally its like paying someone £20 to come and kick me in the balls. Hoping there’s a tiny chance that they slip knock themselves unconscious and £1000 falls out of their pocket in the process.

Its just a bit silly.

The Bad Man Tipster
A lot of affiliate tipsters are not interested in providing profitable tips. They are driven by greed.

The truth about successful sports betting is that is a long grind. Its about finding value bets and gradually increasing your bankroll over time.

You can’t turn £25 into £1000 with ease.

Rolling over your stake after each bet is never a good idea.

What these tipster affiliates do is play on human nature.

People want to win big and they want it quickly. So whilst dangling the carrot of “12 bets and you will win £1000” seems appealing. Over the long term your going to lose a lot of money chasing that £1000.

Sure you might get lucky but the odds are against you.

Some of these tipsters have massive followings.

For example The Badman Tipster has 271k followers on twitter and 336k followers on Facebook. So you can imagine how much money this guy is making from giving out losing tips.

Stack The Odds In Your Favour

If you really want to make money from sports betting.

Then you should look at matched betting.

This is a legitimate, low risk way of consistently making profits from the sports betting markets. It utilizes bookmaker promotions against them.

Badman Tipster Review

It is as close to risk free betting as you can get.

I can promise you that it is a much more effective way of money betting rather then following these tipsters.

Here is an article explaining exactly how matched betting works.

In the meantime please share this article with anyone that follows these clown tipsters.

It would be cool if what these people do could become common knowledge.

People would lose a lot less money following these individuals and in turn these tipsters would make much much less from their shady bookmaker affiliate deals.







4 Proven Betting Systems That Work in 2022

Proven Betting Systems

4 Proven Betting Systems That Work

I remember when I first started searching for a proven betting system googling the term “betting systems.”

There was all sorts of progressive staking systems, martingale systems, stop at a winner systems, progressive laying systems. The fact was though that none of these betting systems held up to any long term analysis and would normally blow your bank if you followed them for long enough.

But after researching a bit longer I found a few betting systems that did actually work.

Here are four betting systems that I have used over the years.

Which continue to be profitable in the year 2022!


Proven Betting System 1 – Arbitrage Betting

Sports Arbitrage betting is something that I still use on the occasion as part of my portfolio

Arbitrage betting involves covering every outcome of an event. In order to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome.

Here is an example of a number of arbitrage bets found using the software rebelbetting.

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work

For example if we take one of the arbitrage bets above.

There is a 3.7% arbitrage bet between The New Saints and Bala in the Welsh division.

In the draw no bet market The New Saints could be backed at 1.53 with Marathonbet and Bala could be backed at 3.2 with William Hill.

For every £100 risked across both outcomes a profit of £3.70 could be guaranteed.

With arbitrage betting you can make several of these bets every day and gradually build up your bankroll with almost zero risk.

It is a system that once you understand can be used again and again.

Negatives of arbitrage betting?

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work


The only issue with arbitrage betting is that it has a limited life cycle.

Bookmakers will eventually limit arbitrage bettors accounts once they see that they are not going to be profitable customers.

Arbitrage betting is a great way to build up a betting or trading bankroll. Before you move on to betting or trading with exchanges and Asian bookmakers.

Check Out The Utimate Guide To Arbitrage Betting For More Information On Sports Arbitrage

Proven Betting System 2 – Value Betting

Value betting is similar to arbitrage betting as it involves exploiting the soft bookmakers.

A value bet involves looking for odds that are out of line with the sharp Asian Bookmakers or betting exchanges.

Given that the odds at sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges are quite efficient in big markets. The betting exchanges and sharp Asian bookmakers often offer close to the true odds of an event.

Sometimes when there is odds movement on these events soft bookmakers will be slow to move their odds.

Consistently betting on odds above the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges has proven to be profitable.

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work

Image courtesy of Trademate Sports.

The advantage that value betting has over arbitrage betting is that you generate a much higher turnover and use lower stakes which may make your accounts last longer then conventional arbitrage betting.

A lot of bookmakers will also offer value value accumulators often on a weekly basis as part of odds boosts or special promotions.

Negatives of value betting?

Again the only downside to consistently taking value bets is that soft bookmakers will eventually see that you are able to make money from them and will limit or close your account.

However if you plan to make money from sports betting. Getting banned from soft bookmakers is going to happen whichever way you choose to make money from them.

Click Below To Read The Utimate Guide To Value Betting For More Information On Value Betting

Proven Betting System 3 – Matched Betting

The popularity of matched betting has exploded in the last few years and with good reason.

Matched betting is probably one the best and easiest ways to generate a good second income online. It involves taking advantage of bookmaker offers to guarantee a profit much like arbitrage.

The big advantage that matched betting has over arbitrage is that is a lot less obvious and harder for bookmaker’s employed traders to spot.

I have covered matched betting in a lot more detail in this article below.

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work

Negatives of matched betting?

There isn’t many downsides to matched betting. Bookmakers will stop giving you promotions eventually. But as discussed before this is what happens when you become a profitable sports bettor.

So there you have 3 proven betting systems that are currently working in 2021. Which should also prove be profitable in the long term.

Each of these betting systems involve exploiting soft bookmakers.

This is really the best way to start making money from the sports betting markets and allows you to build up a nice trading bankroll or good second income.

Proven Betting System 4 – Betting On Team News

One proven betting strategy that you might not know is reacting quickly to team news.

Odds can rapidly change on the basis of team news.

If you have a good knowledge of the teams that are playing, then you will often be able to secure yourself a value bet.

Here is a good example of how odds can change when a teams lineup is announced.

In this example I have highlighted the point at which team news was announced.

This was a Europa League between Arsenal and Standard Liege.

Arsenal announced a weaker side then expected, from this news the odds on Arsenal drifted quite significantly before the game started.

If you were familiar with the teams and reacted to the information you would have been able to secure yourself a value bet on Standard Liege.

Due to the fact that Arsenal’s odds were drifting so the odds on the draw and Standard Liege would have to shorten.

This is a really effective strategy and if you have access to betting exchanges you can secure yourself a profit before the game even starts.

Here is a video which explain this strategy in more detail.


5 Betfair Trading Strategies 2022 – From Five Successful Sports Traders

Finding Betfair Trading strategies that works can be tough.

Making money from Betfair or any any betting exchange in general is not easy. I am sure many people dream of trading on Betfair for a living

Can it be done?

Yes of course it can.

Here are 5 Betfair trading strategies, from 5 successful sports traders to help you find an edge.

Betfair Trading Strategies 

Number 1 – Steve Howe – Pre Race Swing Trading


Steve Howe is the owner of the educational sports trading blog itsamugsblog.

Focusing on trading the horse racing markets itsamugsblog provides some of the best free sports trading advice available on the internet.

Steve’s specialty is swing trading the horse racing markets on Betfair.

Swing trading involves looking for larger movements in odds before the start of a race. The aim is to lay a selection and back it at higher odds or to back a selection and lay it at lower odds.

Trading in this way allows you to hedge your bet across all outcomes and secure a guaranteed profit no matter the outcome.

Betfair Trading Strategy Horse Racing

Countless examples of Steve Howe swing trading the horse markets profitably can be found on his youtube page.

If you can master pre race swing trading the horse racing markets then there are multiple opportunities everyday to make money.

Betfair Trading Strategies – Number 2

Psychoff – Football Trading Late Goals


When I first started trading on Betfair I heard the name Psychoff a few times.

He was almost like some mystical figure. That came made a tonne of money football trading, then disappeared. Leaving behind a video showing how he made $202,257 in 3 months.

Well Psychoff eventually reemerged and so did his apparent ability to make large sums of money football trading.

Psychoff Strategy

One awesome thing about Psychoff is he gives out trading advice on twitter from time to time. Although Psychoff uses a variety of trading strategies.

On twitter the tips that he usually gives out are to lay the correct score or back the overs market in football. Usually quite late on in the second half.

If you have followed Psychoff on twitter then you will know he has an uncanny ability to predict when a goal is coming.

So there is sports trading strategy number two.

Keep on the lookout for those late goals.

Betfair Trading Strategies – Number 3

Paulo Rebelo – Contrarian Betting

Official Site

Contrarian betting is when you looks to wager against the crowd. It is a concept that has been around for a long time.

The general theory is that the majority of the public like to follow the crowd. In betting the behaviour is no different and this can lead to certain situations where opposing the crowd can be profitable.

Now Paulo Rebelo is a renowned football trader on Betfair using a variety of different trading methods. He didn’t invent contrarian betting however fairly recently he showed an excellent example of finding value from this method.

Paulo Rebelo Strategy

Winning a sum of 167,225 Euros by backing under 0.5 goals at half time in the Crystal Palace vs Man City game. This was at a time when Man City had been beating every side in front of them. Going without a goal less draw for 8 months before they met Crystal Palace.

Reading the English translation of Paulo Rebelo’s breakdown.

Which you can read here.

Its seems that Rebelo believed that at half time odds of 7.4 for the game to finish 0-0 offered lots of value.

Based on what he had seen in the first half. He knew that these odds would have to move quickly and felt that the confidence in Crystal Palace players would increase as time went on.

Video proof of Man City vs Crystal Palace Trade

This is an excellent example of when it is profitable to go against the crowd and take a contrarian betting stance.

Betfair Trading Strategies – Number 4

Caan Berry – Front Runners In Horse Racing

Official Site

Caan Berry is a renowned horse racing trading. Using a variety of different Betfair trading strategies to profit from the horse racing markets.

One of the simpler strategies that Caan Berry uses is to identify strong front runners in a race and look to profit from them taking a prominent position early on in a race.

Caan will often highlight potential front runners on both his facebook and twitter pages.

Back To Lay Strategy

There is an excellent article based around the back to lay front runners betfair trading strategy on Caan’s site.

Looking to trade front runners in the horse racing markets is a great beginners strategy. Given that it is fairly straight forward method.

If you are looking to start profiting from the horse racing markets then this could be a great strategy to look at.

Caan has also produced some excellent educational products aimed at people looking to trade the horse racing markets.

Click Here For Our In Depth Review Of Caan’s Horse Racing Video Pack.

Betfair Trading Strategies – Number 5

Ryan Bruno – Pre Match Trading

“Wait a minute, your putting yourself in with some of biggest Betfair Traders around?”

“What a f****** ego maniac”

Is what you might be thinking.

True I am not a top of the food chain sports trader.

However if you do read my Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading Challenge. Then you’ll know that I do actually make a profit from my trading.

Which in turn I suppose makes me a successful sports trader.

That’s right f*** you buddy.

Yeah anyway Betfair trading strategy number five.

My personal favourite pre-match trading.

Betfair Trading Strategies

The simplest way to pre match trade the football markets is by reacting to team news. It doesn’t require a huge amount of skill.

You need a good knowledge of the teams that are playing and some patience. 

Cup games are often an excellent opportunity for pre match trading. As the market is often unsure of the first eleven that is going to be on the field.

This is because some managers use cup games as an opportunity to rest key players or give youth players a shot.

Chelsea Example

In the above example Chelsea were due to play Newcastle at home in the FA cup. There were priced at 1.41 before the announcement of the first eleven.

A quick look at oddsportal historical data shows me that Chelsea were priced much lower then 1.41 when playing at home to teams of similar ability to Newcastle.

This tells me along with experience that should a strong Chelsea side be named then the odds on Chelsea would shorten.

Chelsea did name a strong side so I backed them as quickly as possible at 1.41 and layed them once they had reached 1.34.

This enabled me to secure a guaranteed profit of £52.31

Below is a more recent example of profitable pre match trade.

If you can learn pre match trading then it can be a great low risk strategy to use.

There you have it 5 Betfair Trading Strategies From Five Successful Sports Traders. 

If you are looking to make a profit from your sports trading then these methods may provide some value.

Over The Last Few Years We Have Reviewed Several Betfair Trading Services.

Below Are The Best Betfair Trading Products On Offer.


Caan Berry Video Pack Review





Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your long term goals.)

5 Profitable Matched Betting Strategies – Make Money On Gubbed Accounts

So you have received the dreaded email!
You are not eligible to receive sports betting promotions anymore.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts


Being gubbed is inevitable whether its from the worst bookmakers in the UK or some of the more reputable ones.

Whilst you can prolong being limited by a bookmaker for a while. If you win money this will happen.

Whilst this is annoying news, it is still very possible to make a decent level of profit from other betting strategies.

Strategies that don’t require the use of promotional offers, which are profitable even on gubbed accounts.

Having started matched betting ten years ago and still managing to make £20k+ a year from the sports betting markets.

I can tell you from experience it is still very possible to make a good income!

If you learn better through video I have attached one below that covers “How To Make Money From Gubbed Betting Accounts.”


Let’s take a look at the profitable strategies you can use even after you have been gubbed.

Matched Betting Make Money From Gubbed Accounts – 5 Strategies

Strategy Number 1 – Casino Offers

Casino offers are still a great way to make an extra income. You can easily find £30 -£50 in expected value from casino offers each week which adds up over the course of a year.

Matched Betting Gubbed Casino Offers
These offers work because much like matched betting bonuses that you receive. These casino offers give you a mathematical advantage over the bookmaker/casino.

The big difference with casino offers is that you don’t win every time. However as you can see from the graph. Over the long term if you do enough offers you will make a profit.

Make Money Matched Betting Gubbed Accounts
There are still some very good casino offers available!

To put it simply its like flipping a coin with a friend who gives you £1.20 every time it lands on heads. Whilst you give them £1 every time it lands on tails.

You might lose the first few flips but over the long term you know you will come out with a profit.

Interested In Learning More? – Here Is Our In-Depth Guide On Making Money From Casino Offers.

Strategy Number 2 – Arbitrage Betting

Ok so you have lost your ability to use promotional offers for betting but your still allowed to stake without restrictions.

Perfect!! you can still take a bit more money out of the pocket of the bookmakers.

Arbitrage Gubbed Accounts

Above is a an example of a simple arbitrage bet between Bet365 and William Hill.

For the £200 we stake a guaranteed profit of £3.32 is made. Irrelevant of the result being over or under 2.5 goals.

This is what we can call an arbitrage bet.

Arbitrage bets happen when multiple bookmakers are offering odds on an event. Which when backed guarantee a profit no matter the outcome.

You can also find arbitrage bets between exchanges and bookmakers, as you can see below we found  a nice arbitrage bet using Oddsmonkey’s Software.

Arbitrage on Gubbed Matched Betting


An arbitrage bet means that  all outcomes of an event are covered in order to make a profit.

You can still use this strategy on some limited accounts.

For example on my limited Bet365 I can win up to £200 on some markets. The same applies to my Skybet account, so I can use these accounts to make small profits on a weekly basis.

Want To Learn More About Arbitrage Betting? – Click Here For Our Guide!

Strategy Number 3 – Value Betting

Value betting is closely related to arbitrage betting.

In that we are looking for outliers in the betting markets.

Some bookmakers are much better then others at compiling and moving their odds when new information enters the markets.

It has been proven that we can use the odds at these sharp bookmakers/betting exchanges to consistently find value with other bookmakers.

Rebelbetting Graph

There are numerous studies that show this is a long term winning strategy.

So again I will use the Oddsmonkey software to highlight what value bets look like.

All of the above selections are value bets. This is because the bookmakers are offering greater odds then the lay odds offered by the exchanges.

This is the same as an arbitrage bet.

However there will be instances where a selection may be a value bet but would not be an arbitrage bet due to the commission charged by the exchange or margin on a bookmaker selection.

If you are a beginner I would stick with arbitrage bets however if you want to increase your turnover and profit long term. Value betting is a great way to do this and a strategy I utilize a lot.

Learn More About Value Betting Here With Our Guide!

Strategy Number 4 – Each Way Betting And Extra Places

Each way betting and extra places can be a great way to get some extra value out of your bookmaker accounts.

Even after being limited the majority of bookmakers will still pay out on extra places.

You can find these extra place markets on the golf markets and horse racing.

Now with these extra place markets you can look to use a strategy similar to arbitrage or use a value betting strategy. Both will be profitable long term.

Extra Place Matcher
Oddsmonkey highlight selections that are value by showing the selections in blue. Under the title “rate”.

Lets take a look at the top selection Tyrrell Hatton.

William Hill are offering 7 places (2 extra then normal) for this market, whilst the exchange Smarkets laying to 5 places.

In this situation we can back Hatton each way at odds of 23.00 and lay him at odds of 23.00 on Smarkets. This is similar to arbitrage where we cover all outcomes of an event.

These two bets put us at a position of 0 should Hatton win or lose.

The big upside to this trade is on the place market where we also place a lay bet. Which covers the first 5 places, to do this we would lose 0.53p overall.

However due to the extra two places on offer with William Hill.

A profit of £53.47 would be made if Hatton finishes 6th or 7th.

Giving us big value with implied odds of 101 that he finishes 6th or 7th

Extra places can also be used as a value betting strategy. As the betting exchanges indicate that given the extra places on offer this bet has value as a straight selection.

Strategy Number 5 – Betting Shops

Although you may be limited or banned online some betting shops offer exactly the same odds as their online counterpart.

For example I am no longer able to place any bets online with Betfred. However I have two shops local to me that I can bet in.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts

When an arbitrage bet or a value bet comes up for Betfred on my Oddsmonkey account I am able to go and place that bet physically in the shop.

There will also be odds boosts and promotions that you can still take advantage of.

If you happen to live in an area with a lot of betting shops it can be a great way to earn some tax free profit despite being banned online.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts – Conclusion

So there you have it 5 ways to make money from gubbed matched betting accounts.

Make Money Bet365 Gubbed Account
Despite being gubbed on Bet365 you can see that using these strategies has still been very profitable.

If you are looking to make money with your gubbed matched betting accounts.
Overall the best budget option to take advantage of all of these strategies is Oddsmonkey!

Get A Free Trial Of Oddsmonkey Using The Link Below!



Oddsjam Review 2022 – Includes Free Trial

Oddsjam are a company that provide betting tools. Which allow their customers to make a profit from the sports betting markets.

They include tools for the following.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I use arbitrage betting and positive ev value betting as a big part of my betting strategy.

These are solid strategies that have allowed me to make a consistent income from my betting over a number of years.

With the United States betting markets opening up.

More and more people are looking at sports betting as an alternate way to invest their money.

Let’s dive into this Oddsjam review and take a look at whether it’s worth your money.

Oddsjam Review 2022 – The Best Arbitrage Software USA?


Oddsjam Review

When you first log into Oddsjam you will see a number of options.

First off you have an odds area where you can compare odds between a few bookmakers.

  • 5dimes
  • Betmgm
  • Bookmaker
  • Borgota
  • Caesars
  • Draftkings
  • Foxbet
  • William Hill
  • Bwin

Are the bookmakers currently covered in the odds area.

This is an area to be used when you are looking to get the best possible odds for your bets.

Next up lets take a look at the betting tools Oddsjam provide.

This is the area where we will spend the most time on in this review. As the betting tools are really where the value lies with Oddsjam.

Arbitrage Software

When you select the arbitrage tool, a list of upcoming arbitrage bets for the next few days appear.

The arbitrage software covers the bookmaker already listed along with Pinnacle.

What is an arbitrage bet?

An arbitrage bet allows you to cover all outcomes of an event to guarantee yourself a profit.

Let’s take the top selection as an example.

This is an arbitrage between Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies.

In the player total RBI’s market.

The above example is a 2.62% arbitrage bet. Which means that can guarantee a profit of 2.62% n your stake.

Oddsjam provide an arbitrage calculator to work out exactly how much you need to stake. To equal your profit on both bets.

In this example a profit of $8.77 would have been made on the above bet from a total stake of $326.23.

Speed And Efficiency

One of the most important aspects of an arbitrage finder, is speed.

Overall the arbitrage software provided by Oddsjam is quick enough to get on the majority of the arbitrage bets shown.

Oddsjam doesn’t provide links to the bookmaker odds which does mean you have to spend a little time manually getting to the right event.

However using the arbitrage software I did find the odds still existed on both bookmakers. So stale arbs (arbitrage bets where the odds had already moved) did not happen very often.

Plus EV Value Betting Software

What is a value bet?

In simple terms a value bet in the sports betting markets is backing something that is estimated to have a greater chance of happening then the odds indicate.

If you are able to do this consistently then you will make money in the long term.

Oddsjam provide software which helps to identify value bets.

Oddsjam Value Betting

Using the sharp bookmaker Pinnacle.

It has been proven that by using the odds at a sharp bookmaker such as Pinnacle. You can identify value bets with other bookmakers. This is a winning strategy long term.

Oddsjam identifies bets at other soft bookmakers which currently offer value.

The percentage on the left of the selections shows the implied value of the bet.

For example the above bet has an implied value of 6.31%.

Meaning that the expected long term profit of this bet is estimated at to be $6.31, per $100 staked.

Value Betting September

Value betting is a great strategy to use alongside arbitrage betting.

Combining both methods can allow you to make a good income from the sports betting markets.

Middle Bets Software

On to Middle Bets!

With middle betting we cover both sides of an event.

This could be a handicap market, total runs, under/over. There are plenty of markets which present opportunities for middle betting.

The great thing about middle betting is that in certain situations you can win both sides of your bet. Other middle bets you can have one bet that wins whilst the other will be a push. This means we win a full bet on one side and get money back on the other.

Lets take a look at an example.

Oddsjam Middle Bets

In the above example we have a middle bet which is also an arbitrage.

As a straight up arbitrage bet there is the opportunity to make 1.48% on our stake.

However this is also a middle bet.

Draft kings are offering Chicago Cubs +6.5 at odds of -725

5dimes have Chicago White Sox -6 at +840

Middle Bets 2

In this example we stake $100 on Chicago +6.5 at -725, also putting down $12.11 on the White Sox at -6.

This guarantees a small profit of $1.68.

However if the White Sox win this game by exactly 6. The first bet on Chicago +6.5 would win and our bet on White Sox would be a push. Meaning would get our money back.

So a profit of $13.79 would be won on the first bet. Whilst the second bet would return our stake.

As you increase your stake the opportunity to make a larger profit with a middle bet also increases.

Middle Bets Oddsjam

Middle bets are a great low risk way of building a bankroll. If you want to make money from sports betting then middle bets are an excellent strategy to use.

Low Hold

The last tool that Oddsjam offers is one that highlights tight margins between bookmakers.

This is called “Low Hold”, it is aimed at helping you clear sportsbook bonuses with rollovers. Along with highlighting the best selections to guarantee a profit from promotional free bets.


BetUS Bonus


Here is an example of the type of bonus available to American sports bettors, where a rollover is required.

It is a 125% deposit bonus with a 10x rollover.

For example if I deposited $1000, I would be given an extra $1250.

With the 10x rollover, I would need to bet $12500 before it could be withdrawn.

The low hold tool highlights the best selections for rolling over your money without losing value.

This tool can also be used for free play bets.

In the above example, a $83.33 is guaranteed from a $100 freeplay bonus.

This highlights the value of the Oddsjam software.

Oddsjame Review – Other Tools And Software

That covers the main tools that Oddsjam offers. If you are looking to succeed in sports betting then they really do provide you with the software you need.

Along with the arbitrage, middle betting and plus ev betting tracker.

You also get the following –

  • Arbitrage calculator
  • Freeplay calculator
  • No-Vig fair odds calculator

Alongside the calculators you also get an area to track all your bets.

Oddsjam Bet Tracker


Oddsjam Review – Pricing

Oddsjam offer 3 different subscription options.

Oddsjam SubscriptionArbitrage betting, Middle bets and the Low Hold tool are all part of the Canada and US plan.

The main factor for pricing of the first two options is which country you reside in.

This will effect which bookmakers you have access to.

The benefit of the industry plan is that you also get access to the positive ev betting tool which highlights value betting opportunities.

Oddsjam Review – Conclusion

There is a lot of opportunity to make money from sports betting in the US and Canadian betting markets.

Oddsjam really provide you with all the tools to make it easy for you to make the most of these opportunities.

I have no problem in recommending Oddsjam.

If you are based in the US or Canada then Oddsjam is a great option for your sports betting needs.

Whether its arbitrage betting, middle betting, plus ev value betting or exploiting free bets and bonuses.

Oddsjam have you covered!