Best Websites For Free Sports Betting Tips 2024

Blogabet Free Tips

How great would it be to find a profitable betting tipster that gives out selections for free!

If you do a quick google search of “best free sports betting tips”, you will quickly be bombarded with free tips websites. However in truth the vast majority of these sites provide losing betting tips.

Bookmaker affiliate

In fact their only aim is to get you to sign up with a bookmaker that they recommend. In order for them to get affiliate commissions on your losses. There is no incentive for them to provide winning tips.

In todays article we are going to a look at 3 websites which can actually provide you real winning betting tips.

Betting Gods

Let’s start off with Betting Gods.

Betting Gods is a platform that proofs betting tipsters. If they pass Betting Gods proofing criteria they are then added to the platform as a paid tipster.

Currently there are 17 tipsters in the Betting Gods network.

Covering a number of different sports such as:

Betting Gods Free Tips


Betting Gods Free Tips

If you would like to receive free tips from these tipsters then you can do so. Betting Gods offer a daily email where they select two tips everyday from their list of profitable tipsters.

In comparison to most free tips sites with Betting Gods you are getting free tips from a site that’s intention is not to send you to sign up with a bookmaker. Their business model is to sell betting tips, which means that they want you to have success following these tips.

All of the tipsters that Betting Gods provide free tips from have long term winning records. They are sent out to incentivize you to join a paid tipster.

Which means they want you to be successful!

Sign Up To Betting Gods Free Tips Here



The second site that we are going to take a look at is Tipstrr.

Tipstrr much like Betting Gods is a platform that provides proofing for betting tipsters. Anyone can sign up to Tipstrr and start proofing their tips immediately. The best tipsters on the platform are promoted and have the chance to offer their tips as part of a paid subscription model.

Tipstrr Free Betting Tips

A daily email can be subscribed to through Tipstrr. Who send out one selection a day from one of their profitable betting tipsters. The free tipsters can be from multiple different sports however most often the tips are sent from profitable football or horse racing tipsters.

The best football tipsters on the Tipstrr platform include;

  • Gamedraws  (up £4338 in profit the last 6 months)
  • Longshot tips (£855 profit in the last 6 months)
  • Statometer (£5146 profit in the last 6 months)

There are also several very good horse racing tipsters on Tipstrr including;

  • Underdog Racing Tips (£5613 lifetime profit)
  • Model Man (£5316 in total profit)
  • No Dodgy Overnight Tips (£3446 lifetime profit)

You Can Sign Up To Tipstrr Free Tips Here



Last but certainly not least is Blogabet.

Blogabet is another tipster platform that has a very big following and hundreds of tipsters on the platform. There are both free and paid tipsters on Blogabet.

One of the most attractive aspects of Blogabet is that you can filter tips through various categories. First through the sport you want to look at and then through the specific league.

For example if you to find tips in the Georgian Premier League, Blogabet allows you to do that.

Blogabet Free Tips

Blogabet doesn’t offer a daily email with free tips. However there are a wide range of profitable free tipsters on the platform that you can look at. The platform doesn’t just cover football either you will find tipsters covering multiple sports including.

  • Basketball Tips
  • Tennis Tips
  • Boxing tips
  • Mixed Martial Tips
  • American Football Tips

Best Websites For Free Sports Betting Tips 2024

Overall in this article we have listed 3 of the best websites for free sports betting tips in 2024. It should be noted that following these tipsters does not guarantee success. However the tips on these websites are far better then the tips you will see on the majority of free tips websites.

To be successful with sports betting you need to make sure you are doing the right things.

  • Proper Bankroll Management
  • Sensible Staking Plan
  • Always Taking The Best Odds Possible

Are all key factors in becoming a long term profitable sports bettor.

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