My name is Ryan Bruno and like a lot of people I was looking to make an income online.

After years of looking I eventually found something that worked and it worked really well!

At the time I was working in Thailand as an English teacher. I wasn’t getting paid much but that was alright.

Life was good and making money wasn’t my main priority.

Things however changed pretty quickly though when we found out that my wife would be expecting our first child. Suddenly priorities changed.

That easy going low paid teaching job I had wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

I had to support my family, I had to find a way to make money.

I’ll admit I was lucky. There is a tonne of rubbish on the internet about making money. Get rich quick schemes, pyramid schemes, multi level marketing.

However I came across two concepts that actually worked.

These were two simple methods that have allowed me to make thousands of pounds in profits over the last few years and support my family.

These methods paid for my first house deposit, family holidays and put extra money in my bank every month.

Want to learn these methods yourself?

I have written a detailed guide on how to make money from sports betting.


Smart Sports Trader

Ryan Bruno is a former mixed martial arts and kickboxing competitor. After finishing university he played online poker and taught English for a living in Thailand for a few years. Upon returning to England his focus has been on making a living from sports trading, betting and arbitrage. Ryan runs the sports betting and trading website" 

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