Oddsjam Review 2021 – Includes Free Trial

Oddsjam are a company that provide betting tools. Which allow their customers to make a profit from the sports betting markets.

They include tools for the following.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I use arbitrage betting and positive ev value betting as a big part of my betting strategy.

These are solid strategies that have allowed me to make a consistent income from my betting over a number of years.

With the United States betting markets opening up.

More and more people are looking at sports betting as an alternate way to invest their money.

Let’s dive into this Oddsjam review and take a look at whether it’s worth your money.

Oddsjam Review 2021 – The Best Arbitrage Software USA?


Oddsjam Review

When you first log into Oddsjam you will see a number of options.

First off you have an odds area where you can compare odds between a few bookmakers.

  • 5dimes
  • Betmgm
  • Bookmaker
  • Borgota
  • Caesars
  • Draftkings
  • Foxbet
  • William Hill
  • Bwin

Are the bookmakers currently covered in the odds area.

This is an area to be used when you are looking to get the best possible odds for your bets.

Next up lets take a look at the betting tools Oddsjam provide.

This is the area where we will spend the most time on in this review. As the betting tools are really where the value lies with Oddsjam.

Arbitrage Software

When you select the arbitrage tool, a list of upcoming arbitrage bets for the next few days appear.

The arbitrage software covers the bookmaker already listed along with Pinnacle.

What is an arbitrage bet?

An arbitrage bet allows you to cover all outcomes of an event to guarantee yourself a profit.

Let’s take the top selection as an example.

This is an arbitrage between Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies.

In the player total RBI’s market.

The above example is a 2.62% arbitrage bet. Which means that can guarantee a profit of 2.62% n your stake.

Oddsjam provide an arbitrage calculator to work out exactly how much you need to stake. To equal your profit on both bets.

In this example a profit of $8.77 would have been made on the above bet from a total stake of $326.23.

Speed And Efficiency

One of the most important aspects of an arbitrage finder, is speed.

Overall the arbitrage software provided by Oddsjam is quick enough to get on the majority of the arbitrage bets shown.

Oddsjam doesn’t provide links to the bookmaker odds which does mean you have to spend a little time manually getting to the right event.

However using the arbitrage software I did find the odds still existed on both bookmakers. So stale arbs (arbitrage bets where the odds had already moved) did not happen very often.

Plus EV Value Betting Software

What is a value bet?

In simple terms a value bet in the sports betting markets is backing something that is estimated to have a greater chance of happening then the odds indicate.

If you are able to do this consistently then you will make money in the long term.

Oddsjam provide software which helps to identify value bets.

Oddsjam Value Betting

Using the sharp bookmaker Pinnacle.

It has been proven that by using the odds at a sharp bookmaker such as Pinnacle. You can identify value bets with other bookmakers. This is a winning strategy long term.

Oddsjam identifies bets at other soft bookmakers which currently offer value.

The percentage on the left of the selections shows the implied value of the bet.

For example the above bet has an implied value of 6.31%.

Meaning that the expected long term profit of this bet is estimated at to be $6.31, per $100 staked.

Value Betting September

Value betting is a great strategy to use alongside arbitrage betting.

Combining both methods can allow you to make a good income from the sports betting markets.

Middle Bets Software

On to Middle Bets!

With middle betting we cover both sides of an event.

This could be a handicap market, total runs, under/over. There are plenty of markets which present opportunities for middle betting.

The great thing about middle betting is that in certain situations you can win both sides of your bet. Other middle bets you can have one bet that wins whilst the other will be a push. This means we win a full bet on one side and get money back on the other.

Lets take a look at an example.

Oddsjam Middle Bets

In the above example we have a middle bet which is also an arbitrage.

As a straight up arbitrage bet there is the opportunity to make 1.48% on our stake.

However this is also a middle bet.

Draft kings are offering Chicago Cubs +6.5 at odds of -725

5dimes have Chicago White Sox -6 at +840

Middle Bets 2

In this example we stake $100 on Chicago +6.5 at -725, also putting down $12.11 on the White Sox at -6.

This guarantees a small profit of $1.68.

However if the White Sox win this game by exactly 6. The first bet on Chicago +6.5 would win and our bet on White Sox would be a push. Meaning would get our money back.

So a profit of $13.79 would be won on the first bet. Whilst the second bet would return our stake.

As you increase your stake the opportunity to make a larger profit with a middle bet also increases.

Middle Bets Oddsjam

Middle bets are a great low risk way of building a bankroll. If you want to make money from sports betting then middle bets are an excellent strategy to use.

Low Hold

The last tool that Oddsjam offers is one that highlights tight margins between bookmakers.

This is called “Low Hold”, it is aimed at helping you clear sportsbook bonuses with rollovers. Along with highlighting the best selections to guarantee a profit from promotional free bets.


BetUS Bonus


Here is an example of the type of bonus available to American sports bettors, where a rollover is required.

It is a 125% deposit bonus with a 10x rollover.

For example if I deposited $1000, I would be given an extra $1250.

With the 10x rollover, I would need to bet $12500 before it could be withdrawn.

The low hold tool highlights the best selections for rolling over your money without losing value.

This tool can also be used for free play bets.

In the above example, a $83.33 is guaranteed from a $100 freeplay bonus.

This highlights the value of the Oddsjam software.

Oddsjame Review – Other Tools And Software

That covers the main tools that Oddsjam offers. If you are looking to succeed in sports betting then they really do provide you with the software you need.

Along with the arbitrage, middle betting and plus ev betting tracker.

You also get the following –

  • Arbitrage calculator
  • Freeplay calculator
  • No-Vig fair odds calculator

Alongside the calculators you also get an area to track all your bets.

Oddsjam Bet Tracker


Oddsjam Review – Pricing

Oddsjam offer 3 different subscription options.

Oddsjam SubscriptionArbitrage betting, Middle bets and the Low Hold tool are all part of the Canada and US plan.

The main factor for pricing of the first two options is which country you reside in.

This will effect which bookmakers you have access to.

The benefit of the industry plan is that you also get access to the positive ev betting tool which highlights value betting opportunities.

Oddsjam Review – Conclusion

There is a lot of opportunity to make money from sports betting in the US and Canadian betting markets.

Oddsjam really provide you with all the tools to make it easy for you to make the most of these opportunities.

I have no problem in recommending Oddsjam.

If you are based in the US or Canada then Oddsjam is a great option for your sports betting needs.

Whether its arbitrage betting, middle betting, plus ev value betting or exploiting free bets and bonuses. Oddsjam have you covered.




Premier Greyhound Tips Review 2021 – Discount Trial

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips is a UK based tipster. That focuses on betting in the greyhound markets.

Established in 2014, this tipster has an exceptional record of profit.

Since 2014 Premier Greyhound Tips has made a profit of £20,581 to £25 stakes.

Premier Greyhound Tips Review


Let’s take a look at how I got on in this Premier Greyhound Tips review.

Premier Greyhound Tips Service

First off let’s take a look at how the service functions.

When you join Premier Greyhound tips, you will receive a daily email. This will inform you whether or not there is a selection for that day.

Premier Greyhound Tips Selections

If there is a selection for that day, Michael the man behind the service will explain why he believes the selection is value.

He will note down how much to stake (in terms of points) and the best odds available at that time. Along with the bookmakers that are offering those odds.

The services functions in pretty much the same way that all Betting Gods services do.

Premier Greyhound Tips Results

On to the most important part of the review.

What were the actual results?

I started following Premier Greyhound Tips on the 28th of April.

The results below are from the 28th of April up until the 25th of July.

Premier Greyhound Tips Results

Official results over this time period were excellent.

A profit of £2105 was made from 84 selections.

This profit was made based on staking £25 per point.

Not all selections are to a single point. Up to 5 points have been suggested on some selections.

Over the 3 month period a total of £5,737 was staked. An overall return on investment of 36.7% was made.

My personal results following this service were a little different. Due to bookmaker limitations I could not always get the quoted price.

If I wasn’t able to bet the selection at quoted odds. I used Betfair, placing the bets at recommend odds and setting to bet at the SP if not taken.

Greyhound Results

My results were lower then the official results.

Due to missing a few winning bets and also taking lower then quoted odds. However the the results were still very promising and a good profit was made.

A profit of £1712 was made after 79 bets.

These results were also based on staking £25 per point.

Premier Greyhound Tips Conclusion

Overall I have been very impressed with Premier Greyhound Tips.

It is a service that has been consistently making profits since 2014. The tips are clearly very well researched by an expert in greyhound racing.

My profits following the service were excellent.

How quickly do odds move?

Selections do tend to get backed in.

However I did have a lot of success placing bets up on Betfair. Which were matched the majority of the time as the markets came to life about 10-5 mins before the start of a race.

Any negatives to report?

One minor negative is that there is no set time for when tips are sent. Most services tend to have a time frame for when to expect bets.

Premier Greyhound Tips does not do this.

This means that there will be times when you miss selection.

Overall though I am very happy to recommend Premier Greyhound Tips, it is a service that is very well run and has been very profitable for a number of years.

ResultsOfficialMy Own
Total Bets8474
Return On Investment36.7%31.7%

Premier Greyhound Tips Cost

Premier Greyhound Tips is very reasonably priced at £17 a month.

They also offer several discounts when you join initially if you subscribe for a longer period.

3 Months – £29

6 Months – £39

Fancy testing out Premier Greyhound Tips yourself?

Use the link below for a discounted 15 day trial!


Premier Greyhound Tips Review



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)



Bonus Accumulator Review 2021- £26,639 PROFIT Learn How

Bonus Accumulator Review

What Is Bonus Accumulator?

Before we get started on this Bonus Accumulator review.

You might be wondering what actually is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator is a subscription service that enables you to profit from Casino offers.

The service gives you in-depth instruction and software that allows you to make a profit from low risk to high risk casino offers.

It is from the same company behind the very popular matched betting service Profit Accumulator.

(If you would like a video overview of the service, I go through it in the video below.)

Bonus Accumulator Discount Code

If you already know how Bonus Accumulator works and are looking for a discount code. You can use the link below for 50% off. 

(For limited time Bonus Accumulator are offering 50% off the first month using this link)

How Much Can You Make From Bonus Accumulator

If you are a regular reader of this blog then will know that exploiting casino offers has been a staple of the making a million betting challenge.

Over the past few years I have made good money exploiting casino offers using various services. I did a lot of this manually before Bonus Accumulator was created and also took offers from another service.

Are Casino Offers Worth It?

Below is my profit graph after exploiting over 4892 casino offers.

A profit of over £26,639 has been made since 2019.

Bonus Accumulator Results

So the question is can Bonus Accumulator allow you to do the same?

Lets take a look!

Bonus Accumulator Review


So first off the mathematics behind exploiting casino offers profitably can seem difficult at first.

It differs to matched betting as you will not always make a profit from every offer. However every offer you do will have a positive expectancy.

This means that in the long run if you keep doing offer after offer you will make money.

Huge Casino Win
Sometimes you will win big!

The example that I always use for simplicity is that of a coin flip.

Lets pretend that you have a friend that believes heads is luckier then tails.

Because they believe this they are willing to pay you £1.10 every time it lands on tails. But you have to only pay them £1 every time it lands on heads.

This situation would give you a clear mathematical advantage.

Long term this is called plus EV or positive expected value.

When Tails lands in this situation the payout odds are 2.1  (real probability is 50% so the odds should be 2.0)

Heads lands and the payout odds are 2.0 (This is the true value of a coin landing on tails.)

If you flipped the coin long enough you would make money.

Casino offers work on exactly the same premise.

Bonus accumulator provides plenty of instruction for those new to exploiting casino offers.

In the form of videos and written guidelines. So which ever way you learn the best, they have it covered.

The videos and guidelines cover.

  • Why Should You Do Casino Offers
  • Types Of Casino Offer
  • How To Play Roulette
  • What Is Wagering?
  • How To Play Blackjack
  • How To Play Slots
  • ID/KYC Verification
  • Risk Free Offers
  • Low Risk Offers
  • Medium Risk Offers
  • High Risk Offers
  • How To Use The Simulator

Bonus Accumulator Offers

This was probably most interesting part for myself.

As I mentioned earlier I have been exploiting casino offers for many years now using another service. Because they had been slacking recently I had also been finding new offers manually.

So how does Bonus Accumulator stack up in this department?

Bonus Accumulator Offers
Names of the casino are hidden to protect copyright

Extremely Well!

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of offers that the bonus accumulator service covers.

There are hundreds of offers covering risk free, low risk, medium risk and high risk.

Sign up offers are often the most profitable but there is also a large quantity of reload offers to do.

In comparison to the service that I was previously using there are a lot more and the ones that I had manually found are all covered here.

Bonus Accumulator Instructions

When you choose the offer that want to exploit.

Bonus accumulator gives you step by step instruction on the optimal approach, to extract the highest value possible.

Another aspect of the Bonus Accumulator service that I really like is the in-depth breakdown of each offer.

The detail is very impressive and puts them ahead of their competition.

Breaking down the EV for example into an hourly rate is something that I really like.

A lot of people seem to think that matched betting and casino offers aren’t worth the time.

However this really highlights that if you put in the time exploiting casino offers it is still extremely profitable!

What Tools Do You Get With Bonus Accumulator 


There are several tools that come with a Bonus Accumulator subscription.

We will start with my favorite which is a simulator for casino games.

Bonus Accumulator Simulator

As you can see from the picture this is a really handy piece of software.

You can run a number of simulations regarding the type of bonus or cashback offer that you are doing.

Such as 

  • Bet And Get
  • Sticky Bonus (Where bonus is removed and only profit from bonus counts.)
  • Free Spins
  • Second Chance Bonus
  • Post Wager
  • Cashback

It then spits out a number of metrics for you.

This is an excellent tool that is especially handy for reload offers that get sent out by casinos to specific customers. It is a very quick way of seeing if the offer is profitable or not.

The above picture is a breakdown of a cashback offer that I was sent on the slot Rick and Morty Megaways.

Below is a video of me doing this offer. I managed to hit the bonus round on my last spin. (The video length is cut due to file size)

Just to prove that the video is legitimately me completing the cashback offer.

Here is a screenshot from my gaming history (the extra £6.40 came on the initial spin before the bonus loaded.)

Bonus Accumulator Review

So although this offer only had an expected value of £3.95. The hourly rate on completing an offer such as this is £236.75.

If you look at exploiting casino offers as an hourly return then it really does hammer home how much value there is to be had.

My profit from this one offer was £566.40.

This does highlight the variance in results and it can swing both ways. You can run way above the expected profit but also below it.

It is important to focus on the long term results as you will have losing periods at times.

However I can tell you that after doing 4000 plus offers the variance does even itself out.

Slots Database

Next up in the list of tools that you get with Bonus Accumulator is the slots database.

This isn’t anything fancy it is pretty much as the name suggests. Its a database of slots that allows you to search based on 

  • Name
  • Return To Player
  • Variance
  • Provider

Bonus Accumulator Slots Database

You might want to use this tool if you get an offer that is slot specific or are just looking for high RTP (return to player) slots to complete an offer with.

Perhaps you want to look up the RTP amount of a slot in order to input it in the simulation tool.

Again its a handy tool to have and saves you manually looking for everything on google (which is something I have done in the past.)

Blackjack Calculator

Last on the list is a blackjack calculator.

Blackjack is a game that I have played for probably hundreds of hours, given its high return to player if played optimally.

Making it one of the best games to rollover a casino bonus with if allowed in the bonus terms.

Previously I have used an online template for optimal blackjack strategy but Bonus Accumulator has its own.

Bonus Accumulator Blackjack

The blackjack calculator is extremely simple.

You input the dealer hand, then state what your own cards are.

The calculator then spits out the optimal move to make allowing you to play the best blackjack strategy possible with highest rtp (return to player.)

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker

When it comes to having a quick and efficient way of tracking your profits, Bonus Accumulator has this covered also.

It uses a very simple process.

Where when you have finished completing an offer you input your actual profit the software logs this then also tracks the expected profit from the offer.

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker

The software then saves this information and allows you to track all the offers you have done.

Producing a nice graph which shows your real profit alongside your expected profit.

Profit Tracking 2

Having done this for a few years already I have always used Excel.

The profit tracking with Bonus Accumulator is again very simple to use and very efficient. 

They have done a great job of creating functional profit tracking tools that will save you inputting everything into Microsoft Excel. It might seem like a little thing but its a great little time saver that compounds in the long run.

Bonus Accumulator Forum

There is also an active community within Bonus Accumulator.

This is in the form of a forum, where you can reach out for help or advice if you are struggling. Make suggestions for further tools to be added or adjustments which might benefit the community.

If you are wondering whether or not a recurring reload offer is profitable you can ask a more experienced member of the community for confirmation if it is value or not.

Bonus Accumulator Review

It is always good to talk with individuals that share the same interests as yourself.

So the addition of a active forum is a big positive for Bonus Accumulator.

It is a good place to learn and also take motivation from the results of other people that are looking to make money exploiting casino bonuses.

Are Casino Offers Still Worth Doing In 2021?

Below I have attached my results for the year of 2020.

As I have been asked a few times are casino offers still worth doing in 2021?

Bonus Accumulator Results 2020

Over the course of 2020 I took part in 2202 casino offers.

A total profit of £11,946 was made.

I will be continuing to do casino offers in 2021. In my opinion I believe there is still good money to be made from casino offers in 2021.

Bonus Accumulator Price

Bonus Accumulator offers two price points.

£17.99 monthly subscription.

£150 a year subscription ( £12.50 a month.)

Bonus Accumulator Price

Both subscription prices are value in my opinion.

You should easily be able to clear £18 a month in expected profit and make well over £150 a year profit from an annual subscription.

Team Casino Or Bonus Accumulator?

There are not that many products around that solely focus on exploiting casino offers.

The other notable bonus service available on the internet is Team Casino. Having tried both services I found Bonus Accumulator to be much more in depth.

Choosing between the two my recommendation would be to go with Bonus Accumulator.

Bonus Accumulator Review Conclusion

In this Bonus Accumulator review we have covered all aspects of the service and from the tone of the review you can probably tell that I have been impressed.

Like I have mentioned through out this review I have been exploiting casino bonus for a few years already.

So when I heard about Bonus Accumulator I thought initially it would just be more of the same.

However Bonus Accumulator have taken everything that was already available and improved it in every aspect.

They have delivered a really sleek and most importantly very functional service that provides a tonne of value for anyone that is looking to make money from casino offers.

Are there any negatives?

Exploiting casino offers isn’t something that is brand new but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of money to be made from doing it.

In conclusion it is easy for me to recommend Bonus Accumulator.

For anyone that is new to casino bonus hunting then this is the perfect place to start.

If your an old hand looking for ways to really maximise your profits from casino offers then you should really take a look at this service.

Going forward this will definitely be the service that I will be using to make money from casino bonuses. 

Is there a Bonus Accumulator Trial?

There isn’t a Bonus Accumulator trial. However I did reach to the team behind Bonus Accumulator.

They have offered readers of Smart Sports Trader 50% off the first month if you sign up through the link below.

Bonus Accumulator Review

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)


Beth Bet Review – Profit From Horse Racing Using AI?

Beth Bet Review

Beth Bet Review

Beth.bet is an artificial intelligence that finds value bets in the horse racing markets.

In the past I have used several methods to make money from the horse racing markets. Exploiting extra places, straight value betting, along with using horse racing tipsters.

So I know that there is money to be made from the horse racing markets.

(Below is a video review explaining features via desktop.)

Having seen some positive reviews of the Beth.bet service. From respected names in the industry such as Caan Berry  (video above) and Stephen Harris.

The software looks very interesting.

So I decided to take a look at it myself.

What Is Beth Bet ?

As stated Beth Bet is an artificial intelligence that uses mathematical algorithms to find value in the horse racing markets.

The algorithm takes into account factors such as a horses pedigree, history, track conditions and weather conditions. This is all done in real time.

When the algorithm detects that a horse offers value the software will highlight it as a recommended bet.

Beth Bet Review

Which Bookmaker Does Beth Bet Cover?

Beth Bet currently covers 11 bookmakers.

  • 888sport
  • 10bet
  • Bet365
  • Betvictor
  • Betway
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Netbet
  • Paddy Power
  • Pokerstars
  • William Hill

This isn’t a huge range of bookmakers especially for many of our readers that are already limited by a number of bookmakers.

However Beth Bet gives you a minimum price that you should bet at.

This gives you a good guide price for finding a value bet.

Beth Bet Selection


For example here you can see Beth Bet has shown the horse “International Lion” as value at odds of 29.00 with 888sport.

The true odds by Beth Bet’s estimation is 24.65.

A quick look at an odds comparison site such as Oddschecker would enable you to see if other bookmakers were offering a value price.

Not just relying on those covered by Beth Bet.

Beth Bet Exchanges

Something that I intend to do over a long term review of this service is to look at if this service can be used profitably with the betting exchanges.

You can see in the picture above I have placed a bet on International Lion at odds of 28.00.

Which is still a value price according to the AI of Beth Bet. However due to being limited with 888sport I placed this bet using the exchange Smarkets.

This suggests that there maybe a way to use Beth.bet with the betting exchanges.

How Profitable Has Beth Bet Been In The Past?

When you login in to Beth.bet you have the opportunity to look at historical results.

This is under the stats page.

You can choose to look at different bookmakers individually or group them together. Also you can break things down into different time frames for example months/years/weeks.


Above are the results from this year using only Bet365.

This shows that a profit of £2007.25 has been made to £1 stakes which is very impressive.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show exactly how many bets were made for this profit to be made.

Historical results are shown by the daily profit and loss.

Beth Bet Results

Here are the results for all bookmakers covered under the Beth.bet software.

These results are from 2021.

Looking through a few different time periods and going through each bookmakers individually.

Beth Bet appears to have been very profitable from past results.

 Beth Bet Review – How Does The Software Work?

The interface reminds me very much of Trademate Sports.

It looks great and is very easy to navigate.


Beth Bet Review

The workspace is where value bets are highlighted.

It shows the bookmaker, race, horse name, time bet was shown and time bet was placed.

If you click on the race. This will automatically send you to the bookmaker’s page for the highlighted race.

The Coef are the odds available at the time, the odds below that are the minimum odds the AI suggests betting the horse at.


Beth Bet Stats

Next up is the stats page.

I wrote about this earlier on, noting down that you can look at historical results.

Here you can also view your own results.

As when bets are placed using Beth.bet it keeps track of your profit and loss.

Event Results


Event results allows you to take a look at the days racing card.

Giving you a brief overview of the races.

It has a section indicating whether or not you had a bet on the race.

After this you have profile and subscription which are both fairly straight forward.


Beth Bet Review

Lastly you have the settings page.

This allows you to set a level staking size, choose how quickly the software refreshes and also allow you to add filters to the selections shown.

The filters are only available for the Pro subscription.

How Much Money Can I Make From Beth Bet?

This is a question that gets asked with most betting services/tipsters.

Like any betting product, this is going to vary depending on a lot of factors.

Which bookmakers do you have available?

What is your starting bankroll?

How much time do you have to to use Beth.bet?

This is not matched betting or arbitrage betting so you have to understand there will be variance.

This means there will be periods when you are profitable but also periods when you are losing money.

Beth Bet Results

Looking at the graph above we can see that although Beth.bet has been very profitable long term. There is a long breakeven stretch at the beginning of the graph.

Probably the most important factor to consider here is that you are not over staking.

Staking is an area where Beth.bet users could probably use more information.

 Beth Bet Review – Improvements That Could Be Made

Beth Bet is a fairly new service but there are a few obvious improvements that could be made.

More bookmakers being added would probably be the biggest one.

This is something that the team behind Beth.bet have already said they are working on.



Suggested staking would be something that I think would benefit the software.

At the moment you set a level staking amount, then adjust it yourself when placing bets.

Odds on the horses can range from any 5.0 to 30.00.

An area where you could input your total bankroll and get a suggested amount to stake. Which would be based on the odds of the horse and perceived value.

I think would be great addition.

One issue I have noticed is that when horses are withdrawn. Odds on selections do not change. This means you have to manually alter them at the end of the day when going through results.

Automating this would be a beneficial.

Beth Bet Results

After 3 months of using Beth Bet you can view the results below.

Beth Bet Results

The creators behind Beth Bet suggest a level staking approach and suggest betting selections in the morning 09.00-12.00.

I have used a simple variable staking plan. Staking £10 on selections at odds of 5.00-10.00, then lowering my stake to £5 for selections above 10.00.

Results after 3 months testing the software have been excellent.

Beth Bet Cost

There are 3 different subscription plans that Beth Bet offers.

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro



Allows you to take a look at the historical results.

You don’t get any live selections sent through the workspace.


The basic version costs £39.99 a month.

With this version you get 30 recommendations day.

Having used the basic version myself for a couple of days I found that this was more then enough for me. If I let the software run for 2 hours between generally 10.00 and 12.00.

I would be able to get my 30 bets done.


The Pro allows you to tinker with some of the filters.

It allows you to have selections sent at certain odds ranges, set a maximum time till the race starts.

The biggest reason to have a pro membership would be to have the 30 selections cap removed.

If your a high volume bettor, perhaps your betting professionally.

You could leave the software running all day and make 50+ bets in a day.

Beth Bet Discount

If you want to test out Beth Beth for yourself.

I managed to get a really good discount for readers of smartsportstrader.com.

Click The Link Below And Use The Code “SST40”

For A 40% Discount On Your First Month


Beth Bet Review

Beth Bet Review – General Thoughts

There is a lot I like about Beth Bet.

It is a high volume approach to betting. Which is an approach I like, as this allows you to grow your bankroll fairly quickly. 

Along with this the software itself is very easy to use.

Ultimately like all betting services/tipsters it is going to be about the results I can achieve using the software.

I will be back next month with an update on my results using the Beth Bet software.

Bookie Insiders Football Review – Neil Mcdonald Betting Tips

Neil Macdonald runs the Bookie Insiders football service.

This service has a great long running track record. It is one of the most well respected football betting tips providers around.

Let’s get straight into it and take a look at my results following the service over a 3 month period.

Bookie Insiders Football Review – Neil Macdonald Betting Tips

The Results

Bookie Insiders Results

These are my results following the service for 3 months.

Number Of Bets132
Profit And Loss£1029
Return On Investment10.6%

As you can see from the graph and results above.

Following Neil Macdonald’s betting tips over a 3 month period of time has been very profitable.

I did miss a few bets due to my own errors and very rarely not being able to match the best odds.

Let’s take a look at the official results for the service over the same time period.

Bookie Insiders Football - Official Results

Number Of Bets147
Profit And Loss£1196
Return On Investment8.5%

Overall you can see that the missed bets cost me a profit of around £167.

How Easy Is It To Match Quoted Odds?

So one of the biggest factors for me when following a tipster is how easy is it to match the quoted odds available.

As there are many tipsters out there that are very profitable at the odds they quote. However matching those odds can be almost impossible at times.

This was not the case with Bookie Insiders Football Service.

I found odds were generally very easy to match or sometimes better. If you have access to betting exchanges better prices were often available.

Bookie Insiders Selections

Above is a screenshot of the type of bets that you will receive from Bookie Insiders.

You can see they are selections in big markets. There are no selections in the Russian second division or Belgium women’s league.

They are all in big leagues with a large amount of liquidity.

In general the odds hold up pretty well and you will get close to or above the quoted odds.

Bookie Insiders Football Service – Long Term Results?

Bookie Insiders have results going back to 2013 for their football service.

This is one of the reasons why this service is very well respected. It is possible to achieve one or two seasons of decent profits betting on football due to sheer luck.

However making a profit over a 8 year period from over 5000 bets.

Shows a high level of skill.

Bookie Insiders Long Term Results

Overall the long term return on investment stands at an impressive 6.6%.

A profit of £21594 has been to the suggested staking.

(stakes usually range from £50-£150)

This is over a large sample of 5365 bets.

How Does The Bookie Insiders Football Service Work?

Once you sign up to the service.

You will receive access to the telegram group.

Telegram is an app that you can download to your phone on desktop. It is very easy to use and set up.

Every time Neil Macdonald sends out a selection, you will then receive that information via telegram.

Monaco vs PSG

Neil will outline the bets odds available at the time the bet is sent. The minimum odds that you should take and his suggested stake size.

Along with this you will also get a breakdown from Neil. Analyzing the game and outlining why he believes that the bet is value.


In terms of following the service it is very easy.

A lot of betting services are now using Telegram. As it is often more efficient then email in terms of speed and getting notifications easily.

Personally I have Telegram downloaded on my phone and receive selections form multiple tipsters. I believe it is one of the best ways to send selections in 2021.

Bookie Insiders Football Service Cost

There are several subscriptions available with the Bookie Insiders football service.

Bookie Insiders Review Cost

Subscriptions come under the following.

Monthly – £39

Quarterly – £116 ( £39 a month)

Every 6 Months – £224 ( £37 a month)

Yearly – £430 (£36 a month)

As you can see the best value comes from a yearly subscription.

Bookie Insiders Football Review – Conclusion

I have been extremely impressed with everything about Neil Macdonald’s football betting tips.

Over the six years I have been running this blog, I haven’t seen a better football service then this.

A 6.6% return on investment, betting in the major football markets is pretty unheard of.

The service runs very smoothly, odds are attainable. Breakdowns of bets are excellent and can really help you with your own betting analysis.

As you are being shown exactly what an expert football bettor looks at when assessing a game.

Bookie Insiders ReviewI have no hesitation in recommending the Bookie Insiders Football Service.

In terms of profit, attainable odds and how the service is run.

It ticks all the boxes.


Bookie Insiders Football Review – FAQ

  1. What type are bets are sent by Bookie Insiders?

Bets are usually sent for large markets such as the Match odds, Asian Handicap and Both Teams To Score.


2. How many bets are sent per week?

When the bigger leagues are running somewhere between 5-15 bets are sent.


3. Can I follow Bookie Insiders football using only betting exchanges?

Absolutely, The vast majority of selections can be bet using the likes of Betfair and Smarkets.



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Betting Reviews – Updates

Over the last 2 months I have been reviewing two services that come with very good reputations.

The first tipster is from Bookie Insiders.

Bookie Insiders Results

Neil Macdonald is a tipster that focuses mainly on the major European football leagues.

Over a 7 year period his results are extremely impressive.

A 6.8% roi over 5311 bets is fairly unheard of in the major football markets.

The big upside to following Neil Macdonald’s tips are that you are betting in big markets. Which means odds don’t get smashed as soon selections are sent out.

Results so far have been very positive.

After 92 selections.

A profit of £886 has been made.

Stakes ranged between £50-£125 on each selections.

Below are the official results over the same time period.

After 95 bets a total profit of £1058.

(The difference in profit and loss is due to missed bets and odds taken.)

Click Here To Read More About Neil Macdonald’s Service.


Ron William Results

The second tipster under review is Ron Williams, a successful horse racing tipster.

This tipster sends out tips selections the evening before the races. However I have been betting the selections the next day around 11.00 using the betting exchanges.

To see whether or not it could be profitable to follow Ron Williams using only the exchanges.

Long term results suggest if I am able to get odds somewhat close to the ones quoted in the email the evening before.

Then it could be profitable to follow tips using the exchanges.

Ron Williams Results

After 139 selections.

A loss of -£63 has been made

Stakes range from £20 to £40

A profit has not been made so far following these selections.

Ron Williams Official Results

Below are the official results from Ron Williams backing the selections the evening before racing.

After 170 selections.

A loss of -£385 has been made.

(The difference in number of bets made and profit and loss. Is due to missed bets and selections shortening in odds to the point where the value is gone.)

Ron Williams Horse Racing

Click Here To Read More About Ron Williams


If you have any suggestions for future reviews.

Please comment below or send a message to [email protected]


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

OddsMonkey Review 2021 – Make £500 A Month?

Oddsmonkey Review – Can you still make £500 a month from matched betting?

That is the question that I want to answer in this Oddsmonkey review.

In 2021 whilst I don’t think its easy to make £500 a month from matched betting alone it still can be done.

If you utilize everything that Oddsmonkey offers.

In this review I will go through all of the opportunities available and methods you can use to make decent profits every month.

Matched betting is the quickest, most efficient way to build up a betting or trading bank. If you are looking to make a low risk second income online its one of the best options available.

In the video below I outline the strategies used to make over £100,000 in profit using matched betting as a starting point.

There are several matched betting services out there but the big question is which offers the best value?

Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator is a discussion that arises often between matched bettors. For me personally as someone that has been matched betting for many years on a large scale there is clearly one service that offers the most value.

Oddsmonkey Review 2018
In this article I will be reviewing the Oddsmonkey premium service which costs £19.99 a month.

OddsMonkey have been around for a long time and originally just offered their excellent odds matching software as a subscription. Seeing the success of other matched betting services.

Odds Monkey decided to offer there own service.

This is the service I will be reviewing.

The OddsMonkey premium service offers a load of useful software and applications for matched betting and arbitrage.

OddsMonkey Review


Matched Betting Tutorial

For those that are new to matched betting and not completely confident. Oddsmonkey offer an excellent tutorial explaining everything you need to know about matched betting.

Even including a free membership which guides newcomers through a step by step process of 3 sign up offers.

Oddsmonkey Review Matched Betting Tutorial

Oddsmonkey Review – New Customer Sign Up Offers

Oddsmonkey lists and updates regularly all of the best bookmaker sign up offers available. From these bookmaker sign up offers alone it is possible to make over a £500.

The premium service gives you exact instructions on how to extract money from these offers.

You can then use the Oddsmatcher software included with Oddsmonkey to find the best possible odds for your free bets.

A subscription to Oddsmonkey allows you to go through the whole process as efficiently as possible. Whilst also highlighting any new opportunities that arise.

Oddsmonkey Review Sign Up OfferThis is easiest way to start making money from sports betting and great way to build up some capital before you move on to the next set of methods.

Oddsmonkey Review – Bingo and Casino Offers

Bookmaker offers are the not the only focus of the Oddsmonkey service.

Oddsmonkey also highlights the best opportunities available from bingo and casino companies. Again the instructions are laid out very simply and are easy to follow.

Oddsmonkey Review Casino Signup

The mathematics behind why these offers are profitable is explained in well written guides.

Whilst new offers are added and existing offers are also being updated frequently.

Oddsmatcher software (odds matching software for arbitrage and matched betting)

One of the stand out features of the Oddsmonkey premium membership is the Oddsmatcher software.

The Oddsmatcher software allows you to to filter the odds, bookmaker, date. sport, betting exchange that you want to see.

This allows find qualifying bets and odds matches for your free bets extremely easy.

Oddsmonkey Review Oddsmatcher

Oddsmatcher is extremely easy to use. It is quick at processing the information you input. Whilst it can also be used to find arbitrage bets and value bets.

Oddsmonkey have really created an excellent piece of software with the Oddsmatcher software. its a joy to use.

Racing Matcher

Racing Matcher is a piece of software created by Oddsmonkey to make profiting from horse racing offers as easy as possible.

Oddsmonkey Review Racing Matcher

It highlights the races for the day. Which offers are available for each race. What the qualifying condition for the race is e.g free bet if a faller.

Then it shows you the current odds available at both bookmaker and exchanges. Showing you the potential profit or loss for the qualifying bet.

Again its all about speed and efficiency with the Oddsmonkey software.

The racing matcher allows you to take advantage of horse racing offers in the quickest possible way.

Tennis Matcher

Tennis Matcher uses the same process as the software racing matcher but this time for tennis offers.


Oddsmonkey Review Tennis Matcher

When big tournaments such as Wimbledon come around. The tennis matcher is a superb piece of software.

It allows you to really take advantage of the opportunities available. There is the opportunity for a lot of money to be made from tennis offers, this software gives you the most efficient way to extract profits.

Each Way Matcher

How much more software is there?

Oddsmonkey really go all out to provide everything you need for matched betting.

So there is quite a bit more.

Lets take a look at the each way matcher.

Each way betting involves backing horse in both the win and place market. Due to the way bookmakers calculate an each way bet it can be open to exploitation.

You can exploit these situations by guaranteeing a profit from backing at a bookmaker and laying with an exchange.

Oddsmonkey Review Eachway Matcher

The eachway matcher highlights these opportunities.

Calculates the stakes you need to make a profit and updates every 30 seconds. Meaning that any new matches will appear as the odds create a profitable eachway bet.

Extra Place Matcher

Often when there is a big horse racing festival. Bookmakers will offer a special promotion paying out extra places. 

This then creates situations where you can back and lay a horse. Should they finish in that extra place spot for example 5th.

You can win both the back bet and the lay bet.

Oddsmonkey Review Extra Place Matcher

These opportunities can be extremely profitable. Oddsmonkey created the extra place matcher to take advantage of these scenario’s.

Highlighting the best extra place opportunities and doing all the calculations for you.

Matched Betting Calculators

Alongside all of the software mentioned above.

Oddsmonkey also provide 12 different matched betting calculators. Which cover pretty much every situation you find yourself in.

Oddsmonkey Review Calculators

1.EV calculator

2. Each way calculator

3.Each way reverse calculator

4. Each way extra place calculator

5. Risk free equal profit calculator

6. Trigger bet calculator

7. Rule 4 calculator

8. Early payout calculator

9. Sporting Index calcultor

10. Dutching calculator

11. Unwanted lay calcultor

12. Win bonus calculator

Matched Betting Spreadsheets

Once you start matched betting and see how profitable it is. It’s likely that you going to start hitting hundreds of offers each month.

Keeping track of all these offers and your profit can be quite hard work.

Luckily Oddsmonkey provide 14 different ready to use spreadsheets formatted in Excel.

Oddsmonkey Review Spreadsheets

Simplicity, speed and efficiency for matched betting is the ethos behind Oddsmonkey. These spreadsheets again are an emphasis for this.

Acca Matcher (accumulator software that profits from bookmaker promotions) 

Do you want to learn how to make money from accumulator offers?

The Acca matcher will show you exactly how to do that.

Whether you wish to take a value betting approach and let your accumulator bets run. Perhaps you prefer lay each bet sequentially to guarantee a profit.

Maybe you want to mix your approach and let your initial bets run and lay the last two.

Oddsmonkey Review Acca Matcher

Oddsmonkey’s Acca matcher does all the hard calculations for you.

Highlighting the most profitable opportunities available at the time.

Matched Betting Forum

The popularity of Oddsmonkey has grown and grown over the last few years. As this has happened so has the community.

Oddsmonkey now has a very active forum with lots of helpful individuals giving out advice.

There are threads for beginners, threads pointing out profitable odds boosts, discussions on how to make the most of matched betting.

Oddsmonkey Review Forum

For those that want to become part of an educated matched betting community.

The Oddsmonkey forums are a great place to be.

Daily Offer Calendar 

Recurring offers are pretty prevalent among bookmakers and casino’s.

The daily offer calendar captures all of these recurring offers. It then presents you with instructions on how to complete the offers. Along with an estimated profit upon completion of the offer.

Oddsmonkey Review Daily Offers

Oddsmonkey Results

From April 2017 till April 2018. I took on a challenge to try and make £50,000 in a year. Using recommended services from my blog alongside some of the betting/trading methods I have written about.

Here are my results from matched betting and arbitrage.

April – £787

May – £91 (Made a mistake which cost me £300)

June – £548

July – £380

August – £1261

September – £892

October – £1139

Oddsmonkey Review Results

November – £643

December – £578

January – £1113

February – £956

March – £1295

Even now in 2021 I still use Oddsmonkey to take advantage of any matched betting opportunities that come up.

Along with value betting opportunities that occur from each way bets.

Oddsmonkey has been software that I have used throughout my 4 year betting challenge and helped me generate over six figures from the sports betting markets.

(Other sports betting and trading methods have also been used which you can read about here.)

Making A Million

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

Want To Get Started Cick Here For Your Free Trial 

This trial will show you how to earn up £45 for free.

Giving you access to the introduction guide which will show you step by step how make money from matched betting.

Oddsmonkey Review – Still The Best Matched Betting Service In 2021?

Whenever I do a review, I like to highlight any negatives I find within a service.

But truth be told Oddsmonkey is really an exceptional service.

You get your value for money with OddsMonkey. It is really the complete package offering anything you need for matched betting.

There is a huge amount of content and useful software included in your membership. 

The website is very well put together and easy to navigate.

For the new or advanced matched bettor. Oddsmonkey have really made it easy for you to find what you need very quickly.

Really what stands out about OddsMonkey is how sleek, efficient and easy to navigate everything is.

They have packed so much software and content into the service yet I was familiar with it all within a few minutes.

OddsMonkey have really done an excellent of providing the best aspects of what Profit Maximiser have done. Then added as much value as they can on top of that.


Oddsmonkey Review


There isn’t anything bad about this service for £19.99 a month it is exceptional value.

Oddsmonkey Review

Final Verdict

The Odds Monkey Premium service is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone that was looking to start matched betting it is the complete package.

For those that are experienced matched bettors the tools and software that come as part of the OddsMonkey package make life very easy.

This is the best matched betting service that I have used.

You should easily be able make much more then the subscription price of £19.99 a month using the Oddsmonkey Service

I look at it as an investment that offers a great return.

You can be making profits of over a £1000 a month using this software.

It gets top marks for me its a five star product and highly recommended.

Click Here To Trial Oddsmonkey For Free


Oddsmonkey Review 2021



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Trademate Sports Review 2021 – BONUS Extended Trial

Trademate Sports Review – The software that has made it’s customers over 6 million Euros in profit.

With the popularity of matched betting rising in the last few years there are a lot of people that realise there is money to be made from soft bookmakers.

Trademate Sports Review Stats

In this Trademate sports review. Let’s take a look at whether value betting is another way of taking money out of the bookmakers pockets.

Below is a video outlining my results using the software and overall thoughts.

What is value betting?

Value betting is based on the concept that sharp bookmakers which don’t limit winning players (Pinnacle etc.)

Are much better providing odds that are close to the true expectation of an event occurring. In comparison to the soft bookmakers (Bet365, William Hill etc.)

This means that by following the odds movement of a sharp bookmaker such as Pinnacle, we can find value at the softer less efficient bookmakers.

If for example Pinnacle are offering something at odds of 2.0 and William Hill have the same bet at 2.2. We can be confident the bet at William Hill is value.


What is closing line value?

Many professional sports bettors look at the closing odds of an event to see if their bet was value. Rather then simply looking at whether it won or lost.

It has been proven that if you are constantly able to bet at odds which close on a sharp bookmaker at a lower number.

Then you will make money over the long term.

For example you bet Manchester United at odds of 1.5. On Pinnacle the odds close just before the event at 1.42. This would be seen as a “value bet” whether it won or lost.

Trademate Sports software monitors thousands of betting odds and flags up value betting opportunities when they occur.

Trademate Sports Pro And Core Review 


After 6 months of using the Trademate Sports pro and core software lets take a look at the results.

Key Stats

Total Staked£61,700
ROI (Return On Investment)2.5%
ROC (Return On Capital)29%


During the six months trial I got to test out both the core software (Costs around a £100 a month) and the pro software (£340 a month.)

The core software allows you to exploit a large number of soft bookmakers such as Bet365, Unibet, Coral, Will Hill etc.

Whilst the pro software focuses on the betting exchanges and Asian Bookmakers.

I have split my results up into two categories Core and Pro.

Trademate Core Results 

Using Trademate to exploit soft bookmakers was very successful.

I used a starting bank of £5000 and set my staking level to low kelly. (There are several different risk levels you can use with Trademate. Ranging from low to medium to high.)

After a total of 1146 bets a total profit of £1970 was made.

This worked out at an average return on investment of 4.1% per bet.

Trademate Pro Results 

Trademate Pro Results

The second set of results are using the pro software. For this software it is recommended you start with a £20,000 bankroll as the return on investment is much lower.

My starting bankroll however was again £5000.

Being based in the UK my focus was on using the pro software with the exchanges rather then the Asian bookmakers.

After 778 trades a total loss of -£430 was made with the pro software.

This worked out at an average return on investment of -3.1% per bet.

How to Use Trademate

Before I go on to my general thoughts about using the Trademate Core and Pro software.

Let’s take a look at how to use Trademate.

If you would like to trial Trademate yourself. Click this link and when signed up quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the chat for an extended two week trial and 10% discount off your first month.

Trademate Sports is a very easy product to use and finding value bets is fairly simple.

It takes between 10 to 20 minutes to set up initially. You choose the bookmakers you want to use and allocate an amount of your overall bankroll to that bookmaker.

Then you choose the sports you wish to bet on, markets, odds ranges and how many hours before a game you are willing to take a bet.

Each time the software finds a value bet you get an alert with the suggested staking.

Once you register a trade, Trademate logs this bet automatically and grades the result. The data is then used to produce your results as seen in the images above.


The filters are then saved for future use and any time you wish to find value bets for your selected bookmakers you just log in to the software.

There are occasionally some small problems with the software. For example an edge may show up that has long expired or doesn’t exist because a game has been suspended.

Any errors are usually fixed very quickly though and if you bring it to the attention of the Trademate Sports staff they will reply promptly.

Trademate Sports Filters

An interesting aspect of the Trademate Sports software is that there are several different approaches to using it.

For example there are recommended and non recommended markets.

The recommended markets are the highest liquidity games for example the Champions League, Premier League, NFL etc where it should be less noticeable that you are value betting.

The non recommended markets cover everything from women’s European basketball to the Serbian second division.

My focus was on both the recommended leagues and non recommended leagues. I struggled to get a decent amount of bets by only focusing on the recommended leagues.

Trademate Sports Filter

So I opted to also include non recommended leagues as that dramatically increased the amount of bets that I was able to get on.

Interestingly enough I found that even betting the non recommended leagues I have several accounts that have not been limited despite using them for the six month period.

Trademate Sports Core Review – Thoughts On Core Software

The core software is the staple of Trademate Sports. It is the software that the majority of its user base are subscribed to.

It has a higher return on investment per bet then the pro software and is a third of the price.

My results using the core software were much better then the pro (which is to be expected as the pro software in general has a lower roi.)

The software covers a large amount of soft bookmakers and I realized that there are also a lot of clone bookmakers that I didn’t have accounts with or barely used in the passed.

The big upside of the software is its simplicity and efficiency.

Which means that there is still a lot of opportunity for me to use the core software despite being limited by the majority of bookmakers.

Also I found that even the likes of Bet365 and Skybet where I am limited still allowed me to stake to win £50 to £100 on a lot of lower league English markets.

Overall I was very impressed with the Core software. I think if you have a lot of soft accounts and are looking for a way to utilize them.

Then Trademate Core is a great way to profit from your soft bookmaker accounts.

Trademate Sports Pro Review – Thoughts On Pro Software

My results using the Trademate Sports pro software were not as successful in comparison to the core.

At the start of the review I had 0% commission with Matchbook, with Matchbook I was able to get a large amount of value bets above 2.5% however after around 2 months my 0% commission was removed.

After that there was a large drop in the amount of bets I was able to get on using the pro software.

The Betfair exchange provided the most. However the main issue with this was often the liquidity. Often it was was very low and I could only get on £20-£30 which isn’t enough when the subscription costs £340 a month.

Using the pro software to find profitable edges is much more challenging then the core software. I did find some profitable areas however I struggled to get a decent amount of volume through.

Whilst I know there are people that have used the pro software successfully. It is not as simple as the core software and you really need to dig into the big data analytics tool to discover some profitable angles.

I think the majority of people would be better suited to using the core software.

Due to the lower expected return on investment of the pro software and larger amount of capital needed.

My personal preference is the core software.

Trademate Sports Review Conclusion

Based on the results of the core software I am happy to give a recommendation to Trademate Sports.

Professional sports bettor Neel Shah has also used the core software to make a very nice profit.

Below is a video of his results using the software.

I feel that with the pro software I would need some more time to delve into the Asian bookmakers and get more data with the exchanges.

However the core software has proven to be very profitable.

Over the last few years there has been a reduction in the amount of money that can be made from matched betting.

Trademate Sports and value betting in general are a great way of getting more money out of your soft bookmaker accounts.

The big upside of using the software is its simplicity and efficiency.

Allowing hundreds or potentially thousands of value bets a month.

Trademate Sports Discount

I will continue to use Trademate for my own personal betting, as part of the making a million from sports betting challenge.

Whenever I come across a service or product that is profitable I use it myself going forward.

By combining these profitable methods and services I have been able to generate a very good income over the last 4 years.

Value betting has been one of the main methods used.

Making A Million

I reached out to the Trademate Sports team and was able to get a special deal for readers of smartsportstrader.com

If you would like to trial Trademate yourself. Click this link and when signed up quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the chat for an extended two week trial and 10% discount off your first month.

Trademate Sports Review



Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your long term goals.)

Betmarkets Review 2021 – Should You Invest?

Betmarkets is a platform that allows you to invest in tipsters and have all of the bets placed automatically for you.

In this Betmarkets review we will look at how the platform functions. The betting tipsters they offer and my personal results using the platform.

As someone that has been looking at automated sports betting strategies for a while. I was very excited to test out what Betmarkets had to offer.


What is Betmarkets?

Betmarkets launched in 2020, the platform is very easy to use. It allows you to allocate funds to a number of vetted betting tipsters.

The platform places bets in the Asian betting markets and also with betting exchanges. The business model of these bookmakers and exchanges are different to that of the big European bookmakers.

Rather then limiting winning customers like their European counter parts, The Asian bookmakers rely more on profiting on turnover.

So Betmarkets focuses on tipsters that have shown historically to be able to profit from the Asian or exchange markets.

How Do Betmarkets Make Money?

So whenever a new betting platform or product is released. One of the first things I want to understand is how does their business model work.

To understand how Betmarkets business model works I will just quickly go through how you invest in a tipster.

Allocating Funds To A Betmarkets Tipster

Allocating funds to a tipster is very simple. You choose the amount you wish to invest along with your chosen staking plan (Also choosing if you want to reinvest profits and compound your investment or not).

Then the Betmarkets platform takes care of the rest, as bets are placed automatically on your behalf.

Betmarkets Review Arvis

There are no subscription fees for Betmarkets or joining fee. The way that the Betmarkets business model works is that they take a share of the profit made by tipsters. If a tipster makes a profit over a 3 month period then 20% of the profit is shared between the tipster and the platform.

It is a simple premise and one that I really like.

If you wish to watch a video explaining how Betmarkets works and my own experience with the platform so far. You can click on the video below.

Click Here To Visit Betmarkets

Betmarkets Review – Profit Share

Let’s look at an example of how the profit share works by looking at my top performing tipsters.

So above you can see the top two performing tipsters in my portfolio.

Arvis is a tipster that specializes in hockey and Sander is a basketball tipster.

Currently Arvis is showing a profit of £97, you can see at the end of the image the fees that are due. If this profit is maintained then a fee of £19.31 will be paid at the end of March.

Fee’s are applicable on a quarterly basis (March, June, October, December)

You can see that Sander is showing a profit of £52.48 and fees of £9.57 are due. This is a little lower then 20% as 20% would be £10.49. The reason behind this is that he was in small profit during the previous 3 months and a small fee had already been paid out.

As you can see below £1.16 was paid previously on the 12/2020.

You may also notice that this has been taken off his overall profit. This means that Betmarkets shows you the profit made after fees have been taken.

I think this very positive as it shows that the platform is transparent about the profit and not hiding any hidden costs.

Losing Tipsters

Alright so we have looked at what happens with winning tipsters.

Let’s take a look at how the profit fees are handled with losing tipsters.

Betmarkets Thiago

This is Thiago one of the tennis tipsters at Betmarkets.

So far Thaigo has not managed to make a profit. You can see from the picture above that Thiago is currently -£38.51 overall from his betting. This meant that in December no fees were paid out to Thaigo and also his losses carried over to the next period.

Losses are always carried over, they are never reset.

This means that a tipster has to make a profit for you before you have to pay any fees. So for example Thiago will have to make up the £38.51 in losses and show a profit, before the end of March in order for a fee to be taken.

If he does not make over £38.51 or incurs more losses then this will be carried over into the next 3 month cycle.

Again, until he makes a long term profit the losses will be continually carried over.

Betmarkets Review – Who Are Their Tipsters?

Betmarkets have done an excellent job of getting some of the best and most reputable tipsters from around the world.

They have also done an excellent job of providing its users with a varied amount of data to assess each tipster.

On the Betmarkets team are the likes of Nishikori from Pyckio, Neil Macdonald from Bookie Insiders and Greg Gordan from the Smart Betting Club.

In total at the time of writing there are 44 tipsters on the Betmarkets platform.

Nishikori Betmarkets

This is the first set of data that you will see when you select a tipster to look at. 

  • Amount of bets
  • Number of people copying this tipster already
  • Return on total investment
  • Edge on Pinnacle closing odds
  • Yield per bet
  • Maximum drawdown using historical data

There is also a bio for each tipster. Outlining some general information such as how many bets they make on average a week, what markets they specialize in etc.

When breaking down their overall results you can look at their statistics year by year.


Betmarkets Review Nishikori

Or if you prefer, you can look at their overall results from when they started tipping.

Betmarkets Nishikori Results

If you want to dig really deep you can look at a tipsters results on a individual bet by bet basis.

There is also the ability to break it down by competition.

Nishikori Results

Overall there is a really impressive amount of data available for you to break a down a tipsters record. Then build a portfolio of tipsters that suit your style of betting.

My Betmarkets Results So Far

I have been with the Betmarkets platform for around 2 months now. Initially I only followed a few tipsters in order to get comfortable with the platform.

After a little thought I decided I would go for a high turnover approach and now have a portfolio of 27 tipsters.

My initial investment into Betmarkets is £1000, which was converted into just under 1100 euros.

Betmarkets Review Results

After 3057 bets.

A loss of -£60.39 has been made.

The return on initial investment is -4.65%, however the average closing edge has been positive at 3.08% (The closing odds do not include the margin and not all closing odds are recorded. Some bets are made live, others such as esports don’t record closing edges.)

So I imagine a few people reading this will be put off after seeing a negative figure from over 3000 bets.

However having done thousands of value bets myself and also having exploited thousands of casino offers. I know that sometimes you can hit long stretches where you are break even or slightly losing.

Especially if if your edge is relatively small.

There is a an excellent video highlighting how variance effects betting results that I added below.

Another reason that i don’t want to throw in the towel early with my investment. Is that I also know two other individuals who joined the platform before me, who both are in profit.

On this blog I have wrote about how sports betting is a long term game.

Betmarkets is no different.

I am willing to wait a few more months and see a few more thousands bets before I make any judgement on results or look at changing my betting portfolio.

Betmarkets Review – Positives

Here are some of the most positive aspects I have found so far on the Betmarkets platform.

Being Able To Follow Live Bets

This is a big positive for me. The ability to have bets placed in live markets automatically.

The live betting markets offer a lot of opportunity and also liquidity. Another positive is they don’t tend to be as sharp as pre-match markets. Due to the fact that the variables are always changing in-play.

If you are ever manually following a tipster that bets in live markets it can be a nightmare to follow. 

They place bets when you are sleeping, when your eating your tea, out walking with your family. It can be very frustrating when your constantly missing winners and only get on the losers.

Betmarkets Live Bets

So the ability to have this all automated for you is a major plus for me.

Time Efficient

Its a time efficient way of approaching sports betting.

I have been betting for a long period of time and for close to 4 years I have been documenting my results on monthly basis.

In total I have put thousands of hours into sports betting and exploiting casino offers. Recently I have been looking for ways to increase turnover without having to put to a lot of extra hours into it.

Bets Placed

Betmarkets is perfect for those of us that don’t have a tonne of extra time to put into our betting. Once you have built your portfolio it is pretty much set and forget. You can then check it on a monthly or bi monthly basis to make alterations.

Betmarkets Review – Negatives

Probably the number one negative that has been pointed out with Betmarket’s is the lack of deposit options.

A lot of sports bettors are used to being able to deposit with debit or credit card and instantly being able to use their funds.

Betmarket Deposit Options

However currently Betmarkets only offer bank transfer, revolut, monzo and deposits via cryptocurrencies to UK customers (deposit options are different depending on country.)

Betmarkets FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the most frequent questions that have been asked about Betmarkets.

The response is from the Betmarkets team.

Do tipsters have a cap on the amount of money they manage?

“Absolutely. Yes, each bettor has a personalized cap depending on the liquidity on the markets they manage. In case that a bet is not 100% placed, the amount is distributed on a pro-rata basis per each copier, weighted on the amount they have allocated to that bettor.”

“On smaller leagues where liquidity is an issue, we will never be placing EV- bets – once the odds are below what the bettor has defined as the min. odds (what (s)he believes to be the threshold at which the bet goes from EV+ to EV-) we will stop placing until the odds bounce back.”

“If the odds do not bounce back on pre-match, the bettor is allowed to stake the remaining during live betting, should (s)he wish to do so.”

What level of protection is there regarding player funds?

“Player funds are held on a segregated account so there is no liability regarding a potential Betmarkets insolvency. We operate under UK/European standards.”

Betmarkets Review – Conclusion

This review is ongoing at the moment.

I don’t feel like I can come to any firm conclusion about the Betmarkets platform so far.

My plan is to update results every few months here and on youtube.

Then really delve into the results after a full year on the platform.

Obviously so far results haven’t been positive and time will tell if this will end up being a profitable investment for myself.

However I feel there are a lot of positives with the platform and I have been impressed with the level of tipsters that they have managed to bring on board.

Click Here To Visit Betmarkets

Betmarkets Banner


Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your long term goals.)

Smart Betting Club Review 2021 – Is It Worth The Money?

Secret Betting Club Review

Smart betting club review – is it worth the money?

Will it make you a better punter?

What Is The Smart Betting Club / Formerly The Secret Betting Club?

The Smart Betting Club is a service that aims to help people make long term profits from sports betting. Established in 2006 the Smart Betting Club has been providing independent tipster reviews for over 11 years.

They also cover issues such account restrictions, betting brokers, betting exchanges and basically everything you need to be aware of when attempting to make money from sports betting.

Smart Betting Club Review

What do they offer?

There is a wealth of free information provided on the Smart Betting Club website. However the model they use to fund the service is through subscriptions. If you subscribe to the service you get access to a monthly magazine, tipster profit reports, free tipsters, tipster discounts and more.

The Smart Betting Club Review – Publications

A new magazine is produced every month. The magazine’s usually feature reviews of betting tipsters, interviews with expert sports bettors and articles regarding sports betting as an investment.

The standout aspect of these magazines are the tipster reviews. They are the most in depth and detailed reviews of a tipster service that I have ever seen on the internet.

These reviews do more then just measure the profit and loss of a tipster but also address other key issues. Bookmakers used, timing of bets, practicality of following the service, how quickly odds drop etc.

Alongside the regular magazine there are also tipster profit reports. These contain a breakdown of how a number of services have performed in the past 12 months. Much like the magazine reviews these breakdowns are very thorough with several different factors being looked at. 

With a paid subscription you get access to the complete back catalogue going back to 2006.

Bet Diary Pro

Secret Betting Club Review

The bet diary is a blog written by Rowan Day. He details his attempt to make an annual return from sports betting. This is a really great feature that I enjoy reading.

You get to see the reality of sports betting as an investment.

It isn’t easy and this blog really goes into detail about the challenges you will face if you are planning to make money from sports betting.

The bet diary is available for free on the Smart Betting Club website. The difference with a paid subscription is the identities of all the tipsters Rowan is using are revealed.

Tipster Discounts/ Free Tipsters

With membership to the smart betting club you get a discounted rate on several profitable tipsters. Some of these discounts would actually pay for a years subscription to the Smart Betting Club. 

The Smart Betting Club also have several free trials ongoing within their forum. You can also sign up to receive some of these selections through email.

The tips are provided by Smart Betting Club members and also commercial services providing free tips.

2019 has seen been a very successful year for SBC free tipsters.

Below is a synopsis of the August & Long-term form for each tipster…

PGA Profits Golf Tips
August Profits: 150 points profit @ 212.77% ROI

Long-term Profits: 334.52 points profit @ 19.3% ROI

The Turf Buddy Racing Tips
August Profits: 93.28 points profit @ 13.72% ROI

Long-term Profits: 207.3 points profit @ 18.76% ROI

Kieran Ward’s Value Racing Tips
August Profits: 7.32 points profit @ 9.38% ROI

Long-term Profits: 1096.69 points profit @ 10.21% ROI

The Poacher Football Tips – PreMatch & In-Play
August Profits: 2.89 points profit @ 18.65% ROI

Long-term Profits: 11.36 points profit @ 5.78% ROI

In-Play (started end of March 2019)
August Profits: 1.41 points profit @ 14.16% ROI

Long-term Profits: -0.17 points loss @ -0.20% ROI

The Inside Man’s Football Tips
August Profits: -1.26 points loss @ -8% ROI

Long-term Profits: 9.37 points profit @ 7.39% ROI

Smart Betting Club Memberships

Smart Betting Club Membership

There are several different membership options.

Free Membership – 

  • 2 Free SBC Magazines
    Free Tipster Report
    Free  Bet Diary

Then there are quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscriptions to the service.

Paid Membership –

  • SBC Magazines
  • Bet Diary Pro
  • Free Tipsters
  • Back Catalogue
  • Tipster Savings
  • Forum Access
  • Moneyback Guarantee 
  • Exchange and bet broker guide


Smart Betting Club Review – Conclusion

In my opinion the Smart Betting Club is a service that offers a lot of value.

Membership’s are relatively cheap with the most expensive being yearly at around £80 for the year. Whilst the cheapest option is the quarterly service which would only cost £28 a quarter(which would good you a good taster of what the service can offer).

There are some aspects that I think could be improved.

The forum is quite a quiet place other then the tips that are being published. Having been established for such a long time I imagine there are some very experienced bettors among there members.

I think that a much more active community would add a lot of value to the service. Other then that though I don’t see much more that could be improved.

Overall I think that the secret betting club is a excellent resource for anyone looking to make money from the world of sports betting.

In my opinion the betting reviews they produce are the best around. The articles are always very informative, they are always up to date with the latest news in the world of sports betting.

The addition of a strong number of free tipsters also really tips the value scale for me. 

Meaning that you get a ready made portfolio of good tipsters on signing up with the smart betting club.

It gets a recommendation from me.

Personally I think If you are looking to make money from sports betting this is one of the best investments you could make.

Click Here For More About The Smart Betting Club

Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your long term goals.)