Best Greyhound Tipster 2024 – £31,910 Profit!

Looking for the best Greyhound Tipster to follow in 2024?

In this article we will reveal the best greyhound tipster that we have come across after reviewing hundreds of betting tipsters/services over the years.

Alongside that we will also take a look at some other promising greyhound tipsters.

Going into where you can find free greyhound tips and highlighting where you can get great information on improving your own greyhound betting.

If you are wanting to make money from the great sport of greyhound racing then you have to come to the right article!

TipsterNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Premier Greyhound Tips3600£31,910 (£25 stakes)Yes (Click Here)
The Winning Trap2322£13,181 (£25 stakes)No
Greyhound Punter717£4600 (£10 stakes)No
Greyhound Tipster932£282 (£10 stakes)No 
Greyhound Maestro1542£5440 (£10 stakes)No

Best Greyhound Tipster 2024

Premier Greyhound Tips

Let’s get straight into it!

The best greyhound tipster in our opinion is Premier Greyhound Tips.

Established back in October of 2014, Premier Greyhound tips has consistently made a profit over the last 7 years. Staking £25 per point, the total profit made currently stands at an impressive  £31,910.

Premier Greyhound Tips

During our review of Premier Greyhound Tips.

A profit of £1712 was made from 79 selections, staking £25 per point.

This service is also the cheapest on this list of the best greyhound tipsters. Costing £30 for the first 3 months (£10 a month). Then renewing at £50 for every 3 months after that (£16.66 a month.)

Also a £1.99 trial is available for a 15 day period.

Greyhound Results

Another positive for Premier Greyhound Tips is that you can often use the betting exchanges to get bets down in the last 10-15 minutes before a race starts. There is also the option to set your bets to be matched at SP also.

Overall Premier Greyhound Tips is our choice as the best greyhound tipster for a number of reasons.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔

Discounted Trial ✔

Click Here For A 15 Day Trial Of Premier Greyhound Tips

Premier Greyhound tips is the clear number one, if you are looking for the best greyhound tipster around. However let’s take a look at some other greyhound tips services that are available and have performed well.

The Winning Trap

Next up on the list is the Winning Trap.

This tipster sends out bets in the morning from Monday to Sunday. It is a high volume tipster with an average of 133 tips a month being sent out. Although it doesn’t have the long term record of Premier Greyhound Tips it is certainly a tipster we will be keeping our eyes on.

Winning Trap Greyhound Tips

The winning Trap has so far produced a quoted profit of £13,181.50 since the service started. Staking £25 per point.

The Greyhound Punter

Best Greyhound Tipster

Next up on the list is “The Greyhound Punter,” which is a tipster that has been established for a few years and comes with a good reputation.

This tipster operates on twitter and sends out selections via Telegram.

The Greyhound Punters official results show a profit of 460 points after 717 bets. Subscription to the service costs £35 a month or £87.50 for 3 months (£29.16 a month). We have yet to trial this tipster so cannot provide a long term review but it is perhaps one to follow on twitter.

You can view the Greyhound Punter on Twitter Here

The Greyhound Tipster

The aptly named “The Greyhound Tipster” is one of the newer tipsters on the scene.

Priced at £80 a month it is definitely on the higher scale of paid greyhound tipsters that I have seen. Official results October 2021 to January 2022. When they released their platinum membership suggest a profit of £284 to £10 stakes.

Which is pretty impressive however also suggests that members would need to be staking higher amounts to cover subscription fees. Whilst results have been impressive, in comparison to a the cheaper Premier Greyhound tipster it is hard to recommend as an alternative.

Greyhound Maestro

Greyhound Maestro is a tipster service that comes out of the Bethub stable. It has a long term winning record going back to 2017.

After 1542 bets a profit of £5440 is stated on the official site if staking £10 per point.

Greyhound Maestro Best Tipster

Monthly subscriptions cost £33 making it a more suitable service for those that are staking lower amounts. A big benefit of the Greyhound Maestro is that there is also a free 14 day trial available for those that want to try it out.

Click Here To Trial Greyhound Maestro

What Is The Best Greyhound Tipster For Betfair

There will be those of you reading this article who have been limited from most bookmakers. Due to be a successful sports bettor and might be wondering if you can follow greyhound tipsters on Betfair.

Yes you can follow greyhound tipsters using Betfair but you need to be aware of a few things.

Betting liquidity in the markets doesn’t really form until quite close to the race. This means that you won’t be able to bet selections early on in the day. If you do bet early into the market then generally you will need to offer odds slightly lower then they are with the best bookmaker odds.

For example if Premier Greyhound tipster sent out a selection in the morning at 7.0, putting up 6.4 on the exchanges is likely to attract the attention of an arbitrage bettor.

The other option is to follow selections at Betfair SP or bet in the 10 minute period leading up to the race.

Best Greyhound Tipster Premier Greyhound Tips

Given the 13% long term return on investment of this tipster you can still bet below best odds and win long term.

Where To Find The Best Free Greyhound Tipsters

Want to take a look at where you can get free greyhound tips?

Generally these tips won’t be as high quality as the likes of Premier Greyhound Tips. However here are a few reputable sources you can use.

Timeform Greyhound Tips

Timeform produce daily lists of their best bets of the day in the Greyhound betting markets.

If you select best bets for example. Then you are presented with two or three of the best (as advised by Timeform) selections.

Giving you a short breakdown and reasoning of why a selection is fancied.

Unfortunately there are no long term results to see whether or not these selections are profitable. Meaning that you may want to paper trade results for a month or two before putting your own money down on a dog.

Perhaps these free greyhound tips best used alongside your own analysis or perhaps if you are going to the dog tracks yourself and fancy a few bets for fun.

Sporting Life Greyhound Tips

Sporting Life are another source of free greyhound tips. Similar to Timeform, Sporting Life produce a daily list of greyhound selections that they fancy to pick up a win.

One aspect that Sporting Life do really well is in their write ups. They are much more well written in comparison to Timeform’s. Giving an indication that they may be better researched and offer more value.

Betting Gods Free Greyhound Tips

The tipster stable betting gods which is behind the Premier Greyhound Tipster, send out daily free selections. These selections are sent out from their premium tipsters, covering sports such as greyhound racing, horse racing and football.

This means that if you sign up to their free tips, then you will receive free tips from the premier Greyhound Tipster from time to time.

You Can Sign Up For Free Tips Here

Where To Find The Best Greyhound Tips Data?

Looking to to find more data on Greyhound betting?

One of the best sites for Greyhound racing data is Greyhound stats UK.

Greyhound stats allows you to get a breakdown of trainer results, track statistics and statistics on individual greyhounds. This data can be used to look at valuable angles when it comes to betting on greyhounds.

Greyhound Stats


Best Greyhound Tipster 2024 – Conclusion

Greyhound racing is often looked as the less attractive sibling of horse racing. It doesn’t attract the fanfare, TV rights or prestige that horse racing has. The local dog track isn’t likely to be a spectacle of fashion and fanciness.

However as a means to make money from betting.

Greyhound racing is not a sport that should be over looked. There are some excellent greyhound tipsters that have shown a consistent winning record.

In our opinion the Premier Greyhound tipster is one to follow if you are looking to make an income from sports betting.

Click Here To Trial Our Number 1 Greyhound Tipster

Looking for profitable tipsters from other sports?

Best Tennis Tipsters 

Best Basketball Tipsters


The 5 Best Bet365 Tipsters (£26,455 Profit)

Best Bet365 Tipster

Bet365 is the biggest bookmaker in the world, but did you also know they are one of the most profitable ones to bet with as a sports bettor. Bet365 offer a lot of opportunities and there are numerous tipsters that know exactly how profit from that.

In today’s article we will be covering the best Bet365 tipsters you can use to generate a profit.

The Bookies Enemy

First up on the list is the Bookies Enemy, this is a horse racing tipsters that sends out horse racing tips the evening before racing. Bet365 often offer standout prices in the horse racing markets and the Bookies Enemy is able to identify these with ease.

Bookies Enemy Bet365

The overall stats for the Bookies Enemy are very impressive with a total profit of £26,455 being made since the service started back in 2017.

Key Stats

  • Average Monthly Profit – £343.57
  • Average Annual Profit – £4,122.86
  • Return On Investment – 13.45%

if you are looking for a horse racing tipster that can profit from the horse racing markets using a Bet365 account. The Bookies Enemy is a stand out tipster.

The Bookies Enemy is run through Betting Gods who offer a £0.99p 10 day trial for anyone that is interested.

Click Here for Your Trial

Underdog Racing Tips

Next up on the list is a highly successful tipster that looks at finding big value on high priced horses. The average odds for Underdog Racing Tips is 16.67. It is a tipster that has made a large amount of profit from Bet365.

Best Bet365 Tipster

Key Stats

  • Average Monthly Profit – £2053 
  • All Time Profit – £51,007
  • Return on investment – 45.5%

Underdog racing tips boasts some ridiculous stats and it is clear that this horse racing tipster has a massive edge in the markets. Consistent profits are made on a monthly basis which makes this tipster a worth addition in our best Bet365 tipsters list.

Best Bet365 tipster

Underdog Racing tips comes out of the Tipstrr platform. They offer a 70% discount on the first month for those that want to try this tipster out.

Click Here For 70% Discount

Harley Betting Tips

Switching things up we go over to a football tipster now that has made very impressive profits betting from Bet365. This tipster runs a private service over twitter and sends out bets via the Telegram app. Tips are in various markets such as Asian Handicap, goals markets and corners.

However there are also selections in more niche markets such as player props and betbuilders.

Harley Bet365 Tipster

Key Stats

  • Total Profit – £1199
  • Return On Investment – 20.26%

Harley’s record shows consistent profit making him one of the best football tipsters available for those looking to profit from Bet365. You can find Harley’s football betting telegram channel via his twitter page.

Bonz Bets

Following up we have another very successful football tipster in the football betting markets. Bonz Bets focuses on live bets with Bet365. The tipster runs his service via and selections are sent out via Telegram.

Bonz Bets

Key Stats

  • Total profit – £5340 (to £10 stakes)
  • Return On Investment 11.8%

If you are someone that likes to get involved in live football betting then Bonz Bets is a good option. The tipster is incredibly consistent profiting on almost a monthly basis with a strong long term record. In terms of the best Bet365 betting tipsters that focus on football, Bonz Bets ranks as exceptional.

Premier Greyhound Tips

Moving away from horse racing and football, we have Premier Greyhound Tips!

A tipster that has an extremely impressive record betting on greyhound racing all the way back to 2014.

Best Bet365 Tipster Greyhounds

Key Stats

  • All time profit – £33,828
  • Return On Investment – 13.8%

Greyhounds betting is often overlooked by those that are looking to profit from the sports betting markets. Football and horse racing are usually the two major sports that punters gravitate towards. However as Premier Greyhound tips clearly shows, there is good profit to made from greyhound betting.

Premier Greyhound tips provides his service through the platform Betting Gods. Which means you can get a 10 day trial for £0.99 if you would like to test this tipster out.

Click Here For Your £0.99 Trial


Lastly I wanted to mention Oddsmonkey which isn’t exactly a tipster however it is a very profitable service that can help you profit from Bet365. Oddsmonkey offers software tools which can pinpoint value bets with the bookmaker Bet365 and exploit promotions it offers.

Best Bet365 Tipster Oddsmonkey

  • 2UP
  • Bet365 Boosts
  • Extra Places
  • Best Odds Guaranteed

There are multiple ways to profit from Bet365 and Oddsmonkey is well worth a mention in this list. For those that want to learn these methods and start profiting from their Bet365 accounts.

Click Here For Your Free Trial.

The Best Bet365 Tipsters

That wraps up our list of the best bet365 tipsters we have come across, covering multiple different sports. 

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • Greyhound Racing

Overall there is a lot of profit to made from a Bet365 account with the right approach. If you have a tipster that you have been following that crushes Bet365 and is able to make consistent profits let us know in the comments.

5 Best Free Horse Racing Tipsters On Twitter 2024

Matchbook Horse Racing Tips

If your looking for the best free horse racing tipsters on twitter, then you have found the right article.

Without any fluff let’s get straight into it.

Daryl Carter

Daryl Carter is a renowned horse racing tipster that puts up free selections via twitter (X). He is a two time Smart Betting Club award winner for his horse racing selections and provides selections to betting.betfair tipping blogs.

His overall results going back to 2021 are very impressive!

  • 2021 P/L = +187 points
  • 2022 P/L = +137 points
  • 2023 P/L = +112 points

Best Free Horse Racing Tipsters


Long term Daryl Carter has shown to be a very profitable horse racing tipster.

You can also find his thoughts on upcoming horse racing meetings via the Betfair racing podcast.

If you want to follow someone that really knows how to profit from the horse racing markets, Daryl Carter is well worth looking at.

Click Here To Follow His Twitter Profile.

The BarStewards Enquiry

Next up on the list is the Barstewards Enquiry. The Barstewards are a collection of very knowledgeable horse racing enthusiasts.

Best horse racing tipster twitter

They put out a weekly podcast highlighting some of best value horse racing bets over the weekend. The reasoning for the bets is usually excellent and they also suggest staking amounts for each selection. Giving a very professional approach considering the selections are sent out for free.

Best Free Horse Racing Tipsters

If you are looking for free horse racing tips on twitter, then following the Barstewards is definitely a great option.

Click Here To Follow The Barstewards


Tipstrr is a marketplace for sports betting tipsters to showcase their talents and proof their selections. The platform hosts some of the best horse racing tipsters around. On their twitter feed they often post up free selections and tips articles from some of their most profitable tipsters.

Best Twitter Tipster Tipstrr

Whilst they are not the most active on this list of twitter accounts. They do provide some decent insight and selections from profitable horse racing tipsters.

Click Here To Follow Tipstrr

Learn Bet Win

Learn Bet Win is an account run by successful horse racing bettor Declan Meagher.

Declan’s premium service had a very profitable 2023 with a profit of 236 points and return on investment of 19.9%.

Learn Bet Win

Although Declan is not the most active horse racing tipster on twitter. Occasionally free horse racing tips are put up on his website, you can be notified of these selections by following Learn Bet Win on twitter.

Click Here To Follow Learn Bet Win


Matchbook are a betting exchange however they also produce articles and podcast’s with a variety of betting experts. We also noted them in our best free football tipsters on twitter article.

They also produce excellent content related to horse racing betting!

Matchbook Horse Racing Tips

Similar to the previously mentioned Barstewards, through the podcasts you can get multiple views on upcoming horse racing meetings. There is always solid reasoning behind selections that are given.

Matchbook are excellent resource if you are looking for professionally researched free horse racing tips.

Click Here To Follow Matchbook

Best Free Horse Racing Tipsters On Twitter

Those are 5 of the best free horse racing tipsters accounts that you can follow on twitter in the year 2024. Some of these accounts often much more then just horse racing tips too with educational articles and podcasts. Which can really improve your own ability to find value in the horse racing markets.

Do you have a recommendation for this list, or perhaps think you should be featured yourself .

If you do leave a comment and we will take a look!

Best Websites For Free Sports Betting Tips 2024

Blogabet Free Tips

How great would it be to find a profitable betting tipster that gives out selections for free!

If you do a quick google search of “best free sports betting tips”, you will quickly be bombarded with free tips websites. However in truth the vast majority of these sites provide losing betting tips.

Bookmaker affiliate

In fact their only aim is to get you to sign up with a bookmaker that they recommend. In order for them to get affiliate commissions on your losses. There is no incentive for them to provide winning tips.

In todays article we are going to a look at 3 websites which can actually provide you real winning betting tips.

Betting Gods

Let’s start off with Betting Gods.

Betting Gods is a platform that proofs betting tipsters. If they pass Betting Gods proofing criteria they are then added to the platform as a paid tipster.

Currently there are 17 tipsters in the Betting Gods network.

Covering a number of different sports such as:

Betting Gods Free Tips


Betting Gods Free Tips

If you would like to receive free tips from these tipsters then you can do so. Betting Gods offer a daily email where they select two tips everyday from their list of profitable tipsters.

In comparison to most free tips sites with Betting Gods you are getting free tips from a site that’s intention is not to send you to sign up with a bookmaker. Their business model is to sell betting tips, which means that they want you to have success following these tips.

All of the tipsters that Betting Gods provide free tips from have long term winning records. They are sent out to incentivize you to join a paid tipster.

Which means they want you to be successful!

Sign Up To Betting Gods Free Tips Here



The second site that we are going to take a look at is Tipstrr.

Tipstrr much like Betting Gods is a platform that provides proofing for betting tipsters. Anyone can sign up to Tipstrr and start proofing their tips immediately. The best tipsters on the platform are promoted and have the chance to offer their tips as part of a paid subscription model.

Tipstrr Free Betting Tips

A daily email can be subscribed to through Tipstrr. Who send out one selection a day from one of their profitable betting tipsters. The free tipsters can be from multiple different sports however most often the tips are sent from profitable football or horse racing tipsters.

The best football tipsters on the Tipstrr platform include;

  • Gamedraws  (up £4338 in profit the last 6 months)
  • Longshot tips (£855 profit in the last 6 months)
  • Statometer (£5146 profit in the last 6 months)

There are also several very good horse racing tipsters on Tipstrr including;

  • Underdog Racing Tips (£5613 lifetime profit)
  • Model Man (£5316 in total profit)
  • No Dodgy Overnight Tips (£3446 lifetime profit)

You Can Sign Up To Tipstrr Free Tips Here



Last but certainly not least is Blogabet.

Blogabet is another tipster platform that has a very big following and hundreds of tipsters on the platform. There are both free and paid tipsters on Blogabet.

One of the most attractive aspects of Blogabet is that you can filter tips through various categories. First through the sport you want to look at and then through the specific league.

For example if you to find tips in the Georgian Premier League, Blogabet allows you to do that.

Blogabet Free Tips

Blogabet doesn’t offer a daily email with free tips. However there are a wide range of profitable free tipsters on the platform that you can look at. The platform doesn’t just cover football either you will find tipsters covering multiple sports including.

  • Basketball Tips
  • Tennis Tips
  • Boxing tips
  • Mixed Martial Tips
  • American Football Tips

Best Websites For Free Sports Betting Tips 2024

Overall in this article we have listed 3 of the best websites for free sports betting tips in 2024. It should be noted that following these tipsters does not guarantee success. However the tips on these websites are far better then the tips you will see on the majority of free tips websites.

To be successful with sports betting you need to make sure you are doing the right things.

  • Proper Bankroll Management
  • Sensible Staking Plan
  • Always Taking The Best Odds Possible

Are all key factors in becoming a long term profitable sports bettor.

Want To Learn The Betting Strategies That Have Made Over £150,000 in Profit?

Click Here To Read Our Strategy Guides



Best Tennis Tipster 2024 – Free And Paid Tips

Who is the best tennis tipster in 2024?

In today’s article we are going to take a look at the great game of tennis and most importantly highlight the tipsters that are able to make a long term profit from sports betting.

Tennis is a sports that offers a lot of opportunity.

Matches are played on almost a daily basis. There is the ATP, WTA, Challenger series and ITF, which presents numerous betting opportunities for sharp tennis bettors.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tennis tipsters we have found available on the internet.

Best Tennis Tipsters 2024

TipstersNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Rolling Aces307£1625Yes (Click Here)
Sean Calvert2827171 unitsNo
Wadsters Winners1849200 unitsNo

Number 1 – Winnerodds

One of the absolute best tennis tipsters on the market is Winnerodds. This service is much more then your standard tennis tipster. It is a platform that gives you access to value betting software that uses AI to find value in the tennis markets.

It has a proven track record of providing long term profits from its customers. Enables a high volume approach and covers the ATP, WTA, challenger series and ITF.

The software works by highlighting value bets available with a number of bookmakers.

Winnerodds Interface

It then suggests an amount to bet, based on your bankroll at the time.

Statistics (results for the average user)

Total Number Of Bets4188
Return On Investment3.78%
Average Profit (For One User)£9494.09
Average Profit Per Pick £2.27

There are many advantages of using Winnerodds in comparison to a normal tennis tipster.

  • Can use the software 24 hours a day.
  • Don’t have to worry about chasing odds.
  • Won’t lose value on your subscription by missing bets
  • Multiple different bookmakers to choose from

If you are looking for a proven tennis tipsters that has shown to make money over the long term. Winnerodds is certainly a service you should be looking at.

You Can Read More About Winnerodds Here

Number 2 – Rolling Aces

Rolling Aces is a tipster that comes out of the Betting Gods network.

Betting at average odds of 1.93 with a long term win rate of 58.55%, he has been profitable 11 months out of 14. Showing consistency and an ability to make money for those that follow him.

Rolling Aces bets mostly on the WTA and ATP.

Best Tennis Tipster


Total Number Of Bets307
Total Profit (Staking £10 per point)£1625.47
Return On Investment20.01%
Average Monthly Profit£116.10

You Can Trial Rollin Aces Here

Number 3 – Nishikori

Moving on to the next tipster on the list and that is the aptly named Nishikori!

The tennis tipster Nishikori comes out of the Pyckio betting stable. He is their number 1 tennis tipster having been on the platform since 2016 and is still going strong.

Nishikori specializes in betting on ATP matches. This means that if you follow Nishikori then you will be betting into markets that get a lot of volume. Which usually means it is easier to attain the odds quoted by a tennis tipster.

Smaller markets such as challengers and ITF will see big odds movement when a successful tennis tipster releases their picks.

Best Tennis Tipster Nishikori


Total Number Of Bets3974
Total profit (Staking £10 per point)£2680
Return On Investment6.8%
Average Odds2.6

Only downside to the tipster Nishikori is that he is an expensive tipster to follow.

For example subscribing to 50 of Nishikori’s picks would cost a total of £238 (£4.77 per pick.)

1000 picks would set you back £1505 (£1.51 per pick)

This obviously means that f you do choose to follow Nishikori you would want be staking appropriately to cover the subscription costs.

Number 4 – Sean Calvert

Sean Calvert is a well renowned tennis betting tipster. Working with the likes of Betfair and Unibet to produce previews for upcoming tennis matched.

Calvert has also been running his own tipping service for a number of years. He has an impressive overall return on investment of 3.13%, with the vast majority of his bets being in the ATP and WTA events.

In 2022 he has won 65 units and is running at a 10% return on investment.

Sean Calvert Results


Total Number Of Bets2827
Total Profit 171.98 units
Return On Investment3.13%
Total Amount Staked5502.82 units


Number 5 – Wadsters Winners

Wadsters Winners is a tennis tipster that comes out of the Smart Betting Club. He has been running his service since 2019.

In that time he has amassed a very impressive record with a return on investment of 10.11%

Wadster’s Winners advises the majority of his bets with the most popular bookmakers. Bet365, Unibet, Betfair Exchange, William Hill and Pinnacle are some of the main bookmakers used.

On average this service will send out between 40-50 tips a month.

Similar to Nishikori, Wadster Winners focuses on find value in the ATP and WTA. Where odds will not plummet immediately when selections are sent out.

Wadsters Winners

Best Tennis Tipster On Twitter

If you are looking for tennis tipster to follow on twitter.

The tennis tipster Sean Calvert that we featured earlier in this article. Is pretty active on twitter and is well worth a follow.

You will often find his betting previews for the likes of Betfair and Betrivers posted up on his timeline. These are free previews with tips attached.

Best Twitter Tennis Tipster

You can also find the likes of Nishikori and Wadsters Winners on twitter. Who both in the past have given out free selections however they are not very frequent.

Nishikori Twitter Link

Wadster Tips Twitter Link

Best Free Tennis Tipster

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of free tennis tipsters available on the internet. However the majority will be losing tipsters that are only interested in directing to a bookmaker sign up.

The five tipsters that we have noted in this article all have long term records and have proven to be profitable for a number of years.

If you are not looking to pay for a service then our advise would be to take advantage of the free selections offered by some of these tipsters.

Best Free Tennis Tips


Sean Calvert as we noted provides plenty of free tennis selections via his previews for various companies. Another good source of free tips is from Sporting Life, for example they have a nice round up of the best outright bets for the 2024 ATP season.

Lastly Rollin Aces features in Betting Gods daily free tipping email from time to time. You can receive these selections by signing up to the link below.

Betting Gods Free Selections

Best Tennis Tipster 2024 – Conclusion

In this article we have covered the five best tennis tipsters that are currently available. These tipsters are able to produce profits in the bigger markets such as the WTA and ATP.

Whilst Winnerodds also allows you to focus on making money from the smaller Challenger and ITF series.

Your preference will depend on which bookmakers you have available and which markets you want to bet in.

Given the high volume approach and flexibility of being able to use the software 24 hours a day. Our number one recommendation is Winnerodds.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔


Click Here To Learn More About Winnerodds


Looking for profitable tipsters for other sports?

Best Basketball Tipster list

Best Greyhound Tipster list


Best Basketball Tipsters 2024 – Free and Paid Slamdunk Tips!

Best Basketball Tipster

Basketball is a great sport to watch but what if you could also make money from watching your favorite sport?

In today’s article we are going to take a look at some of the best basketball tipsters from around the globe. Basketball tipsters with long term winning records that have been able to produce consistent profits from their tips.

Let’s find out who really is the best basketball tipster in 2024!

TipsterNumber Of BetsProfitTrial/Discount Available
 Iverius 723 £2670Yes (Click Here)
Sports Insider11102505 unitsYes (Click Here)
Slamdunk Wizard1777£1782No
Basketball Geek3555£3382No
Hoops Bet2259647 units No
Wetten Royal724384.6 unitsNo

Number 1 – Iverius  

Iverius kicks off our list of the best basketball tipsters you find on the internet.

It is a multi sport tipster that sends out on average 15 selections per week. Betting at average odds of 1.82, when it comes to basketball this tipster has a great record betting NBA. Which is very impressive given that NBA league is hardest basketball league to profit from.

Iverius focuses on using Pinnacle and Bet365 meaning that for most bettors odds will be achievable.

Iverius Basketball Bettor


Impressively it is a tipster that has a 25.1% roi when betting selections at Pinnacle sports (sharp bookmaker). It is also beating bet365 at a high rate with return on investment of 33.7%.

Total Number Of Bets723
Return On Investment24%
Total Profit (Staking £25 per point)£2670
Win Rate50%

Iverius focuses on European basketball and NBA mainly but does tip on a wide range of leagues.

In terms of cost Value Basketball is one of the lower cost options on this list at £19 a month, with a 40% discount available on your first month using the link below.

Number 2 – Sports Insider

Last on the list is Sports Insider, this is a multi sports tipster that focuses mainly on both basketball and football.

His basketball results are very impressive with a return of investment of 9% after a total 1110 bets. Which is slightly lower then his 12% return from football bets.

You can expect around 8 bets a week from the Sports Insider (both football and basketball.) A Bet365 account is a must if following this tipster with 998 of his overall selections being placed there.

Sports Insider Basketball Tips

Total Number of Bets (Basketball)1110
Return On Investment9%
Average Odds1.84
Total Profit (Units)2505.60

A monthly subscription to the Sports Insider costs £29 a month. However using the link below can get you a 60% discount.

Number 3 – Basketball Geek

Second on the list is the Basketball Geek. You can probably guess by the name but this is a tipster that takes their betting very seriously.

The service comes out of the Betting Gods network and is run by a named Steven. Current profit stands at a total of £3,382 from £10 stakes.

Baskteball Tips Results

Selections are sent out for a range of different basketball leagues. There are selections for European basketball, the NBA, WNBA, Filipino basketball etc.

On average the service brings in a profit of £94 a month.

Total Number of Bets 3555
Return on Investment9.5%
Total Profit£3382
Average Annual Profit£1127

Number 4 – Hoops Bet

Next up is Hoops Bet, which is a tipster that comes from the Pyckio group of pro tipsters. Hoopsbet focuses mainly on American basketball both the NBA and college.

After 2259 bets Hoops Bet has a pretty impressive return on investment of 5.5%. Betting at average odds of 2.04.

Pyckio Best Basketball Tipster

Total Number Of Bets2259
Return on Investment5.5%
Total Profit 647 units
Win Rate51.5%

Like all Pyckio pro tipster subscription costs should be noted for Hoops Bet. The subscription cost is high meaning that this tipster should only be considered if you were staking larger amounts £100+ per bet.

For example if you wanted to subscribe to Hoopsbet for 200 bets it would cost £414 (£2.07 per pick.)

Which makes it the most expensive basketball tipster to follow on our list.

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Number 5 – Slamdunk Wizard

Another profitable basketball tipster that comes from the Betting Gods network is Slam Dunk Wizard. The Slam Dunk Wizard service has been in existence since April 2021.

In that time period he has managed to make a profit of £1782 from his selections. The total return on investment for his selections is a very healthy 10.04%.

Best Basketball Tipster

Total Number of Bets1777
Return on Investment10.04%
Total Profit£1782
Average Monthly Profit£99

Similar to the Basketball Geek, Slam Dunk Wizard focuses on a wide range of basketball leagues. Selections vary from women’s European basketball to the British basketball league.

Access to to a wide number of bookmakers is an advantage if you chose to follow this tipster.

Number 6 – All Wetten Royal

Last on the list is All Wetten Royal. A tipster that has proofed selections to various different sources.

Such as Betrush, blogabet and Pyckio.

Below are his results from Pyckio.

Total Number of Bets (Basketball)724
Return On Investment6.5%
Total Profit384.6 units
Win Rate56.7%

All Wetten Royal is a very solid basketball tipster and worthy addition to the list.

Best Free Basketball Tipster

Don’t have much of a bankroll and looking to find the best free basketball tips available?

Free tipsters generally are very poor quality. This is because they are usually working alongside bookmakers and take a cut from referred players loses. Unfortunately this is a model that is commonly used by free tipsters.

As such they are not actively looking to provide value basketball tips.

One site that does offer free daily tips is Tipstrr, the site that hosts both “The Sports Insider” and “Iverius” who are two basketball tipsters on our list.

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Best Basketball Tipster on Twitter

Looking for the best basketball tipster to follow on twitter?

Hoops Bet who we mentioned earlier in this article is someone that you should definitely be following. He occasionally tweets out free picks and has shown to be a proven long term winner.

Hoops Bet Twitter Account

Another twitter account that you might find useful for basketball betting is John Schuhmann. Whilst not a basketball tipster himself. He is an advanced stats writer for On his twitter account you can find team and player stats breakdowns, which could be useful for NBA betting in particular.

John Schuhmann Twitter

Best Low Cost Basketball Tipster

All the tipster son this list have shown to be profitable over the long term with their basketball betting tips. However as sports bettors we all have different bankrolls and are staking different betting amounts.

Whilst some bettors maybe comfortable betting £100 per point their will be other staking £50, £20 or £10 per point. Which of the tipsters on our list then offers the best value in terms of subscription costs.

TipsterCost Per Month
Sports Insider£29
Slandunk WizardNo longer running a service
Basketball GeekNo longer running a service
Hoops Bet£257
All Wetten£70

Going over out list you can see that Iverius and Sports Insider are the two tipsters most suited to basketball bettors who are staking lower amounts.

Best Basketball Tipsters 2024 – Conclusion

In this article we have covered 6 of the best basketball tipsters that we have come across. All six tipsters have very impressive records.

If you want to make money betting on sports then looking at any of the these tipsters is a good start.

Overall there are two tipsters that really stand out as great value for money!

In Iverius and the Sports Insider you have two tipsters with very impressive returns of 24% and 9% respectively. That are providing selections from all over Europe, the NBA and the rest of the world.

If your looking for a good basketball tipster we suggest trying them out. Both of these tipsters offer large discounts on your first month.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔

Discounted Trial ✔


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Best UFC Tipsters 2023 – Free And Paid Tips

The UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world!

It is a dynamic, thrilling, explosive sport that is loved by many. In recent years we have also seen more and more people looking to bet on the sport of mixed martial arts.

Find profitable UFC betting tipsters and ultimately learn how to make money betting on the UFC!

Like with all other sports there are betting opportunities in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Best UFC Tipsters

In this article we are going to take a look at who are the best UFC tipsters online, that tick all the right boxes.

Profitable ✔

Verified Results ✔

Long Term Tracked Record ✔

Lucrative MMA Betting

First up on the list is Lucrative mma!

Lucrative MMA is a popular tipster in the world of mixed martial arts betting. This tipster doesn’t just focus on betting purely UFC events but also finds value in other organizations. Betting on the likes of Bellator and the Dana Whites Contender series event.

Dating back to 2019 Lucrative MMA’s betting results show a very impressive return on investment of 11%.

You can find Lucrative MMA’s third party tracked results here.

Total Number of Bets1297
Return on Investment11%
Total Profit296.44 Units

Lucrative MMA’s results are backed up by glowing reviews over on the Trustpilot page, which indicates that the service is run very professionally and customers are generally happy.

Best UFC Tipster

Overall Lucrative MMA stands out as one the best UFC betting tipsters currently online.

A one month subscription to Lucrative MMA’s service costs $96 a month with discounts for longer term memberships.


Want to test out Lucrative MMA betting tips for yourself?

Use the code “SST15” when signing up and get 15% your first subscription by clicking here .


Rob Brown Betting

Next up on the list is Rob Brown Betting. Which is a service that has been providing tips since 2016.

This service uses the platform to record its picks, which you can view here.

Rob Brown Betting Results

After 731 bets an impressive 258.4 units in profit has been made, which works out at a return on investment of 12.7%.

Total Number of Bets731
Return on Investment12.7%
Total Profit258.4 units

Rob’s results speak for themselves and the service also offer a chatroom for live bets. This part of the service is also in profit.

Speaking from experience live betting on the UFC can be very profitable. However it is also very fast paced and odds change very quickly which is why for this article we are focusing on bets made pre fight.

Pre fight bets are much easier to follow for subscribers of any betting tipsters.

A monthly subscription to Rob Brown Betting currently costs $79.99 per month with discounted rates for longer term subscriptions.

You can read more about Rob Brown Betting here.

Andrew Gombas MMA Betting

Andrew Gombas is a tipster that you can find on the tracking site and also on Patreon.

After 1722 bets his record stands at 194.88 units of profit made, with a 7% return on investment. The majority of that profit has come from straight fight picks with 142.74 units made in this category.

It’s his record on straight fight picks that gets him on the best UFC tipster list. There are sometimes outliers on the props market which maybe only available with one bookmaker. Big wins on accumulators  (parlay) betscan also inflate records. Having a solid winning record on picking straight win bets is a sign of a good UFC betting tipster.

Total Number of Bets1722
Return on Investment7%
Total Profit194.88

Andrew Gombas MMA betting is one of the cheaper services on this list, costing around $35 a month.

You can also listen to Andrew Gombas most weeks on his UFC betting podcast which you can find here.

Best Free UFC Betting Tipsters

If your a fan of watching the UFC and want to start betting but not yet ready to commit to buying tips, then your in luck.

There are a lot of really good mixed martial arts (mainly UFC) betting podcasts that do a very good job of providing valuable information.

Let’s take a look at a few!

Diehard MMA Podcast

Diehard MMA Free Tips

The Die Hard MMA podcast is a weekly show that covers the upcoming UFC event for the weekend. Shows are usually up fairly early in the week (Tuesdays) which is ideal for those that are just starting to put together their bets for the weekend.

It is hosted by a the very likeable Clint Mclean and features a different guest each week. Fairly often one of those guests will be a long term profitable mma bettor.

Both James Blissett of Lucrative MMA and Andrew Gombas have featured on this podcast, along with many other names in MMA betting community.

This podcast is a betting podcast not just a picks podcast. Which means the discussions are based on value and available odds.

You can follow the Diehard MMA podcast by subscribing to the Pub Sports Radio channel here.

Follow him on Twitter Here

Club And Sub Podcast

Next up on the list is the criminally underrated UFC betting podcast the “Club And Sub Podcast.”

The podcast is run by an couple of sharp American mixed martial arts bettors. If there is a UFC event going on then you will likely find an accompanying episode.

Similar to the Diehard MMA podcast, it is a podcast that is solely looking at betting on UFC fights. Discussions are largely around style match ups, odds, betting theory and whether current odds offer value.

If you are looking to improve your mma betting then listening to the thought process of the Club and Sub  guys is going to be beneficial.

You can follow the club and sub podcast here.

Follow Club and Sub on Twitter here

Best UFC Tipsters

If your looking to follow the best UFC tipsters around, then those mentioned throughout this article are a great choice.

The more serious bettor that is looking to make a long term income from sports betting might want to consider following the likes of Lucrative MMA or Rob Brown Betting. Whilst if your just getting started and don’t want subscription fee’s eating into your bankroll. Then the Diehard MMA podcast and Club and Sub are a great way to get some free UFC picks.

Want more profitable tipsters below are articles covering other sports.

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