Best UFC Tipsters 2023 – Free And Paid Tips

The UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world!

It is a dynamic, thrilling, explosive sport that is loved by many. In recent years we have also seen more and more people looking to bet on the sport of mixed martial arts.

Find profitable UFC betting tipsters and ultimately learn how to make money betting on the UFC!

Like with all other sports there are betting opportunities in the sport of mixed martial arts.

Best UFC Tipsters

In this article we are going to take a look at who are the best UFC tipsters online, that tick all the right boxes.

Profitable ✔

Verified Results ✔

Long Term Tracked Record ✔

Lucrative MMA Betting

First up on the list is Lucrative mma!

Lucrative MMA is a popular tipster in the world of mixed martial arts betting. This tipster doesn’t just focus on betting purely UFC events but also finds value in other organizations. Betting on the likes of Bellator and the Dana Whites Contender series event.

Dating back to 2019 Lucrative MMA’s betting results show a very impressive return on investment of 11%.

You can find Lucrative MMA’s third party tracked results here.

Total Number of Bets1297
Return on Investment11%
Total Profit296.44 Units

Lucrative MMA’s results are backed up by glowing reviews over on the Trustpilot page, which indicates that the service is run very professionally and customers are generally happy.

Best UFC Tipster

Overall Lucrative MMA stands out as one the best UFC betting tipsters currently online.

A one month subscription to Lucrative MMA’s service costs $96 a month with discounts for longer term memberships.


Want to test out Lucrative MMA betting tips for yourself?

Use the code “SST15” when signing up and get 15% your first subscription by clicking here .


Rob Brown Betting

Next up on the list is Rob Brown Betting. Which is a service that has been providing tips since 2016.

This service uses the platform to record its picks, which you can view here.

Rob Brown Betting Results

After 731 bets an impressive 258.4 units in profit has been made, which works out at a return on investment of 12.7%.

Total Number of Bets731
Return on Investment12.7%
Total Profit258.4 units

Rob’s results speak for themselves and the service also offer a chatroom for live bets. This part of the service is also in profit.

Speaking from experience live betting on the UFC can be very profitable. However it is also very fast paced and odds change very quickly which is why for this article we are focusing on bets made pre fight.

Pre fight bets are much easier to follow for subscribers of any betting tipsters.

A monthly subscription to Rob Brown Betting currently costs $79.99 per month with discounted rates for longer term subscriptions.

You can read more about Rob Brown Betting here.

Andrew Gombas MMA Betting

Andrew Gombas is a tipster that you can find on the tracking site and also on Patreon.

After 1722 bets his record stands at 194.88 units of profit made, with a 7% return on investment. The majority of that profit has come from straight fight picks with 142.74 units made in this category.

It’s his record on straight fight picks that gets him on the best UFC tipster list. There are sometimes outliers on the props market which maybe only available with one bookmaker. Big wins on accumulators  (parlay) betscan also inflate records. Having a solid winning record on picking straight win bets is a sign of a good UFC betting tipster.

Total Number of Bets1722
Return on Investment7%
Total Profit194.88

Andrew Gombas MMA betting is one of the cheaper services on this list, costing around $35 a month.

You can also listen to Andrew Gombas most weeks on his UFC betting podcast which you can find here.

Best Free UFC Betting Tipsters

If your a fan of watching the UFC and want to start betting but not yet ready to commit to buying tips, then your in luck.

There are a lot of really good mixed martial arts (mainly UFC) betting podcasts that do a very good job of providing valuable information.

Let’s take a look at a few!

Diehard MMA Podcast

Diehard MMA Free Tips

The Die Hard MMA podcast is a weekly show that covers the upcoming UFC event for the weekend. Shows are usually up fairly early in the week (Tuesdays) which is ideal for those that are just starting to put together their bets for the weekend.

It is hosted by a the very likeable Clint Mclean and features a different guest each week. Fairly often one of those guests will be a long term profitable mma bettor.

Both James Blissett of Lucrative MMA and Andrew Gombas have featured on this podcast, along with many other names in MMA betting community.

This podcast is a betting podcast not just a picks podcast. Which means the discussions are based on value and available odds.

You can follow the Diehard MMA podcast by subscribing to the Pub Sports Radio channel here.

Follow him on Twitter Here

Club And Sub Podcast

Next up on the list is the criminally underrated UFC betting podcast the “Club And Sub Podcast.”

The podcast is run by an couple of sharp American mixed martial arts bettors. If there is a UFC event going on then you will likely find an accompanying episode.

Similar to the Diehard MMA podcast, it is a podcast that is solely looking at betting on UFC fights. Discussions are largely around style match ups, odds, betting theory and whether current odds offer value.

If you are looking to improve your mma betting then listening to the thought process of the Club and Sub  guys is going to be beneficial.

You can follow the club and sub podcast here.

Follow Club and Sub on Twitter here

Best UFC Tipsters

If your looking to follow the best UFC tipsters around, then those mentioned throughout this article are a great choice.

The more serious bettor that is looking to make a long term income from sports betting might want to consider following the likes of Lucrative MMA or Rob Brown Betting. Whilst if your just getting started and don’t want subscription fee’s eating into your bankroll. Then the Diehard MMA podcast and Club and Sub are a great way to get some free UFC picks.

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