DraftKings vs. FanDuel: Which Sportsbook is Better?

In recent years, online sports betting has become increasingly common. However, with the proliferation of sports betting platforms, it can be difficult to choose the best one. DraftKings and FanDuel are two of the most popular sportsbooks in the industry. Both companies offer a wide range of sports betting options, including daily fantasy sports, online casinos, and sports betting.

So, how do you choose between DraftKings and FanDuel? In this article, we’ll compare the two platforms to help you make an informed decision.

Draft Kings

User Interface

When it comes to user interface, both DraftKings and FanDuel offer a sleek and modern design. However, DraftKings has a more intuitive interface, making it easier for users to navigate the platform. DraftKings also has a better mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

On the other hand, FanDuel’s interface can be a bit cluttered, making it challenging to find the information you need. While FanDuel also has a mobile app, it’s not as user-friendly as DraftKings’.

Sports Offered

DraftKings and FanDuel offer a wide range of sports betting options. However, DraftKings has a more extensive selection, including international sports leagues like the English Premier League, which isn’t available on FanDuel.

Furthermore, DraftKings offers a variety of sports betting options, including live betting, which is not available on FanDuel. Live betting allows you to place bets on games while they’re still in progress, adding an extra level of excitement to the experience.

Bonuses and Promotions

DraftKings and FanDuel offer generous bonuses and promotions to new and existing users. However, DraftKings’ bonuses are more lucrative. For example, the DraftKings promo code 2023 offers a $1,000 deposit bonus for new users, while FanDuel offers a $500 deposit bonus.

Furthermore, DraftKings offers ongoing promotions for existing users, such as daily odds boosts, which can increase your winnings on select bets. FanDuel also offers promotions, but they’re not as frequent or lucrative as DraftKings.

DK Bonus

Customer Service

DraftKings and FanDuel both have customer service options, but DraftKings offers a wider range of support options. Their 24/7 live chat feature is one example of this. Additionally, DraftKings has a detailed FAQ section to assist users in finding answers to frequently asked questions without contacting customer support.

Additionally, DraftKings has a better reputation for resolving customer issues quickly and efficiently. While FanDuel also provides excellent customer service, it’s not as prompt as DraftKings.

Payment Options

When it comes to payment options, both DraftKings and FanDuel offer similar methods. However, DraftKings has a slightly more comprehensive range of payment options, including PayPal, which is not available on FanDuel.

Both platforms offer fast and secure payment processing, and there are no fees associated with deposits or withdrawals. However, it’s worth noting that some banks may decline transactions with online sportsbooks due to their gambling nature.


Both DraftKings and FanDuel take security seriously, implementing robust security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information. Both platforms use SSL encryption to protect sensitive data, and they require two-factor authentication to log in to your account.

Furthermore, both platforms are licensed and regulated, ensuring that they operate within legal boundaries. DraftKings is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, while FanDuel is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.


After comparing DraftKings and FanDuel across various aspects, it’s clear that both platforms offer excellent sports betting options. However, DraftKings emerges as the winner due to its better user interface, a wider range of sports betting options, more lucrative bonuses and promotions, and superior customer service options.

Furthermore, DraftKings offers a more comprehensive range of payment options, including PayPal, and has a better reputation for resolving customer issues promptly.

However, it’s worth noting that FanDuel is still an excellent choice for sports betting, and its cluttered interface and slightly fewer sports betting options are not significant drawbacks.

Ultimately, the choice between DraftKings and FanDuel comes down to personal preference. Both platforms offer a great user experience, and it’s worth trying both to see which one suits your betting style better.


In conclusion, DraftKings and FanDuel are two of the most popular sportsbooks in the industry. Both platforms offer a wide range of sports betting options, including daily fantasy sports, online casinos, and sports betting.

While both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, DraftKings emerges as the winner due to its better user interface, wider range of sports betting options, more lucrative bonuses and promotions, and superior customer service options. However, FanDuel is still an excellent choice for sports betting, and it’s worth trying both to see which one suits your betting style better.

Value Betting Guide 2023 – How To Win At Sports Betting

Value betting or finding value in the sports betting markets, is the only way to make money long term from sports betting.

In this article we are going to look at one of the best methods for finding value in the sports betting markets. Whether your betting football, tennis, horse racing, NFL, boxing.

You name the sports, value betting works!

One of the big benefits of this method is that it allows you, to get a large amount of volume through the markets. Whilst having a consistent edge. 

This method is also very easy to understand.

Guide To Value Betting - How To Win At Sports Betting

Value Betting Explained

First off what is value in the sports betting markets?

Quite simply getting value in the sports betting markets is backing something that is estimated to have a greater chance of happening then the odds indicate.

Lets look at a simple example.

Man United are priced at 2.0 (indicates a 50% win chance) against Everton at home.

The best betting syndicate in the world estimate that Manchester United are actually a 55% win chance. 

Meaning they believes that Manchester United’s true odds should be 1.82.

This means odds above 1.82 are deemed to be value, with odds of 2.0 being extremely good value.

If you are consistently betting odds that are priced higher then there true probability, you will make money long term.

However the hard part of finding value in the sports betting markets is coming up with a true estimation of what the odds should actually be.

Some of the biggest betting syndicates in the world have hundreds of people working for them. Analyzing every bit of data available to them in order to make profitable bets.

In this article we are going to look at a proven method for finding value in the sports betting markets. This method allows us to mimic the bets made by these successful betting syndicates.

Sharp Bookmakers And Exchange Method

One proven way to find value in sports betting is by using sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges as an indicator for value.

Professional bettors separate bookmakers into two categories.

Sharp and Soft.

A soft bookmaker is one that does not want professional bettors, they only want losing recreational players that they know in the long term will make them money.

This is why some bookmakers close players accounts or limit their betting stakes to very small amounts.

Sharp bookmakers allow winning sports bettors to bet with them. They let sharp bettors influence their odds movement and rely more on profiting from the turnover they get from the betting markets they provide.

Betting exchanges follow a similar model charging on a commission basis and allowing professional punters to bet with them.

This means that professional sports bettors bet at sharp bookmakers.

Soft bookmakers often imitate the movement of sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. However they are slower to adjust their betting odds.

This method of value betting takes advantage of this.

Value Betting Strategy 

If you follow the money from the sharpest sports bettors in the world then you are going to make money from sports betting.

That is the essence of this strategy.

Consistently beat the closing odds of sharp bookmakers or betting exchanges and you have yourself a winning betting strategy.

This is known as “value betting” but is also sometimes referred to as “steam chasing”

Now you probably have heard of several betting systems or strategies that sound good in theory but don’t actually work.

This isn’t just a gamblers fallacy, there is a lot of data to back up this strategy.

Here are the statistics from a company called Trademate which provides software for value betting.

The software constantly scans the sharp bookmakers and highlights when a soft bookmaker is offering higher odds then them.

It calculates if there is value after the betting margin is taken into account and if it is value then it highlights these bets.

You can see that after 2,361,157 bets.

The total profit made by Trademate customers is £4,174,180.

Rebelbetting Value Betting

Another company called Rebelbetting uses a similar strategy.

Again using the odds movement from sharp bookmakers to highlight value bets at the soft books in order to beat the sharp bookmakers closing odds.

Their data showed that the average user was able to double there initial investment with value betting strategy after 3 months, placing 30 bets a day on average.

Lastly I will include some data from a website called bookie bashing.

This site also looks at the odds of betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers to highlight value bets at soft bookmakers.

Bookie Bashing focus on price boosts and accumulator boosts to find value in the sports betting markets.

Again the data shows how successful this strategy is with a profit of £11,445 being made after the first 1000 value bets.

My own betting also incorporates the strategy of following sharp betting money very heavily alongside using other methods.

Although this is not the only method I use, value betting has proved to be a very successful part of it.


Alright so we have looked at data from multiple different sources to show that this strategy really works.

Now lets take a look at an actual example.

Value Betting Strategy Example

Borussia Dortmund are taking on Bayern Munich tomorrow.

By using the odds comparison site Oddsmath.com.

I had a look at the current odds available and found a bet which is showing value according to current market prices.

Marathonbet are pricing Borussia Dortmund at 3.88 which is a stand out price compared to the rest of the market.

Value Betting Example

I took a look at what the current price was on Betfair Exchange which is a sharp market for football betting.

Betting exchanges will often mirror the prices of the sharp Asian bookmakers.

Value Betting Example 2

Betfair Exchange showed a back price of 3.8 and a lay price of 3.85. 

This is an strong indicator that currently the price of 3.88 that is currently offered by Marathonbet is indeed value.

Now obviously odds can change. They can drift in price and the bet is no longer seen as value. However they can also shorten in price becoming better value. 

Which is why a lot of bettors that use this strategy, wait until a few hours before kickoff to reduce the chances of the odds drifting out of their favour.

If you are able to constantly find odds that are consistently better then the Betfair lay price on markets with a high volume of money matched (such as Bundesliga.)

Then it is very likely you will make money in the long term.

Value Betting Results

Below are my latest results from value betting.

Running from 2021 to September 2022.

Value betting with soft bookmakers using the Trademate Sports software.

3801 bets – £5568 profit

Value betting strategies on Smarkets betting exchange (Also includes some trading)

£20,011 Profit

(Video proof in the video below.)

Value Betting Tips

So you can see from the above that this is a strategy that really works.

Here are a few tips to get the most from this method of value betting.

Value Betting Tips

Stick to popular sports with high liquidity

The first tip would be to stick to popular sports that have a lot of turnover.

For example the major European football leagues and big American sports. 

The reason for this is that these markets are seen as more efficient due to the large amount of money that is placed on these events.

There is also less likely to be manipulation of these markets as it takes much more money to change the odds of say a Premier League game, compared to the Romanian second division.

Another factor is that a soft bookmaker will likely allow you to bet for longer if you are placing value bets on popular sports. This makes you look like much more of a recreational bettor, rather then somebody that wants to make money long term.

Understand you might have losing runs

Although you are betting with an edge and will make money in the long term. It’s really important to know that at times you will go through a losing period.

If you want to avoid losing runs altogether then you can look at arbitrage betting where you lock in a guaranteed profit from every bet. However the flip side to this is that you sacrifice some value long term by placing a bet with a margin on the other side of the bet.

In theory you will make more money long term from value betting but arbitrage is a good option for the risk averse.

(You can read the ultimate guide to arbitrage betting below for more information.)

Bet closer to the start of an event

This was noted earlier, but the closer the start time to the event. The less likely the odds are to move out of your favour.

A strategy some value bettors take is to only place bets 2-3 hours before the start of an event.

Stake appropriately

One of the most important aspects of successful sports betting is to make sure you stake appropriately.

There a lot of different approaches to staking, some prefer to bet with flat stakes whilst others use a proportional staking strategy.

Most of the value betting software providers advise a staking using the kelly criterion. This staking strategy adjusts the amount of your bankroll you bet dependent on the perceived edge of the bet.

Here is a video from Trademate Sports owner discussing the two staking strategies.

Use Value Betting Software

The last tip would be to use Value betting software.

Although you can look for bets manually it can be very time consuming and you will miss a lot of value betting opportunities.

There are several different value betting providers.

Best Value Betting Software


Over the years I have used a number of value betting services.

The first one that we will take a look at is Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey is primarily a matched betting service however it also provides tools that can be used for value betting.

Oddsmonkey Value Betting

The oddsmatcher software highlights bets with bookmakers that are higher then the lay on a betting exchange. This is a good indicator that these odds are value at the time they are highlighted.

Oddsmatcher comes with a filter option which means you can select which bookmakers you want see value bets for. You can also select how close to the start time of an event a selection should be. So for example if you want it to only show selections that are starting withing 3 hours you can do.

Another positive for Oddsmonkey is they also provide extra place matcher and eachway matcher. Which are both software tools you can use for value betting on the horse racing markets.

Compared with other value betting software Oddsmonkey scans bookmaker odds at a much slower rate meaning that sometimes the value bet will no longer exists.

However it is also the cheapest value betting service at £17.99.

This is my recommendation for beginners and people fairly new to the world of sports betting.

(You Can Trial Oddsmonkey For Free Below)



Rebel Betting Value Betting Software

Next up is Rebelbetting.

Rebelbetting are a company that have been offering sports arbitrage software since 2008 and in the last few years started to offer a value betting service.

The software that Rebelbetting offer is a step up compared to Oddsmonkey. It scans bookmakers at a much faster rate and as such it provides a much higher volume of value bets.

Rebelbetting Value Bets

Rebelbetting offer mobile, web and desktop versions of their value betting software. Which enables you to make value bets pretty much wherever you are.

The software is very professional, when a bet is flagged there is a link that takes you directly to it. Which saves valuable time and means odds are less likely to change before you can bet them.

Rebelbetting Graph

Bets are then saved in a log which automatically updates whether your bet won or lost. 

The value betting software offered by Rebelbetting is aimed at the individual that is willing to put in time and volume.

As mentioned earlier it is a step up from Oddsmonkey and is suitable for someone that is serious about investing in value bets.

Value betting software offered by Rebelbetting costs £69 a month.

We managed to negotiate a really good deal for readers of Smart Sports Trader.

You can get a no strings attached 14 day subscription to Rebelbetting’s value betting software using the link below!


Trademate Sports Betting Software

Next up is Trademate Sports who are a company that offer the best value betting software in the industry.

Trademate Sports have created a lot of excellent content on how to effectively make money from bookmakers through their excellent youtube channel and website.

One of the most impressive aspects of the software is that it is constantly being improved.

As mentioned above it is very easy to use.

You set up the bookmakers that you want to use along with other metrics such as odds, time before event starts, sports.

Also whether you want to only search for value bets at high liquidity events or across all markets.

Trademate Value Betting

The Trademate Sports software then flags up any value bets that match the metrics you chose to use in your filter.

Trademate Sports allows you to have several feeds so you can create several different filters and use them at same time.

You can read our full review of Trademate Sports here.

The software currently costs around £108 making the most expensive software on the list.

It is aimed at someone that wants to take a professional approach to value betting.

I would recommend a starting investment of £2000 or more to use this software.

You can get a free 2 week trial of the Trademate Sports software below.

Quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the Trademate chat to get this deal once signed up


In conclusion value betting is an excellent strategy to use if you are looking to make money from the sports betting markets.

It has been proven to work by a number of reputable sources and allows you to make multiple bets on a daily basis with a positive expectation.

The strategy works because you are following the bets of some of the sharpest minds in the sports betting world.

If value betting sounds like a strategy that you want to try out or even if you are still on the fence.

We recommend you take up Trademate’s free 14 day trial and take a look at the results for yourself.

Click Here To Trial Trademate’s Value Betting Software


The Most Challenging Sports to Bet On

Trade horses pre race

 The Most Challenging Sports to Bet On

Sports betting is a great way to add excitement to your favorite sporting events. Making a long term profit from sports betting however is a different matter.

Knowing which sports are the most difficult to bet on can help you maximize your chances of success. Taking advantage of bonuses such as the FanDuel Sportsbook promo code or other bookmakers however is the easiest way to make a profit without needing to know much about the sports you are betting on.

Here is a guide which explains how to do this.

In this article, we will explore some of the most challenging sports for betting. We’ll look at factors such as the liquidity of the markets, how competitive the betting markets are. Rules and regulation changes, things you need to be aware of for live betting.

Armed with this information, you’ll have a better understanding of how best to approach these tricky sports when it comes time for you to place your bets.


Soccer is one of the most challenging sports to bet on due to the sheer unpredictability of outcomes. With so many teams and leagues around the world, it can be difficult to keep track of each team’s individual form and performance. The biggest league in the world such as the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A attract some of the sharpest bettors in the world.

Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham are example of sports bettors that have made millions betting on the popular football league. They did so by using advanced mathematical models and hiring large teams to find value in the markets. This means that betting on these league is extremely competitive and you are up against some of the sharpest mind sin the sports betting world.

Looking at live betting, soccer odds are constantly changing throughout a game due to different factors. Such as weather conditions and injuries. This means that bettors need to stay alert and pay close attention to how a match is unfolding if they want to make successful wagers. A single red or yellow card can drastically change the outcome of a match.

Finally, it is important to note that soccer betting involves more than just predicting which team will win a particular match. There are also wagers that can be placed on total goals scored during a game. Also you bet on the correct scores at halftime or full-time, both teams to score. Team totals there so many different ways to approach soccer betting.

These lesser markets such as player shots on target, total corners, total free kicks etc are easier to beat over the long and should be looked if you have access to them.

Trade horses pre race

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most challenging sports to bet on due to its numerous variables and unpredictable outcomes. The performance of a horse in a race is heavily influenced by factors such as the jockey, form, ground conditions, pace, and more.

As each horse has different strengths and weaknesses, it can be difficult to accurately assess which will perform best in any given race. This makes it hard for even experienced bettors to make successful wagers.

Betting odds can change suddenly and without warning depending on various factors such as weather or track conditions. Betting on horses requires an intimate knowledge of the sport in order to make informed wagers.  This means following trends, researching recent results, and making sure you’re up-to-date with all the latest news from the world of horse racing.

Additionally, different tracks may offer different levels of difficulty, which require different strategies in order to make successful wagers. 

Finally, there are other variables that should be considered when placing bets on horse racing. Statistical analysis and formulating strategies for minimizing your risk over time. It often takes years of experience before bettors can confidently place wagers on horse races due to their ever-changing nature and unpredictability. Betting successfully on horses requires a great deal of skill, knowledge, and dedication in order to maximize your chances of success.

Which makes it one of the most challenging sports to master and bet on. If you are a beginner sports bettor that doesn’t have much knowledge of horse it is a sport that is best avoided.


Basketball games are highly dependent on individual player skill, making it difficult to predict outcomes accurately. Betting on Basketball also involves a wide variety of options that require bettors to have extensive knowledge of the sport. 

For example, wagers can be placed on which team will win a particular game and which players will score the most points or have the highest rebounds during a given game.

Additionally, basketball betting lines often fluctuate up until tip-off depending on things like injuries and line ups. This uncertainty can make it hard for even experienced bettors to make accurate bets early on.

In order to succeed when betting on basketball, it is important for individuals to understand not just the game itself but also how certain matchups play out between different teams. For instance, some teams may excel at offense while others may be more focused on defense. This should influence any bets placed as it could drastically alter the outcome of a match.

It is also important for bettors to pay close attention to in-game trends. These trends can indicate how the match might progress and potentially help them make more accurate predictions.

These are some of the most challenging sports to bet on due to the numerous variables that need to be taken into consideration when placing wagers. When you bet on sports, it’s best to pick a sport you are already familiar with and do your research before placing any wagers.  Our advice is to find one sport you enjoy watching and specialize in it!

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets 2023

Making winning football bets and consistently making money from sports betting, sounds like a great way to earn an extra income!

However is it really POSSIBLE?

Yes of course it is, there are people that make money long term betting on football.

In this article we are going to look at 6 strategies to make winning football bets in 2022.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets 2023

Follow A Proven Tipster

Number one – follow a proven football tipster that make winning football bets.

Sounds easier then it is!

There are thousands of football tipsters on the internet, the vast majority will tell you that they win. The truth however is that the vast majority will lose. Some of these tipsters will even work alongside bookmakers, making a profit on the percentage of losses from players they refer.

When looking for a tipster that provides winning football tips we look for the following.

Long Term Record ✔

Verified By Third Party ✔

Attainable Odds ✔

One tipster that check all these boxes is – Bookie Insiders Football (Neil Macdonald Tips.)

Bookie Insiders Long Term Results

Read Our Bookie Insiders Review Here

Another tipster that provides free winning football bets on Twitter is Bet On Value.

This Twitter account is one that we have been following and getting winning football bets from for a few years. the bets are very well thought out, expertly reached and overall profitable.

You can follow the account here.

If you are looking to find winning football tipsters with long term records, the two above are excellent.

Reacting To Team News And Events

Next up we have reacting to team news and events quickly, which can enable you to make winning football bets.

Especially in this era of covid. Reacting quickly to team news can be very profitable. This is because changes in team news, change the odds of a game.

For example a Liverpool team without Salah, Mane and Van Dijk is going to be lees likely to win. In comparison to a Liverpool team that has all 3 in the starting line up.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets 2022

Above is an example of the change in odds for Arsenal. When a starting line up without key players was released. The odds drifted as the betting market realized Arsenal would be less likely to win.

If you can get information earlier then the rest of the market, this is a great way make winning football bets long term.

Betting Live At The Game

Moving on to the third strategy, which is maybe one you hadn’t considered.

Within today’s betting industry there is a massive focus on live betting. There are markets for cards, corners, player passes, player shots, throw ins etc.

A lot of these in-play markets are present even in lower league football. Where are there are not as many eyes on the game and bookmakers data feeds will not be as quick.

Make Winning Football Bets Bet365
Your focus could be on corner markets.

This can create an opportunity for someone that is live at the game!

Whereas the data provider will be waiting for the referee to give a yellow/red card before it can be sent to Bet365. If your watching the game live and its obviously going to be a card. You can look to process your bet ahead of them.

Potential penalties, dangerous free kicks, obvious fouls with should result in a card. There are multiple angles to look at from a live perspective to create an edge.

This is also known as court siding and is popular in other sports

Click Here To Receive Free Betting Tips From Proven Winning Tipsters

Matched Betting – Lowest Risk

On to the fourth strategy, this strategy is a little bit more well known but extremely effective.

You want to make winning football bets that avoid any type of variance?

Matched betting is the answer!

This involves using bookmaker promotions and free bets that make money over the long term.

For example Bet365 like to hand out £5 free bets every weekend on the Premier League.

6 Strategies To Make Winning Football Bets

By backing a Premier League selection with the £5 free bet and laying it on an exchange. There is the ability to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome.

In the below example £3.93 is guaranteed from a £5 bet.

Image courtesy of Oddsmonkey Matched betting service

£5 free bets are also on the lower scale. There are also £50, £25 and £10 free bets handed out by bookmakers like Bet365.

Making matched betting an excellent strategy for making money from the football betting markets.

Click Here To Learn Matched Betting

Arbitrage Betting

Next on the list of winning football betting strategies is arbitrage betting!

Have you ever wondered how do I win a bet every time?

Is this even possible?

Arbitrage betting is a strategy that actually does allow you to win every bet you make.

This strategy allows you to cover all outcomes of an event to guarantee a small profit on your stake. Usually ranging from 1-5%. Which may not sound like a lot however used consistently these small profits quickly add up.

Image courtesy of Oddsmonkey Matched betting service

It differs from matched betting as there is no free bet being used. The profit comes from the difference in odds.

In the example above over 2.5 goals with William Hill is 1.89, whilst the under 2.5 goal market is 2.2 with Bet365. By backing both these outcomes a profit of £3.32 can be locked in no matter the outcomes, using £200 in total stakes.

Arbitrage betting is a great low risk if your looking to make winning football bets.

Value Betting

Last but certainly not least is value betting!

Value betting involves using the betting markets as an indicator to highlight value with bookmakers that are lagging behind.

Rebelbetting Graph

Image Courtesy Of Rebel Betting

This strategy is based on the theory that sharper bookmaker (which take money from winning bettors), Are better at adjusting their odds then soft bookmakers (which ban winning bettors.)

By following the odds movement at the sharp bookmaker and betting exchanges (Pinnacle, Betfair). Value can be identified with the soft bookmaker (Bet365, William Hill etc.)

There is a large amount of data which shows this strategy is a winning one over the long term.

Click Here To Learn Value Betting


There you have it 6 strategies to make winning football bets in 2022.

These strategies can allow you to become a successful football gambler going forward.

Covering multiple different angles depending on your risk approach. Any winning football betting strategies that we have missed out or you want to share.

Comment below.



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

5 Profitable Online Sports Betting Strategies

The sports betting markets offer a lot of opportunity for those that know the right sports betting strategies.

Names such Billy Walters, Tony Bloom and Zeljko Ranogajec have made millions in profit from betting on sports.

What are the profitable sports betting strategies you can use to make money?

In today’s article we brought in a professional sports bettor to answer that question!

Bonus Offers

The first profitable online sports betting strategy will we look at is taking advantage of bonus offers. This is one of the best strategies to get you started as it is easy to learn, low risk and can bring in regular profits.

Lets take a look at an online sports betting bookmaker like Bovada. Which is a bookmaker that is renowned for some of its generous bonus offers.

Bovada Bonus

Bovada much like other bookmakers offer a sign up bonus and regular recurring bonuses. These bonuses can often be used to guarantee a profit from a strategy known as matched betting. They can also be used to boost your bankroll if you want to do straight forward value betting.

Sports Arbitrage Betting

The second sports betting strategy on the list is arbitrage betting.

Sports betting arbitrage is a great strategy that looks to cover all the outcomes of an event and guarantee a small profit regardless of the outcome.

Sounds almost too good to be true right!

Let’s take a look at an example of sports betting arbitrage in action.

Sports Betting Arbitrage

In the above picture you can see there is a horse running today called “Tommy Cullen.”

This horse is available to back at odds of 1.8 with a bookmaker called 32Red and a lay bet is also available on the Betfair exchange at 1.69. A lay bet is basically the opposite of a back bet, we are betting that something will not win.

Sports Arbitrage 2

Using the sports betting arbitrage calculator from Oddsmonkey, we can bring up the stakes that we would need to use in order to lock in a profit across all outcomes. 

Sports Arbitrage 3

Due to the fact we were able to back something (bet to win) at higher odds 1.8 then we layed it 1.69 (back to lose), a profit of £5.62 could be guaranteed from a £100 bet.

This is the beauty of arbitrage betting, it removes the risk from sports betting and enables you to make small consistent profits.

Value Betting

Third on the list of profitable online sports betting strategies is “Value Betting.”

Value betting is a strategy that uses the sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges as a marker for where value may exist at other softer bookmakers. The theory behind this is that bookmakers that limit and ban players, known as “soft bookmakers” are less efficient at correcting their odds.

Whilst sharp bookmaker that take winning bettors usually have odds that are closer to the true probabilities of an event happening.

Above is an example of what a value bet looks like. 

Venezia are 3.23 with the sharp bookmaker Pinnacle and are 3.5 with a soft bookmaker. The difference in odds between the two bookmaker indicates there is value in backing Venezia.

Click Here For Our Guide To Value Betting To Learn More

 Betting Tipsters

Next up on the list is using betting tipsters to make a profit. 

There are thousands of betting tipsters on the internet and unfortunately the majority of these tipsters will lose you money in the long term.

If you want to make money from betting tipsters then you are best of going through a website that proof’s tipsters to make sure that they are profitable first.

Betting Tipsters

Two websites that I like to use are the Smart Betting Club and Betting Gods network.

Both of these websites will run “proofing periods” to see whether or not a tipster is really profitable. Looking at whether the odds they tip up are really achievable or not.

Team Information

Last on the list of profitable online sports betting strategies is using team information to make value bets. 

Betting odds change due to new information entering the market however there are some times when you may have information before the majority of the market.

When this happens you can use it to either make a profitable value bet or even sometimes use it to lock in a guaranteed profit due to the odds movement. Similar to arbitrage betting.

Below is a video explaining the strategy and showing how a £400 profit was locked in before the game kicked off.

There are several factors you can look which can help you profit.

  • Player Injuries
  • Contract Issues
  • Player transfers
  • Managerial changes
  • Weather conditions
  • Team rotation

You don’t have to be the first person to get this information either. If you can react to this information quicker then the majority of the market you put yourself in a good position to make a profit.


There you have it 5 profitable online sports betting strategies that will help you to earn a profit. 

Whichever level you are at as a sports bettor their are strategies in this article that should help you make money. Beginners should probably focus on the first two. Making money from bonuses and arbitrage betting.

Those that are a little bit more advanced could bring in value betting, betting tipsters and profiting from team information. These 3 additional strategies can really increase your edge in sports betting!

5 Ways To Make Money Gambling Online

Make Money Gambling Online

Is it really possible to make money gambling online?

Yes it is! There are multiple ways in which in you can make an income from gambling online.

How do I know this?

For the last 67 months I’ve been documenting my profit and loss using various strategies to gamble online. In that time period a total profit of £161,942 has been made.

Make Money Gambling Online

Let’s take a look then at the various ways you can make money gambling online.

Sports Betting

Number one is online sports betting, this is an area where if you take the correct approach there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit.

What’s the correct approach?

The easiest way to make money from sports betting is by taking advantage of bookmaker promotions and offers. This is a very simple way to make a profit.

Bookmakers are always looking to attract new customers, because of this they sometimes offer a tasty bonus when you sign up. This is usually in the form of free bets.

For example Bet365 will give you £50 in free bets once you have signed up and placed a £10 bet. By using using a strategy known as matched betting we can cover all outcomes of an event to make a small loss on the initial £10 bet. Then do the same to guarantee a profit on the £50 bet.

Bet365 Offer


Next up on our list is the great game of poker.

Poker differs to most casino games in that you are playing against other players and not directly taking on the casino. Most casino games are rigged to favour the casino long term however in poker this is not the case. Poker is a game of a skill and skilled poker players can make a lot of money playing online.

Dan Cates

Daniel Cates for example is an American poker player that has made over $11 million in profit playing online poker. According to the high stakes poker database Phil Ivey is another individual that has done very well playing online poker. Ivey’s estimated winning are thought to be over $20 million.

If you are looking for a casino game that you can actually make money from, poker is an obvious choice.

Casino Offers

Coming up 3rd on the list is taking advantage of casino offers.

Similar to to bookmakers, casino’s are often willing to offer loss leaders as a way to entice new customers. They will also offer recurring bonuses to existing players in order to get them back in the casino gambling.

Shrewd casino players can take advantage of this. By only playing games when there is some form of bonus or cashback on offer. A casino player can flip the mathematical advantage that the casino normally has over to themself.

William Hill Casino Offer

This is a very good way to make money gambling online and is something that many people are doing to make an extra income

If you would like to learn more about how take advantage of casino offers, we have written an in depth guide which is linked at the end of this article.

Sports Betting Arbitrage

The 4th way to make money gambling online is using sports betting arbitrage.

Sports betting arbitrage occurs when different bookmakers are offering the opportunity to cover every outcome of an event and lock in a small profit. This can be due to bookmakers having a difference of opinion or bookmakers being slow to react to new information entering the market.

Let’s take a look at an example of what an arbitrage bet looks like.

Sports Arbitrage Betting

In the image above you can see we have a football game between Cimarrones and Correcaminos.

William Hill are offering over 2.5 goals at odds of 1.89 and Bet365 are offering under 2.5 goals at odds of 2.2. This is a 1.6% arbitrage bet.

By placing bets on both over 2.5 goals and under 2.5 goals a profit of £3.33 is locked in using a total amount of £200. This is the beauty of arbitrage betting, no matter the outcome of the event a profit will be made.

Lottery – Luck

Last on the list is luck!

Now obviously luck is not something that you should rely on if you are looking to make money gambling online. The first four strategies that we outlined are much more reliable and proven to be profitable with the right approach.

Huge Casino Win

However we have all heard the stories of people hitting a jackpot online or winning the lottery. If you are a recreational gambler that enjoys betting but doesn’t want to treat it like a business. That’s absolutely fine but you will be relying on luck and landing a big one time win.

That being said if you utilize casino offers and advantage play. Then you may be able to play casino games with a positive expectation and still be in with a chance to land a big jackpot.

5 Ways To Make Money Gambling Online – Conclusion

In this article we have covered multiple ways to make money gambling online.

Depending on your own preferences there are several different options.Want an extremely low risk and easy way to profit then take a look at profiting from bookmaker bonuses (matched betting).

Fancy yourself as a bit of a mathematical whiz that enjoys a challenge? look at learning poker. Can handle losing runs and variance? Casino offers can offer a long term solution to making money from gambling online.

We have in-depth guides for all of the strategies discussed in this article. If you want learn more about any of them click on the links below.

Matched Betting Guide (Sports Betting Bonuses)

Arbitrage Betting Guide

Casino Offer Guide (Advantage Play)

4 Basic Sports Betting Tips for Beginners

At first glance, sports betting seems like it might be an easy and quick way to earn some money.

After all, you just have to choose the winning side and the profit is yours right?

Unfortunately, the reality of sports betting is not that simple. In fact, beginners regularly make common mistakes that greatly contribute to losing bets. To help you make you you don’t suffer the same mistakes, below you’ll find some of the best beginner-friendly tips that can help your sports betting efforts!

Never Bet Under the Influence!

In movies, characters who go to casinos often do so while drinking. You might here a friend tell the story of how they turned £100 into £1000 whilst playing blackjack drunk.

Drinking alcohol and betting on sports is a bad combination.

Why? Whilst under the influence of alcohol, you’ll lose the ability to see the long-term effects of your actions.

Basic Sports Betting Tips

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and enhances your emotion. Whilst usually you might only bet £10 a game for a bit of fun. When the alcohol kicks in that might increase to £30 a game, a losing streak might infuriate you to the point of betting much more then you can afford.

If you really want to make smart bets and make your sports betting profitable. Staying away from alcohol when sports betting is one of the most sensible things you can do.

That’s why it is so crucial to be sober when placing bets on various sports. If you want to drink something during your daily sessions with a bookmaker like UFABET Sports Betting , get some tasty tea or a cup of steaming-hot coffee to sharpen your senses.

Have a staking plan

Before you even place a bet, you should have a good idea of what your bankroll is and what you staking plan is. One of the big differences between professional sports bettors and losing sports bettors in a discipline.

Before you start, you should consider how much money you could lose and not feel emotionally crushed by the losses. Losses in sports betting are inevitable. Most long-time players advise not to place individual bets above 2% or 3% of the total sum that you could spend on sports betting.

Check out our article on staking plans and find the best sports betting staking plan for beginners.

Learn To Control Your Emotions

Although it seems silly, many beginner sports bettors feel almost personally attacked when they lose a bet. The referee is against them, the players are having their worst game ever, the weather has made the pitch unplayable. Some sports bettors believe they are cursed and become quick to blame their losing bet on anyone other than themselves.

Sports Betting Tips

They react emotionally, and place riskier bets, ignoring the fact that only they can be blamed for their poor decisions. There are no Gods of Sports Betting against whom you could seek vengeance. It is understandable that you might feel sad or annoyed if you lose money, however this the reality of sports betting.

It is vital to understand that losses are part of sports betting and that is ok!

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. Learn to accept that things won’t always go according to plan. If you are feeling frustrated or angry with your betting take some time away from the screen.

Go for a walk, get out of the house and wait until

Bet With A Strategy

In the short term it is possible to win money with sports betting by placing bets on a whim, however to do it long term usually requires a solid betting strategy. Strategies such as matched betting, arbitrage betting and value betting are all proven to work.

Value Betting Results

If you are betting for fun, sure trust your intuition and place a small bet. Long term winners in sports betting however are usually using mathematical models or following the market to find value bets.

Other factors that you may want to consider are weather conditions, injuries to players, market overreactions to previous results. There are many factors that contribute to making the odds of a sporting event. Some factors however may be over looked?


Sports betting can be a great way to have some fun and potentially earn some money. However, as with any other type of gambling, there is always a risk involved. To minimize your losses, and increase your chances of winning, make sure to keep the tips from this article in mind!

How To Make Money Betting On Sports

Sports Betting Results Monthly

It is a well known fact that the majority of people that bet on sports lose. It is estimated that the number is around 95%.

How then do you become part of the 5% that actually make money from sports betting?

On this blog we have been running a sports betting and trading challenge detailing the results each month. Over a period of 66 months a profit of £162,252 has been made.

Make Money Betting On Sports

In today’s article we are going to breakdown what’s been working over that 66 month period. Looking at how you can become part of the 5% that make money from betting on sports.

Profit From Bookmaker Promotions (Matched Betting)

One of the easiest ways you can start to make money betting on sports is from taking advantage of betting promotions.

There are numerous sign up offers available that you can make quick profits from. After you have completed all the sign up offers that are around you can then start to make money from recurring promotions.

Matched Betting Strategy

Above is an example of the type of offer that you can use to make a quick and easy profit. After your initial £10 bet has been placed. 888sport will hand you £30 in free bets and a £10 casino bonus.

By using a process known as matched betting you should lock in a profit of around £24 from this offer. Matched betting is the easiest and lowest risk strategy to start making money from betting on sports.

Want to learn more!

Click Here For Our Guide To Matched Betting

Arbitrage Betting

The next strategy is one that compliments matched betting very well. This is a low risk and profitable strategy called “arbitrage betting.”

Sports betting arbitrage involves covering every outcome of an event in order to guarantee a profit.

Sounds almost too good to be true right!

Sports arbitrage betting does work, it is a strategy that is commonly used by those looking to profit from sports betting.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Arbitrage Betting Strategy

In the above image you can see there is a tennis match starting in around an hours time.

Pokerstars are offering the player Casanova at odds of 2.4. Her opposition Acosta is available to bet at odds of 1.8 with Starsports.

Staking £86.14 at odds of 2.4 will return £206.74.

Staking £114.86 at odds of 1.8 also returns £206.75.

No matter which side of the bet wins a profit of £5.75 is secured due to the combined odds making an arbitrage bet.

(206.75 – 86.14 = £120.61)

(206.74 – 114.86 = 91.88)

Why doesn’t everyone do this and become very rich from sports betting?

Is a great question!

Unfortunately bookmaker’s don’t tolerate winning sports bettors over the long term. Whilst you can make good money from sports arbitrage. Once a bookmaker realizes that you are doing it they will cut off your limits or close your account.

Sports betting arbitrage is a great short term way to make money betting on sports. But it should be noted that it isn’t a long term option unless you can constantly create new betting accounts.

Interested in arbitrage betting!

Click Here For Our Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage


Finding profitable tipsters and using their selections to make a profit is a strategy that you can use. There are all manor of betting tipsters available on the internet.

Many of these tipsters are not profitable, in fact a large number are affiliates for bookmakers and profit from referred players losses. Which means they are incentivized to provide losing tips.

There are however some tipsters that have proven to be long term winners. Below is a list of articles where we have highlighted some of the best free and paid tipsters available.

Best Tennis Tipsters

Best Basketball Tipsters

Top free football betting tipsters on Twitter

Chasing Steam (Value Betting)

Chasing steam is a strategy that looks to take advantage of slow moving bookmakers. When money is coming in on a selection with sharp bookmakers this is usually an indicator that the bet has value. Betting these selections at slow moving bookmakers yet to update their odds is a very profitable betting strategy.

Value betting or “chasing steam” is a very simple strategy that has a lot of data backing it up. Simply by monitoring sharper bookmakers and betting exchanges, you can find value with other bookmakers.

Let’s take a look at an example!

Trademate Betting

In the example above Bet365 have Venezia at odds of 3.5.

The sharp bookmaker Pinnacle has Venezia priced lower at odds of 3.23. Which according to the value betting software highlighting this selection is a 4.55% edge.

By consistently backing odds at slower moving bookmakers Bet365, William Hill, Unibet for example. You are able to make money betting on sports long term.

Click Here For Our Guide On Value Betting

Boosts And Extra Place Terms

Next up on the list is another strategy that is very profitable and easy to implement. Bookmaker’s frequently offer boosted prices and extra place terms.

These boosted prices can be worth taking when they above bookmakers or betting exchange prices.

Betting Boost

Above you can see that Skybet have boosted the price of England to win the T20 world cup to odds of 4.5. At the same time this is priced at 4.2 with Betfair.

Make Money Sports Betting

This is a clear value bet due to the difference in odds.

Taking advantage of these bookmaker boosts for either value betting or arbitrage betting can be very profitable.

Extra Places

There are also sports such as horse racing and golf where bookmakers will offer extra places. When the odds between bookmakers and the betting exchanges are close, having an extra place can be very valuable.

Historical Data

There are some sports bettors that build profitable betting systems using historical odds data.

Cassini is a popular sports betting blogger that is noted to use historical odds data in order to find profitable strategies. Another advocate of this approach is Ian Erksine from FTS Income.

Make money betting on sports

Finding area’s that historically look like they offer value is a great approach. One that can be built on and is especially useful for those that have been limited or banned by most soft bookmakers.

You can find free football odds data here

How To Make Money Betting On Sports – Conclusion

In this article we have covered 6 different way to make money betting on sports.

Matched betting and arbitrage are an ideal way to make a low risk income from sports betting. They are very easy strategies to use and can open your eyes to opportunities that there are in the sports betting markets.

For the more advanced sports bettor that has already made use of bookmaker promotions. Value betting is a strategy that you should really be considering.

If you are an expert sports bettor that has already made decent profit but has found themselves limited and unable to get money down with soft bookmakers. Delving into historical odds and looking for profitable angles to use on the betting exchanges and sharp bookmakers, is something to consider.

Our advice is to take a look at Oddsmonkey which offer software for matched betting, value betting, boosts, casino offers extra places and much more!



Best Staking Strategy For Sports Betting

If you want to make money long term then it is vital you find the best staking strategy for sports betting. Most importantly finding a strategy that you understand and suits your risk level.

In this article we are going to take a look at several different sports betting staking strategies. Identifying which is the best strategy to use based on your experience level and what you are trying to achieve from your sports betting.

Alright let’s get into it!

Best Staking Strategy For Sports Betting


Level Staking

We are going to start off with the most simple staking strategy you can use for sports betting.

Level staking is a simple strategy were you bet the same amount of money for every selection. For example you may choose to bet a set amount of £100 per bet. You then stick to betting this amount for every bet whether the previous selection win or lose.

Level staking is a good strategy to use for beginners due to its simplicity. The problem with level staking however comes when you are backing at different odds.

level Staking strategy

If we are betting £100 on a selection that is odds of 2.0 (£100 to win £100). Then the market is saying that we have a 50% chance that our bet is going to win. The next bet we like however is odds of 4.0 (£100 to win £300.) which only implies a 25% chance.

Drawbacks of Level Staking

This is where the problem lies with level staking. Due to the lower win probability at higher odds, we risk long losing periods using level staking and increased variance.

Which can put our bankroll in danger.

Level staking is great if you are consistently betting at around the same odds for each selection. It is ideal for the Asian Handicap market where you might be backing close to evens each week.

The simplicity makes it ideal for beginners however the draw back is when you are betting at various different odds ranges.

Which brings us on to the next staking strategy.

Stake To Win

The next sports betting staking strategy is a personal favorite and ideal for those who are getting to grips with sports betting.

Stake to win is a strategy that involves staking to win the same set amount for every bet.

Let’s say we are looking to win £50 every time we place a bet. We can bet at various odds ranges and adjust our stake so that should the bet win, our profit will be £50 each time.

  • 2.0 – Stake £50 to win £50
  • 3.0 – Stake £25 to win £50
  • 5.0 – Stake £12.50 to win £50
Stake to win Strat
Example from a lay strategy where £50 was the target to win for each bet.

It is an ideal strategy when you are betting at variable odds or placing lay bets. The major benefit of this strategy is again its simplicity and sensible staking should avoid large volatility in your results.

In comparison to level staking where a run of losers at higher odds could ruin your bankroll. The stake to win a set amount strategy makes losing runs much easier to deal with.

Martingale System

The Martingale system is a popular staking strategy among many bettors.

In fact I was once at a friends wedding and got introduced to someone. The subject of betting came up and let’s call him “John” told me about this amazing system he had used to make thousands from roulette.

He explained to me how the Martingale system worked.

Now before you get excited John was either lying or had gotten very lucky as Martingale is a mathematically flawed strategy that will likely send you to the poor house.

Due to its popularity though it is something we should cover.

Martingale Example

The martingale system is a staking strategy that involves doubling your stake after every loss. When a winning bet occurs you revert back to your original stake.

  • Bet £10 at odds of 2.0 it loses, move on to the next bet.
  • Stake £20 on the bet it loses again
  • Next bet is £40, another loss
  • £80,£160,£320,£640,£1280

You can start to see why this strategy is so dangerous. Losing runs do occur even with a solid long term winning strategy you can go through some pretty bad losing periods.

Even when looking to win only £10 per bet, It only takes 7 loses in a row for the next bet to be £1280.

In order to win £10!!!

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is not a strategy you should ever consider using seriously in betting. The risk vs reward of using this strategy is pretty terrible and even the best sports bettors in the world go through losing periods.

It is much smarter to accept that you will go through losing runs. However if your sports betting strategy does have an edge you will win long term!

Kelly Criterion Staking Method

On to Kelly staking which is a favorite of many professional sports bettors. It is however a strategy that is suited to the more experienced sports bettors. Who has a good understanding of what their edge in the betting market is.

The Kelly Criterion is a variable staking method that takes into account the probability of a bet and the implied edge. As the implied edge becomes bigger the suggested bet size also increases in relation to the odds.

Sounds complicated right?

Although it lacks the simplicity of stake to win or the level staking method. The Kelly Criterion isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Also there are a lot of Kelly staking calculators available online that do the hard work for you.

Kelly Staking Calculator

Kelly Staking Calculator Link

Using the calculator above or a similar, makes using the Kelly Criterion for sports betting accessible to anyone.

Kelly Criterion Formula

Stake = ((Decimal Odds x % Estimated Win Probability) – 1) / (Decimal Odds – 1) * 100

Stake = Optimal size of stake

Decimal Odds = Odds offered by bookmaker or exchange

% Estimated Win Probability = Estimated probability of bet winning

Negatives Of Kelly Criterion Staking Calculator

The Kelly Criterion is often seen as over aggressive and risky due to its high level of suggested staking. Many professional sports bettors suggest using a 1/2 or 1/4 Kelly. Which is a much lower risk and more suitable for sports betting.

The other drawback of the Kelly criterion is that you need to be able to identify your edge in the market down to a specific probability.

Trademate Kelly Staking
Value betting software Trademate uses Kelly staking

Fibonacci Staking

The Fibonacci staking system works by increasing your bet size after every losing bet. It is a negative progression system much like martingale.

Next up is the Fibonacci staking system which much like the Martingale system is used on bets around evens. The Fibonacci system was designed to help bettors recuperate their losses. Again however it is viewed as a mostly flawed system for sports betting due to its staking progression.

Whilst not as aggressive as the Martingale system, long losing periods using the Fibonacci system would suggest staking thousands to win £10.

In the Fibonacci sequence, every new number equals the sum of the previous two numbers. Let’s start at staking £10 to show how the sequence would work.

  • Bet 1 = £10
  • Bet 2 = £10 (to recuperate £10 lost)
  • Bet 3 = £20 (£10 +£10)
  • Bet 4 = £30 (£10 + £20)
  • Bet 5 = £50 (£20 + £30)
  • Bet 6 = £80 (£30 + £50)

Much like the martingale system, the Fibonacci system is not for the serious bettor. Whilst you will make lots of small profits, there will always be the one long losing streak which will wipe out your bankroll.

It is a popular system among casino bettors, however it is not advisable to use this strategy if you are serious about making money from sports betting.

Best Staking Strategy For Sports Betting – Conclusion

What is the best staking strategy for sports betting?

 If you are a beginner beginners then staking to win a set amount is a great strategy to use. It is very simple, lowers the volatility that betting at variable odds can bring and is easy to implement.

If you are a successful sports bettor then it is also a staking strategy that is easy to scale up. Perhaps you start betting to win £50 initially.

Doubled your bankroll?

You can now start staking to win £60, When your bankroll increase so does the amount you aim to win. If your bankroll decreases you can always lower the amount you are staking to win.

For the advanced sports bettor. Who understands what their edge is and has proven to be profitable over a large sample size of bets. Look towards 1/4 or 1/2 Kelly staking.

Overall the best staking strategy is the going to be the one that suits you. Its the strategy you are comfortable with and confident in implementing!

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