Making A Million From Sports Betting March 2024

Daily PL March

2024 started positively, but it has been a while since I strung a few strong months of profit together.

March marked the 84th consecutive month of betting for myself, let’s dig straight into the results.

Making A Million

Value Betting Results

The value betting strategy continued a strong start to produce some decent profits in March. In terms of staking I keep it simple and look to win £150 per bet, adjusting the stake for the odds. The only times I deviate from this is when I think there is a lot of value in a selection and then I increase my bet to win slightly more.

March Value betting

Most on my value betting is done on the exchanges and a couple small bookmakers I have left. Value betting on the exchanges is different from soft bookmakers in that I try to preempt market moves, by reading the market. This doesn’t work all the time but works enough to be profitable.

On soft bookmakers its simple a case of finding odds higher then exchange/Pinnacle.

Overall there were 214 bets and a profit of £1919 was made.

Interested in Value Betting? Click Here For My Best Value Betting Software List

FTS Systems

I stopped running my FTS systems in March, I did intend to see it out till the end of the season. However I really wanted to cut down on the amount of time I spend betting. 

Many reading this will be familiar with the Pareto principle, where 80% of your results comes from 20% of your work. 

I have felt for a while now that the most profitable strategies I use are those of that I have developed. Over the years I have tried a lot of tipsters/services etc and found them to be profitable, to a smaller extent. In terms of the contribution to overall profits.

Personally I feel that time would have been better focused on staking more on my own strategies and improving them. This is no knock on FTS, over the two years I have used it, it has been profitable even after accounting for fees.

Overall in the two years a profit of £1346 was made from FTS. Subscription for it has cost £998 in total. Including subscriptions £348 was made.

However with UK betting industry being what is it at the moment. Putting energy into things outside betting and focusing only on my strongest strategies has meant FTS has been put to the side for the foreseeable future.

Bets And Beers

Bets and Beers needed to rebound after a tough start to 2024 and a profitable month in March was had.

The LTD service made 24 points in March and the LTHTD (Lay the half time draw) lost -4.7 points.

Overall following the service to £10 stakes made £193.

Similar to FTS this will be the last month I will be following Bets and Beers. Again it is no knock on the service, in fact B&B is really easy to follow and historically very profitable. It’s a decision made on lowering the amount of time I spend on betting. 

Horse Racing System

On to the horse racing system which has a had a rough start to 2024. This is a system I use on the betting exchanges mostly but when possible also back with bookmakers. Surprisingly Copybet have been pretty happy to let me bet smaller stakes for about 6 months now.

Props to them for that, don’t know how others have found them?

It requires me to be at the computer at certain hours of the day, so there are several days this month where I wasn’t able to bet

Horse Racing System 2024

Overall the system lost -£19 this month and had been on a disappointing run. Writing this 7 days into April it is now showing signs of its early promise. Having rebounded from a heavy losing period.

Horse Racing Overall

This is how the system looks overall (Including early April results) staking £10- £20 per selection, it beats the Betfair SP consistently. Volume is high with multiple bets most days. Hopefully it can go on a decent run in the next few months

The Value Collective

The Value Collective is a Telegram group where I send out selections based on value bets available on the exchanges and mma/boxing selections. The focus is on the stronger selections which also have enough liquidity on the exchanges to share.

Value Collective Results

If you are able to use 0% commission accounts a profit of 9.2 points would have been made. 2% commission accounts would have made 8.6 points.

A pretty decent month overall from these selections, my profit to £150 a point is around £1350. I say around because I use both 0% and 2% accounts depending on the bet.

Overall the service is in profit by 23 points to a 2% commission account since it started.

You can read more about the service here.


March Totals

Daily PL March

Value Betting/Trading – £1919

Bets and Beers – £193

Horse Racing – -£19

Value Collective- £1350

Casino/Misc – £177

Total Made In March 2024

Total  = +£3620

Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Thoughts Going Forward

Strong month of results and I enjoyed the extra time away from betting. I still enjoy sports betting and its had a profound positive effect on my life. It’s taught me a lot about variance, patience and the ability to try and analyze situations better. A lot of those skills are transferable and can be applied to fitness, business etc.

If you can gamify different aspects of your life it makes it much easier. For me, making sports betting simply a game of beating the closing odds made it much easier. Other aspects of life are the same if you build your understanding of the rules. 

Dropping services/tipsters outside my own strategies could make this blog a lot less appealing. As I don’t give away exactly what I do with my own strategies and it isn’t replicable by just reading this blog. Where as something like bets and beers was entirely replicable.

This is the 84th month of consecutive betting, pretty much on a daily basis. Perhaps it is just a little bit of burn out on my part. However come September I may feel different and start adding services/tipsters back in.

Hope you had a profitable March, will be back at the end of April with results.

Best Value Betting Software 2024 – Exclusive Free Trials!

Trademate Historical Results

What is the best value betting software to use in 2024?

Value betting is a proven method of profiting from bookmakers. The strategy involves reading the odds movement from sharp bookmakers and exchanges in order to highlight value with soft bookmakers.

Value Betting Results 2024

In this article we are going to cover the best options for value betting and give you access to some exclusive discounts and extended free trials!

Free Value Betting Software

Value betting is one of the few proven sports betting strategies available. However in order for you to see how it works in the long term testing out free trials and software is a good option.

  • Trademate Sports
  • Rebelbetting
  • Betburger

Are the three standout websites when it comes to value betting in our opinion based on several years of profiting from this betting strategy.

If you take advantage of these free trials you can develop your understanding of value betting. Make some profit and find the value betting software that offers you the most value.

Value Betting Profit

There are other value betting providers that exist and offer free versions of their software. However generally we have found them to be very low quality with large delays. Which means that more often then the not, the value bets are no longer available.

Below we have compiled a list of the best free value betting software available!

NameTrialCost After TrialLink
Trademate SportsFull Access (Two week exclusive trial) Quote “Smart Sports Trader” on sign up£120 per monthFree Trial
RebelbettingFull Access -Two week trial£89 per monthFree Trial
Betburger Value bets limited to 2% with a 15 minute delay£80Free Software

Best Budget Value Betting Software 

If you are on a budget and just starting out, the cost of value betting software is one of the biggest factors. For example if you starting off with a £1000 bankroll. Then the fee’s listed above for premium value betting software are likely to be a deterrent, as your bankroll growth has to take into account the subscription cost.

Using Betburger’s free version with a 2% cap on value bets is an option, however in our opinion the best budget value betting software is Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey Value Betting

Oddsmonkey offers numerous software tools for both matched betting and value betting. At a cost of £29.99 it is cheaper then the majority of value betting software available.

In terms of sports Oddsmonkey covers all the major sports and more.

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Esports
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Rugby 
  • Ice Hockey

They also have a forum which covers bookmaker boosts and enhanced specials. Which are not covered by other value betting software providers. This is very useful as bookmaker boosts can offer some of the best value betting opportunities throughout the week.

Bookmaker Boosts

The only drawback to using Oddsmonkey for value betting is the software doesn’t scan the market as fast in comparison to Trademate, Betburger and Rebel betting. Which means that you will miss some value bets that would catch on other value betting finders.

There are also markets that Oddsmonkey doesn’t cover which other value betting software does. Such as the Asian handicap market. However given the cost of the service and the additional matched betting software that you receive.

It ranks as our number on the list for best budget value betting software.

Bookmakers CoveredSports CostDiscount Available
9311£29.99Yes – (Use code “SST50” for 50% off your first month.

Best Overall Value Betting Software 

Out of all of the betting software that we have used over the years. There has been one piece of software that stands out amongst the rest.

That piece of value betting software is Trademate Sports.

  • Great Support
  • Extremely Fast Scanning
  • Easy To Use Interface and Design
  • Continuous Improvements

Trademate stands out for all of the above reasons. Although not active currently, they also had one of the best sports betting Youtube channels around. Which really delved deep into the software and explained why value betting is such an efficient strategy to use.

Trademate Sports Youtube

Finding value bets is extremely easier to do.

You set up the bookmakers that you have available to use and input your betting bankroll. Trademate then scans these bookmakers compares the odds to sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. Signals the amount of value in the bet and also tells you how much you should stake in relation to your bankroll.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Interface

Trademate then automatically logs these trades for you. Capturing the edge that you bet the selection and then comparing with the odds just before the start of the game. 

It logs all of your historical bets, allowing you to see your overall profit and loss.

Trademate Historical Results

Trademate Sports have also recently added the ability to find live value bets. Live value bets can help extend the longevity of soft bookmaker accounts.

If you are looking to profit from the soft bookmakers using value betting and you have a bankroll of at least £5000. Then we believe Trademate Sports is the best option currently for value betting!

Bookmakers CoveredSports CoveredCostDiscount Available
90+8£120Yes – quote “Smart Sports Trader” once signed up. 2 Week extended trial, plus 10% off your first month

Other Options For Value Betting Software

In this article we have covered the best budget value betting software and overall  value betting software. Depending on a number of factors such as where you live, bankroll, access to bookmakers etc.

There may be other value betting software providers that suit your needs better. We will list these below!

Rebel Betting

Rebel Betting Surebets

One of the benefits of using Rebel Betting is that their subscription combines both value betting software and sure betting (arbitrage betting.)

Although value betting has proven to be more profitable in the long term in comparison to arbitrage betting. This can be useful if you want to combine the two methods in order to even out the variance that value betting can bring.

The monthly subscription is also cheaper with Rebel Betting in comparison to Trademate. At £89 a month it may be suited for those that have a starting bankroll below £5000 but have already made money using matched betting.

Bookmakers CoveredSports CoveredCostFree Trial Available
100+9£89Yes – 14 day free trial 


Betburger are another strong contender as a good value betting software to use. They also offer live value betting and sure betting opportunities.

They offer software that scans the markets incredibly fast and offer a wide range of bookmakers and sports.

Betburger feature some very niche sports for value betting and surebetting (arbitrage) such as;

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Lacrosse
  • Beach Soccer
  • Curling
  • Squash
  • Floorball

Betburger Pricing

One of the reasons we prefer Trademate Sports and Rebelbetting is that the pricing is more competitive. Betburger is the most expensive of the three premium value betting services that we have in this article.

Bookmakers CoveredSports CoveredCostFree Trial Available
8646£159.99Yes (Capped at 2%)

Click Here For Betburger’s Official Site

Winners And Losers From Cheltenham Festival 2024

Cheltenham Festival

The greatest sporting spectacle in horse racing is over for another 12 months, but the memories from the Cheltenham Festival in 2024 will live long in the memory.

Willie Mullins enjoyed another dominant Festival in the Cotswolds, while Ireland bested the British to land the Prestbury Cup. However, who were some of the biggest winners and losers from the Festival this year?

If you are looking for bookmaker that offers competitive odds and bonuses for future UK and US race events. Twinspires is a good option for US based bettors.

Cheltenham Festival

Galopin Des Champs Emerges As One Of The Greats

The superstar performance of the week was saved for the biggest race at the Festival, as Galopin Des Champs highlighted why he is considered by most as one of the greatest staying chasers of the modern era. Once again, the Mullins runner was forced to do things the hard way.Paul Townend needed to contend with a loose horse for the majority of the closing stages.

However, he was backed as if losing his Gold Cup was out of the question before the race, and he stylishly finished over three lengths clear of Gerri Colombe. Mullins deserves all the praise for a stunning training performance. The eight-year-old already having landed the Irish Gold Cup and Savills Chase before another dominant performance at the home of jumps racing.

Miserable Week For Nicky Henderson

It could be argued that the British may have been closer to the Irish in terms of race winners had it not been for Nicky Henderson’s stable form throughout the week. It was always going to be a testing period for Henderson, with Constitution Hill ruled out before the meet.

Things didn’t get much easier on the opening day, with all Nico De Boinville rides pulled up before the finish. Henderson’s misery was compounded later in the week when hot favourite Sir Gino was ruled out of the Triumph Hurdle, before a decision was made for Shishkin to avoid his date with destiny in the Gold Cup.

Ballyburn Dazzles In Novice Hurdle Division

One of the best backed Irish runners of the week was Ballyburn, with the Mullins runner ultimately opting to step back up to two miles and five to compete in the Gallagher Novices’ Hurdle. The novice produced one of the best displays of the week, finishing a stunning 13 lengths clear of Jimmy Du Seuil to land a first Festival win.

However, it would be hard to bet against it being his last success at Cheltenham. Connections will now have a huge decision to make, with a potential eye-watering showdown with Constitution Hill on the cards if he remains over hurdles. But, the Gold Cup dream could be alive with Ballyburn, meaning it is highly likely that we will be seeing him over fences at the start of next season.

Champion Hurdle Flatters To Deceive

A lot of attention on the opening day was placed on the Champion Hurdle following the announcement that Constitution Hill would be missing the Festival. State Man was well backed before the off, but the Mullins runner wasn’t exactly the breathtaking winner that fans would have been hoping to see. The race as a whole was also negatively impacted following the decision for Lossiemouth to run in the Mares’ Hurdle.

Last year’s Triumph victor was dominant against her own sex, and it’s likely that she could have thrown down a major challenge to her stable mate if going up against the boys. Dilution of races remains a key question for the BHA to address, as we could have witnessed a number of matchups for the ages.

New Gold Cup Hopes Emerge

There’s no denying that Galopin Des Champs will likely go off for next year’s Gold Cup as a solid favourite once again, but the picture for the biggest race of the week looks fascinating at this stage. Fact To File has been touted as a potential rival to his stablemate in the race next year, and he delivered an excellent round of jumping to land the Brown Advisory Novices’ Chase over an extended three miles.

Grey Dawning could yet emerge as a new British hope for the Gold Cup after winning the Turners Novices’ Chase in stunning fashion. French dreams will also be alive in the Gold Cup next year, with the incredibly progressive Il Est Francais set to have some big British commitments next season, beginning with the King George at Kempton on Boxing Day.


Fresh Questions Over Competitiveness

The Irish dominance was clear for all to see at the Festival once again this year. A lot was made that it was potentially all about the dominance of Willie Mullins, but the Irish still would have won the Prestbury Cup by a 15-12 margin even without the Mullins winners.

Competitive races were few and far between at the Festival this year, with seven races of the 27 having an odds-on favourite. That is the highest percentage in the history of the Festival!


Best Matched Betting Site 2024 – Get The Most Value For Your Money

Best Matched Betting Site

In 2024 which matched betting site currently offers you the best value for your money?

Let’s take a look!

Best Matched Betting Site

If you have been looking into matched betting then it is likely that you have come across either Oddsmonkey or Outplayed. These are the two biggest matched betting services that exist in 2024, there are also some free websites and Facebook groups for beginners. However to really make the most of matched betting (making thousands not hundreds) you need software.

This is where Oddsmonkey and Outplayed really stand out. they can help you make money from every single aspect of matched betting.

How do they compare?

Matched Betting Free Trials

Both Oddsmonkey and Outplayed currently offer free trial periods for their matched betting software. These free trial periods allow you to test out what’s on offer from both matched betting sites.

Outplayed Free Trial

Outplayed require you to to register and give them your email, phone number and then register your card with them to access a 7 day free trial. You are then given 7 days access to the software.

Outplayed Free Trial

The trial allows you to access the training and see the sign up offers that are available. This enables you to get your head around matched betting and also start to make some money from sign up offers without having to spend any of your own money initially.

Overall the Outplayed free trial is a great way to build your understanding of matched betting and also make a profit.

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

Oddsmonkey’s free trial is much more straight forward then Outplayed’s. It simply requires you to create an account using your email address and then you are straight in to the site.

Unlike Outplayed you do not need to provide your phone number or put any payment details in.

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

The free trial shows you how to earn up to £29 from two basic offers. Alongside this there is video training to get you started on your matched betting journey.

Overall Oddsmonkey have the more straight forward sign up process. They are a lot of people that are wary of giving out their payment details and phone number. Oddsmonkey’s trial does not require either of these and has excellent video training to get you started.

The benefit of Outplayed free trial is that you can access to the majority of their software for one week, which allows you to make more money from the free trial period if you want to go all out for the 7 day trial period.

Matched Betting Offers

When it comes to matched betting offers you will find the both sites cover pretty much every offer that is currently available.

  • Sign Up Offers
  • Reload Offers
  • Weekly Bet Club Offers

Oddsmonkey Sign Up Offers

You can see that Oddsmonkey currently offer 51 sign ups offers worth £1,019.

In comparison outplayed sign up offers total £922.

Outplayed Sign Up Offers

There is a small difference between the two with Oddsmonkey offering an extra £97 in potential profit from sign up offers.

Matched Betting Software

Both Oddsmonkey and Outplayed offer a number of different matched betting software tools to help you make money from the sports betting markets.

  • Oddsmatcher (For matching free bets)
  • Matched Betting Calculators
  • Profit Trackers
  • Eachway Matchers
  • 2UP Matcher
  • Accumulator Matcher
  • Racing Matcher
  • Casino Software

They are pretty evenly matched in this respect, with both sites covering pretty much covering every aspect of matched betting.

Oddsmonkey layout
Oddsmonkey Layout

Personally I prefer the look and layout of Oddsmonkey in comparison to Outplayed. I find the site easier to navigate and generally easier to find the information I am looking for.

Outplayed Layout
Outplayed Layout

If you look at a comparison of the two sites. Most people would probably agree that Oddsmonkey has a more appealing layout. In this department I give the edge to Oddsmonkey.

Best Matched Betting Community

A good matched betting community is a huge positive. It can allow to ask question when you are unsure, connect with other members and uncover new edges in the sports betting markets.

Both Oddsmonkey and Outplayed have active communities.

Oddsmonkey Forum

The Oddsmonkey forum is an exceptional place for new and old matched bettors. It is extremely friendly and there is a wealth of information available. There are posts every single day and again much like the rest of the Oddsmonkey site. It is very easier to navigate and nice to look at.

Outplayed have a community Facebook group that answers questions and has over 57K members. Similar to Oddsmonkey it is very active and any questions you have will be answered. Out of the two however I have preferred to spend my time with Oddsmonkey.


Both Oddsmonkey and Outplayed offer numerous levels of support.

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Phone Number

Outplayed Support

In this regard the only difference between the two matched betting sites is that Outplayed offer a phone number which Oddsmonkey do not. Overall it is fair to say that both sites offer an excellent level of support should you have any issues with matched betting.

0% Commission

One of the big benefits of joining one of the big matched betting sites is the ability to get 0% commission on your betting exchange account. Betting exchange accounts allow you to lay bets and guarantee a profit from the free bets that bookmakers off. The standard commission amount for most exchanges is 2%

For example if you were to make a £10 lay bet on you exchange account and it won the commission would be £0.20. Once you become comfortable with matched betting and start using all the strategies you will start to turnover more money.

Matched Betting Exchange Account

This month my exchange account has turned over £54,646 in one month, when you factor in 2% on this amount of turnover and then look at it over the course of the year. You can understand why access to a 0% commission account is a huge benefit to a matched bettor.

For every £100 in profit you make from matched betting, using a 0% commission account will get you an extra £2. In comparison to the usual 2% rate.

When it comes to 0% commission deals, Oddsmonkey is the superior matched site. Offering 0% with;

  • Smarkets
  • Betconnect
  • Matchbook
  • Betdaq

Outplayed do offer 0% commission with a few exchanges. However Smarkets and Betconnect are exclusive to Oddsmonkey.

Subscription Costs

Outplayed and Oddsmonkey are fairly evenly matched in many area’s. Oddsmonkey probably edge things on the 0% commission deals and superior layout.

How do they compare in cost?

Oddsmonkey StandardMonthlyAnnual
Outplayed PlatinumMonthlyAnnual

Both sites also offer premium memberships which give you access to advanced matched betting software and advanced casino offer software. Which the majority of new matched bettors are better leaving till a later date. Once they have already made good money from the standard offers.

Oddsmonkey All AccessMonthlyAnnual
Outplayed DiamondMonthlyAnnual

In terms of subscription costs Oddsmonkey clearly offer the cheaper options with their standard monthly rate being £10 cheaper. Additionally their annual subscription offers are also cheaper.

Best Matched Site 2024 – Conclusion

Oddsmonkey are the clear winner when it comes to answering the question what is the best matched betting site in 2024?

They win this category for a number of reasons;

  • Cheaper Subscription
  • Stronger Community
  • More innovative
  • More Friendly Layout

If you are looking to start matched betting out suggestion would be to take a free trial with Oddsmonkey and start making a profit today!

Best Greyhound Tipster 2024 – £31,910 Profit!

Looking for the best Greyhound Tipster to follow in 2024?

In this article we will reveal the best greyhound tipster that we have come across after reviewing hundreds of betting tipsters/services over the years.

Alongside that we will also take a look at some other promising greyhound tipsters.

Going into where you can find free greyhound tips and highlighting where you can get great information on improving your own greyhound betting.

If you are wanting to make money from the great sport of greyhound racing then you have to come to the right article!

TipsterNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Premier Greyhound Tips3600£31,910 (£25 stakes)Yes (Click Here)
The Winning Trap2322£13,181 (£25 stakes)No
Greyhound Punter717£4600 (£10 stakes)No
Greyhound Tipster932£282 (£10 stakes)No 
Greyhound Maestro1542£5440 (£10 stakes)No

Best Greyhound Tipster 2024

Premier Greyhound Tips

Let’s get straight into it!

The best greyhound tipster in our opinion is Premier Greyhound Tips.

Established back in October of 2014, Premier Greyhound tips has consistently made a profit over the last 7 years. Staking £25 per point, the total profit made currently stands at an impressive  £31,910.

Premier Greyhound Tips

During our review of Premier Greyhound Tips.

A profit of £1712 was made from 79 selections, staking £25 per point.

This service is also the cheapest on this list of the best greyhound tipsters. Costing £30 for the first 3 months (£10 a month). Then renewing at £50 for every 3 months after that (£16.66 a month.)

Also a £1.99 trial is available for a 15 day period.

Greyhound Results

Another positive for Premier Greyhound Tips is that you can often use the betting exchanges to get bets down in the last 10-15 minutes before a race starts. There is also the option to set your bets to be matched at SP also.

Overall Premier Greyhound Tips is our choice as the best greyhound tipster for a number of reasons.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔

Discounted Trial ✔

Click Here For A 15 Day Trial Of Premier Greyhound Tips

Premier Greyhound tips is the clear number one, if you are looking for the best greyhound tipster around. However let’s take a look at some other greyhound tips services that are available and have performed well.

The Winning Trap

Next up on the list is the Winning Trap.

This tipster sends out bets in the morning from Monday to Sunday. It is a high volume tipster with an average of 133 tips a month being sent out. Although it doesn’t have the long term record of Premier Greyhound Tips it is certainly a tipster we will be keeping our eyes on.

Winning Trap Greyhound Tips

The winning Trap has so far produced a quoted profit of £13,181.50 since the service started. Staking £25 per point.

The Greyhound Punter

Best Greyhound Tipster

Next up on the list is “The Greyhound Punter,” which is a tipster that has been established for a few years and comes with a good reputation.

This tipster operates on twitter and sends out selections via Telegram.

The Greyhound Punters official results show a profit of 460 points after 717 bets. Subscription to the service costs £35 a month or £87.50 for 3 months (£29.16 a month). We have yet to trial this tipster so cannot provide a long term review but it is perhaps one to follow on twitter.

You can view the Greyhound Punter on Twitter Here

The Greyhound Tipster

The aptly named “The Greyhound Tipster” is one of the newer tipsters on the scene.

Priced at £80 a month it is definitely on the higher scale of paid greyhound tipsters that I have seen. Official results October 2021 to January 2022. When they released their platinum membership suggest a profit of £284 to £10 stakes.

Which is pretty impressive however also suggests that members would need to be staking higher amounts to cover subscription fees. Whilst results have been impressive, in comparison to a the cheaper Premier Greyhound tipster it is hard to recommend as an alternative.

Greyhound Maestro

Greyhound Maestro is a tipster service that comes out of the Bethub stable. It has a long term winning record going back to 2017.

After 1542 bets a profit of £5440 is stated on the official site if staking £10 per point.

Greyhound Maestro Best Tipster

Monthly subscriptions cost £33 making it a more suitable service for those that are staking lower amounts. A big benefit of the Greyhound Maestro is that there is also a free 14 day trial available for those that want to try it out.

Click Here To Trial Greyhound Maestro

What Is The Best Greyhound Tipster For Betfair

There will be those of you reading this article who have been limited from most bookmakers. Due to be a successful sports bettor and might be wondering if you can follow greyhound tipsters on Betfair.

Yes you can follow greyhound tipsters using Betfair but you need to be aware of a few things.

Betting liquidity in the markets doesn’t really form until quite close to the race. This means that you won’t be able to bet selections early on in the day. If you do bet early into the market then generally you will need to offer odds slightly lower then they are with the best bookmaker odds.

For example if Premier Greyhound tipster sent out a selection in the morning at 7.0, putting up 6.4 on the exchanges is likely to attract the attention of an arbitrage bettor.

The other option is to follow selections at Betfair SP or bet in the 10 minute period leading up to the race.

Best Greyhound Tipster Premier Greyhound Tips

Given the 13% long term return on investment of this tipster you can still bet below best odds and win long term.

Where To Find The Best Free Greyhound Tipsters

Want to take a look at where you can get free greyhound tips?

Generally these tips won’t be as high quality as the likes of Premier Greyhound Tips. However here are a few reputable sources you can use.

Timeform Greyhound Tips

Timeform produce daily lists of their best bets of the day in the Greyhound betting markets.

If you select best bets for example. Then you are presented with two or three of the best (as advised by Timeform) selections.

Giving you a short breakdown and reasoning of why a selection is fancied.

Unfortunately there are no long term results to see whether or not these selections are profitable. Meaning that you may want to paper trade results for a month or two before putting your own money down on a dog.

Perhaps these free greyhound tips best used alongside your own analysis or perhaps if you are going to the dog tracks yourself and fancy a few bets for fun.

Sporting Life Greyhound Tips

Sporting Life are another source of free greyhound tips. Similar to Timeform, Sporting Life produce a daily list of greyhound selections that they fancy to pick up a win.

One aspect that Sporting Life do really well is in their write ups. They are much more well written in comparison to Timeform’s. Giving an indication that they may be better researched and offer more value.

Betting Gods Free Greyhound Tips

The tipster stable betting gods which is behind the Premier Greyhound Tipster, send out daily free selections. These selections are sent out from their premium tipsters, covering sports such as greyhound racing, horse racing and football.

This means that if you sign up to their free tips, then you will receive free tips from the premier Greyhound Tipster from time to time.

You Can Sign Up For Free Tips Here

Where To Find The Best Greyhound Tips Data?

Looking to to find more data on Greyhound betting?

One of the best sites for Greyhound racing data is Greyhound stats UK.

Greyhound stats allows you to get a breakdown of trainer results, track statistics and statistics on individual greyhounds. This data can be used to look at valuable angles when it comes to betting on greyhounds.

Greyhound Stats


Best Greyhound Tipster 2024 – Conclusion

Greyhound racing is often looked as the less attractive sibling of horse racing. It doesn’t attract the fanfare, TV rights or prestige that horse racing has. The local dog track isn’t likely to be a spectacle of fashion and fanciness.

However as a means to make money from betting.

Greyhound racing is not a sport that should be over looked. There are some excellent greyhound tipsters that have shown a consistent winning record.

In our opinion the Premier Greyhound tipster is one to follow if you are looking to make an income from sports betting.

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Cheltenham Odds 2024

Cheltenham 2024

Want to Learn About the Cheltenham Odds? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

With Cheltenham just around the corner, the odds and predictions are already coming in droves. Everyone has their own favourite, and as the excitement grows, bettors are becoming increasingly interested in who is going to come out on top. With that starting date looming so close, we already have a pretty good idea of which jockeys and horses are likely going to be contending.

Cheltenham 2024

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Cheltenham odds, going over the favourites, different betting options, best bookmakers, and more.

Let’s get right into it!

Cheltenham Top Jockey Odds

Cheltenham 2024 is set to be jam-packed with talented riders and promising stars, so much so that there is more than a little wiggle room when it comes to predictions on which riders are going to come out on top. However, as is always the case, there are a few favourites that have some incredible Cheltenham odds.

Perhaps the most notable of which is Paul Townend, the talented star under the tutelage of Willie Mullins. Paul leads the pack with odds of 2/5, putting him comfortably ahead of his competition and showcasing his skill and dedication.

Following shortly behind is Jack Kennedy at 4/1. Jack is an incredibly talented rider trained by Gordon Elliot, and many believe he is one of the few candidates who may be able to stand up to Paul Townend.

For an underdog option, there’s 2021 Cheltenham Top Jockey, Rachael Blackmore, at 14/1. Training under Henry de Bromhead and having a promising lead-up to Cheltenham, many believe Blackmore may come out of nowhere and dominate the competition.

Most Popular Cheltenham Betting Markets

Now that we have taken a look at some of the top jockeys, let’s explore some of the most popular betting options at Cheltenham. In general, these are the most popular betting markets for Cheltenham

  • Cheltenham ante-post odds
  • Cheltenham each way odds

We are going to dive into each of these betting options further in the next section of this article, but if you are already familiar with these betting types then feel free to place your bets now.

Cheltenham Ante-post Odds

Cheltenham ante-post odds allow bettors to place a wager on their favourite horse well in advance, usually weeks or months ahead, with the hopes of getting a bigger payout than they would have if they placed the same wager on the day of the race. This option is great for those that are very confident their bet is big value. It allows you to lock in good odds well before the start of the race and the mjority of betting money has come in.

However, this also comes with drawbacks. Not only could you lose your wager entirely if your horse doesn’t run, but you could also miss out on receiving a better return on your wager if the odds decrease and your horse still wins. Luckily, there is a work-around to the first issue ¾ the non-runner no bet (NRNB). This simply means your bet is returned if your horse doesn’t run.

Cheltenham Each Way Odds

Each way odds are a popular betting option in general, but for Cheltenham, they are even more sought-after. This is because bookmakers compete to give bettors the best odds, leading to increasing returns and a ton of value.

William Hill Cheltenham

But what are each way odds?

Well, each way odds are composed of two different bets. One bet is for the horse to win, and the other is for the horse to finish in a specific position. This gives you two chances of winning, making it a popular option among bettors. As we mentioned earlier, this type of bet is made even more enticing by the numerous incentives offered by sportsbooks. Allowing bettors to get big payouts even if their horse finishes as far back as seventh or eighth place.

Cheltenham Tips and Tricks

In order to get the most out of the Cheltenham Festival, there are a few tips and tricks you can utilise to get an edge and improve your chances of being successful. First, make sure you do your research.  The easiest way to profit from a big horse racing festival such as Cheltenham is by using bookmaker promotions and boosts that are on often.

Over Cheltenham there will so many matched betting opportunities to take advantage of. You could lock in potentially hundreds of pounds in profit just by picking off the best offers.

Bookmakers With Best Odds Guaranteed for Cheltenham Festival 2024

If you are struggling to find a good sportsbook with accurate odds in time for Cheltenham, here are a few of the best bookmakers that also offer best odds guaranteed.

  • Paddy Power
  • Betway
  • BoyleSports
  • Bet365
  • Betfair

All of these sports betting sites have been in the game for years. They are all fully licensed and been used by millions of sports bettors. We don’t have the time to give in-depth betting reviews in this article,however these are bookmakers we have used on this site and haven’t had issues with.

We hope this article will be of some use to you. Knowing as much as you can well ahead of time will allow you to position yourself much better going into Cheltenham. Who knows, you may have a better chance of placing some winning bets. Of course, knowledge and research can only take you so far ¾ the element of uncertainty is what makes horse racing so special. Nonetheless, being well prepared only stands to improve your chances and heighten your experience.

Overall make sure to gamble responsibly. Set up a proper bankroll for the festival, have a plan and don’t overstake. With that being said, here’s to Cheltenham 2024.

Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Using Sports Statistics To Win At Sports Betting

Football Stats

Statistics have always been a key component for successful sports betting. Those that know how to use them effectively have been able to generate a lucrative income from the world of sports betting.

Many of the pioneers of sports betting such as Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham used expected goals long before everyone else. You can find XG figures on plenty of statistical websites today however previously this was only used by football bettors at the top of their game.

Billy Walters one of the most sports bettors of all time was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast and spoke about how they would a similar method to XG for NFL games. Having members of his team break down individual plays in American football and removing points when these situations occurred via luck.

Why Should I Use Sports Statistics For Betting?

Statistics may reveal a lot about a team or individual player, including their strengths, limitations, and performance in various circumstances. They may assist you in comprehending the reasons behind team historical victories and defeats. How they perform against different levels of opposition for example.

Football Stats

While some may consider statistics uninteresting or unimportant, others may feel they are crucial to the game. If you are looking make profitable betting decision with bookmakers. Then using a statistical approach is always wise. Statistics can offer you a distinct viewpoint on the game and can aid in your understanding of the nuances of sports. 

Taking this approach enable the tracking and measuring of the performance of individuals and teams, evaluating the effectiveness of plans and tactics, and much more. In the absence of statistics, analysis of sports is difficult. 

Best Sites For Sports Betting Statistics?

There are a huge number of statistics sites for sports betting. Obviously it depends on which sport you are looking to focus your betting on. In 2024 you can pretty much bet on every sport imaginable for popular sports such as football, tennis and horse racing. To more niche sports like badminton, greyhound racing and table tennis.

Let’s take a look at some of the best statistics sites for some of the major sports!


Horse Racing

  • Time Form
  • Racing Post


American Football

There are thousands of statistical sites if you want to find data for the specific sport you are looking to bet on.

Will Using Sports Statistic Make Me A Profitable Bettor?

Using statistical analysis can help you become a profitable sports bettor. It isn’t however a guarantee that you will be profitable. Bettors that using statistics in order to find value from the markets usually do so due the betting not factoring in a statistic effectively. There may be a bias for example in the market meaning that something is underestimated in the market.

This could be many factors including;

  • Player Injuries
  • Home Field Advantage
  • Weather Conditions
  • Time Between Games
  • Coaching Styles
  • Form
  • Tactical Match Ups

It is the job of the sharp sports bettor to find angles that the general public may be missing. If you can do this successfully then there is the ability to make a profit from sports betting.

In general the easiest sports betting markets to beat are the one that most of the general public are betting in. If we take for example football, the general public like to beta in the bigger markets such as;

  • Match Odds
  • Over/Under Goals
  • Draw No Bet Market

The markets that are generally the easiest to beat with the bookmakers and the exchange when it comes to the football markets, are secondary markets;

  • Corners
  • First Goal Scorer
  • Card Points
  • Player Passes
  • Players Tackles.

If you are looking for the low hanging fruit and the easiest sports betting markets to profit from using basic statistics. Looking at these lesser known is often a great starting point. The bookmakers are often lazy with these markets and are much more prone to making an error with the odds. This can offer great value to us as sports bettors if we are able to sports bettors if we can spot this opportunities.

One simple approach to making money from sports betting that is proven to work is using the best value betting software available.

Overall if you are looking to profit from sports betting, using statistics is definitely something you should consider looking at.

Making A Million From Sports Betting Jan and Feb 2024 Results

PL for the start of the year

2023 wasn’t the strongest year for me in betting terms. Although it was profitable with a total of £15,330 being made. It was the worst year since I started betting seriously.

2023 Monthly

In total over the last 6 months of the 2023 a small profit of £537 was made. It was the first time I have really ever felt like I was wasting my time. When I first started this, I used mostly matched betting and arbitrage which is easy money, without being arrogant (These strategies are an easy way to make money but obviously limitations etc put a stop to it.)

As time went on I started to add casino offers, value betting, followed tipsters and developed some of my own methods. I always expected more variance but I still continued to win pretty much every month. Up until last year when losing month which were previously very rare, became much more frequent.

So 2024 marked a nice fresh start. My hope was that this patch was just a run of tough variance and that winning months would become the norm again.

Let’s take a look at results from January and February to see if that happened.

Making A Million

Value Betting Results

Value betting went about as well as it could have to start the year.

These bets are taken mostly on the exchanges, with a couple of small bookmaker accounts I have left and occasionally in shops. (Although I am now barred from the local Betfred). This year I have been slightly more selective with value bets, trying to leave out the ones that I think are marginal. In previous years I have always been about hammering volume and taking any edges even if they are small.

Value Betting 2024

In total there were 149 bets and a total profit of £3570 was made.

My staking is very simple I look to win around £150 per bet, adjusting the stake size for odds.

FTS Systems

FTS is a service that provides historical data and models to help you profit from the football betting markets. Currently I am running 10 systems using FTS which are mixture are strategies.

In total a profit of £237 has been made from the FTS systems this year. I won’t go into too much detail about systems as everyone that joins FTS will use a different approach. So my results/systems are not really applicable to what others may be doing.

Bets And Beers

Bets and Beers has had a rough start to 2024 and I had had couple of message s about it which I will address here. I follow the lay the draw part of the service and ay the half time draw.

The LTD draw service lost £580 (58 points) in Jan/Feb.

HTLTD lost £90 (9 points) to £10 stakes in Jan/Feb.

Not the best start for the service however to put it into perspective. Last year the LTD strategy won 218 points £2180 to £10 stakes and the HTLTD won 74 points (£740 to £10 stakes).

Bets and Beers

The long term LTD graph going back to 2021 is very solid and when your laying at average odds of 7.78 you have to expect the losing runs to be pretty rough. However your bank should be set up to sustain these periods.

Here is the long term results sheet for Bets and Beers

Will Bets and Beers be profitable in 2024? 

There is no guarantee, but nothing suggests to me that this isn’t just a tough period. I think often people join services after a good period and then are shocked when a drawdown happens. This is the reality of sports betting its not always sunshine and rainbows.

Horse Racing System

One of the bright points of last year was developing a horse racing system. This was working very well and making consistent profits.

Horse Racing Offers

However recently results have seen it fall off a cliff. Not really sure why, I tracked the odds I was backing at, in comparison to the Betfair SP. They are consistently higher.

The system is based on sound logic. So it all goes back to our old friend variance again. Overall the system is still in profit by about £400 however had previously been up to a high of £1200.

I run the system on small stakes £5 to £20 (depending on odds). Will give it another few months and decided whether to bin it or keep it.

A total of -£302 was lost on horse racing.

Casino Offers 

I have done five high risk casino offers this year. Doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of stuff to do anymore, but I do get a few decent reload offers from time to time.

Unfortunately I lost every single of these.

A loss of -£500 was made from casino offers.


Jan and Feb saw a loss of -£817 for mixed martial arts and some in-play bets. Not a huge amount of volume here and MMA stakes are £200 a point so not overly concerned. Last year was strong and I still think I have a good edge in the markets. 

The Value Collective

The Value Collective is a Telegram group where I send out selections based on value bets on the exchanges and mma/boxing selections. The focus is on the stronger selections which also have enough liquidity on the exchanges to share.

Value Collective Results

A total of 120 bets were sent out over Jan and Feb. A total profit of 4.19 points for 0% commission accounts was made and 2.54 points for 2% commission accounts.

Not amazing numbers, not a disaster either.

The service is aimed at people that can take a longer term view of their betting and aren’t effected by short terms variance.

You can read more about the service here.


Jan/Feb Totals

Value Betting/Trading – £3570

FTS – £237

Bets and Beers – -£670

Horse Racing – -£302

Casino Offers – -£500

MMA/Inplay – -£817

PL for the start of the year

Total Made In Jan/Feb 2024


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Thoughts Going Forward

Would have been nice to come out of the gates with a big profit to start 2024 but happy to see at least a positive start. Still feels like a battle of attrition at the moment, build up some momentum and then get wiped out on a bad weekend. Slowly however there seems to be some progress and a big upswing can happen at any point.

 It only takes one or two really good months to make a year. In 2022 there was a two month period where £15k profit was made, which nearly equals last year’s total. Having spoken to sports bettors that have done much bettor then me and won 7 figures. Rough years can happen even to the best bettors (which I am not).

I have no plan on changing anything at the moment, will run things as they are until the end of the football season and then look at potentially changing things. 

Thanks for reading, see you next month.

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Value Betting Guide

Matched Betting Guide

Value Collective

Casino Cashback Guide 2024

In this guide we are going to highlight the best casino cashback offers currently available.

Cashback offers are very simple to do and a great way to generate some extra tax free income online. In this article you will find step by step instructions on how to profit.

If you would like a breakdown of how to do these offers you can watch the video below. (Some of these offers have changed but the strategy remains the same.)

We now recommend using Topcashback account to take advantage of these offers due to their additional sign up bonus (Using the refer a friend link below will net you an extra £10!)

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Poker Stars Casino Cashback Offer 

Casino Cashback


This is a great value offer worth around £18.

1. Sign up to Quidco using this link if you haven’t already (This is a free account and gets you an additional £15 sign up bonus.)

2. Search for Pokerstars Casino offer and sign up

2. Deposit £30 into Pokerstars Casino

3. Play through £30 on Live Blackjack on low stakes £5 or below – here is a guide for optimal blackjack strategy

4. Withdraw your money and wait for your cashback to be credited

Breakdown Of  The Offer

Wager £30 on blackjack 99.5% rtp = -£0.15 (On average you will lose an estimated £0.15 long term from wagering)

Get £18.75 Cashback – -£0.15 For wagering

Expected Value = £18.60 + £15 sign up bonus = £33.60


This offer can also be done with Topcashback where cashback is higher at £25, however you will not get the £15 sign up bonus.

Leo Vegas Casino Cashback Offer 

Topcashback Casino Guide


Another a great value offer worth around just under £15.

1. This offer is only with Top Cashback, sign up Top Cashback using this link if you haven’t already (This is a free account and currently there is a £10 sign up bonus available.)

2. Search for Leovegas offer and sign up

2. Deposit £30 into Leovegas

3. Play through £30 on Live Blackjackon low stakes £5 or below  – here is a guide for optimal blackjack strategy

4. Withdraw your money and wait for your cashback to be credited

Breakdown Of  The Offer

Wager £30 on blackjack 99.5% rtp = -£0.15 (On average you will lose an estimated £0.15 long term from wagering)

Get £18.75 Cashback – -£0.15 For wagering

Expected Value = £18.60

Click Here For A £10 Bonus From TopCashback

GGPoker Cashback Offer (Good For Poker Players)

GGpoker Cashback

This is a great value offer worth over £50 in total value. I was also given additional free spins and free poker tickets. Which means the value is actually even more, making it one of the easiest offers to profit from at the moment.

1. Sign up to Topcashback using this link if you haven’t already (This is a free account and gets you an additional £15 sign up bonus.)

2. Search for GGpoker offer and sign up

2. Deposit at least £10 (Deposits are in US dollars so deposit $15 or more) into GGpoker

3. Generate £5 rake playing poker 

4. Withdraw your money and wait for your cashback to be credited

Other Casino Offers

There are a couple of other offers that worth doing on the Quidco. Some of these offers you simply need to just sign up, for the others use the blackjack strategy. To net the £15 sign up from referral you need to make £5 cashback in total.

Below are several offers that should allow you to do this.

  • Bonus Kings = £15 cashback (Join one site and rollover deposit using blackjack strategy)
  • Lottoland = £6 (Use blackjack strategy)
  • Betfair Casino = £22.50 (Use blackjack strategy)

Non Casino Free Cashback Signups

  • Ourtime = £1.12 (Mobile sign up to dating site)
  • Bingo Port = £15 (Sign up and play £10 on bingo at one of their suggested sites, guaranteed profit of £5)

If you are interested in our advanced casino offer strategy, read an in-depth guide here!

Matched Betting Alternatives – That Really Work!

Matched Betting Alternatives

Matched betting is without doubt one of the easiest ways to make money online. It is so simple and effective, however unfortunately after a while the free bet offers dry up and you are left looking for alternatives!

In today’s article we are going to look at the matched betting alternatives that can enable you to keep making money online. These are methods that I have used myself to consistently make an additional income over a number of years.

Matched Betting Alternatives

Cashback Offers

Cashback offers can be a great source to make some additional income. If you have done matched betting then you will find that the process of making money from cashback offers is very similar. The majority of these cashback sites will also give you a bonus just to sign up.

There are some high value cashback offers that are available with a few casino’s which are very profitable. These are easy to complete and profit from much like a matched betting offer. 

Let’s take a look at a simple example.

Casino Cashback


This is a great value offer worth around £18.

1. Sign up to Quidco using this link if you haven’t already (This is a free account and gets you an additional £15 sign up bonus.)

2. Search for Pokerstars Casino offer and sign up

2. Deposit £30 into Pokerstars Casino

3. Play through £30 on Live Blackjack on low stakes £5 or below – here is a guide for optimal blackjack strategy

4. Withdraw your money and wait for your cashback to be credited

Breakdown Of  The Offer

Wager £30 on blackjack 99.5% rtp = -£0.15 (On average you will lose an estimated £0.15 long term from wagering)

Get £18.75 Cashback – -£0.15 For wagering

Expected Value = £18.60 + £15 sign up bonus = £33.60

This offer can also be done with Topcashback where cashback is higher at £25, however you will not get the £15 sign up bonus. If you already have both a Quidco and Topcashback account then it is worth completing the offer with Topcashback.

There are several other casino cashback offers with Casino’s that you can take advantage of!

Click Here For Our Guide To Casino Cashback Offers

Much like matched betting there is not an unlimited amount of cashback offers to profit from. However it is an easy way to generate some tax free money with very little effort.

Switching Banks

Did you know that some banks will pay you money just to switch over to them?

Sometimes you can get these deals directly with the banks, other times you use cashback sites such as Quidco or TopCashback. Deals tend to change month by month but there are opportunities to switch banks and earn hundreds over the course of a year.

Matched Betting Alternative
Current Offers in February

Something that you do need to check when you switch banks is the terms and condition of these offers. For example if you wanted to take advantage of the TSB £40 offer.

You would need to meet a few terms such as;

  1. Within the first 90 days of your account being open you register for Internet Banking.
  2. Pay in at least £500 each month.
  3. Make at least two debit payments out of your account each month.

These terms are fairly common for switching offers but it is something that you should always be aware of. Some people set up secondary accounts for side hustles such as matched betting, reselling etc. Then utilize these accounts for switching banks every time an offer comes up.

One of the best sites for up to date bank offers is Money Saving Expert.

Free Share Offers

Taking advantage of free shares is an additional way to make some extra money as an alternative to matched betting. The terms for these offers can differ but the easiest offers simply require you to deposit in order to get a free share. Once you have received your share you can then sell it and bank the profit.

For example if you open a new account with Freetrade and deposit £50 you get a free share worth between £10-£100.

Free Shares

All you need to do is wait for the share to be credited, sell it and then withdraw the initial deposit with the additional profit.

Like matched betting these offers require a little bit of money to get started. However it is an incredibly easy strategy to generate some extra income online.

These offers change over time, below we have listed some of best offers currently available;

  1. Free Trade (Ref link) – Free share between £10 – £100 (deposit at least £50)
  2. Trading212 (Ref Link) – Free Share between £8 – £100 (deposit at least £10)
  3. Stake -Free share worth up to £90.

Arbitrage Betting

If you have tried your hand at matched betting, then arbitrage betting is a logical next step!

A lot of people stop using there bookmaker accounts when they stop receiving matched betting offers. This leaves a lot of extra profit on the table. There are also bookmakers that never offer any promotional offers.

However arbitrage opportunities are available with the majority of bookmakers. This is a really easy way to make money if you understand the strategy.

Arbitrage opportunities occur when the odds from either bookmakers or exchanges (or both) can be combined to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome.

Simple Arbitrage Bet

Above is an example of a really sports arbitrage bet between Talksportbet and Smarkets.

You back the both teams to score at odds of 3.25 and lay the outcome at 3.05.

This creates a situation where you cannot lose!

A profit of either £2.28 or £2.30 is made from a £35 stake. Whilst this is not huge profit, there are lots of arbitrage betting opportunities every single day. Especially at weekend when there is so much sport going on.

As you become more confident in the strategy larger stakes can be used to increase your profits per arbitrage bet.

There are a lot of upsides to arbitrage betting!

  • Tax Free
  • Simple To Learn
  • Low Risk
  • Can Start With a Small Amount Of Capital 
  • Opportunities On a Daily Basis

These small tax free profits add up and they are a great way to use bookmaker accounts that no longer have any use for matched betting. It is also a good strategy to use on bookmaker accounts that don’t offer any matched betting offers on sign up.

Why doesn’t everyone just do this then and become a millionaire if its so easy? 

Great question from the pessimist in the back!

Eventually the bookmaker you are placing arbitrage bets with (arbing) will realize what you are doing. Limiting or banning your account so you are unable to do this anymore. However if you are not profiting from that account or are someone that bets recreationally (loses money.) Then this isn’t really an issue, you may as well take the easy money whilst it’s there.

If you want to start arbitrage my suggestion would be to use Oddsmonkey, this is the lowest cost arbitrage software to get started. It also has several other tools and uses to help you make money from sports betting.

Click Here For Your Free Trial.

Other Matched Betting Alternatives

Above we have listed some of the easiest matched betting alternatives there are. If you are looking to make some relatively stress free money without putting in a lot of time. These are great methods to use.

If you are looking for a longer term income that could potentially replace your full time income, or perhaps be a side income that generates money for years to come. Then there are other alternatives that require more work to get going.

Affiliate Earnings

  • Blogging
  • Youtube
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reselling

Are ways that I have used to make an extra income alongside matched betting initially and then as an alternative. However each of these subjects could be its own article. 

If you are interested in any of these subjects you can leave a comment.


In this article we have covered various different alternatives to matched betting. These methods will not turn you into a millionaire overnight. However they are a relatively simple way to make some extra money online.

  • Cashback Offers
  • Bank Switches
  • Free Share Offers
  • Arbitrage Betting

Out of the four we have covered, arbitrage betting is probably the one that offers the most profit. Arbitrage is not just available online but you can also use this strategy with retail bookmakers that have shops. If you have come to this article as you have finished with matched betting, then you should also find the process very similar and easy to implement.

Click Here For Our Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage