Why Bookmakers Limit Or Close Accounts, Can You Stop It

You have received an email from your bookmaker, which goes something like this.

After reviewing your account we can no longer offer you promotions and your stakes may be subject to limitation.

On further inspection you log into your account, try to place a bet and…………………

Why bookmakers limit accounts

Find that you are only allowed to bet a very small of money.

Have You Done Something Wrong!

Whereas before a bookmaker like Skybet/Bet365/William Hill would allow you to stake several hundred even thousands. Now they are saying that you are only allowed a paltry £4.55.

Bookmaker account closures and limitations are becoming more and more common!

Why Bookmakers Limit Or Close Accounts

Sometimes bookmakers do have legitimate reasons to close accounts. Perhaps you already have an account and are using trying to open multiple accounts in your own name. This is against most bookmakers terms and conditions which will result in them closing them down.

Another reason is they may suspect that someone is using stolen data or identity to open a betting account. Which again is a very legitimate reason to close someones account

However very often a bookmaker closes accounts to protect their business. In the case of bookmakers limiting accounts this is always the case.

Why bookmkaers close accounts

Basically they are saying no more “no mas” we don’t want to lose any more money to you.

It’s an admission by them that you are beating them at their own game or that at least they think you will beat them at their own game in the long term.

So they either close your account completely or limit you to such small amounts that you can’t really hurt their bottom line.

Here are the main reasons bookmakers close or limit accounts.

  • Matched Betting ✔ 
  • Arbitrage ✔
  • Making Bets That Consistently Beat The Closing Odds ✔
  • Betting Like A Professional Gambler (Clear Profitable Pattern Of Bets) ✔
  • Your Account Is In Decent Profit ✔

Basically if you are in able to make consistent profits then they don’t want your business.

Are Bookmakers Allowed To Limit And Close Your Account?

Unfortunately in the majority of countries there is nothing you can do about a bookmaker closing your account.

One slight ray of hope has appeared out of Spain. Where Bet365 were ordered to restore the betting limits for a number of Spanish customers, after it they were taken to court.

(This happened in 2019, but unfortunately hasn’t effected bookmaker behaviour.)

Bookmkaer limits Bet365
£4.55 limits seem to be a common theme?

However here in the UK this is certainly not the case and bookmakers are given free rule over who they can provide betting accounts for and who they cannot.

There is no law in place can that stop a bookmaker from closing your account and refusing to take a bet.

This means that bookmakers will continue to milk losing customers whilst turning away profitable ones.

How Can I Stop Bookmakers Limiting Or Closing My Account?

There is one clear way to stop bookmakers from limiting or closing your account.

Are you ready for it…………..

Don’t try to make a profit your betting and lose to the bookmakers over the long term.

Honestly with bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes etc that is the only way to keep your accounts healthy.

Another option is to use betting shops. Although eventually you will also get limited if you don’t bet too frequently and move around shops. Then you can usually get your bets on for a longer period of time in comparison to online bookmakers.

Bookmaker Shops

They won’t accept any winning bettors long term. It is not in their business interest and with no law to stop them, they are going to remove the biggest expenses from their business. Which is winning sports bettors

Obviously I wouldn’t expect anyone to actively try to lose but that’s the truth. If you are winning long term then there is no chance of keeping soft bookmaker accounts.

Want to learn how to extend the life of your betting accounts?

Read This Article – 5 Way To Prolong Your Betting Account

Bookmakers That Don’t Limit Or Close Accounts

Betting exchanges are websites that don’t limit or ban winning players. They use a different betting model to make a profit.

Instead of making money off losing bettors betting exchanges use a commission model where you are charged on winnings. This is generally 2% across the majority of betting exchanges.

It should be noted if you are very successful on the betting exchanges you may need to pay a higher percentage in commission.

Betting Exchanges No Limits

The major betting exchanges are –

  • Betfair
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook
  • Betdaq

There are a lot of similarities between the three with Betfair being the oldest and most popular. However in recent times it has had a lot of negativity for its frequent maintenance issues. Whilst liquidity is still good on the platform its unreliability is an issue.

Smarkets is next on the list. Used by the majority of matched bettors and arbitrage bettors. The platform itself is very stable with very little unplanned downtime.

Next up is Matchbook. Similar to Smarkets it is used in the UK by a lot of matched bettors/arbitrage bettors.

The amount of money to be matched seems to be lower then Smarkets on the majority of markets. Smarkets also tends to offering better market spreads with less gaps compared to Matchbook.

Matchbook No Limits

Betdaq doesn’t really seem to have much going for it. It is the least popular of the betting exchanges. Has changed ownership a few times and introduced a sportsbook. Occassionally they offer 0% commission for certain events which is worth keeping an eye out for.

Out of the four Betting Exchanges listed my personal preference would be Smarkets.

It is the betting exchange I use the most, have had very little issues with and currently seems to be much more stable then Betfair. 


We have covered why bookmakers close or limit accounts throughout this article.

Overall unless there is a law that comes into place which forces bookmakers to take bets from everyone.

Then the winning sports bettor is always going to end up being closed or limited very small amounts by bookmakers. Ultimately if a business can remove its biggest expense and breaks no law doing it. Then they are going to exercise their right to do so.

The best option if you don’t want your account closing or being limited. Is to open an account with a betting exchange where being a successful bettor isn’t a reason to close your account.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets 2022

Making winning football bets and consistently making money from sports betting, sounds like a great way to earn an extra income!

However is it really possible?

Let’s take a look in this article at 6 strategies to make winning football bets in 2022.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets 2022

Follow A Proven Tipster

Number one – follow a proven football tipster that make winning football bets.

Sounds easier then it is!

There are thousands of football tipsters on the internet, the vast majority will tell you that they win. The truth however is that the vast majority will lose. Some of these tipsters will even work alongside bookmakers, making a profit on the percentage of losses from players they refer.

When looking for a tipster that provides winning football tips we look for the following.

Long Term Record ✔

Verified By Third Party ✔

Attainable Odds ✔

One tipster that check all these boxes is – Bookie Insiders Football (Neil Macdonald Tips.)

Bookie Insiders Long Term Results

Read Our Bookie Insiders Review Here

Another tipster that provides free winning football bets on Twitter is Bet On Value.

This Twitter account is one that we have been following and getting winning football bets from for a few years. the bets are very well thought out, expertly reached and overall profitable.

You can follow the account here.

If you are looking to find winning football tipsters with long term records, the two above are excellent.

Reacting To Team News And Events

Next up we have reacting to team news and events quickly, which can enable you to make winning football bets.

Especially in this era of covid. Reacting quickly to team news can be very profitable. This is because changes in team news, change the odds of a game.

For example a Liverpool team without Salah, Mane and Van Dijk is going to be lees likely to win. In comparison to a Liverpool team that has all 3 in the starting line up.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets 2022

Above is an example of the change in odds for Arsenal. When a starting line up without key players was released. The odds drifted as the betting market realized Arsenal would be less likely to win.

If you can get information earlier then the rest of the market, this is a great way make winning football bets long term.

Betting Live At The Game

Moving on to the third strategy, which is maybe one you hadn’t considered.

Within today’s betting industry there is a massive focus on live betting. There are markets for cards, corners, player passes, player shots, throw ins etc.

A lot of these in-play markets are present even in lower league football. Where are there are not as many eyes on the game and bookmakers data feeds will not be as quick.

Make Winning Football Bets Bet365
Your focus could be on corner markets.

This can create an opportunity for someone that is live at the game!

Whereas the data provider will be waiting for the referee to give a yellow/red card before it can be sent to Bet365. If your watching the game live and its obviously going to be a card. You can look to process your bet ahead of them.

Potential penalties, dangerous free kicks, obvious fouls with should result in a card. There are multiple angles to look at from a live perspective to create an edge.

This is also known as court siding and is popular in other sports

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Matched Betting – Lowest Risk

On to the fourth strategy, this strategy is a little bit more well known but extremely effective.

You want to make winning football bets that avoid any type of variance?

Matched betting is the answer!

This involves using bookmaker promotions and free bets that make money over the long term.

For example Bet365 like to hand out £5 free bets every weekend on the Premier League.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets

By backing a Premier League selection with the £5 free bet and laying it on an exchange. There is the ability to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome.

In the below example £3.93 is guaranteed from a £5 bet.

Image courtesy of Oddsmonkey Matched betting service

£5 free bets are also on the lower scale. There are also £50, £25 and £10 free bets handed out by bookmakers like Bet365.

Making matched betting an excellent strategy for making money from the football betting markets.

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Arbitrage Betting

Next on the list of winning football betting strategies is arbitrage betting!

Have you ever wondered how do I win a bet every time?

Is this even possible?

Arbitrage betting is a strategy that actually does allow you to win every bet you make.

This strategy allows you to cover all outcomes of an event to guarantee a small profit on your stake. Usually ranging from 1-5%. Which may not sound like a lot however used consistently these small profits quickly add up.

Image courtesy of Oddsmonkey Matched betting service

It differs from matched betting as there is no free bet being used. The profit comes from the difference in odds.

In the example above over 2.5 goals with William Hill is 1.89, whilst the under 2.5 goal market is 2.2 with Bet365. By backing both these outcomes a profit of £3.32 can be locked in no matter the outcomes, using £200 in total stakes.

Arbitrage betting is a great low risk if your looking to make winning football bets.

Value Betting

Last but certainly not least is value betting!

Value betting involves using the betting markets as an indicator to highlight value with bookmakers that are lagging behind.

Rebelbetting Graph

Image Courtesy Of Rebel Betting

This strategy is based on the theory that sharper bookmaker (which take money from winning bettors), Are better at adjusting their odds then soft bookmakers (which ban winning bettors.)

By following the odds movement at the sharp bookmaker and betting exchanges (Pinnacle, Betfair). Value can be identified with the soft bookmaker (Bet365, William Hill etc.)

There is a large amount of data which shows this strategy is a winning one over the long term.

Click Here To Learn Value Betting


There you have it 6 strategies to make winning football bets in 2022.

These strategies can allow you to become a successful football gambler going forward.

Covering multiple different angles depending on your risk approach. Any winning football betting strategies that we have missed out or you want to share.

Comment below.


5 Ways To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Account

Stop bookmakers limiting your account

One of the most frustrating aspects of the sports betting industry is that when you learn a method of making profit. The bookmaker can just turn around say “no thanks, we don’t want your business anymore.”

Sometimes a bookmaker will close your account completely.

Other times a bookmaker will put tiny limits on your account so that you can only stake pennies on a selection.

How can you stop bookmakers limiting your account?

5 Methods To Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Account

The sad truth is that unless you are betting with betting exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets etc or sharp bookmakers like Pinnacle. Then you will be limited if you are a profitable sports bettor.

However the good news is that after many years of betting successfully myself, there are a few strategies I have found which help prolong the life of a soft bookmaker account.

These strategies I have found to work very well with Bet365.

Which in my opinion is the most valuable soft bookmaker account you can get.

Prime Your Account

When you open a new betting account, that is often when it is looked at with the most scrutiny.

Bookmakers employ people to assess the risk level of their customers.

Customers are then basically categorized into being recreational bettors or sharp bettors.

If you want to extend the life of your betting account then your aim should be to initially look like a recreational bettor. This is why many successful sports bettors look to prime new betting accounts.

What do you mean by priming an account?

Priming an account means that you place bets in order to look like a recreational bettor rather then a sharp one. Instead of hammering an account with value bets, arbitrage bets and exploiting free bets to the maximum amount.

Stop bookmakers limiting your account

You want to look like a normal recreational bettor.

Pick A Favourite Team

This is a fairly simple method that helps make you look like a recreational bettor.

Pick a favourite team and look to bet them most weeks.

Recreational bettors don’t look at where they can get the best value or best odds.

They bet with emotion and picking a team that you bet week in week out makes you look exactly like the sort of customers a bookmaker wants to keep.

Ways to stop bookmakers gubbing accounts

One of the longest running accounts I have, is one that I used to bet Tottenham with each week. I did this for the first few months laying off the bets on the betting exchange Smarkets.

Years later I still mix in the odd Tottenham bet amongst other sharp bets.

Initially you will lose some money. However with Bet365 in particular the losses that you make will be recouped somewhat by the loyalty bonus they throw out every few months.


Next up are accumulator bets. The bookmaker’s favourite type of customer is the one that chucks a load of accumulators on every week and doesn’t bet anything else.

For keeping your account pegged as recreational, placing one or two small accumulator bets each week is an excellent way of looking like a regular punter.

Bet365 Acca

Using Oddsmonkey’s accumulator matcher. I found that taking the top treble would lose £0.67 in EV from a £10 stake.

Which isn’t a huge amount of EV to give up, given how valuable a Bet365 is over the long term.

Also if you combine this with the Bet365 2up promotion. Then you can reduce the amount of EV you give away even further.

Personally I have found throwing in small accumulator bets amongst my other “sharper” bets to be very beneficial.

It also helps to mix up my betting patterns which leads on to the next point.

Mix Up Your Betting Patterns

If you are arbitrage betting, taking large value bets or just exploiting free bets for the maximum amount it can be fairly easy to spot.

Recreational bettors (which is what we want to look like) are not disciplined.

They vary their stakes, bet different sports and try out different markets when things aren’t going right.

If someone profiling your accounts see’s you are only placing single bets on horse racing or lower league football and also making a profit. Then it is likely they will take a deeper look at your account.

Esports Betting

Placing bets in different markets and mixing up your betting patterns can help your account look like a mug bettor.

Rather then placing a football accumulator each week, mix in a rugby accumulator from time to time or a esports accumulator, tennis accumulator etc.

Live Betting

Live betting is huge and again it is one of the bookmakers favourite area’s at the moment. You see it over and over again at half time in football games. Bookmakers love to advertise terrible value “boosted” bets.

They prey on the fear of missing out, emotion of a live game and the rush to get on the “boosted” bet before the game resumes.

“Back James Milner to score the next goal at the boosted price of 8.5!!!”  (When the true odds are really 13.00)

Mixing in live bets amongst your other “sharper” action is again going to help you look more like a recreational bettor.

Another advantage of live betting is that if you can do it profitably. Then it is much harder for a bookmaker to compare its price to others.

Due to the ever changing nature of live betting and lack of a closing line.

Stop Bookmakers Limiting Your Account – Conclusion

So those are 5 methods that I have used in order to prolong the accounts of my soft bookmaker accounts.

Specifically I have found them to work well with Bet365 accounts. As those are the soft bookmaker accounts I value the most and make an effort to maintain for as long as possible.

Other strategies that may also help to stop bookmakers limiting your account include.

  1. Not withdrawing too often .

  2. Rounding up your betting stakes.

  3. Avoid using ewallets.

  4. Spreading larger stakes amongst different bookmakers if possible.

  5. Avoid betting on horses the evening before races (unless its a major televised race.)

Until betting legislation changes the majority of bookmakers will always look to get rid of the customers that cost them money.

However using some of the methods described in this article will help you stay under the bookmakers radar for a longer period of time.

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Making A Million Monthly

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The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World 2022 – 3 Men That Risk Millions Betting On Sport

Recently I was speaking to a friend about sports betting. He asked me who is the “Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo” of the sports betting world.

It was an interesting question as who are the biggest sports bettors in the world?

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World

Successful sports bettors don’t tend to glamour for the limelight.

They have their edges in the sports betting markets and make money from it. If they were to reveal their methods and how they make money from sports betting, the markets would react and they would no longer be profitable.

So there is “no world series of sports betting” or “sports betting champions league.”

There are however a few high profile sports bettors that are known among the media.

Billy Walters

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World

Billy Walters is a big name in American sports betting. It is estimated that Walters has made tens of millions of dollars perhaps even hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Walters was originally for Kentucky. He moved to Las Vegas in the early 1980’s and formed his own betting syndicate.

Walters betting operation was first described in the book “The Smart Money” by Micheal Konik.

Within the book the author goes into detail about Walters (although a pseudonym is used) betting operation. How he used multiple people to get his bets on using multiple accounts.

Difficulties he faced in getting sports books to accept his bets. Alongside the lengths and planning he had to go through to be so successful.

Although he has been largely secretive about his betting operations. He has been covered on ESPN and had a small television segment made about him.

Billy Walters has long been known as one of the biggest sports bettors in Las Vegas. However has most recently been making headlines after being convicted of insider trading.

Tony Bloom And Starlizard

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The WorldTony Bloom is the owner of UK based betting syndicate “Starlizard.”

He is well known name among sharp sports bettors. It is estimated that Starlizard can have as much as £1 million staked on a single outcome of a football match.

Starlizard are known to run their betting operation with same devotion and analytics of a major hedge fund.

Officially Stalizard describe itself as a betting consultancy. Which uses complex statistical models to generate football odds that are sharper than those offered by the Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Alongside profiting from their own bets Starlizard are also known to provide winning football bets to other high rollers.

Bloom isn’t just involved with sports betting and has many other business ventures.

In 2009 he became the chairman of his hometown club  after purchasing 75% stake in the club. Also investing £93 million into developing a new ground.

According to Business Insider UK the bulk of the money used in Stalizard’s operation comes from Tony Bloom. Described as a maths whiz.

He is a veteran gambler and has competed in some of the highest stake poker tournaments around. In the early 2000’s he was estimated to have made millions from setting up online bookmaker and poker websites.

Much like Billy Walters, Tony Bloom is not one for the public limelight. With most articles containing second hand information about his betting activities.

Bloom only chooses to talk with the media about his involvement in Brighton And Hove Albion.

Zeljko Ranogajec

The Biggest Sports Bettors In The World

Zeljko Ranogajec is rumoured to be one of the biggest gamblers in the world. It is estimated that his global annual turnover is more then $1 billion.

Born in Australia in a family of Croatian immigrants. Zeljko first success in gambling came from the game of blackjack.

Allegedly Zeljko Ranogajec turned a bankroll of a few hundred dollars into millions through advantage play

He has also had notable wins in the game of Keno winning $7.5 million and in 2011 was inducted into the blackjack hall of fame.

When it comes to sports betting Zeljko Ranogajec is rumoured to bet significant amounts of money on horse racing. It is reported that his turnover accounts for nearly a third of the total for Betfair in Australia.

Ranogajec does not give any interviews.

A lot of the speculation that surrounds him comes from second hand information. As with most large scale sports bettors there is not much for him to gain from revealing information about his betting activities.

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Who Are Biggest Sports Bettors In The World?

The three sports bettors above are thought to turnover hundreds of millions perhaps billions annually.

In truth though it is hard to know who the biggest sports bettors in the world are. As if you are profiting from sports betting on such a large scale it is in your interest to keep that knowledge to yourself. 

Some of the biggest sports bettor in the world may also not even be winning ones!

I am sure there will a few rich oil merchants or Chinese businessman. Who bet huge amounts of money for thrills without the detailed analysis needed to be successful.

So whist little is known about the biggest sports bettors in the world.

There are at least a few individuals that rumoured to be beating the sports betting markets on a massive scale.

Interested in sports betting, matched betting, advantage play or trading?

Read my attempt at making £1,000,000 from sports betting.


Further Reading

How Billy Walters became sports most successful and controversial bettor

Inside Starlizard: The story of Britain’s most successful gambler and the secretive company that helps him win

Zeljko Ranogajec





Guide To Value Betting 2022 – How To Win At Sports Betting

Value betting or finding value in the sports betting markets, is the only way to make money long term from sports betting.

In this article we are going to look at one of the best methods for finding value in the sports betting markets.

This is a fairly easy method to understand.

One of the big benefits of this method is that it allows you, to get a large amount of volume through the markets.

Whilst having a consistent edge. 

Guide To Value Betting - How To Win At Sports Betting

Value Betting Explained

First off what is value in the sports betting markets?

Quite simply getting value in the sports betting markets is backing something that is estimated to have a greater chance of happening then the odds indicate.

Lets look at a simple example.

Man United are priced at 2.0 (indicates a 50% win chance) against Everton at home.

The best betting syndicate in the world estimate that Manchester United are actually a 55% win chance. 

Meaning they believes that Manchester United’s true odds should be 1.82.

This means odds above 1.82 are deemed to be value, with odds of 2.0 being extremely good value.

If you are consistently betting odds that are priced higher then there true probability, you will make money long term.

However the hard part of finding value in the sports betting markets is coming up with a true estimation of what the odds should actually be.

Some of the biggest betting syndicates in the world have hundreds of people working for them. Analyzing every bit of data available to them in order to make profitable bets.

In this article we are going to look at a proven method for finding value in the sports betting markets. This method allows us to mimic the bets made by these successful betting syndicates.

(If you prefer to learn via video. This method is also detailed in the youtube video below with an example of a value bet)

Sharp Bookmakers And Exchange Method

One proven way to find value in sports betting is by using sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges as an indicator for value.

Professional bettors separate bookmakers into two categories.

Sharp and Soft.

A soft bookmaker is one that does not want professional bettors, they only want losing recreational players that they know in the long term will make them money.

This is why some bookmakers close players accounts or limit their betting stakes to very small amounts.

Sharp bookmakers allow winning sports bettors to bet with them. They let sharp bettors influence their odds movement and rely more on profiting from the turnover they get from the betting markets they provide.

Betting exchanges follow a similar model charging on a commission basis and allowing professional punters to bet with them.

This means that professional sports bettors bet at sharp bookmakers.

Soft bookmakers often imitate the movement of sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. However they are slower to adjust their betting odds.

This method of value betting takes advantage of this.

Value Betting Strategy 

If you follow the money from the sharpest sports bettors in the world then you are going to make money from sports betting.

That is the essence of this strategy.

Consistently beat the closing odds of sharp bookmakers or betting exchanges and you have yourself a winning betting strategy.

This is known as “value betting” but is also sometimes referred to as “steam chasing”

Now you probably have heard of several betting systems or strategies that sound good in theory but don’t actually work.

This isn’t just a gamblers fallacy, there is a lot of data to back up this strategy.

Here are the statistics from a company called Trademate which provides software for value betting.

The software constantly scans the sharp bookmakers and highlights when a soft bookmaker is offering higher odds then them.

It calculates if there is value after the betting margin is taken into account and if it is value then it highlights these bets.

You can see that after 2,361,157 bets.

The total profit made by Trademate customers is £4,174,180.

Rebelbetting Value Betting

Another company called Rebelbetting uses a similar strategy.

Again using the odds movement from sharp bookmakers to highlight value bets at the soft books in order to beat the sharp bookmakers closing odds.

Their data showed that the average user was able to double there initial investment with value betting strategy after 3 months, placing 30 bets a day on average.

Lastly I will include some data from a website called bookie bashing.

This site also looks at the odds of betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers to highlight value bets at soft bookmakers.

Bookie Bashing focus on price boosts and accumulator boosts to find value in the sports betting markets.

Again the data shows how successful this strategy is with a profit of £11,445 being made after the first 1000 value bets.

My own betting also incorporates the strategy of following sharp betting money very heavily alongside using other methods.

Although this is not the only method I use, value betting has proved to be a very successful part of it.


Alright so we have looked at data from multiple different sources to show that this strategy really works.

Now lets take a look at an actual example.

Value Betting Strategy Example

Borussia Dortmund are taking on Bayern Munich tomorrow.

By using the odds comparison site Oddsmath.com.

I had a look at the current odds available and found a bet which is showing value according to current market prices.

Marathonbet are pricing Borussia Dortmund at 3.88 which is a stand out price compared to the rest of the market.

Value Betting Example

I took a look at what the current price was on Betfair Exchange which is a sharp market for football betting.

Betting exchanges will often mirror the prices of the sharp Asian bookmakers.

Value Betting Example 2

Betfair Exchange showed a back price of 3.8 and a lay price of 3.85. 

This is an strong indicator that currently the price of 3.88 that is currently offered by Marathonbet is indeed value.

Now obviously odds can change. They can drift in price and the bet is no longer seen as value. However they can also shorten in price becoming better value. 

Which is why a lot of bettors that use this strategy, wait until a few hours before kickoff to reduce the chances of the odds drifting out of their favour.

If you are able to constantly find odds that are consistently better then the Betfair lay price on markets with a high volume of money matched (such as Bundesliga.)

Then it is very likely you will make money in the long term.

Value Betting Tips

So you can see from the above that this is a strategy that really works.

Here are a few tips to get the most from this method of value betting.

Value Betting Tips

Stick to popular sports with high liquidity

The first tip would be to stick to popular sports that have a lot of turnover.

For example the major European football leagues and big American sports. 

The reason for this is that these markets are seen as more efficient due to the large amount of money that is placed on these events.

There is also less likely to be manipulation of these markets as it takes much more money to change the odds of say a Premier League game, compared to the Romanian second division.

Another factor is that a soft bookmaker will likely allow you to bet for longer if you are placing value bets on popular sports. This makes you look like much more of a recreational bettor, rather then somebody that wants to make money long term.

Understand you might have losing runs

Although you are betting with an edge and will make money in the long term. It’s really important to know that at times you will go through a losing period.

If you want to avoid losing runs altogether then you can look at arbitrage betting where you lock in a guaranteed profit from every bet. However the flip side to this is that you sacrifice some value long term by placing a bet with a margin on the other side of the bet.

In theory you will make more money long term from value betting but arbitrage is a good option for the risk averse.

(You can read the ultimate guide to arbitrage betting below for more information.)

Bet closer to the start of an event

This was noted earlier, but the closer the start time to the event. The less likely the odds are to move out of your favour.

A strategy some value bettors take is to only place bets 2-3 hours before the start of an event.

Stake appropriately

One of the most important aspects of successful sports betting is to make sure you stake appropriately.

There a lot of different approaches to staking, some prefer to bet with flat stakes whilst others use a proportional staking strategy.

Most of the value betting software providers advise a staking using the kelly criterion. This staking strategy adjusts the amount of your bankroll you bet dependent on the perceived edge of the bet.

Here is a video from Trademate Sports owner discussing the two staking strategies.

Use Value Betting Software

The last tip would be to use Value betting software.

Although you can look for bets manually it can be very time consuming and you will miss a lot of value betting opportunities.

There are several different value betting providers.

The Best Value Betting Software


Over the years I have used a number of value betting services.

The first one that we will take a look at is Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey is primarily a matched betting service however it also provides tools that can be used for value betting.

Oddsmonkey Value Betting

The oddsmatcher software highlights bets with bookmakers that are higher then the lay on a betting exchange. This is a good indicator that these odds are value at the time they are highlighted.

Oddsmatcher comes with a filter option which means you can select which bookmakers you want see value bets for. You can also select how close to the start time of an event a selection should be. So for example if you want it to only show selections that are starting withing 3 hours you can do.

Another positive for Oddsmonkey is they also provide extra place matcher and eachway matcher. Which are both software tools you can use for value betting on the horse racing markets.

Compared with other value betting software Oddsmonkey scans bookmaker odds at a much slower rate meaning that sometimes the value bet will no longer exists.

However it is also the cheapest value betting service at £17.99.

This is my recommendation for beginners and people fairly new to the world of sports betting.

(You Can Trial Oddsmonkey For Free Below)



Rebel Betting Value Betting Software

Next up is Rebelbetting.

Rebelbetting are a company that have been offering sports arbitrage software since 2008 and in the last few years started to offer a value betting service.

The software that Rebelbetting offer is a step up compared to Oddsmonkey. It scans bookmakers at a much faster rate and as such it provides a much higher volume of value bets.

Rebelbetting Value Bets

Rebelbetting offer mobile, web and desktop versions of their value betting software. Which enables you to make value bets pretty much wherever you are.

The software is very professional, when a bet is flagged there is a link that takes you directly to it. Which saves valuable time and means odds are less likely to change before you can bet them.

Rebelbetting Graph

Bets are then saved in a log which automatically updates whether your bet won or lost. 

The value betting software offered by Rebelbetting is aimed at the individual that is willing to put in time and volume.

As mentioned earlier it is a step up from Oddsmonkey and is suitable for someone that is serious about investing in value bets.

Value betting software offered by Rebelbetting costs £69 a month.

We managed to negotiate a really good deal for readers of Smart Sports Trader. You can get a no strings attached 14 day subscription to Rebelbetting’s value betting software using the link below.


Trademate Sports Betting Software

Next up is Trademate Sports who are a company that offer the best value betting software in the industry.

Trademate Sports have created a lot of excellent content on how to effectively make money from bookmakers through their excellent youtube channel and website.

One of the most impressive aspects of the software is that it is constantly being improved.

As mentioned above it is very easy to use.

You set up the bookmakers that you want to use along with other metrics such as odds, time before event starts, sports.

Also whether you want to only search for value bets at high liquidity events or across all markets.

Trademate Value Betting

The Trademate Sports software then flags up any value bets that match the metrics you chose to use in your filter.

Trademate Sports allows you to have several feeds so you can create several different filters and use them at same time.

You can read our full review of Trademate Sports here.

The software currently costs around £108 making the most expensive software on the list.

It is aimed at someone that wants to take a professional approach to value betting.

I would recommend a starting investment of £2000 or more to use this software.

You can get a free 2 week trial of the Trademate Sports software below.

Quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the Trademate chat to get this deal once signed up


In conclusion value betting is an excellent strategy to use if you are looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

It has been proven to work by a number of reputable sources and allows you to make multiple bets on a daily basis with a positive expectation.

The strategy works because you are following the bets of some of the sharpest minds in the sports betting world.

If value betting sounds like a strategy that you want to try out or even if you are still on the fence.

We recommend you take up Trademate’s free 14 day trial and take a look at the results for yourself.

Click Here To Trial Trademate’s Value Betting Software


Worst Bookmaker In The UK? – Bookmakers To Avoid In 2022

If you make money from sports betting. Then it’s likely you are not very fond of bookmakers.

Limitations, bans, being asked to supply the last 5 years of your bank statements. Along with a selfie ID in front of today’s newspaper.

In order to withdraw money that they let you deposit with no questions asked.

There are many shady and unethical practices that bookmakers employ to make life difficult for the regular sports bettor.

Which bookmaker stands out as the worst in the UK?

Who are the bookmakers that you want to avoid in 2022?

In today’s article we are going to take a look at the worst bookmaker currently on offer in the UK.

Highlighting the warning signs you should look out for when trusting your money with a bookmaker!


Worst Bookmaker In The UK

High up on the worst bookmakers in the UK list is Betway.

As Caan Berry highlights in the video above. Betway have drawn a lot of negative attention for their unethical practices over the last few years.

My experience with Betway was opening an account. Placing one initial bet and then finding my account restricted from promotions, along with stake limitations the next day.

Recent Trustpilot reviews suggest that Betway haven’t improved as a bookmaker, since I last used them.

With several reports of Betway doing all they can to stop punters withdrawing their winnings. Blocking accounts, delaying withdrawals, settling winning bets as lost etc.

Their average review on Trust Pilot is 2 out of 5.

This is despite them running a free bet promotion, where Betway gave members who wrote a positive review free bets.

Worst Bookmaker In The UK

As the Times report, despite adding over 6000 positive reviews on Trustpilot through unethical measures. The average rating for Betway is still very low. Remove those 6000 five star reviews and its pretty obvious what a fair rating would be.

Unable To Withdraw Winnings

One of the most frustrating things a bookmaker can do is withhold your money!

A common theme among many shady bookmakers is they will let you deposit large amounts into an account with zero checks. However when it comes to withdrawal time woah woah woah!!!

Sir/madam can you explain where this money came from? Provide source of funds, multiple forms of ID, go through a phone interview etc

It’s a terrible practice that is unfortunately all too common with the worst bookmakers in the UK.

This Guardian article highlights Betways abuse of these verification measures.

Betway Worst Bookmaker UK

Betway are notorious for doing this. I know multiple people that have had no problem depositing with Betway but once it came to withdrawing that money. Were met with all the resistance that Betway legally can get away with.

There are also numerous reports on Reddit of them doing this.

Grooming Losing Bettors And Accepting Stolen Money

We have gone over how Betway treat winning bettors and those that dare to withdraw a profit from their betting accounts.

Let’s take a look at how they treat losing bettors.

The Daily Mail reports in this article

That even after a high spending losing bettor had “self excluded” himself via gamstop. Betway offered him a £300 bonus bet to reel him back in.

The article really highlights the predatory nature of Betway.

There are multiple reports showing how they abuse verification and source of funds measures put in place to identify problem gamblers. Which were all used as a way to deter winning players and delay withdrawls.

However in this story we see a problem gambler of the highest order. Someone that ends up stealing to fund their betting addiction.

Being plowed with free bets and incentives. Having “VIP Managers” chatting to him regularly under the guise of being a friend. All done with the intention squeezing a father with a gambling addiction for all of the money they could get.

Where were these source of funds and affordability checks in this case?

Unfair Bonus Terms

The term bonus is usually defined in a positive way. It is something that is given as reward for good work or an additional incentive.

However something that has become more and more common practice with the worst bookmakers around is the worthless or -EV bonus.

This is something that appears at first to be appealing perhaps a £20 bonus for signing up. But when looking at the terms of conditions is actually worthless or of much smaller value.

Worst Bookmaker UK

It probably comes as no surprise that Betway use this tactic for their casino sign up.

On the face of it a £50 bonus sounds great.

You deposit £50 and then you get an additional £50.

The issue comes with the terms and conditions.

There is a 50x wagering on the deposit (£2500 wagering on £50.)  With weighting requirements, which means some games won’t contribute fully to the wagering. There is also a term that states irregular game play may invalidate your bonus (Pretty much a get of jail card if they don’t want to pay out.)

If we dig into the maths of this offer. A regular bettor is probably going to try and wager through this offer on a slot.

A good slot would have a 97% return to player, meaning that for every £100 wagered on average £3 would be lost. Given that you have to wager £2500 to withdraw the bonus.

We can do the sum as -£3 (average lost wagering £100) x 25 (complete £2500 wagering) = -£75.

Showing that this £50 “bonus” offers no value at all.

Other Bookmakers To Avoid In The UK

High up on my personal list is Fansbet.

When I tried to withdraw £20 from the company. Suddenly a flurry of requests were made for ID, source of wealth etc. They would not accept my bank statements as I had blurred out personal transactions and demanded to see a full month’s worth of unedited statements.

Overall just a huge pain to deal with and a shoddy bookmaker with generally very poor odds.

Tonybet are another bookmaker with a pretty poor reputation.

Personally I have had very little to do with them. However they are are multiple reports of them using similar tactics to Betway in order to keep hold of money.

Is Betway The Worst Bookmaker In The UK?

Betway is in my opinion the worst bookmaker in the UK. Especially given its advertising presence online and the fact that its sponsors popular football teams such as West Ham.

Of the most well known bookmakers it is definitely the one to avoid.

From my experience with online betting for last ten years and running my betting as a business. I would advise caution when dealing with Betway. It is not a bookmaker I would want much money in my account with.

Given its history of holding on to withdrawals for as long as possible and making life hard for anyone that isn’t handing them over their wage slips every month.

Do you agree, who is your worst bookmaker in the UK?

Any bookmakers we missed that should be avoided?

Let me know in the comments!



How To Bet With Pinnacle Sports From The UK

Asian Odds Software

Pinnacle Sports are one of the most well respected bookmakers in the world.

Established in 1998. Pinnacle sports are known around the world for their policy of allowing winning sports bettors to continue betting at Pinnacle without the worry of limitations.

This makes Pinnacle an ideal place to bet for the professional bettor.

Bookmaker limitations are pretty common today which is why many UK based bettors are looking for a way to bet with Pinnacle.

How to bet with Pinnacle Sports from the UK?

Pinnacle Sports Blocked

If you access the Pinnacle site from within the United Kingdom and try to create an account you will be greeted with this message.

Using A Bet Broker

Pinnacle left the UK betting market in 2014 due to an increase in betting taxes.

Although there had been talk of a return. It was thought that the increase in tax meant that Pinnacle’s business model wouldn’t work.

The only option for UK based bettors looking to bet with Pinnacle in 2021 is to use a betting broker.

Bet at Pinnacle From The Uk

What is a bet broker?

A Bet Broker acts as a middleman between the client and a bookmaker.

Bet brokers are fairly common in Asia.

Many professional bettors choose to bet with a Bet Broker as they are unable to bet with most European bookmakers due to limitations.

What Is The Best Broker?

The Bet Broker that I use to access Pinnacle and other Asian bookmakers over the last few years is Asian Connect.

Bookmaker limitations was established in 2002 and is licensed in the Netherlands.

Through Asian Connect you can get access to accounts with multiple bookmakers.

  • Pinnacle
  • Singbet
  • PS3838
  • Orbit Exchange
  • Maxbet

The stand out service in my opinion however is the Asian Odds platform.

Asian Odds Software

Asian Odds give you access to the best odds on the Asian markets.

Alongside Pinnacle you will also get odds from Penta88 and 3ET.

You can see the maximum amount that you are allowed to bet with each bookmaker before the odds will change.

This is the service that I use the most with Asian Connect.

When liquidity is poor on Betfair or the market hasn’t even been released yet. I often find I am able to get money down on an Asian book using Asian Odds.

Sports You Can Bet On Using Asian Odds

There are multiple sports that you can bet on using Asian Odds.

How to bet with Pinnacle Sports from the UK

All of the above sports are available to bet on, with pre-match and also in-play odds available.

For me personally having access to early MMA odds is huge.

As liquidity on these early markets is pretty non existent on the exchanges.

So having access to the Pinnacle odds is great.

How Can I Open And Fund An Account?

Once you have signed up to Asian Connect.

You will get a access to a dashboard, where you can deposit, withdraw and transfer funds between between the different bookmakers available you.

Asian Connect WalletYou can deposit via Bitcoin, Tether, Neteller, Skrill or Ecopayz.

Once you have chosen your deposit option. You can then choose which bookmaker you want to fund for example Singbet, Orbit or the Asian Odds platform.

Asian Connect PayPayment is pretty fast.

Normally it takes about 5-10 minutes for the money to be added to an account.

(Asian Connect now no longer accept ewallets, the only way to fund an account is through cryptocurrency.)

Any Issues With Asian Connect

I have been using Asian Connect for about 3 years now.

Personally I have have had no issues with the company.

Verification was simple, I provided one form of ID and one form of proof of address.

Depositing money and withdrawing has been no problem.

Sing BetOne issue I am aware of is with one of the bookmakers Asian Connect provide.

That bookmaker is Singbet, who have a reputation of voiding bets.

Because of this I would advise that you be wary of using Singbet.

Due to this issue arising the option to bet with Singbet using the Asian Odds software was removed by default.

Overall Asian Connect has an excellent reputation as one of the best Bet Brokers available.

It should be noted however that there is no protection of your funds. Should Asian Connect fold you would not have any legal means to recover funds.

Why Bet With Pinnacle Sports And Other Asian Bookmakers?

Sick of being limited by European bookmakers?

Want to see how much you can bet before odds are moved?

Generally want to bet somewhere where winners are not heavily penalized and only allowed to bet tiny amounts.

Then Asian Connect is an good option.


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)


Make Money Sports Betting And Trading – 7 Methods For Finding An Edge

You need an edge in the sports betting markets to make money.

Finding An Edge – Sports Betting And Betfair Trading

First off what is an edge in sports betting and trading?

An edge is the reason that you make money from sports betting.

A simple example of an edge that is well documented and used by many is matched betting and arbitrage. Matched betting involves using bookmaker promotions to make frequent profits. Arbitrage capitalizes on bookmakers being slow to move their odds allowing profit to be made on all outcomes. 

However the trouble with these edges is that it isn’t easily scalable and it relies on soft bookmakers. Who eventually won’t want your business and limit you to pennies.

That leaves a lot of people searching for an edge that is sustainable over the long term.  An edge that offers more scalability and the potential for larger profit.

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair TradingBut what processes can you use to find an edge?

Lets have look at some potential ways to find an edge in both sports betting and sports trading.

Past Data

One way of looking at finding an edge is to analyse past data. This may reveal profitable trends that potentially still exist in the current markets. Which then can lead to a profitable betting strategy.

Two big advocates of this type of analysis are Cassini. The man behind the sports betting blog green all over, who frequently puts up betting systems based on past profitable trends.

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair Trading

Jon Roberts the man behind the software Predictology. Is also a fan of using past data to look at building profitable betting strategies for the current betting markets.

Is there a downside to using past data?

Well just because something has happened in the past doesn’t guarantee it is going to happen in the future.

However it is certainly a good indicator to use and might highlight some area’s that could be exploitable.


If you have an interest in sports betting. Then you will have probably come across a few mathematical models that people use to try and find value in the betting markets.

For those that are mathematically minded. Developing a sports betting model might be the answer to developing an edge.

It is thought that many of the largest betting syndicates in the world use mathematical modelling for sports betting.

One such syndicate was the legendary brain trust headed by Billy Walters.

Lets take a look at a few models which have been used to try and find value in sports betting.

Elo Ratings

The idea of Elo ratings is that each team has a rating. Stronger sides will be given a higher rating compared to weaker sides. For example Manchester United would be given a higher rating then Brighton.

Elo ratings are constantly changing, they are calculated based upon the results of matches. When two sides play, the winner of a match will gain a certain number of points in their rating. The losing team loses the same amount.

The number of points won or lost in a match will depend on the difference in the Elo ratings of the teams. By beating stronger teams a side will increase there points by more then by beating a weaker side.

Applying Elo Ratings To Sports Betting

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair Trading

Poisson Distribution

Poisson distribution is a mathematical concept. Used for translating mean averages into a probability for variable outcomes across a distribution.

This is used in football betting for example to calculate on average how likely a team are to score a certain number of goals.

Here are some good articles on Poisson distribution in betting.

Poisson Distribution: Predict the score in soccer betting

Football Prediction Model: Poisson Distribution

Expected Goals

In football the expected goals model has risen in popularity lately. Being used quite often in post match analysis by television pundits.

Expected goals is a metric which assesses every chance, it is a way of assigning a value to every attempt at scoring a goal. Each attempt is given a value based based on the expectancy of how likely it is to be scored.

For example an effort from less than six yards out in front of goal was given a rating of  0.91xG. It was such a good chance it should be scored 91% of the time.

Using an expected goals model could indicate how “lucky” or “unlucky” a teams results have been. Which could indicate value on teams that may have been performing well on expected goals but not getting the results.

An analysis of expected goals models

Live Pictures

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Often live pictures can tell you much more about a game then the in play stats.

We live in an age where there are free streams of football games all around the world. On a given day you can watch the Japanese league in the morning, the Romanian league in the afternoon and finish off with La Liga at night.

There are quite a few football traders for example that swear by trading only with live pictures.

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair Trading

Psychoff may be one of the best known football traders in the world. He has stated on his twitter account that he makes his goal alert trading decisions based on watching live games. Surprisingly also stating that he doesn’t use statistics for these trades.

With live pictures you can pick up on adjustments in tactics. In football games you can read the tempo and flow of a game. See the weather conditions, body language of players. Having live pictures can often give you a lot of extra information when deciding to make a bet.

Combined with knowledge of the sports and teams. Live pictures might be enough to give you a profitable edge in the markets.

Beating The Closing Odds

In sports betting. If you can consistently beat the closing odds at sharp bookmakers. Then its likely that you are consistently finding value.

Major sports betting markets are pretty efficient. There has been quite a few studies which have shown this using Pinnacle’s closing odds as an example.

Because they are so efficient if you are able to constantly beat the closing odds (after the inclusion of vig). Then you will most likely have found yourself a profitable betting system.

In fact the profitable sports betting tool Trademate is based on this very concept.

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair Trading

Trademate scans for odds across a high number of bookmakers. When it finds odds that are higher then those at the sharp bookmakers it advises a bet.

This is also known as value betting.

It is perhaps one of the simplest ways of finding value in the sports betting markets.

If you are looking for high turnover and a proven method of making money. Value betting is probably one of the easiest ways to do this.

The drawback to this style of betting is that it again relies on soft bookmakers.

Experiencing The Markets

This could probably be classed as using past data.

However specifically relating to Betfair trading I think it deserves its own section.

Experiencing the markets over and over can really help you see potential opportunities for profit.

I will use football as an example as this is the sport I trade the most.

A lot of my own pre match trading strategies were created by watching lots of market movements. Noting odds days in advance for games. Tracking what the odds were leading up to game day and eventually noting the closing odds.

If you do this you start to see patterns and understand what moves a market pre match.

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair TradingTeam news is always going to have a big effect on the market. But by watching markets I also learnt that performances mid week for teams playing in Europe will effect prices for games at the weekend.

If there is a question mark on whether a key player is likely to start, early odds movement can often be a good indication on how likely they are to play or not. As people with this information already will get their bets on before its public knowledge.

Caan Berry has also stated that he records all the horse racing markets he trades. So that he can experience these markets again and build better judgments for future markets. Allowing him to react quicker if future markets trade in a similar way to one he has already experienced.

In Depth Knowledge

As noted earlier in this article. The markets with the most amount of money traded are usually the most efficient.

However odds makers don’t put a huge amount of attention on some of the sports/events that don’t attract the big money.

For example the odds in the Portuguese second division are not going to be as efficient as the Champions league. So for a hardcore fan of the Portuguese second division, value might be easy to spot at first glance.

In lesser known sports/leagues an in depth knowledge may be enough to give you a profitable edge.

Contrarian Betting

The sport of mixed martial arts is still fairly young. Betting on the UFC is growing and odds makers are getting better at pricing up fights.

However if you have an in depth knowledge of the sport then there is great value to be found.

Given that you don’t see fighters week in week out. Along with the promotion of UFC being akin to pro wrestling with a narrative often being written. Occassionally you see some lop sided odds as the betting public often follow the narrative being portrayed.

Finding An Edge - Sports Betting And Betfair Trading

The best example of this is when Ronda Rousey fought Amanda Nunes.

Rousey was coming back after a year layoff on the back of vicious head kick loss. In a fight where she showed serious flaws in her fighting style.

Nunes was the new champion who had shown to be well rounded and was running through top level competition. On top of that she had shown she was an elite level striker, striking was Rousey’s biggest weakness.

All the media and promotion of the fight was behind Rousey comeback and somehow Nunes was odds of 2.8 as the defending champion come fight night.

The odds were way out of line due to the media being behind only one fighter.

Whenever the media are heavily behind one team/athlete. It is always worth looking at it from a contrarian point of view.


So we have looked at multiple approaches in finding an edge in the sports betting markets.

Depending on your personality and your own skill set some maybe more viable then others

Often a combination of the methods above will be used to find value.

Finding a long term edge in the Betfair trading or sports betting isn’t easy. But for those that do find them the rewards can be huge.

Looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

Get A Free Trial Of Our Number One Recommendations Below.


The Best 5 Sports Betting Books For Successful Betting

Sports betting is a huge industry but it can be hard to find good reading material related to sports betting.

Here are the 5 best sports betting books that I have read.

Best Sports Betting Books

Squares And Sharps, Suckers And Sharks

best sports betting books

Written by well renowned sports betting writer Joseph Buchdahl. Who writes for the bookmaker Pinnacle and is also the author of two other highly rated sports betting books. 

Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks is Buchdahl’s latest offering. This book takes a stark and realistic look at the sports betting markets. It isn’t a book that encourages sports betting or has tales of people winning millions. In fact in might do the polar opposite, it isn’t an easy read nor does it intend to be.

This book tackles the science and probability behind gambling. It looks at the psychology and often irrational behaviour of human beings in relation to gambling.

Whilst this book might not provide the answers to becoming a profitable sports bettor. It will certainly make you analyze and question your own process in finding profitable sports bets.

Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks is a really interesting read. If you are aiming to make money long term from the sports betting markets then this book is a must.

Buy It Now

Gambling For Life – Harry Findlay

best sports betting books

Gambling For Life by Harry Findlay is a very different read to the first selection. Where as Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks is a book that makes you question whether you should be sports betting at all. Gambling For Life is a much easier read as it documents the story of colorful professional sports bettor Harry Findlay.

Although its probably not a book that is going to aid your sports betting. I found Gambling For Life a very enjoyable read of an old school gambler that often through caution to the wind.

Putting your entire bankroll on one football match is not something you find Tony Bloom or Zeljko Ranogajec doing. But that is part of the charm of Harry Findlay. He isn’t a gambler that always stuck to staking sensibly and following the rules.

He was a risk taker and it makes great reading.

Buy It Now

Enemy Number One – Patrick Veitch

best sports betting books

Enemy Number One is the autobiography of professional sports bettor Patrick Veitch. Veitch is estimated to have made over £10 million profit from betting on horse racing.

This book details the beginnings of his betting career as a student studying maths at Cambridge. Through to his career as a full time sports bettor. Along the way Veitch became a target for extortion from a dangerous criminal who later would go on to be tried for murder.

Veitch never reveals his betting methods or goes on to write about how he was able to consistently find value in the horse betting markets. However the book does detail how he ran his betting operation and was able to get down large amounts of money at bookmakers all across the country.

If you are interested in sports betting and particularly the horse racing markets then Enemy Number One is a recommended read.

Buy It Now

Trading In The Zone

best sports betting books

Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas is not a book about sports betting. It is based on trading the stock market however a lot information provided is this book can be applied to sports betting and sports trading very well.

This book tackles the psychology behind good and bad trading. It is often regarded as the bible when it comes to books on trading psychology.

Trading In The Zone’s main message is to not bring our emotions into trading (betting) as this has no effect on the market itself. The market doesn’t care if you have just had an blazing argument with your wife and it won’t give you back 50% of your bankroll if you decide to take out your frustrations this way.

Douglas teaches that discipline and controlling the variables that you are able to. Are the key factors in what makes a profitable trader (sports bettor).

If you are looking for a book that can you help you understand the psychological traits behind being a successful sports bettor then Trading In The Zone is a good choice.

Buy It Now

Fixed Odds Sports Betting 

best sports betting books

For book number five we return to author Joseph Buchdahl. Fixed Odds Sports Betting was written in 2003 but still holds up as one of the best sports betting books around.

Buchdahl was a former bet runner for the previously mentioned Patrick Veitch and in looking to emulate him has spent a huge amount time collecting sports betting data. Looking for ways in which to profit from the sports betting markets.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting aims to teach its readers the fundamentals of bookmaking. It takes a thorough mathematical look at sports betting with an in depth look at various staking plans.

This book is an excellent introduction to sports betting for novice bettors. Whilst also appealing to experienced bettors looking to get a better grasp on some of the key fundamentals behind investing in sports betting.

Buy It Now

Looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

Check out our recommendations below.