Best Basketball Tipsters 2023 – Free and Paid

Basketball is a great sport to watch but what if you could also make money from watching your favorite sport?

In today’s article we are going to take a look at some of the best basketball tipsters from around the globe. Basketball tipsters with long term winning records that have been able to produce consistent profits from their tips.

Let’s find out who is the best basketball tipster in 2023!

TipsterNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Basketball Geek3555£3382Yes (Click Here)
Hoops Bet2259647 units No
Slamdunk Wizard1777£1782Yes (Click Here
Value Basketball1938£2670No
Sports Insider11102505 unitsNo
Wetten Royal724384.6 unitsNo

Number 1 – Basketball Geek

First up on the list is the Basketball Geek. You can probably guess by the name but this is a tipster that takes their betting very seriously.

The service comes out of the Betting Gods network and is run by a named Steven. Current profit stands at a total of £3,382 from £10 stakes.

Baskteball Tips Results

Selections are sent out for a range of different basketball leagues. There are selections for European basketball, the NBA, WNBA, Filipino basketball etc.

On average the service brings in a profit of £94 a month.

Total Number of Bets 3555
Return on Investment9.5%
Total Profit£3382
Average Annual Profit£1127

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Number 2 – Hoops Bet

Next up is Hoops Bet, which is a tipster that comes from the Pyckio group of pro tipsters. Hoopsbet focuses mainly on American basketball both the NBA and college.

After 2259 bets Hoops Bet has a pretty impressive return on investment of 5.5%. Betting at average odds of 2.04.

Pyckio Best Basketball Tipster

Total Number Of Bets2259
Return on Investment5.5%
Total Profit 647 units
Win Rate51.5%

Like all Pyckio pro tipster subscription costs should be noted for Hoops Bet. The subscription cost is high meaning that this tipster should only be considered if you were staking larger amounts £100+ per bet.

For example if you wanted to subscribe to Hoopsbet for 200 bets it would cost £414 (£2.07 per pick.)

Which makes it the most expensive basketball tipster to follow on our list.

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Number 3 – Slamdunk Wizard

Another profitable basketball tipster that comes from the Betting Gods network is Slam Dunk Wizard. The Slam Dunk Wizard service has been in existence since April 2021.

In that time period he has managed to make a profit of £1782 from his selections. The total return on investment for his selections is a very healthy 10.04%.

Best Basketball Tipster

Total Number of Bets1777
Return on Investment10.04%
Total Profit£1782
Average Monthly Profit£99

Similar to the Basketball Geek, Slam Dunk Wizard focuses on a wide range of basketball leagues. Selections vary from women’s European basketball to the British basketball league.

Access to to a wide number of bookmakers is an advantage if you chose to follow this tipster.

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Number 4 – Value Basketball 

Value Basketball is next up on our list of the best basketball tipsters you find on the internet.

It is a high volume tipster sending out on average 27 selections per week. Betting at average odds of 2.74 it is a basketball tipster that focuses on underdogs.

Value basketball has a long term return on investment of 3.5%

Value Basketball Tipster

Impressively it is a tipster that has a 4.5% roi when betting selections at Pinnacle sports (sharp bookmaker). It is also beating bet365 at a high rate with return on investment of 18.2%.

Total Number Of Bets1939
Return On Investment3.5%
Total Profit (Staking £25 per point)£2670
Win Rate38%

Value Basketball focuses on European basketball mainly but does tip on a wide range of leagues.

In terms of cost Value Basketball is one of the lower cost options on this list at £29 a month.

Read More About Value Basketball Here

Number 5 – Sports Insider

Last on the list is Sports Insider, this is a multi sports tipster that focuses mainly on both basketball and football.

His basketball results are very impressive with a return of investment of 9% after a total 1110 bets. Which is slightly lower then his 12% return from football bets.

You can expect around 8 bets a week from the Sports Insider (both football and basketball.) A Bet365 account is a must if following this tipster with 998 of his overall selections being placed there.

Sports Insider Basketball Tips

Total Number of Bets (Basketball)1110
Return On Investment9%
Average Odds1.84
Total Profit (Units)2505.60

A monthly subscription to the Sports Insider costs £29 a month.

Click Here To Learn More About Sports Insider.

Number 6 – All Wetten Royal

Last on the list is All Wetten Royal. A tipster that has proofed selections to various different sources.

Such as Betrush, blogabet and Pyckio.

Below are his results from Pyckio.

Total Number of Bets (Basketball)724
Return On Investment6.5%
Total Profit384.6 units
Win Rate56.7%

Best Free Basketball Tipster

Don’t have much of a bankroll and looking to find the best free basketball tips available?

Free tipsters generally are very poor quality. This is because they are usually working alongside bookmakers and take a cut from referred players loses. Unfortunately this is a model that is commonly used by free tipsters.

You can however get access to some free tips from a few of the tipsters on this list. Betting Gods have a daily tips email that they send, featuring tips from their network of tipsters.

Basketball Geek and Slam Dunk Wizard are both in that network. If you sign up for the daily email then you will from time to time get free tips for both of those tipsters.

This is an excellent way to get yourself some free basketball tips without having to pay for a subscription. If you are interested in betting other sports you will also receive tips for Tennis, horse racing, football, cricket and many other sports.

Free Tips

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Best Basketball Tipster on Twitter

Looking for the best basketball tipster to follow on twitter?

Hoops Bet who we mentioned earlier in this article is someone that you should definitely be following. He occasionally tweets out free picks and has shown to be a proven long term winner.

Hoops Bet Twitter Account

Another twitter account that you might find useful for basketball betting is John Schuhmann. Whilst not a basketball tipster himself. He is an advanced stats writer for On his twitter account you can find team and player stats breakdowns, which could be useful for NBA betting in particular.

John Schuhmann Twitter

Best Basketball Tipsters 2022 – Conclusion

In this article we have covered 5 of the best basketball tipsters that we have come across. All five tipsters have very impressive records.

If you want to make money betting on sports then looking at any of the these tipsters is a good start.

Overall there are two tipsters that really stand out!

In the Basketball Geek and Slam Dunk Wizard you have two tipsters with very impressive returns of 9.5% and 10% respectively. That are providing selections from all over Europe and the rest of the world.

If your looking for a good basketball tipster we suggest trying them out. Both of these tipsters can trialed for 10 days following the links below.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔

Discounted Trial ✔


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