Making A Million – Sports Betting Challenge

You have to take a long term view

This is a quote that you’ll hear over and over again from winning sports bettors.

If you want to be successful in sports betting, sports trading, poker.

Then you need to have a long term plan and not deviate from it every time you hit a losing period.

Sports Betting Challenge

Making A Million – A Sports Betting And Trading Challenge

Since April 2017 I have been recording my monthly profit and loss.

The idea of the making a million challenge was simple.

Find methods that are a proven way of making money from the sports betting markets (Matched Betting, Arbitrage Betting, Exploiting Casino Offers.)

Alongside methods that are also highly likely to be profitable (Pre-Match Trading and Proven Tipsters)

Then record the results on a monthly basis with the long term goal of reaching £1,000,000 in total profit.

Making A Million Sports Betting


After 69 months the total profit so far is £168,332

So although its still pretty far away from the goal of £1,000,000.

It does show with a well thought out and consistent approach that there is good money to made from sports betting and also exploiting casino offers.


Making a million pounds from sports betting and trading? ……..Sounds Realistic

So it took 69 months to make £168,332

Attempting to make £1,000,000 seems pretty ludicrous right?

I will be honest I don’t know if I will achieve it, that target is a life time goal.

Plus I though it was a better title then

“Documenting my attempt to make some money from sports betting, casino offers, matched betting and lots of other stuff on a monthly basis.”


Maybe it takes another 10, 20, 30, 40 years.

That’s ok, I enjoy gambling its one of my major interests.

Investing in sports betting and trading is something I really enjoy.

Setting this long term target is something that excites me. It makes it more enjoyable to write about and I imagine more interesting to read about.

If I achieve it and document the whole process how cool would that be.

The Making A Million Portfolio

Let’s take a look at my approach so far and the strategies you can use to make a profit from the sports betting markets.

I am going to split the portfolio into two parts.

There will be lower risk sports betting/trading strategies.

Along with higher risk sports betting/trading methods strategies.

Making A Million - A Sports Betting And Trading Challenge

Lower risk strategies are ideal for building up a bankroll to use.

Whilst higher risk strategies are for those that already have some experience. Have a bankroll to use and want to make the most of all the opportunities that exist.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is something that I have wrote quite a lot about on this blog.

If you are not familiar with matched betting then please read this matched betting guide.

Matched betting is almost risk free and it is a relatively stress free process.

You take advantage of bookmaker promotions, earn free bets and then lay off the free bets using betting exchanges in order to guarantee a profit. 

Horse Racing Offer

Matched betting will be a base part of my portfolio for as long as possible. It is a very easy way of making small but consistent profits that really help to buffer the variance of the high risk parts of this betting/trading portfolio.

If You Want Want To Start Matched Betting My Recommendation Is To Take Up A Free Trial With Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey (Click Here To Read The Review)

Betting And Trading Results - June Report

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting again is something I have covered previously in this blog.

If you are not familiar with arbitrage betting then I suggest you click the image below and read the ultimate guide to sports arbitrage betting.

Arbitrage betting in one of its simplest terms involves backing selections with bookmakers that can be layed at betting exchanges for lower.

You will also find arbitrage bets between bookmakers where you can bet every outcome in order to a guarantee a profit.

I use arbitrage betting with bookmakers that have banned me from promotions.

For example Gentingbet today sent me an email saying that my account was no longer eligible for casino or sportsbook promotions.

This is an account that I will now label as an arbitrage account.

Arbitrage betting much like matched betting is a great way to buffer the variance of casino offers, sports betting and trading.

Used alongside matched, arbitrage betting is an excellent way to build up a sports betting bankroll.

With very little risk.

Pre Match Trading

My favourite type of trading is to trade an event before it starts. I trade football mostly but also big boxing matches and mixed martial arts fights. 

The way I like to pre match trade is looking for obvious positions that have a much greater reward then risk.

For example when a team unexpectedly leave out one of their key players from their starting eleven. Think Harry Kane for Bayern, Haaland for Man City, Salah for Liverpool.

There will be big drifts in the odds of these teams if these players were left out. Which allow low risk profits to be made.

Next up we will take a look at higher risk strategies. I would recommend that you only take a look at these strategies if you have tried the lower risk ones first.

Higher Risk Portfolio

Making A Million - A Sports Betting And Trading Challenge

These strategies are labelled as higher risk as they there is likely to be variance and losing runs will happen.

Lets take a look at each part of the high risk portfolio.

Value Betting

Value betting shares a lot of similarities with arbitrage betting.

In that you are looking for odds at bookmakers that are higher then the betting exchanges or the Asian bookmaker Pinnacle.

There is quite lot of data which shows that if your consistently able to do this in efficient betting markets then you will make a profit.

Rebelbetting Graph
Value Betting With Rebel Betting

Quite often bookmakers will offer accumulators that fall into the category of a value bet. Often theses accumulator selections are at the same time so arbing them is not an option.

However betting these plus ev accumulators over the long term has shown to be profitable.

There are also markets where there are value bets available but arbitrage is not possible.

Click Below To Read The Ultimate Guide To Value Betting


Casino Offers

Exploiting plus ev casino offers are a big part of my overall strategy.

In 2020 they contributed the largest profit out of all of the methods that I use.

The total profit from casino offers in 2020 was £11,946, Which was around half of my total profit for the year.

Grinding casino offers can be tough. But the big wins do come around and over the long run its profitable.

Something that taking part in thousands of casino offers has taught me.

Is that variance can be brutal and you have to get used to periods where you seem to lose money hand over fist.

If you cannot handle losing periods then I would recommend you stay away from exploiting casino offers. However if you can accept that losing periods will be the norm and in the long term it is highly likely you will make money.

Casino offers can be very profitable.

Given that casino’s seem to be a lot of bookmakers biggest earners. There are always casino offers to take advantage of.

I still expect casino offers to be a large part of my portfolio going forward.

Make Money From Casino Bonus Guide


Hopefully you found this breakdown of the various strategies that I am using to be helpful.

I will continue update my monthly progress towards making £1,000,000

If you are looking to make money from the sports betting markets or exploiting casino offers. The methods used above are very solid and if you spend some time learning them. Then it is highly likely that you will make a long term profit.

Personally I think that matched betting is the best place to start as it is the easiest way to make money.

Then once you have banked some profit start looking at other area’s such as exploiting casino offers and value betting.

Click Here To Get Started With Matched Betting.

Making A Million Sports Betting


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