Profit Maximiser Review 2024 – Simple, Tax Free Profits!

Profit Maximiser

If you are looking to start making tax free profits from the world of matched betting and advantage gambling then Profit Maximiser could be for you!

In this Profit Maximiser review we are going to take an in depth look at this service and its community.

Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser was the first matched betting service that I joined.

At the time I had not seen anything like it. The Profit Maximiser Facebook group and service opened my eyes to the many money making opportunities available in the world of matched betting and advantage gambling.

As time has gone by matched betting has become more and more popular.

There are now multiple match betting services available. All trying to offer the best service and entice new customers.

So the question to be asked is Profit Maximiser still one of the best matched betting services available in 2024?


Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser Review

First off Profit Maximiser is much more than just a matched betting service.

Profit Maximiser focuses on finding and exploiting every plus ev opportunity available. Basically they are looking for any method that will produce profits over the long term.

This can be in the form of

  • Bookmaker Bonuses
  • Casino Bonuses 
  • Bingo Bonuses
  • Spread Betting Bonuses
  • Value Betting

As the service has evolved they have also added value betting methods alongside Betfair trading strategies. 

Ultimately it is a service that aims to show you how to make a sustainable long term income using multiple strategies.

What Do You Get With A Subscription To Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser Training

There are multiple aspects of the Profit Maximiser service. At first this can seem a little over bearing with so much information to take in. To make things easily understandable and accessible there has been a lot of effort put into the provide an easy startup guide.

The start here and training section breakdown all aspects of matched betting and advantage play. So if you are new to either of these subjects you can build an understanding of how to profit from these strategies fairly quickly.

After going through the training, bookmaker sign ups are the probably the first section to go through. This section instructs you how to a make money from initial sign up offers. These are relatively easy offers to complete and will allow you to make around a thousand pounds.

We move onto the casino and advanced casino sections. These sections show you a mathematical approach that will allow you to generate long term profits from casino offers. For me personally this where I get the most value out of the service and where it really offers something that sets it apart from other services.

There is also a bingo section which is very similar to the casino section. However it focuses on exploiting and profiting from bingo offers.

Then there is the calendar which highlights the daily offers that are available. Also stating the expected profit figure and risk associated with the offer.

Profit Maximiser Review

How Much Money Can I Make With Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser offers you multiple ways to make money.

Taking some figures from my 50k in year challenge over a two month period I made a profit of £3391 from casino offers and matched betting. (This figure also includes a mistake on my part which cost me £360 pounds.)

I have added this in graph form so that you can see the general upward trend in profits. You can probably also see where I made a costly mistake that was soon recovered.
Profit Maximiser ReviewIn truth my results only scratch the service of what can be made if you use all aspects of the Profit Maximiser service. There are still many offers that I pass up due to time constraints or sometimes my own laziness.

If you are really willing to put the time in and grind out every single opportunity available then you can make much more.

Profit Maximiser Review
One of my bigger wins from plus ev casino offers.

I am not the only one who is making good money from this service. There are multiple testimonials from people making what could be considered life changing amounts of money.

Here are some comments taken from the Profit Maximiser private Facebook group.

Profit Maximiser Review

 Here is another happy member of Profit Maximiser showing long term profits.

Profit Maximiser Casino Offer Results

I attempted to make £50,000 in a year using various services and betting methods that I discuss on this site. Profit Maximiser was my chosen service that I used to tackle casino offers. Every offer I took part in was estimated to have a positive yield over the long term.

Here are my results from casino offers throughout the year.

April – £885

May – £1628

June – £1108

July – £693

August – £733

September – £91

October – £827

November – £616

December – £902

January – £60

February – £995

March – £1785

Casino Offer Results 

In 2020 one of main focuses using Profit Maximiser was on exploiting casino offers.

Over this time period I took part in 2202 casino offers.

A total profit of £11,946 was made.

The graph illustrates the results from completing casino offers over the course of the year.

Casino Offer Results 2020

Anything negative to report about the service?

So I have highlighted a lot of the positive aspects of the Profit Maximiser service but is there anything negative to note?

I am currently a member of Profit Maximiser and was also a member when the service first started up. There have been no negative experiences that I can report or have seen within the Profit Maximiser community. 

You will receive upsells for some of Mike Cruickshank’s other products which may prove to be a minor annoyance to some people.

In truth however these are good products that will make you money however you can find similar products as part of the Oddsmonkey package. 

It has been mentioned to me that the marketing for Profit Maximiser can be off putting for new members. Whilst I can see their point, Once you actually use the service you will see that it offers exceptional value.

What sets Profit Maximiser apart from its competition?

There are a few key factors that for me set Profit Maximiser apart from its growing list of competition.

  • The Profit Maximiser Community

In my opinion the Profit Maximiser community has some of the sharpest matched bettors and advantage gamblers around.

This is a big advantage for both newcomers and experienced matched bettors, as you exchange ideas and learn from each other. It also helps you avoid any mistakes that may have been made by others.

Profit Maximiser Community

  • It’s an evolving product

Profit Maximiser was something of a trend setter in the matched betting community. However it hasn’t stood still and rested on its laurels.

It is a service that continually adds new ways of profiting from all aspects of the gambling world.

Since its inception it has added new strategies to make money from sports trading, advantage gambling, value betting and spread betting.

The service really seems to be ahead of its competition when its comes to finding new profitable edges to exploit.


  • The potential for profit

One of the impressive things about Profit Maximiser is the amount of profitable opportunities it highlights.

There is really huge potential to reinvest and continually grow your bankroll with this service. As there are new offers and areas to profit from every single day.

Subscription Costs

Currently you can subscribe to the Profit Maximiser service for on a monthly basis or annually.

  • Monthly cost is £12
  • Annual is £97 (works out at £8.08 a month)

Profit Maximiser Trial?

However both memberships have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. This basically acts as a free trial, if you are unhappy for any reason you can get your money back. In comparison to the likes of Oddsmonkey and Outplayed. Profit Maximiser is one of the cheapest matched betting/advantage play services on the market.

Profit Maximiser Cost

Profit Maximiser Review Conclusion

If you are interested in a service that can show you how to make thousands of pounds then Profit Maximiser is a service you should take a look at.

Profit Maximiser offering a 30 day money back guarantee means there is hardly any risk involved in seeing what the service has to offer.

Like all betting and trading products I look at them as an investment. At £97 for a years membership Profit Maximiser is an excellent investment, as it will potentially return thousands of pounds in profit if you are prepared to put a little time into it.

I have no hesitation in recommending Profit Maximiser and it gets a five star rating from me.

Click Here To View Profit Maximiser





(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

OddsMonkey Review 2024 – Best Matched Betting Software 2024?

If you have arrived on this post its likely that you are looking to start matched betting or have already begun. In this Oddsmonkey review we will answer all your questions and show you everything that the service offers.

Is Oddsmonkey a good service to use for a beginner? 

Can Oddsmonkey increase your matched betting earnings? 


(updated video review)

(Use the code “SST50” For 50% off your first month)

Matched betting is without doubt one of the quickest, most efficient way to make a tax free income online. It is a very simple process and once learnt you can make thousands of pounds in profit using this strategy.

So the question is with several matched betting services out there which software offers the best value?

Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed is a discussion that arises often between matched bettors. For me personally as someone that has been matched betting for many years on a large scale there is clearly one service that offers the most value.

Oddsmonkey Review 2024

In this article I will be reviewing the Oddsmonkey premium service which costs £29.99 a month. Along with their all access software which costs £49.99 a month. Discounts are available on both subscriptions on an annual basis.

OddsMonkey have been around for a long time and originally just offered their excellent odds matching software as a subscription. Seeing the success of other matched betting services.

Odds Monkey decided to offer there own service.

This is the service I will be reviewing.

The OddsMonkey premium service offers a huge amount of useful software and applications for matched betting and arbitrage.

OddsMonkey Review


Matched Betting Tutorial

For those that are new to matched betting and want to learn the ropes. Oddsmonkey offer an excellent tutorial explaining everything you need to know about matched betting.

Even including a free membership which guides newcomers through a step by step process of a few sign up offers. Completing these offers can net you a profit of up to £39 in tax free profit.

Oddsmonkey Review Matched Betting Tutorial

Oddsmonkey Review – New Customer Sign Up Offers

Oddsmonkey lists and updates regularly all of the best bookmaker sign up offers available. From these bookmaker sign up offers alone it is possible to make over a £1000.

The premium service gives you the exact instructions on how to extract money from these offers.

You can then use the Oddsmatcher software included with Oddsmonkey to find the best possible odds for your free bets. A subscription to Oddsmonkey allows you to go through the whole process as efficiently as possible. Whilst also highlighting any new opportunities that arise.

Oddsmonkey Sign Ups

This is easiest way to start making money from sports betting and great way to build up some capital before you move on to the next set of methods.

Oddsmonkey Review – Bingo and Casino Offers

Bookmaker offers are the not the only focus of the Oddsmonkey service.

Oddsmonkey all access membership also highlights the best opportunities available from bingo and casino companies. Again the instructions are laid out very simply and are easy to follow.

Oddsmonkey Casino

The image above shows four highest value offers currently available in the new sections sign up of the casino section. Oddsmonkey explains the mathematics behind why these offers are so profitable and instructions are for each offer is explained in well written guides.


Whilst new offers are added and existing offers are also being updated frequently.

Oddsmatcher software (odds matching software for arbitrage and matched betting)

One of the stand out features of the Oddsmonkey premium membership is the Oddsmatcher software. The Oddsmatcher software allows you to to filter the odds, bookmaker, date. sport, betting exchange that you want to see.

This allows finding qualifying bets and odds matches for your free bets extremely easy.

The Oddsmatcher is extremely straight forward. It is quick at processing the information you input. Whilst it can also be used to find arbitrage bets and value bets. Oddsmonkey have really created an excellent piece of software with the Oddsmatcher software. its a joy to use.

Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher

Racing Matcher

Racing Matcher is a piece of software created by Oddsmonkey to make profiting from horse racing offers as easy as possible. There are so many bookmaker promotions on horse racing and Oddsmonkey’s racing matcher can help you pinpoint the best opportunities.

Oddsmonkey Racing Matcher


It highlights the races for the day. Which offers are available for each race. What the qualifying condition for the race is e.g free bet if a faller.

Then it shows you the current odds available at both bookmaker and exchanges. Showing you the potential profit or loss for the qualifying bet.

Again its all about speed and efficiency with the Oddsmonkey software.

The racing matcher allows you to take advantage of horse racing offers in the quickest possible way.

Each Way Pro

How much more software is there?

Oddsmonkey really go all out to provide everything you need for matched betting. This is the real benefit of using a paid matched betting service over trying to do it all yourself. The software provided helps you maximise your returns.

Lets take a look at Each Way Pro.

Each way betting involves backing horse in both the win and place market. Due to the way bookmakers calculate an each way bet it can be open to exploitation.

You can exploit these situations by guaranteeing a profit from backing at a bookmaker and laying with an exchange.

Each Way Pro Review


The Each Way Pro matcher highlights these profitable opportunities.

Calculates the stakes you need to make a profit and updates every 30 seconds. Meaning that any new matches will appear as the odds create a profitable eachway bet.

Extra Place Matcher

Often when there is a big horse racing festival. Bookmakers will offer a special promotion paying out extra places. 

This then creates situations where you can back and lay a horse. Should they finish in that extra place spot for example 5th.

You can win both the back bet and the lay bet.

Oddsmonkey Review Extra Place Matcher

These opportunities can be extremely profitable. Oddsmonkey created the extra place matcher to take advantage of these scenario’s.

Highlighting the best extra place opportunities and doing all the calculations for you.

Matched Betting Calculators

Alongside all of the software mentioned above.

Oddsmonkey also provide 12 different matched betting calculators. Which cover pretty much every situation you find yourself in.

Oddsmonkey Review Calculators

1.EV calculator

2. Each way calculator

3.Each way reverse calculator

4. Each way extra place calculator

5. Risk free equal profit calculator

6. Trigger bet calculator

7. Rule 4 calculator

8. Early payout calculator

9. Sporting Index calcultor

10. Dutching calculator

11. Unwanted lay calcultor

12. Win bonus calculator

Matched Betting Spreadsheets

Once you start matched betting and see how profitable it is. It’s likely that you going to start hitting hundreds of offers each month.

Keeping track of all these offers and your profit can be quite hard work.

Luckily Oddsmonkey provide 14 different ready to use spreadsheets formatted in Excel.

Oddsmonkey Review Spreadsheets

Simplicity, speed and efficiency for matched betting is the ethos behind Oddsmonkey. These spreadsheets again are an emphasis for this.

Acca Matcher (accumulator software that profits from bookmaker promotions) 

Do you want to learn how to make money from accumulator offers?

The Acca matcher will show you exactly how to do that.

Whether you wish to take a value betting approach and let your accumulator bets run. Perhaps you prefer lay each bet sequentially to guarantee a profit.

Maybe you want to mix your approach and let your initial bets run and lay the last two.

Oddsmonkey Review Acca Matcher

Oddsmonkey’s Acca matcher does all the hard calculations for you.

Highlighting the most profitable opportunities available at the time.

Matched Betting Forum

The popularity of Oddsmonkey has grown and grown over the last few years. As this has happened so has the community. Oddsmonkey now has a very active forum with lots of helpful individuals giving out advice.

There are threads for beginners, threads pointing out profitable odds boosts, discussions on how to make the most of matched betting.

Oddsmonkey Review Forum

For those that want to become part of an educated matched betting community.

The Oddsmonkey forums are a great place to be.

Daily Offer Calendar 

Recurring offers are pretty prevalent among bookmakers and casino’s.

The daily offer calendar captures all of these recurring offers. It then presents you with instructions on how to complete the offers. Along with an estimated profit upon completion of the offer.

Oddsmonkey Review Daily Offers

Oddsmonkey Results 2024

Oddsmonkey has been a staple of my matched betting betting and value betting strategies for a very long time. Over the last 81 months I have been recording my monthly profit and loss.

Oddsmonkey Profits

Over that 81 month period a tax free profit of £183,663 has been made, however not all of that profit came from Oddsmonkey. As time has gone on other strategies have been adopted, in the first two years the majority of that profit was from using Oddsmonkey for matched betting and arbitrage. Adding casino offers and value betting after that.

Here are my results over the course of one year when I first started using matched betting and arbitrage.

April – £787

May – £91 (Made a mistake which cost me £300)

June – £548

July – £380

August – £1261

September – £892

October – £1139

Oddsmonkey Review Results

November – £643

December – £578

January – £1113

February – £956

March – £1295

Even now in 2024 I still use Oddsmonkey to take advantage of any matched betting opportunities that come up.

Along with value betting opportunities that occur from boosts and each way bets.

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

Want To Get Started Cick Here For Your Free Trial 

Oddsmonkey do offer a free currently. This trial will show you how to earn up £39 for free.

Giving you access to the introduction guide which will show you step by step how make money from matched betting.

0% Commission Deals With Oddsmonkey

A huge benefit of joining Oddsmonkey in 2024 is their exclusive 0% commission deals that they offer. Currently if you want to get 0% commission with Smarkets or Betconnect they are exclusive to Oddsmonkey.

Smarkets is my preferred betting exchange and over the years I have saved thousands of pound sin profit by utilizing this 0% commission deal with pays for the subscription in itself.

Oddsmonkey Commission

Oddsmonkey Review – Still The Best Matched Betting Service In 2024?

Whenever I do a review, I like to highlight any negatives I find within a service.

But truth be told Oddsmonkey is really an exceptional service.

You get your value for money with OddsMonkey. It is really the complete package offering anything you need for matched betting.

There is a huge amount of content and useful software included in your membership. The website is very well put together and easy to navigate. For the new or advanced matched bettor. Oddsmonkey have really made it easy for you to find what you need very quickly.

Really what stands out about OddsMonkey is how sleek, efficient and easy to navigate everything is.

They have packed so much software and content into the service yet I was familiar with it all within a few minutes.

OddsMonkey have really done an excellent of providing the best aspects of what Profit Maximiser have done. Then added as much value as they can on top of that.


Oddsmonkey Review


There isn’t anything bad about this service for £29.99 a month it is exceptional value.

Oddsmonkey Review

Final Verdict

Overall the service is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone that was looking to start matched betting it is the complete package.

For those that are experienced matched bettors the tools and software that come as part of the OddsMonkey package make life very easy.

This is without doubt the best matched betting service that I have used.

You should easily be able make much more then the subscription price of £29.99 a month using the Oddsmonkey Service

I look at it as an investment that offers a great return.

You can be making profits of over a £1000 a month using this software.

It gets top marks for me its a five star product and is highly recommended.


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

5 Profitable Matched Betting Strategies 2024 – Make Money On Gubbed Accounts

So you have received the dreaded email!
You are not eligible to receive sports betting promotions anymore.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts


Being gubbed is inevitable if you end up making a long term profit from bookmakers. whether its from the worst bookmakers in the UK or some of the more reputable ones. The simple fact is bookmakers don’t want you to win money.

Whilst you can prolong being limited by a bookmaker for a while. If you continue to win money this will happen.

This is annoying news, however it is still very possible to make a decent level of profit from other betting strategies. Strategies that don’t require the use of promotional offers, which are profitable even on gubbed accounts.

Having started matched betting ten years ago and still managing to make £20k+ a year from the sports betting markets.

I can tell you from experience it is still very possible to make a good income!

If you learn better through video I have attached one below that covers “How To Make Money From Gubbed Betting Accounts.”


Let’s take a look at the profitable strategies you can use even after you have been gubbed from promotional offers.

Matched Betting Make Money From Gubbed Accounts – 5 Strategies

Strategy Number 1 – Casino Offers

Casino offers are still a great way to make an extra income. You can easily find £30 -£50 in expected value from casino offers each week which adds up over the course of a year.

Matched Betting Gubbed Casino Offers
These offers work because much like matched betting bonuses that you receive. These casino offers give you a mathematical advantage over the bookmaker/casino.

The big difference with casino offers is that you don’t win every time. However as you can see from the above graph. Over the long term if you do enough offers you will make a profit.

Make Money Matched Betting Gubbed Accounts
There are still some very good casino offers available!

To put it simply its like flipping a coin with a friend who gives you £1.20 every time it lands on heads. Whilst you give them £1 every time it lands on tails. You might lose the first few flips but over the long term you know you will come out with a profit.

Strategy Number 2 – Arbitrage Betting

Ok so you have lost your ability to use promotional offers for betting but your still allowed to stake without restrictions.

Perfect!! you can still take a bit more money out of the pocket of the bookmakers.

Arbitrage Gubbed Accounts

Above is a an example of a simple arbitrage bet between Bet365 and William Hill.

For the £200 we stake a guaranteed profit of £3.32 is made. Irrelevant of the result being over or under 2.5 goals.

This is what we can call an arbitrage bet.

Arbitrage bets happen when multiple bookmakers are offering odds on an event. Which when backed guarantee a profit no matter the outcome. You can also find arbitrage bets between exchanges and bookmakers, as you can see below we found  a nice arbitrage bet using Oddsmonkey’s Software (Free Trial Available).

Arbitrage on Gubbed Matched Betting


An arbitrage bet means that  all outcomes of an event are covered in order to make a profit.

You can still use this strategy on some limited accounts.

For example on my limited Bet365 I can win up to £200 on some markets. The same applies to my Skybet account, so I can use these accounts to make small profits on a weekly basis. There are also many smaller bookmakers that don’t offer any promotional offers but are useful for arbitrage betting.

Strategy Number 3 – Value Betting

Value betting is closely related to arbitrage betting.

In that we are looking for outliers in the betting markets.

Some bookmakers are much better then others at compiling and moving their odds when new information enters the markets. It has been proven that we can use the odds at these sharp bookmakers/betting exchanges to consistently find value with other bookmakers.

Rebelbetting Graph

There are numerous studies that show this is a long term winning strategy.

So again I will use the Oddsmonkey software to highlight what value bets look like.

All of the above selections are value bets. This is because the bookmakers are offering greater odds then the lay odds offered by the exchanges.

This is the same as an arbitrage bet.

However there will be instances where a selection may be a value bet but would not be an arbitrage bet due to the commission charged by the exchange or margin on a bookmaker selection. If you are a beginner I would stick with arbitrage bets however if you want to increase your turnover and profit long term. Value betting is a great way to do this and a strategy I utilize a lot.

Learn More About Value Betting Here With Our Guide!

Strategy Number 4 – Each Way Betting And Extra Places

Each way betting and extra places can be a great way to get some extra value out of your bookmaker accounts.

Even after being limited the majority of bookmakers will still pay out on extra places.

You can find these extra place markets on the golf markets and horse racing.

Now with these extra place markets you can look to use a strategy similar to arbitrage or use a value betting strategy. Both will be profitable long term.

Extra Place Matcher
Oddsmonkey highlight selections that are value by showing the selections in blue. Under the title “rate”.

Lets take a look at the top selection Tyrrell Hatton.

William Hill are offering 7 places (2 extra then normal) for this market, whilst the exchange Smarkets laying to 5 places.

In this situation we can back Hatton each way at odds of 23.00 and lay him at odds of 23.00 on Smarkets. This is similar to arbitrage where we cover all outcomes of an event.

These two bets put us at a position of 0 should Hatton win or lose.

The big upside to this trade is on the place market where we also place a lay bet. Which covers the first 5 places, to do this we would lose 0.53p overall.

However due to the extra two places on offer with William Hill.

A profit of £53.47 would be made if Hatton finishes 6th or 7th.

Giving us big value with implied odds of 101 that he finishes 6th or 7th

Extra places can also be used as a value betting strategy. As the betting exchanges indicate that given the extra places on offer this bet has value as a straight selection.

Strategy Number 5 – Betting Shops

Although you may be limited or banned online some betting shops offer exactly the same odds as their online counterpart.

For example I am no longer able to place any bets online with Betfred. However I have two shops local to me that I can bet in.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts

When an arbitrage bet or a value bet comes up for Betfred on my Oddsmonkey account I am able to go and place that bet physically in the shop.

There will also be odds boosts and promotions that you can still take advantage of.

If you happen to live in an area with a lot of betting shops it can be a great way to earn some tax free profit despite being banned online.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts – Conclusion

So there you have it 5 ways to make money from your gubbed matched betting accounts. Sports betting is an excellent way to make a tax free income online and using these 5 strategies can allow you to make thousands of pounds in profit every year.

Make Money Bet365 Gubbed Account
Despite being gubbed on Bet365 you can see that using these strategies has still been very profitable.

If you are looking to make money with your gubbed matched betting accounts.
Overall the best budget option to take advantage of all of these strategies is Oddsmonkey!

Get A Free Trial Of Oddsmonkey Using The Link Below!



Best Tennis Tipster 2024 – Free And Paid Tips

Who is the best tennis tipster in 2024?

In today’s article we are going to take a look at the great game of tennis and most importantly highlight the tipsters that are able to make a long term profit from sports betting.

Tennis is a sports that offers a lot of opportunity.

Matches are played on almost a daily basis. There is the ATP, WTA, Challenger series and ITF, which presents numerous betting opportunities for sharp tennis bettors.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tennis tipsters we have found available on the internet.

Best Tennis Tipsters 2024

TipstersNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Rolling Aces307£1625Yes (Click Here)
Sean Calvert2827171 unitsNo
Wadsters Winners1849200 unitsNo

Number 1 – Winnerodds

One of the absolute best tennis tipsters on the market is Winnerodds. This service is much more then your standard tennis tipster. It is a platform that gives you access to value betting software that uses AI to find value in the tennis markets.

It has a proven track record of providing long term profits from its customers. Enables a high volume approach and covers the ATP, WTA, challenger series and ITF.

The software works by highlighting value bets available with a number of bookmakers.

Winnerodds Interface

It then suggests an amount to bet, based on your bankroll at the time.

Statistics (results for the average user)

Total Number Of Bets4188
Return On Investment3.78%
Average Profit (For One User)£9494.09
Average Profit Per Pick £2.27

There are many advantages of using Winnerodds in comparison to a normal tennis tipster.

  • Can use the software 24 hours a day.
  • Don’t have to worry about chasing odds.
  • Won’t lose value on your subscription by missing bets
  • Multiple different bookmakers to choose from

If you are looking for a proven tennis tipsters that has shown to make money over the long term. Winnerodds is certainly a service you should be looking at.

You Can Read More About Winnerodds Here

Number 2 – Rolling Aces

Rolling Aces is a tipster that comes out of the Betting Gods network.

Betting at average odds of 1.93 with a long term win rate of 58.55%, he has been profitable 11 months out of 14. Showing consistency and an ability to make money for those that follow him.

Rolling Aces bets mostly on the WTA and ATP.

Best Tennis Tipster


Total Number Of Bets307
Total Profit (Staking £10 per point)£1625.47
Return On Investment20.01%
Average Monthly Profit£116.10

You Can Trial Rollin Aces Here

Number 3 – Nishikori

Moving on to the next tipster on the list and that is the aptly named Nishikori!

The tennis tipster Nishikori comes out of the Pyckio betting stable. He is their number 1 tennis tipster having been on the platform since 2016 and is still going strong.

Nishikori specializes in betting on ATP matches. This means that if you follow Nishikori then you will be betting into markets that get a lot of volume. Which usually means it is easier to attain the odds quoted by a tennis tipster.

Smaller markets such as challengers and ITF will see big odds movement when a successful tennis tipster releases their picks.

Best Tennis Tipster Nishikori


Total Number Of Bets3974
Total profit (Staking £10 per point)£2680
Return On Investment6.8%
Average Odds2.6

Only downside to the tipster Nishikori is that he is an expensive tipster to follow.

For example subscribing to 50 of Nishikori’s picks would cost a total of £238 (£4.77 per pick.)

1000 picks would set you back £1505 (£1.51 per pick)

This obviously means that f you do choose to follow Nishikori you would want be staking appropriately to cover the subscription costs.

Number 4 – Sean Calvert

Sean Calvert is a well renowned tennis betting tipster. Working with the likes of Betfair and Unibet to produce previews for upcoming tennis matched.

Calvert has also been running his own tipping service for a number of years. He has an impressive overall return on investment of 3.13%, with the vast majority of his bets being in the ATP and WTA events.

In 2022 he has won 65 units and is running at a 10% return on investment.

Sean Calvert Results


Total Number Of Bets2827
Total Profit 171.98 units
Return On Investment3.13%
Total Amount Staked5502.82 units


Number 5 – Wadsters Winners

Wadsters Winners is a tennis tipster that comes out of the Smart Betting Club. He has been running his service since 2019.

In that time he has amassed a very impressive record with a return on investment of 10.11%

Wadster’s Winners advises the majority of his bets with the most popular bookmakers. Bet365, Unibet, Betfair Exchange, William Hill and Pinnacle are some of the main bookmakers used.

On average this service will send out between 40-50 tips a month.

Similar to Nishikori, Wadster Winners focuses on find value in the ATP and WTA. Where odds will not plummet immediately when selections are sent out.

Wadsters Winners

Best Tennis Tipster On Twitter

If you are looking for tennis tipster to follow on twitter.

The tennis tipster Sean Calvert that we featured earlier in this article. Is pretty active on twitter and is well worth a follow.

You will often find his betting previews for the likes of Betfair and Betrivers posted up on his timeline. These are free previews with tips attached.

Best Twitter Tennis Tipster

You can also find the likes of Nishikori and Wadsters Winners on twitter. Who both in the past have given out free selections however they are not very frequent.

Nishikori Twitter Link

Wadster Tips Twitter Link

Best Free Tennis Tipster

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of free tennis tipsters available on the internet. However the majority will be losing tipsters that are only interested in directing to a bookmaker sign up.

The five tipsters that we have noted in this article all have long term records and have proven to be profitable for a number of years.

If you are not looking to pay for a service then our advise would be to take advantage of the free selections offered by some of these tipsters.

Best Free Tennis Tips


Sean Calvert as we noted provides plenty of free tennis selections via his previews for various companies. Another good source of free tips is from Sporting Life, for example they have a nice round up of the best outright bets for the 2024 ATP season.

Lastly Rollin Aces features in Betting Gods daily free tipping email from time to time. You can receive these selections by signing up to the link below.

Betting Gods Free Selections

Best Tennis Tipster 2024 – Conclusion

In this article we have covered the five best tennis tipsters that are currently available. These tipsters are able to produce profits in the bigger markets such as the WTA and ATP.

Whilst Winnerodds also allows you to focus on making money from the smaller Challenger and ITF series.

Your preference will depend on which bookmakers you have available and which markets you want to bet in.

Given the high volume approach and flexibility of being able to use the software 24 hours a day. Our number one recommendation is Winnerodds.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔


Click Here To Learn More About Winnerodds


Looking for profitable tipsters for other sports?

Best Basketball Tipster list

Best Greyhound Tipster list


4 Proven Betting Systems That Work in 2024


 Proven Betting Systems That Work

I remember when I first started searching for a proven betting system googling the term “betting systems.”

There was all sorts of progressive staking systems, martingale systems, stop at a winner systems, progressive laying systems. The fact was though that none of these betting systems held up to any long term analysis and would normally blow your bank if you followed them for long enough.

But after researching a bit longer, testing out hundreds of betting systems and strategies. I actually found a few betting systems that did actually work and started to make consistent money from sports betting.

Proven Betting Results


In this article let’s go over four betting systems that can actually make you a long term profit..

Which continue to be profitable in the year 2024!


Proven Betting System 1 – Arbitrage Betting

Sports Arbitrage betting is something that I still use on the occasion as part of my portfolio

Arbitrage betting involves covering every outcome of an event. In order to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome.

Here is an example of a number of arbitrage bets found using the software Oddsmonkey.

Besiktas Arbitrage Bet


For example if we take one of the arbitrage bets above.

There is a 2.36% arbitrage bet between Antalyspor and Besiktas in the Turkish cup.

We can can back Antalyspor at odds of 2.6 with both Unibet and BetMGM. There is a lay bet available at the betting exchange Smarkets at odds of 2.54 (I lay bet means we act as a bookmaker and lay someone else bet.)

For every £100 risked across both outcomes a profit of £2.36 could be guaranteed.

Arbitrage Bet example

Although this may seem like a small amount, you can use larger stakes to make a bigger profit. Also there are multiple arbitrage opportunities every day and these small tax free profits can soon add up.

It is a simple betting system that once you understand fully, can be used again and again.

Negatives of arbitrage betting?

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work


The only issue with arbitrage betting is that it has a limited life cycle.

Bookmakers will eventually limit arbitrage bettors accounts once they see that they are not going to be profitable customers.

Arbitrage betting is a great way to build up a betting or trading bankroll. Before you move on to betting or trading with exchanges and Asian bookmakers.

Check Out The Utimate Guide To Arbitrage Betting For More Information On Sports Arbitrage


Proven Betting System 2 – Value Betting

Value betting is similar to arbitrage betting as it involves exploiting the soft bookmakers.

A value bet involves looking for odds that are out of line with the sharp Asian Bookmakers or betting exchanges.

Given that the odds at sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges are quite efficient in big markets. The betting exchanges and sharp Asian bookmakers often offer close to the true odds of an event.

Sometimes when there is odds movement on these events soft bookmakers will be slow to move their odds.

Consistently betting on odds above the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges has proven to be extremely profitable.

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work

Image courtesy of Trademate Sports.

The advantage that value betting has over arbitrage betting is that you generate a much higher turnover and use lower stakes which may make your accounts last longer then conventional arbitrage betting.

A lot of bookmakers will also offer value accumulators often on a weekly basis as part of odds boosts or special promotions.

Negatives of value betting?

Again the only downside to consistently taking value bets is that soft bookmakers will eventually see that you are able to make money from them and will limit or close your account.

However if you plan to make money from sports betting. Getting banned from soft bookmakers is going to happen whichever way you choose to make money from them.

Click Here To Read The Utimate Guide To Value Betting For More Information On Value Betting


Proven Betting System 3 – Matched Betting

The popularity of matched betting has exploded in the last few years and with good reason.

Matched betting is probably one the best and easiest ways to generate a good second income online. Another massive advantage of matched betting is that profits are tax free.

This betting system involves taking advantage of bookmaker offers to guarantee a profit much like arbitrage betting.

The big advantage that matched betting has over arbitrage is that is a lot less obvious and harder for bookmaker’s employed traders to spot. Regular sports bettors will also be using free bets which means that as a matched bettor you don’t look massively different from everyone else.

I have covered matched betting in a lot more detail in this article below. It is an ideal starting point for anyone that is looking to start making money from sports betting.

3 Proven Betting Systems That Work

Negatives of matched betting?

There isn’t many downsides to matched betting. Bookmakers will stop giving you promotions eventually. But as discussed before this is what happens when you become a profitable sports bettor.

So there you have 3 proven betting systems that are currently working in 2024. Which should also prove be profitable in the long term.

Each of these betting systems involve exploiting soft bookmakers.

This is really the best way to start making money from the sports betting markets and allows you to build up a nice trading bankroll or good second income.

Proven Betting System 4 – Betting On Team News

One proven betting strategy that you might not know is reacting quickly to team news.

Odds can rapidly change on the basis of team news.

If you have a good knowledge of the teams that are playing, then you will often be able to secure yourself a value bet.

Here is a good example of how odds can change when a teams lineup is announced.

In this example I have highlighted the point at which team news was announced.

This was a Europa League between Arsenal and Standard Liege.

Arsenal announced a weaker side then expected, from this news the odds on Arsenal drifted quite significantly before the game started.

If you were familiar with the teams and reacted to the information you would have been able to secure yourself a value bet on Standard Liege.

Due to the fact that Arsenal’s odds were drifting so the odds on the draw and Standard Liege would have to shorten.

This is a really effective strategy and if you have access to betting exchanges you can secure yourself a profit before the game even starts.

Here is a video which explain this strategy in more detail.

The Sports Betting Strategies That Made Over 150K Profit

As mentioned throughout this article, there are proven sports betting strategies that make money over the long term. The best approach that I have found is to use the simple low risk strategies first and as your bankroll/confidence increases.

Then you can scale up to use more advanced strategies.

  1. Matched Betting
  2. Arbitrage
  3. Value Betting
  4. Casino Offers

Are the key betting systems to get started with. Oddsmonkey is a service that covers all of these methods with guides and provides software to help you pinpoint the best opportunities.

Click Here Now To Start Your Free Trial

Oddsmonkey Profits

Make Money From Casino Bonuses 2024 – £36,764 Profit Strategy!

Make money from casino bonuses – the strategy that made me £36,764

First of all you need to understand that casino games are there to make the house money. They are all designed to give casino players the short term buzz of winning but the long term profit almost always goes to the casino.

Almost Always!

The only way to make money from a casino game is to find an edge and exploit that edge for as much money as possible, before it disappears. In this article I am going to explain the simple edge that I use to consistently make money from casino offers.

Casino Offer Results 2024


Make Money From Casino Bonuses – The Houses Edge

As stated earlier the majority of casino games are unbeatable.

Casino games have been developed solely to make the casino money.

In the short term you might get lucky however over the long run the casino is going to make a guaranteed profit. The exception to this rule would be poker where the casino takes a percentage of the winners pot.

In poker, casino customers play against each other and professional poker has been a profession for a very long time.

Notable poker names such as Daniel Cates, Phil Ivey, Doug Polk and many more have proven that there is a lot of money to be made in the world of poker.

The other notable exception is blackjack.

Edward Thorp

Card Counting

Edward Thorp an American mathematics professor pioneered the technique of card counting which is still used today in certain casinos. 

Thorp’s book “Beat The Dealer -a winning strategy for the game of Twenty One” revolutionised advantage gambling. The book showed a method which was mathematically proven to flip the edge from house to the player.

In this article we are going to focus on online casinos. The principle is exactly the same however it will involve using a different method to flip the odds in our favour. Every time we play a casino game, we do so when the odds are for us.

Exploiting casino bonus offers along with cashback offers is a very simple and also proven method of making a profit from online casinos.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses Online – What is EV?

There is a term in advantage gambling called EV.

This stands for expected value and it is used to calculate the expected profit from performing an action over the long term.  Perhaps the best way to explain this is with a coin flip example.

Coin flip EV

Okay so lets say we have a scenario where you have a friend that believes tails is luckier then heads.

They believe this so strongly that they are willing to pay you £11 every time it lands on heads. Whilst you have to only pay them £10 every time it lands on tails.

This gives you a mathematical advantage and long term this is called plus EV or positive expected value.

Choose Heads and get odds of 2.1  (real probability is 50% so odds should be 2.0)

Choose Tails and get odds of 2.0 (This is the true value of a coin landing on tails.)

If you flipped the coin several hundred times then there would a strong statistical probability that you would win money.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses Online – Flipping The Edge In Your Favour

So now lets take a look at a real example of where we can get value from a casino.

In this example I am going to use a cashback offer. This offer gave me 10% cashback on losses up to £20 on any casino games that I played that day.

This is a really good offer we you can get a good return for your money in very little time.

Make money from casino bonuses


For an offer like this my personal choice is always to play blackjack.

This keeps the variance lower then other methods and playing optimal blackjack strategy means that the house has a very low house edge.

Playing optimal blackjack strategy with this casino gives a return to player of around 99.5%.

This means that for every £100 staked we can expect to lose only 50p per hand in the long run.

Although the distribution of results will be random. Meaning that there could be long winning or losing streaks at times.

In the long run we can expect to make a profit from this offer.

Optimal Blackjack Strategy
Optimal Blackjack Strategy

Exploiting The Offer

So the offer is 20% cashback on losses up to £200.

I play optimal blackjack strategy with the aim of doubling my money or losing it all.

If I win a profit of £200 is made.

If I lose a loss of -£180 is made.

To work out the long term value of this offer we have to deduct the house edge from the amount we stake.

In this case we deduct £1 which is 0.5% of the £200 stake that is used.

Then divide it by 2 as roughly half the time we will win (no cashback) and half the time we will lose (cashback awarded.)

£200 – 1 = £19 divided by 2 = £9.50.

In the long run we can expect to make £9.50 on average from this offer.

This offer will take less then 5 minutes to do, so the return for the time spent is very good.

Staking And Risk Management For Casino Offers

One thing that is really important to remember when exploiting casino bonuses and cashback is that you will have losing runs.

Due to this you need to have a set bankroll and accept that you won’t always win.

There are different staking strategies available such as the Kelly Criterion (which suggests altering your staking depending on the size of your expected value.)

However you might just want to keep things simple and never risk more then 2-3% of your total bankroll on an offer. This will allow you to endure losing periods.

The importance of volume

Just as an example of why it is important to put a lot of volume into plus EV casino offers and not look at things short term.

Here are my results over the last 7062 offers.

Casino Offer Results 2024


Looking at the long term graph you can see that a good profit has been made and the graph curve has generally gone upwards.

However if you look right at the start, you will see that initially I was losing money after the first 70 offers. There has also been long losing or break even periods at times however in the long run it has been very profitable. 

Make Money From Casino Bonuses – Step By Step Guide To Make £33 EV In 15 Minutes

Probably the best entry to advantage gambling is with low risk offers, cashback offers and free spins.

Many bookmakers and casinos offer daily free spin offers. These offers generally have a low EV of £0.5-£1 however there are lots of these offers everyday.

It can be a good way of building up your initial bankroll and also gaining faith in the mathematics behind advantage gambling.

Whilst also getting used to the variance of results.

Poker Stars Casino Cashback Offer 

Casino Cashback


This is a great value offer worth around £18.

1. Sign up to Quidco using this link if you haven’t already (This is a free account and gets you an additional £15 sign up bonus.)

2. Search for Pokerstars Casino offer and sign up

2. Deposit £30 into Pokerstars Casino

3. Play through £30 on Live Blackjack on low stakes £5 or below – here is a guide for optimal blackjack strategy

4. Withdraw your money and wait for your cashback to be credited

Breakdown Of  The Offer

Wager £30 on blackjack 99.5% rtp = -£0.15 (On average you will lose an estimated £0.15 long term from wagering)

Get £18.75 Cashback – -£0.15 For wagering

Expected Value = £18.60 + £15 sign up bonus = £33.60


This offer can also be done with Topcashback where cashback is higher at £25, however you will not get the £15 sign up bonus.

Leo Vegas Casino Cashback Offer 

Topcashback Casino Guide


Another a great value offer worth around just under £15.

1. This offer is only with Top Cashback, sign up Top Cashback using this link if you haven’t already (This is a free account and currently there is a £10 sign up bonus available.)

2. Search for Leovegas offer and sign up

2. Deposit £30 into Leovegas

3. Play through £30 on Live Blackjackon low stakes £5 or below  – here is a guide for optimal blackjack strategy

4. Withdraw your money and wait for your cashback to be credited

Breakdown Of  The Offer

Wager £30 on blackjack 99.5% rtp = -£0.15 (On average you will lose an estimated £0.15 long term from wagering)

Get £18.75 Cashback – -£0.15 For wagering

Expected Value = £18.60

Click Here For A £10 Bonus From TopCashback

Make Money From Casino Bonuses Online – High Risk Offers

Moving on to high risk offers.

High risk casino bonus offers are not for the faint of heart and it is not something I would advise people to jump into straight away.

When doing high risk offers you can have losing runs that will see you down thousands if things go against you.

My own online casino results are a mixture of low risk and high risk casino offers.

However I only did high risk casino offers once I had already built up a bankroll doing lower risk offers and also using matched betting.

make money from casino bonuses high risk

Here is an example of a high risk offer.

Deposit £100 get a £100 bonus which must be wagered 40x (£4000) and wagering on blackjack does not count.

Whilst this offer is still plus EV and worth doing in the long run.

It is higher variance as we can’t use blackjack and have to use a high return to player slot.

The long term EV of this offer however is around £25.

Huge Casino Win

Having done thousands of casino offers I have had some big wins but also been through some long losing runs. In the long run with a disciplined well managed approach there is still good money to be made from high risk casino offers.

Is This Like Matched Betting?

Exploiting casino bonuses is similar to matched betting in that it is betting with a proven mathematical advantage.

However you will not make money on every single offer, in my opinion it is more comparable to value betting.

To succeed in the long term, you need a disciplined approach.

The big advantage this has over matched betting is that the EV is currently a lot higher on average per offer.

Along with the fact that there are not as many people exploiting casino offers due to the variance involved.

Where Can I Find Offers And Learn More?

If you want to find casino bonuses you can use a site such as

Read through the terms and conditions of the bonuses to try and find some plus EV opportunities.

I still do this from time to time if a new casino emerges and the services I use don’t cover it.

The other option, which is the option I use and is also how I learnt to exploit casino bonuses in the most optimal way possible.

Is to use a service such as Oddsmonkey (Also covers matched betting and value betting) or if you really want to delve deep into exploiting casino offers Profit Maximiser also is a good alternative.

The picture shows the type of breakdown Profit Maximiser will give you when looking at exploiting bonus offers.

Detailing everything from stake sizing, the optimal slots to use, estimated value of the offer and also the % of you losing your entire stake on that offer.

This service was a game changer for me and allowed me to make over £35,000 in profit from exploiting casino offers.

Make Money From Casino Bonuses – Conclusion

Making money from casino bonuses is still very possible in 2024.

The returns on your money for the time spent doing them can be excellent.

If you have the right mentality and approach then this is still a very valid way of making money online.

Click Here For My Number 1 Recommendation For Casino Offers (The Service Also Covers Matched Betting, Value Betting And Bingo Offers)


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

6 Of The Best Free Football Tipsters On Twitter In 2024

Best Twitter Tipsters 2021

Watching and betting on football for a living is probably the dream job for thousands if not millions of people. However actually making long term profits from betting on football is much harder then it sounds.

The majority of the most popular tipsters on twitter, are actually more interested in providing you with losing tips in order to make affiliate revenue.

Readers of this blog will know all about social media tipsters.

Like the Badman Tipster and how they operate.

However there are some legitimate ones that are well worth following, So who are the best football tipsters on twitter?

Let’s take a look!

Who Are The Best Football Tipsters On Twitter

  1. Mark Stinchcombe

I first came across Mark Stinchcombe on the Matchbook betting podcast.

His approach to football betting and analysis immediately made him stand out as someone that approached betting professionally. Bets are very well thought out and his reasoning his excellent.

Mark continues to share his tips now on the Betfair football betting podcast.

Best Football Tipsters On Twitter

If you are looking for someone that approaches their football betting professionally and gives out solid reasoning for why a bet looks to be value.

Then Mark Stinchcombe is someone that you should be following.

2. Mark O’Haire

Best Football Tipsters On Twitter

Mark O’Haire is a football analyst and writer.

Providing write ups for the likes of 188bet and Matchbook.

I first came across Mark’s work from his excellent write ups for the broker Eastbridge. Often highlighting value in the Asian handicap markets.

Mark currently gives out excellent advice on the weekly Matchbook podcast. Specializing in European football he often finds excellent value bets to follow.

If you are looking for free football tips from one of the best football tipsters around. Then Mark O’Haire is someone that you should definitely be following on twitter.


bet on value

Bet On Value is a very low key twitter tipster that consistently gives out excellent advice. Finding value bets in various markets.

He provides bets that are always backed up by excellent advice. Again you won’t find any silly £10-£1000 challenges with affiliate links attached to them.

What you will find is a solid approach to picking value bets from the world football markets.

If your looking for a free tipster that is able to find value from all manor of football betting markets. You could do a lot worse then following Bet On Value. He is an excellent of a good free football tipster that is available on Twitter.

4. WeLoveBetting

Best Football Tipsters On Twitter

Run by the previously mentioned Mark O’Haire.

The We Love Betting twitter account has some excellent football betting previews. With numerous football tipsters providing free picks across a range of football competitions. Betting previews are often backed up by excellent analysis.

They are an excellent resource when looking for well researched football tips.

5. Neil Macdonald

Best Twitter Tipsters 2021

Neil Macdonald is an experienced football tipster that has been profiting from the major football markets for a number of years.

Bookie Insiders is Neil’s paid service and has made an impressive profit of £21,728 after 5316 bets over an 8 year period.

However Neil also frequently gives out free tips from his service on twitter and also indicates selections that he thinks may have value.

Looking to follow an established football tipster that is profitable long term?

Then Neil Macdonald is another one of the absolute best to follow on twitter.


Matchbook Twitter

Matchbook are another great twitter profile to follow for free football selections. They do weekly Premier League, European football and Champions League podcasts with different guests.

Each guest normally analyzes an upcoming game and gives you their best bet of the week. Guests can range from ex professional footballers to professional football tipsters.

Standout Football Tipster

One of the best football tipsters that we have across in general on this site is Lulas BTTS’s selections. This is a tipster that generates consistent profits from the football betting markets.

Showing an all time profit of £10,511.

Lula BTTS Market Tipster

This is a tipster that usually costs £29 a month however using out link you access a huge discount and get the first month for only £8.70.

The Best Football Tipsters On Twitter

Even the best betting tipsters suffer losing runs and you should always make sure you have a solid staking plan in place.

The five tipsters above stand out as some of the best on twitter.

All of the tipsters above take an intelligent approach to football betting.

Each with solid reasoning and a real understanding of how to find value in the football betting markets.

Interested in other profitable betting tipsters? below is a list of the best tipsters we have found for various sports!

Click here for our list of best tennis tipsters

Click here for our list of the best basketball tipsters

Click here for the best greyhound tipsters


Here is the top Biathlon Tipster we have come across.


Making A Million From Sports Betting November 2023 Results

November Daily Results

November marked month 80 in the “Making A Million Challenge”, with this year so far being one of the more uninspiring ones.

Year So Far

In November I decided to try and right the ship by focusing on my own betting. Seeing where I could make improvements and analyzing where mistakes were being made.

Let’s take a look at the results!

Making A Million

Value Betting And Trading

It was a much better month for value betting in November with a profit of £1656 being made after 329 bets. 

November Betting

Nice to get a solid month from value betting where I have been putting in a decent amount of work to find new edges and this month it started to pay off.

Most of the bets were on football with a few bets in other sports mixed in. Overall the goal is always the same, try to beat the closing odds.

This can be betting on exchanges, on limited accounts, with the few soft outs I have left and on the occasion in shops.

Click Here For My Recommended Value Betting Software With A Two Week Free Trial.

FTS Systems

FTS was the only service outside my own betting that I followed this month.

Due the fact that I have a separate bankroll allocated for it. Where as with other services such as Bets and Beers and Football Trading Club I use the same bankroll with my own betting systems.

In November I used 9 systems with a total of 72 bets

An overall profit of £1038 was made.

Horse Racing System

For a few months I had been testing out a horse racing system, backing horses and seeing over the long term if it beat the Betfair starting price.


Horse Racing Results

Just looking at results for the first few hundred bets it didn’t look very promising. After 400 bets the system was up just under 8 points. 

However tracking the odds placed vs the BSP.

Average Odds Placed = 5.7

Average Betfair SP = 5.2

It showed a clear edge and I started to back it with real money from the 20th of November. Which fortunately for me came at the time of a nice upswing.

Overall a profit of £678 was made.

Everything Else

In November there were two other strategies that I followed. These were very low volume so I will group them all together.

-£518 was made from this section.

November 2023 Total

Value Betting/Trading – £1656

FTS – £1038

Horse Racing System – £678

Other – -£518

November Daily Results

Total Made In October


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Thoughts Going Forward

Feels really good to get a winning month in the books after two losing months and one breakeven month before that. One factor that I am happy about is that during this period I never made any stupid bets, didn’t increase stakes, no broken keyboards or smashed laptops.

I am human it pisses me off when I have losing days and long losing periods but this is ultimately the sports betting game. In the back of my head I knew I was doing the right things and eventually it hard to turn around.

If you still have your bankroll you can still play the game, if you bust your roll in a hissy fit then its game over. 

Will continue to run things as they are then look at bringing in other services again in January. Feel confident that my new found edge in the horse racing will win long term and bring in a good amount of volume week to week. 

Hope your betting went well, will return in December, fingers crossed with another strong month!


Value Betting Guide 2024 – How To Win At Sports Betting

Value betting or finding value in the sports betting markets, is the only way to make money long term from sports betting.

In this article we are going to look at one of the best methods for finding value in the sports betting markets. Whether your betting football, tennis, horse racing, NFL, boxing.

You name the sport, value betting works!

One of the big benefits of this method is that it allows you, to get a large amount of volume through the markets. Whilst having a consistent edge. 

This method is also very easy to understand.

Guide To Value Betting - How To Win At Sports Betting

Value Betting Explained

First off what is value in the sports betting markets?

Quite simply getting value in the sports betting markets is backing something that is estimated to have a greater chance of happening then the odds indicate.

Lets look at a simple example.

Man United are priced at 2.0 (indicates a 50% win chance) against Everton at home.

The best betting syndicate in the world estimate that Manchester United are actually a 55% win chance. 

Meaning they believes that Manchester United’s true odds should be 1.82.

This means odds above 1.82 are deemed to be value, with odds of 2.0 being extremely good value.

If you are consistently betting odds that are priced higher then there true probability, you will make money long term.

However the hard part of finding value in the sports betting markets is coming up with a true estimation of what the odds should actually be.

Some of the biggest betting syndicates in the world have hundreds of people working for them. Analyzing every bit of data available to them in order to make profitable bets.

In this article we are going to look at a proven method for finding value in the sports betting markets. This method allows us to mimic the bets made by these successful betting syndicates.

Sharp Bookmakers And Exchange Method

One proven way to find value in sports betting is by using sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges as an indicator for value.

Professional bettors separate bookmakers into two categories.

Sharp and Soft.

A soft bookmaker is one that does not want professional bettors, they only want losing recreational players that they know in the long term will make them money.

This is why some bookmakers close players accounts or limit their betting stakes to very small amounts.

Sharp bookmakers allow winning sports bettors to bet with them. They let sharp bettors influence their odds movement and rely more on profiting from the turnover they get from the betting markets they provide.

Betting exchanges follow a similar model charging on a commission basis and allowing professional punters to bet with them.

This means that professional sports bettors bet at sharp bookmakers.

Soft bookmakers often imitate the movement of sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. However they are slower to adjust their betting odds.

This method of value betting takes advantage of this.

Value Betting Strategy 

If you follow the money from the sharpest sports bettors in the world then you are going to make money from sports betting.

That is the essence of this strategy.

Consistently beat the closing odds of sharp bookmakers or betting exchanges and you have yourself a winning betting strategy.

This is known as “value betting” but is also sometimes referred to as “steam chasing”

Now you probably have heard of several betting systems or strategies that sound good in theory but don’t actually work.

This isn’t just a gamblers fallacy, there is a lot of data to back up this strategy.

Here are the statistics from a company called Trademate which provides software for value betting.

The software constantly scans the sharp bookmakers and highlights when a soft bookmaker is offering higher odds then them.

It calculates if there is value after the betting margin is taken into account and if it is value then it highlights these bets.

You can see that after 2,361,157 bets.

The total profit made by Trademate customers is £4,174,180.

Rebelbetting Value Betting

Another company called Rebelbetting uses a similar strategy.

Again using the odds movement from sharp bookmakers to highlight value bets at the soft books in order to beat the sharp bookmakers closing odds.

Their data showed that the average user was able to double there initial investment with value betting strategy after 3 months, placing 30 bets a day on average.

Lastly I will include some data from a website called bookie bashing.

This site also looks at the odds of betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers to highlight value bets at soft bookmakers.

Bookie Bashing focus on price boosts and accumulator boosts to find value in the sports betting markets. Which you also find if you have access to Oddsmonkey.

Again the data shows how successful this strategy is with a profit of £11,445 being made after the first 1000 value bets.

My own betting also incorporates the strategy of following sharp betting money very heavily alongside using other methods.

Although this is not the only method I use, value betting has proved to be a very successful part of it.

Monthly Profit And Loss


Alright so we have looked at data from multiple different sources to show that this strategy really works.

Now lets take a look at an actual example.

Value Betting Strategy Example

Borussia Dortmund are taking on Bayern Munich tomorrow.

By using the odds comparison site

I had a look at the current odds available and found a bet which is showing value according to current market prices.

Marathonbet are pricing Borussia Dortmund at 3.88 which is a stand out price compared to the rest of the market.

Value Betting Example

I took a look at what the current price was on Betfair Exchange which is a sharp market for football betting.

Betting exchanges will often mirror the prices of the sharp Asian bookmakers.

Value Betting Example 2

Betfair Exchange showed a back price of 3.8 and a lay price of 3.85. 

This is an strong indicator that currently the price of 3.88 that is currently offered by Marathonbet is indeed value.

Now obviously odds can change. They can drift in price and the bet is no longer seen as value. However they can also shorten in price becoming better value. 

If you are able to constantly find odds that are consistently better then the Betfair lay price on markets with a high volume of money matched (such as Bundesliga.)

Then it is very likely you will make money in the long term.

Value Betting Results

Below are some of my results from value betting.

Running from 2021 to September 2022.

Value betting with soft bookmakers using the Trademate Sports software.

3801 bets – £5568 profit

Value betting strategies on Smarkets betting exchange (Also includes some trading)

£20,011 Profit

(Video proof in the video below.)

Value Betting Tips

So you can see from the above that this is a strategy that really works.

Here are a few tips to get the most from this method of value betting.

Value Betting Tips

Stick to popular sports with high liquidity

The first tip would be to stick to popular sports that have a lot of turnover.

For example the major European football leagues and big American sports. 

The reason for this is that these markets are seen as more efficient due to the large amount of money that is placed on these events.

There is also less likely to be manipulation of these markets as it takes much more money to change the odds of say a Premier League game, compared to the Romanian second division.

Another factor is that a soft bookmaker will likely allow you to bet for longer if you are placing value bets on popular sports. This makes you look like much more of a recreational bettor, rather then somebody that wants to make money long term.

Understand you might have losing runs

Although you are betting with an edge and will make money in the long term. It’s really important to know that at times you will go through a losing period.

If you want to avoid losing runs altogether then you can look at arbitrage betting where you lock in a guaranteed profit from every bet. However the flip side to this is that you sacrifice some value long term by placing a bet with a margin on the other side of the bet.

In theory you will make more money long term from value betting but arbitrage is a good option for the risk averse.

(You can read the ultimate guide to arbitrage betting below for more information.)

Stake appropriately

One of the most important aspects of successful sports betting is to make sure you stake appropriately.

There a lot of different approaches to staking, some prefer to bet with flat stakes whilst others use a proportional staking strategy.

Most of the value betting software providers advise a staking using the kelly criterion. This staking strategy adjusts the amount of your bankroll you bet dependent on the perceived edge of the bet.

Use Value Betting Software

The last tip would be to use value betting software.

Although you can look for bets manually it can be very time consuming and you will miss a lot of value betting opportunities. There are several different value betting providers.

Best Value Betting Software


Over the years I have used a number of value betting services.

The first one that we will take a look at is Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey is primarily a matched betting service however it also provides tools that can be used for value betting.

Oddsmonkey Value Betting

The oddsmatcher software highlights bets with bookmakers that are higher then the lay on a betting exchange. This is a good indicator that these odds are value at the time they are highlighted.

Oddsmatcher comes with a filter option which means you can select which bookmakers you want see value bets for. You can also select how close to the start time of an event a selection should be. So for example if you want it to only show selections that are starting within 3 hours you can do.

Another positive for Oddsmonkey is they also provide extra place matcher and each way matcher. Which are both software tools you can use for value betting on the horse racing markets.

Compared with other value betting software Oddsmonkey scans bookmaker odds at a much slower rate meaning that sometimes the value bet will no longer exists.

However it is also the cheapest value betting service at £29.99. This is my recommendation for beginners and people fairly new to the world of sports betting.

(You Can Trial Oddsmonkey For Free Below)



Rebel Betting Value Betting Software

Next up is Rebelbetting.

Rebelbetting are a company that have been offering sports arbitrage software since 2008 and in the last few years started to offer a value betting service.

The software that Rebelbetting offer is a step up compared to Oddsmonkey. It scans bookmakers at a much faster rate and as such it provides a much higher volume of value bets.

Rebelbetting Value Bets

Rebelbetting offer mobile, web and desktop versions of their value betting software. Which enables you to make value bets pretty much wherever you are.

The software is very professional, when a bet is flagged there is a link that takes you directly to it. Which saves valuable time and means odds are less likely to change before you can bet them.

Rebelbetting Graph

Bets are then saved in a log which automatically updates whether your bet won or lost. 

The value betting software offered by Rebelbetting is aimed at the individual that is willing to put in time and volume. As mentioned earlier it is a step up from Oddsmonkey and is suitable for someone that is serious about investing in value bets.

Value betting software offered by Rebelbetting costs £89 a month.

We managed to negotiate a really good deal for readers of Smart Sports Trader.

You can get a no strings attached 14 day subscription to Rebelbetting’s value betting software using the link below!


Trademate Sports Betting Software

Next up is Trademate Sports who are a company that offer the best value betting software in the industry.

Trademate Sports have created a lot of excellent content on how to effectively make money from bookmakers through their excellent youtube channel and website. One of the most impressive aspects of the software is that it is constantly being improved.

As mentioned above it is very easy to use.

You set up the bookmakers that you want to use along with other metrics such as odds, time before event starts, sports.

Also whether you want to only search for value bets at high liquidity events or across all markets.

Trademate Value Betting

The Trademate Sports software then flags up any value bets that match the metrics you chose to use in your filter. Trademate Sports allows you to have several feeds so you can create several different filters and use them at same time.

You can read our full review of Trademate Sports here.

The software currently costs around £108 making the most expensive software on the list.

It is aimed at someone that wants to take a professional approach to value betting.

I would recommend a starting investment of £2000 or more to use this software.

You can get a free 2 week trial of the Trademate Sports software below.

Quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the Trademate chat to get this deal once signed up


In conclusion value betting is an excellent strategy to use if you are looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

It has been proven to work by a number of reputable sources and allows you to make multiple bets on a daily basis with a positive expectation. The strategy works because you are following the bets of some of the sharpest minds in the sports betting world.

If value betting sounds like a strategy that you want to try out or even if you are still on the fence.

We recommend you take up Trademate’s free 14 day trial and take a look at the results for yourself.

Click Here To Trial Trademate’s Value Betting Software


Premier Greyhound Tips Review 2024 – Discount Trial Available

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips is a UK based tipster. That focuses on betting in the greyhound markets.

Established in 2014, this tipster has an exceptional record of profit.

Since 2014 Premier Greyhound Tips has made a profit of £20,581 to £25 stakes.

Premier Greyhound Tips Review


Let’s take a look at how I got on in with this tipster in our Premier Greyhound Tips review.

Premier Greyhound Tips Service

First off let’s take a look at how the service functions.

When you join Premier Greyhound tips, you will receive a daily email. This will inform you whether or not there is a selection for that day.

Premier Greyhound Tips Selections

If there is a selection for that day, Michael the man behind the service will explain why he believes the selection is value.

He will note down how much to stake (in terms of points) and the best odds available at that time. Along with the bookmakers that are offering those odds.

The services functions in pretty much the same way that all Betting Gods services do.


On to the most important part of the review.

What were the actual results?

I started following Premier Greyhound Tips on the 28th of April.

The results below are from the 28th of April up until the 25th of July.

Premier Greyhound Tips Results

Official results over this time period were excellent.

A profit of £2105 was made from 84 selections.

This profit was made based on staking £25 per point.

Not all selections are to a single point. Up to 5 points have been suggested on some selections.

Over the 3 month period a total of £5,737 was staked. An overall return on investment of 36.7% was made.

My personal results following this service were a little different. Due to bookmaker limitations I could not always get the quoted price.

If I wasn’t able to bet the selection at quoted odds. I used Betfair, placing the bets at recommend odds and setting to bet at the SP if not taken.

Greyhound Results

My results were lower then the official results.

Due to missing a few winning bets and also taking lower then quoted odds. However the the results were still very promising and a good profit was made.

A profit of £1712 was made after 79 bets.

These results were also based on staking £25 per point.

Below is a comparison of how the Premier Greyhound tipster performed at bookmakers in comparison to betting with Betfair. You can can see that both strategies showed significant profit.

Total BetsStakesProfit at BookmakersProfit at Betfair
84£25 per point£2105NA
79£25 per pointNA£1712

Premier Greyhound Tips Conclusion

Overall I have been very impressed with Premier Greyhound Tips.

It is a service that has been consistently making profits since 2014. The tips are clearly very well researched by an expert in greyhound racing. My profits following the service were excellent.

Let’s go through a few frequently asked questions regarding the service.

How quickly do odds move?

Selections do tend to get backed in.

However I did have a lot of success placing bets up on Betfair. Which were matched the majority of the time as the markets came to life about 10-5 mins before the start of a race.

Any negatives to report?

One minor negative is that there is no set time for when tips are sent. Most services tend to have a time frame for when to expect bets. Premier Greyhound Tips does not do this.

This means that there will be times when you miss selection.

Overall though I am very happy to recommend Premier Greyhound Tips, it is a service that is very well run and has been very profitable for a number of years.

If you are looking for the best greyhound tipster, Premier greyhound tips is clearly a standout tipster.

ResultsOfficialMy Own
Total Bets8474
Return On Investment36.7%31.7%


Premier Greyhound Tips is very reasonably priced at £17 a month.

They also offer several discounts when you join initially if you subscribe for a longer period.

3 Months – £29

6 Months – £39

Fancy testing out Premier Greyhound Tips yourself?

Use the link below for a discounted 15 day trial!


Premier Greyhound Tips Review



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)