6 Of The Best Sports Betting Blogs 2022

There are a lot of sports betting blogs on the internet. With new ones being created on a daily basis.

However when it comes to sports betting blogs there are number of questions. With many sports betting blogs being used to feed useless tips in a bid to make affiliate commissions from losing bettors.

  • Are betting blog really worth reading?
  • Can betting blogs improve your betting?
  • Are there any that actually provide winning strategies and tips?
  • Do people really make money long term from betting?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!

There are some excellent sports betting blogs on the internet.

Here are the ones that I regularly read and believe you should keep an eye on.

Best Sports Betting Blogs 2022 – Which Are Worth Reading?

1.Green All Over

Sports Betting Blogs

This sports betting blog has been around since 2008 making it one of the longest running blogs on this list.

The blog is written by Cassini. An experienced sports bettor who writes frequently about the world of sports betting and trading.

What I really like about this blog is the data which Cassini shares. There is a lot of great information on this blog in relation to sports betting. Cassini shares historical trends. He writes about different concepts and theories of how to approach sports betting,

Cassini does share some of his own betting, with a particular focus on betting the draw in certain situations.

There isn’t a tonne of flash to this blog. But that is part of its charm for me. It is often written with humour and is straight to the point. Cassini has a pretty distinct writing style.

Green All Over is a good read for anyone interested in sports betting.

2.Daily 25

Sports Betting Blogs

Daily 25 is a sports betting blog run by an Aussie named Steve. Initially the blog was about trying to make $25 a day from following betting tipsters. As his betting progressed Steve eventually changed that goal to $250 a day.

This is a really good and transparent blog about trying to make money from betting. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. From reading you get a really good perspective on the realities of trying to make money from sports betting using tipsters.

One aspect of this blog that I really like is how Steve uncovers the shady aspects of the sports betting world. Showing how tipsters manipulate betting records and how bookmakers track their customers.

It’s a blog that has been around since 2010 so there is a lot of content. If you want to make to start making an income from following betting tipsters, this is an excellent blog to read.


3. Pinnacle Sports

Sports Betting Blogs

The next one on the list isn’t exactly an individual’s sports betting blog.

But it is worth highlighting. 

Pinnacle’s sports betting resources page has lots of excellent content regarding sports betting. They have a number of experts in different fields writing for them.

For example Dan Weston the writer of Mastering Tennis Trading provides tennis articles. Renowned sports betting author Joseph Buchdahl is a frequent contributor. Who provides his usual detailed analysis in multiple articles.

The articles written are often well thought out and educational. Pinnacle sports really does something that no other bookmaker does. Educate their customers on how to approach sports betting more professionally.

If you are not already aware of Pinnacles betting resources page. It’s one you should bookmark, as there is a lot of really great content here.

4. Trademate Sports

Trademate Sports is a stand out when it comes to producing video content for sports betting. They have produced numerous in depth interviews with professional sports bettors from all around the globe.

Trademate Betting Blog

Accompanying this is their written blog.

One of the best parts of their blog is betting experts series. Where a number of the best minds in the business of sports betting were asked a number of questions.

There are experts on their list that have won millions betting on sports. With some really interesting questions asked and valuable answers given.

How do you define “finding value” in betting markets?

What is the best method to use to make money from sports betting?

How difficult is it to beat the sports betting markets? How efficient are the odds?

You Can Visit The Trademate Blog Here

5. Oddsjam Blog

Oddsjam Blog

Last on the list of the best best sports betting blogs in 2022 is Oddsjam. Oddsjam are a company that provide software aimed at US based sports bettors that want to make money from the sports betting markets.

Alongside this they also run a blog that has a tonne of informational content available. Covering betting rules for sports such as the UFC, NBA prop betting guides, Understanding closing line value and much more.

For those that are interested in US sports. Oddsjam is a blog that is worth bookmarking.

You Can Visit Oddsjam Here

 Betfair Trading Blogs

The next blog is more related to Betfair Trading. Which is slightly different to the sports betting blogs above. However they share the same goal in that they are trying to profit from the sports betting markets.

I really like the nature of these blogs as they feel more personal with both of the bloggers looking to improve their sports trading skills.

6. Runlike A Drain

Run Like A Drain Blog

Runlikeadrain is a blog written by a man named David. It covers his journey through the world of gambling.From poker to matched betting and currently Betfair trading is a progression that is similar to my own.

It is an interesting blog that goes through the ups and downs of trying to make money from sports trading.

Currently David is attempting to make money from the live horse racing markets on Betfair. he recently managed to break over the £1000 profit in month barrier.

You Can Read The David’s Blog Here

Who Are The Best Sports Betting Bloggers?

Those are six betting blogs that I enjoy reading. I imagine there are some hidden gems out there that I haven’t come across yet. If you have a sports betting blog or enjoy reading one that I haven’t highlighted here.

Put it in the comments section and I will add it to this list!


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  2. Hi mate,

    I really like your website. In fact it’s probably the most similar blog i’ve seen to my own site (Punter2Pro.com). I included your site on my list of ‘Best Sports Betting Blogs’. If you like the content I write, it would be great to be included on your list here, too.

    I’ll also get in touch about another proposition.


    • Hi Toby

      Came across your site before when I was looking at arbitrage software.
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