Bet Hero Review 2024 – Exclusive Discount And Trial

Bet Hero Review

Bet Hero is the newest value betting and arbitrage betting software to hit the market. These are are two proven betting strategies that we have covered in detail on this blog.

Arbitrage betting looks at covering all outcomes of an event to secure a guaranteed profit. Value betting uses sharper bookmakers to highlight value with slower moving soft bookmakers. There is no doubt that both strategies work, however does Bet Hero offer anything new to the market.

In this review we will cover everything you need to know;

  • How Bet Hero Works?
  • Which Bookmakers Does Bet Hero Cover?
  • How Much Profit Can I Make From Bet Hero?
  • Does The Software Offer Anything New?
  • Is There Bet Hero Free Trial Or Discount?

Bet Hero Review


Bet Hero Setting – How It Works

Bet Hero is incredibly simple to set up!

Once you have signed up you simply need to put in your starting bankroll, choose your staking plan and preferred odds format. Then you can get started with with either value betting or arbitrage betting.

Bet Hero Settings

The first thing that you need to with either the value betting or matched betting is to choose the bookmakers that you have available to you. In total Bet Hero offer over 230 bookmakers worldwide, however depending on the country you are based only certain bookmakers will be available.

Bet Hero Review

In the UK there are a total of 48 bookmakers covered.

  • 888sport
  • All British Casino + 2 clones
  • Azuro (Crypto bookmakers)
  • Dafabet UK + 4 clones
  • Betfair/Pokerstars/Paddypower
  • Betvictor +2 clones
  • Bwin + 3 clones
  • Unibet + 5 clones
  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • Matchbook
  • Betfair Exchange
  • Skybet
  • Midnite
  • Plus more

(Clone bookmakers are sites that are in a different name however offer the same odds. For example Unibet have many clone sites with the same odds such as 32Red,Leovegas and BetMGM.)

How To Find Arbitrage And Value Bets

Once you have set up your bankroll and bookmakers you have available to you, it’s time to move onto the software which flags up all the opportunities available to you.

Bet Hero Arbitrage Bets

Looking at the software right now there are multiple arbitrage bets available at the moment. The largest arbitrage bet is between Boylesports and the Unibet clones on a baseball game between Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres.

This is an 11.3% arbitrage bet. Which means for every £100 you staked across all outcomes a profit of £11.30 would be made. There are multiple arbitrage bets available every single day, if you are looking for a low risk way to profit from sports betting. Arbitrage betting is an excellent strategy to use.

Bet Hero Value Betting

Bet Hero Value Betting

Next up is the value betting tracker, which flags bets where the bookmaker is offering odds which are bigger then they should be. Bet Hero compares odds from all 230+ bookmakers available to highlight outliers which offer value. It uses sharper bookmakers who are more efficient at pricing their odds to pinpoint bookmakers that offering value.

One aspect of Bet Hero that makes it stand out among other bookmakers is the amount of markets that it covers. The majority of value betting software does not cover prop markets such as card or corners in football. Bet Hero covers all these markets and as such often finds very large value bets.

How Much Profit Can I Make From Bet Hero?

Profit will vary depending on multiple factors;

  • How many bookmakers you have available to you
  • Starting bankroll
  • Time able to be spent using Bet Hero
  • Country you are based in
  • Ability to get new bookmaker accounts or bet in shops

What I can say however is that value betting and arbitrage are strategies that do work. personally I have used them over many years and made over six figures in total from sports betting.

Value Betting Results

To share my personal value betting for this year up until mid way through May. A total of £5353 has been made from using a value betting strategy. I should note this isn’t from using Bet Hero but the way in which value bets are found is the same (using sharp bookmakers to find value.)

It is a strategy that has been proven to work long term.

Bet Hero WinningsLooking on the Bet Hero Discord there are multiple users having a lot of success using this strategy from multiple different countries.

Does Bet Hero Offer Anything New?

On this site we have covered the likes of Trademate, Rebelbetting and Oddsmonkey which can all be used for value betting purposes. So does Bet Hero actually bring anything new to the table?


There area couple of aspects that make Bet Hero unique. The first one that has already been mentioned is the amount of markets they cover. Player prop markets, card markets, corner markets, Bet Hero seems to cover basically everything you can bet on.

Alongside this it covers 26 sports with all your major sports and niche ones such as;

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Lacrosse
  • Floorball
  • Water Polo
  • Aussie Rules

In my opinion this is one of the biggest reasons to look at using Bet Hero. It highlights some very big value bets with bookmakers that I had no use for previously.

Discord Integration

Discord integration is also something Bet Hero offers. This enables you to set up betting alerts through your phone or desktop via the Discord app. They also use Discord to host a community so that you can connect with other users or ask any questions.

Bet Hero Free Trial And Discount

Bet Hero costs 66 euros a month if paid for annually or 99 euros a month on a rolling basis.

Bet Hero Cost

There is currently a 3 day free trial you can get with Bet Hero. This is enough time to get to grips with the software and try it out. The ideal day to try it would be Friday, in order to give you a full weekend when there are the most opportunities.

In terms of a discount, should you want to continue with Bet Hero. We reached out to the owner of Bet Hero and he kindly gave us a discount code for 20% off your first month.

The code is “SST20” when using the link below.

Click Here For 20% Discount

Bet Hero Review – Conclusion

Overall Bet Hero is a good addition to the list of growing value betting software available. Whilst it isn’t as visually impressive as Trademate Sports for example and lacks a few things.

  • Tracking clv (closing line value)
  • Additional filters to choose specific markets

It does cover a very wide range of additional markets alongside covering many bookmakers that other value betting software doesn’t. For those reasons alone I believe that it is worth taking up the trial for the software.

If you are also in a country that most value betting software doesn’t cater to, looking at Bet Hero is a good option as there coverage of bookmakers is extremely wide.

Click Here To Start Your Free Trial


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Best Value Betting Software 2024 – Exclusive Free Trials!

Trademate Historical Results

What is the best value betting software to use in 2024?

Value betting is a proven method of profiting from bookmakers. The strategy involves reading the odds movement from sharp bookmakers and exchanges in order to highlight value with soft bookmakers.

Value Betting Results 2024

In this article we are going to cover the best options for value betting and give you access to some exclusive discounts and extended free trials!

Free Value Betting Software

Value betting is one of the few proven sports betting strategies available. However in order for you to see how it works in the long term testing out free trials and software is a good option.

  • Trademate Sports
  • Rebelbetting
  • Betburger

Are the three standout websites when it comes to value betting in our opinion based on several years of profiting from this betting strategy.

If you take advantage of these free trials you can develop your understanding of value betting. Make some profit and find the value betting software that offers you the most value.

Value Betting Profit

There are other value betting providers that exist and offer free versions of their software. However generally we have found them to be very low quality with large delays. Which means that more often then the not, the value bets are no longer available.

Below we have compiled a list of the best free value betting software available!

NameTrialCost After TrialLink
Trademate SportsFull Access (Two week exclusive trial) Quote “Smart Sports Trader” on sign up£120 per monthFree Trial
RebelbettingFull Access -Two week trial£89 per monthFree Trial
Betburger Value bets limited to 2% with a 15 minute delay£80Free Software

Best Budget Value Betting Software 

If you are on a budget and just starting out, the cost of value betting software is one of the biggest factors. For example if you starting off with a £1000 bankroll. Then the fee’s listed above for premium value betting software are likely to be a deterrent, as your bankroll growth has to take into account the subscription cost.

Using Betburger’s free version with a 2% cap on value bets is an option, however in our opinion the best budget value betting software is Oddsmonkey.

Oddsmonkey Value Betting

Oddsmonkey offers numerous software tools for both matched betting and value betting. At a cost of £29.99 it is cheaper then the majority of value betting software available.

In terms of sports Oddsmonkey covers all the major sports and more.

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Esports
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Rugby 
  • Ice Hockey

They also have a forum which covers bookmaker boosts and enhanced specials. Which are not covered by other value betting software providers. This is very useful as bookmaker boosts can offer some of the best value betting opportunities throughout the week.

Bookmaker Boosts

The only drawback to using Oddsmonkey for value betting is the software doesn’t scan the market as fast in comparison to Trademate, Betburger and Rebel betting. Which means that you will miss some value bets that would catch on other value betting finders.

There are also markets that Oddsmonkey doesn’t cover which other value betting software does. Such as the Asian handicap market. However given the cost of the service and the additional matched betting software that you receive.

It ranks as our number on the list for best budget value betting software.

Bookmakers CoveredSports CostDiscount Available
9311£29.99Yes – (Use code “SST50” for 50% off your first month.

Best Overall Value Betting Software 

Out of all of the betting software that we have used over the years. There has been one piece of software that stands out amongst the rest.

That piece of value betting software is Trademate Sports.

  • Great Support
  • Extremely Fast Scanning
  • Easy To Use Interface and Design
  • Continuous Improvements

Trademate stands out for all of the above reasons. Although not active currently, they also had one of the best sports betting Youtube channels around. Which really delved deep into the software and explained why value betting is such an efficient strategy to use.

Trademate Sports Youtube

Finding value bets is extremely easier to do.

You set up the bookmakers that you have available to use and input your betting bankroll. Trademate then scans these bookmakers compares the odds to sharp bookmakers and betting exchanges. Signals the amount of value in the bet and also tells you how much you should stake in relation to your bankroll.

Trademate Sports Value Betting Interface

Trademate then automatically logs these trades for you. Capturing the edge that you bet the selection and then comparing with the odds just before the start of the game. 

It logs all of your historical bets, allowing you to see your overall profit and loss.

Trademate Historical Results

Trademate Sports have also recently added the ability to find live value bets. Live value bets can help extend the longevity of soft bookmaker accounts.

If you are looking to profit from the soft bookmakers using value betting and you have a bankroll of at least £5000. Then we believe Trademate Sports is the best option currently for value betting!

Bookmakers CoveredSports CoveredCostDiscount Available
90+8£120Yes – quote “Smart Sports Trader” once signed up. 2 Week extended trial, plus 10% off your first month

Other Options For Value Betting Software

In this article we have covered the best budget value betting software and overall  value betting software. Depending on a number of factors such as where you live, bankroll, access to bookmakers etc.

There may be other value betting software providers that suit your needs better. We will list these below!

Rebel Betting

Rebel Betting Surebets

One of the benefits of using Rebel Betting is that their subscription combines both value betting software and sure betting (arbitrage betting.)

Although value betting has proven to be more profitable in the long term in comparison to arbitrage betting. This can be useful if you want to combine the two methods in order to even out the variance that value betting can bring.

The monthly subscription is also cheaper with Rebel Betting in comparison to Trademate. At £89 a month it may be suited for those that have a starting bankroll below £5000 but have already made money using matched betting.

Bookmakers CoveredSports CoveredCostFree Trial Available
100+9£89Yes – 14 day free trial 


Betburger are another strong contender as a good value betting software to use. They also offer live value betting and sure betting opportunities.

They offer software that scans the markets incredibly fast and offer a wide range of bookmakers and sports.

Betburger feature some very niche sports for value betting and surebetting (arbitrage) such as;

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Lacrosse
  • Beach Soccer
  • Curling
  • Squash
  • Floorball

Betburger Pricing

One of the reasons we prefer Trademate Sports and Rebelbetting is that the pricing is more competitive. Betburger is the most expensive of the three premium value betting services that we have in this article.

Bookmakers CoveredSports CoveredCostFree Trial Available
8646£159.99Yes (Capped at 2%)

Click Here For Betburger’s Official Site

Smart Betting Club Review 2024 – Is It Worth The Money?

Secret Betting Club Review

 Smart Betting Club Review – Can it help you make money in 2024?

Will the smart betting club make you a better punter and allow you to start making money from the world of sports betting?

Let’s take a look in this Smart Betting Club review!

What Is The Smart Betting Club / Formerly The Secret Betting Club?

The Smart Betting Club is a service that aims to help people make long term profits from sports betting. Established in 2006 the Smart Betting Club has been providing independent tipster reviews for over 11 years.

They also cover issues such as account restrictions, betting brokers, betting exchanges and basically everything you need to be aware of when attempting to make money from sports betting.


What do they offer?

There is a wealth of free information provided on the Smart Betting Club website. If you really want get the most out of the website however you can do so through a subscription. 

If you subscribe to the service you get access to a monthly magazine, tipster profit reports, numerous free tipsters, tipster discounts and more. Most review sites use an affiliate model and offer their reviews for free which can lead to promotional bias, with sites making money from referred customers.

What makes the Smart Betting Club different is they are not affiliated with any tipster they review.

The Smart Betting Club Review – Publications

A new magazine is produced every month. The magazine’s usually feature reviews of betting tipsters, interviews with expert sports bettors and articles regarding sports betting as an investment.

The standout aspect of these magazines are the tipster reviews. They are the most in depth and detailed reviews of a tipster service that I have ever seen on the internet.

Smart Betting Club Magazine

These reviews do more then just measure the profit and loss of a tipster but also address other key issues.

  • Bookmakers used.
  • Measurement of how quickly odds drop .
  • Exchange friendly
  • Practicality of following the tipster (When bets are sent out)

Alongside the regular magazine there are also tipster profit reports. These contain a breakdown of how a number of services have performed in the past 12 months. Much like the magazine reviews these breakdowns are very thorough with several different factors being looked at. 

With a paid subscription you get access to the complete back catalogue going back to 2006.

Bet Diary

Secret Betting Club Review

The bet diary is a blog written by Rowan Day. He details his attempt to make an annual return from sports betting. This is a really great feature that I enjoy reading.

You get to see the reality of sports betting as an investment.

It isn’t easy and this blog really goes into detail about the challenges you will face if you are planning to make money from sports betting.

Overall the bet dairy is an excellent introduction into how you set yourself as a profitable long term sports bettor.

Tipster Discounts/ Free Tipsters

With membership to the Smart Betting Club you get a discounted rate on several profitable tipsters. Some of these discounts would actually pay for a years subscription to the Smart Betting Club. 

One of the big selling points of the Smart Betting Club is the number of free tipsters you get access to with a membership.

In 2024 there are currently you get access to 3 free tipsters.

  1. Achievable Value
  2. Kieran Ward
  3. The Betting Man

All three of the tipsters focus their bets on the horse racing markets.

Kieran Ward Review


Above is an example of one of free tipsters results.

This tipster is called Kieran Ward and focuses on bets on the horse racing markets at odds ranging from 7.5 to 9.0.

Below are the long term results of the service.

  • 10,495 bets
  • 1055 points profit 
  • 10.3% ROI

Getting these tipsters for the price of an Smart Betting Club membership is excellent value. The cost of following 3 profitable sports betting tipsters would usually cost you a more then what a subscription to the Smart Betting Club would.

Which leads us on to the next point, how much does it cost to join?

Smart Betting Club Memberships

Smart Betting Club Review 2024


There are several different membership options.

Free Membership – 

  • 2 Free SBC Magazines
    Free Tipster Report
    Free  Bet Diary

Then there are quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscriptions to the service.

Paid Membership –

  • SBC Magazines
  • Bet Diary Pro
  • Free Tipsters
  • Back Catalogue
  • Tipster Savings
  • Forum Access
  • Moneyback Guarantee 
  • Exchange and bet broker guide

The cheapest of the subscriptions is the annual option which costs £130.79 including VAT. This works out at £10.90 a month which is a good deal given the additional access to free tipsters alongside the reviews.

Smart Betting Club Review – Conclusion

In my opinion the Smart Betting Club is a service that offers a lot of value.

If you are looking to make money from the often murky world of sports betting service such as the SBC can direct in the right direction. Away from the affiliate tipsters and worthless tipsters that are very prominent. It can you give you an excellent base line to start from and understanding that could turn you into a long term profitable sports bettor.

Overall I think that the Smart Betting Club is a excellent resource for anyone looking to make money from sports betting in 2024.

In my opinion the betting reviews they produce are the best around. The articles are always very informative, they are always up to date with the latest news in the world of sports betting.

The addition of a strong number of free tipsters also really tips the value scale for me. 

Meaning that you get a ready made portfolio of good tipsters on signing up with the smart betting club.

It gets a recommendation from me.

Personally I think If you are looking to make money from sports betting this is one of the best investments you could make.



Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your long term goals.)

Loophole Trader Review 2024 – Worth The Money?

Loophole Safe Method Results

In the sports betting markets we are always on the look out for new ways to make money.

Markets evolve over time and old methods sometimes don’t work as well as they used too. It’s always exciting when a new service comes around that offers a new edge.

So the question is does Loophole Trader offer a real edge?

Loophole Trader Review

What is Loophole Trader?

Loophole trader is a service that offers a number of strategies. It has one bullet proof strategy that is tried and tested over a large sample size. Makes sense logically and has shown to be profitable, this strategy is the one that we will focus on in this review.

The strategy uses the promotion “Best Odds Guaranteed” which is something that many bookmakers offer for horse racing. When a bookmaker offers BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) if the price you take drifts in odds and has a higher starting price (SP) then your initial bet. It is paid out at the SP price.

Best Odds

Along with a bookmaker that offers the BOG promotion you also need access to a betting exchange. The method will work with Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq or Matchbook.

Loophole trader uses a clever strategy to take advantage of this promotion to make consistent profits.

Loophole Trader Bookmakers

The creator of the system kindly gave me a list of bookmakers that you can use for the strategy. In order of best to worst, given feedback from existing users of the service.

  • Bet365
  • SkyBet
  • Paddy Power
  • William Hill
  • BetVictor/Parimatch
  • Betway
  • Vbet
  • Livescorebet
  • Betfred
  • Coral
  • VirginBet
  • 888
  • Ladbrokes
  • Marathonbet
  • Boylesports

There are possibly other smaller named bookmakers that you could use however access to any of the above should allow you to make a decent profit from the system.


Results using the strategy have been very impressive. Loophole trader has a safe method and a higher risk method that you can implement.

Loophole Safe Method Results

Starting off with the safe method you can see that results are very consistent. The graph looks very much like that of a sports arbitrage or a matched betting strategy.

Which is a good category to put the loophole trader method in. It works in a very similar fashion.

The results show a profit of £2093.58 after 275 trades.

This is using £250 stakes. It should be noted that this £250 is not at risk with the method as long as you follow instructions correctly. The stakes are used as trading capital for small consistent wins or the occasional small loss.

Loophole high risk

Next up is the higher risk method.

Although as you can see by the results it isn’t very volatile and has actually produced greater profits over the long term. The strategy is slightly different to the safe method but uses the same logic.

A profit of £2888.57 has been made using £250 stakes on the high risk method.

Can You Use Loophole Trader Solely On The Exchanges?

There is a Betfair only method that is in development, that has shown in early testing to be profitable. The sample size however is very small and would need a much larger set of results to say whether or not it will be profitable long term.

Alongside this there is also a method called “In-play Maestro” which is a Betfair only method and an each way value betting bot.

The only strategy that I am confident to say is bullet proof and will make money long term is the bookmaker loophole method.

The Loophole Trader Method

Whilst obviously I can’t give away the Loophole trader method what I can say is that it does work. In the days before I was limited from pretty all bookmakers in the UK. I used a method that worked on exactly the same logic as this one and it proved very profitable.

The system comes as a course that is split into several different modules. There are videos examples provided so that you can learn how the strategy works. With all the possible scenarios that you may encounter covered and advice given on when to exit a trade.

A recommended minimum bank of £500 is suggested to get started with Loophole trader. However a larger bank would enable you to stake higher and cover more selections.

Given that Loophole trader is only a one off fee. Starting with a small bankroll and building it up is definitely something that you could do. 

Loophole Trader Cost

Loophole Trade costs a flat fee of £97.

Once paid you get access to the this system along with the Betfair systems that are in development. There is also a Telegram group and email support.

The system creator also offers a free week of training where you watch him implement the system and have one to one training if you need it.

Is it worth it?

The decline in money that you can make from matched betting offers and arbitrage betting makes the Loophole trader method a nice addition to any betting portfolio. It is a method that should also allow you to go under the bookmaker radar for longer then traditional arbitrage

Although limits and restrictions from bookmakers will come eventually. Unfortunately any method that wins in the long term eventually ends in account limits or closures.

That fact should not put you off as this is what happens to all profitable bettors, it s the nature of the game.


Overall I am happy to recommend Loophole Trader. Anyone that has access to a couple of the bookmakers listed in this article should be able to recoup the fee for the method, alongside making a nice additional profit.

If you have access to the majority of bookmakers that offer BOG, then there is the potential to make thousands from this strategy.

Loophole Trader review



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.)

Profit Maximiser Review 2024 – Simple, Tax Free Profits!

Profit Maximiser

If you are looking to start making tax free profits from the world of matched betting and advantage gambling then Profit Maximiser could be for you!

In this Profit Maximiser review we are going to take an in depth look at this service and its community.

Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser was the first matched betting service that I joined.

At the time I had not seen anything like it. The Profit Maximiser Facebook group and service opened my eyes to the many money making opportunities available in the world of matched betting and advantage gambling.

As time has gone by matched betting has become more and more popular.

There are now multiple match betting services available. All trying to offer the best service and entice new customers.

So the question to be asked is Profit Maximiser still one of the best matched betting services available in 2024?


Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser Review

First off Profit Maximiser is much more than just a matched betting service.

Profit Maximiser focuses on finding and exploiting every plus ev opportunity available. Basically they are looking for any method that will produce profits over the long term.

This can be in the form of

  • Bookmaker Bonuses
  • Casino Bonuses 
  • Bingo Bonuses
  • Spread Betting Bonuses
  • Value Betting

As the service has evolved they have also added value betting methods alongside Betfair trading strategies. 

Ultimately it is a service that aims to show you how to make a sustainable long term income using multiple strategies.

What Do You Get With A Subscription To Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser Training

There are multiple aspects of the Profit Maximiser service. At first this can seem a little over bearing with so much information to take in. To make things easily understandable and accessible there has been a lot of effort put into the provide an easy startup guide.

The start here and training section breakdown all aspects of matched betting and advantage play. So if you are new to either of these subjects you can build an understanding of how to profit from these strategies fairly quickly.

After going through the training, bookmaker sign ups are the probably the first section to go through. This section instructs you how to a make money from initial sign up offers. These are relatively easy offers to complete and will allow you to make around a thousand pounds.

We move onto the casino and advanced casino sections. These sections show you a mathematical approach that will allow you to generate long term profits from casino offers. For me personally this where I get the most value out of the service and where it really offers something that sets it apart from other services.

There is also a bingo section which is very similar to the casino section. However it focuses on exploiting and profiting from bingo offers.

Then there is the calendar which highlights the daily offers that are available. Also stating the expected profit figure and risk associated with the offer.

Profit Maximiser Review

How Much Money Can I Make With Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser offers you multiple ways to make money.

Taking some figures from my 50k in year challenge over a two month period I made a profit of £3391 from casino offers and matched betting. (This figure also includes a mistake on my part which cost me £360 pounds.)

I have added this in graph form so that you can see the general upward trend in profits. You can probably also see where I made a costly mistake that was soon recovered.
Profit Maximiser ReviewIn truth my results only scratch the service of what can be made if you use all aspects of the Profit Maximiser service. There are still many offers that I pass up due to time constraints or sometimes my own laziness.

If you are really willing to put the time in and grind out every single opportunity available then you can make much more.

Profit Maximiser Review
One of my bigger wins from plus ev casino offers.

I am not the only one who is making good money from this service. There are multiple testimonials from people making what could be considered life changing amounts of money.

Here are some comments taken from the Profit Maximiser private Facebook group.

Profit Maximiser Review

 Here is another happy member of Profit Maximiser showing long term profits.

Profit Maximiser Casino Offer Results

I attempted to make £50,000 in a year using various services and betting methods that I discuss on this site. Profit Maximiser was my chosen service that I used to tackle casino offers. Every offer I took part in was estimated to have a positive yield over the long term.

Here are my results from casino offers throughout the year.

April – £885

May – £1628

June – £1108

July – £693

August – £733

September – £91

October – £827

November – £616

December – £902

January – £60

February – £995

March – £1785

Casino Offer Results 

In 2020 one of main focuses using Profit Maximiser was on exploiting casino offers.

Over this time period I took part in 2202 casino offers.

A total profit of £11,946 was made.

The graph illustrates the results from completing casino offers over the course of the year.

Casino Offer Results 2020

Anything negative to report about the service?

So I have highlighted a lot of the positive aspects of the Profit Maximiser service but is there anything negative to note?

I am currently a member of Profit Maximiser and was also a member when the service first started up. There have been no negative experiences that I can report or have seen within the Profit Maximiser community. 

You will receive upsells for some of Mike Cruickshank’s other products which may prove to be a minor annoyance to some people.

In truth however these are good products that will make you money however you can find similar products as part of the Oddsmonkey package. 

It has been mentioned to me that the marketing for Profit Maximiser can be off putting for new members. Whilst I can see their point, Once you actually use the service you will see that it offers exceptional value.

What sets Profit Maximiser apart from its competition?

There are a few key factors that for me set Profit Maximiser apart from its growing list of competition.

  • The Profit Maximiser Community

In my opinion the Profit Maximiser community has some of the sharpest matched bettors and advantage gamblers around.

This is a big advantage for both newcomers and experienced matched bettors, as you exchange ideas and learn from each other. It also helps you avoid any mistakes that may have been made by others.

Profit Maximiser Community

  • It’s an evolving product

Profit Maximiser was something of a trend setter in the matched betting community. However it hasn’t stood still and rested on its laurels.

It is a service that continually adds new ways of profiting from all aspects of the gambling world.

Since its inception it has added new strategies to make money from sports trading, advantage gambling, value betting and spread betting.

The service really seems to be ahead of its competition when its comes to finding new profitable edges to exploit.


  • The potential for profit

One of the impressive things about Profit Maximiser is the amount of profitable opportunities it highlights.

There is really huge potential to reinvest and continually grow your bankroll with this service. As there are new offers and areas to profit from every single day.

Subscription Costs

Currently you can subscribe to the Profit Maximiser service for on a monthly basis or annually.

  • Monthly cost is £12
  • Annual is £97 (works out at £8.08 a month)

Profit Maximiser Trial?

However both memberships have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy. This basically acts as a free trial, if you are unhappy for any reason you can get your money back. In comparison to the likes of Oddsmonkey and Outplayed. Profit Maximiser is one of the cheapest matched betting/advantage play services on the market.

Profit Maximiser Cost

Profit Maximiser Review Conclusion

If you are interested in a service that can show you how to make thousands of pounds then Profit Maximiser is a service you should take a look at.

Profit Maximiser offering a 30 day money back guarantee means there is hardly any risk involved in seeing what the service has to offer.

Like all betting and trading products I look at them as an investment. At £97 for a years membership Profit Maximiser is an excellent investment, as it will potentially return thousands of pounds in profit if you are prepared to put a little time into it.

I have no hesitation in recommending Profit Maximiser and it gets a five star rating from me.

Click Here To View Profit Maximiser





(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

OddsMonkey Review 2024 – Best Matched Software 2024?

If you have arrived on this post its likely that you are looking to start matched betting or have already begun. In this Oddsmonkey review we will answer all your questions and show you everything that the service offers.

Is Oddsmonkey a good service to use for a beginner? 

Can Oddsmonkey increase your matched betting earnings? 


(updated video review)

(Use the code “SST50” For 50% off your first month)

Matched betting is without doubt one of the quickest, most efficient way to make a tax free income online. It is a very simple process and once learnt you can make thousands of pounds in profit using this strategy.

So the question is with several matched betting services out there which software offers the best value?

Oddsmonkey vs Outplayed is a discussion that arises often between matched bettors. For me personally as someone that has been matched betting for many years on a large scale there is clearly one service that offers the most value.

Oddsmonkey Review 2024

In this article I will be reviewing the Oddsmonkey premium service which costs £29.99 a month. Along with their all access software which costs £49.99 a month. Discounts are available on both subscriptions on an annual basis.

OddsMonkey have been around for a long time and originally just offered their excellent odds matching software as a subscription. Seeing the success of other matched betting services.

Odds Monkey decided to offer there own service.

This is the service I will be reviewing.

The OddsMonkey premium service offers a huge amount of useful software and applications for matched betting and arbitrage.

OddsMonkey Review


Matched Betting Tutorial

For those that are new to matched betting and want to learn the ropes. Oddsmonkey offer an excellent tutorial explaining everything you need to know about matched betting.

Even including a free membership which guides newcomers through a step by step process of a few sign up offers. Completing these offers can net you a profit of up to £39 in tax free profit.

Oddsmonkey Review Matched Betting Tutorial

Oddsmonkey Review – New Customer Sign Up Offers

Oddsmonkey lists and updates regularly all of the best bookmaker sign up offers available. From these bookmaker sign up offers alone it is possible to make over a £1000.

The premium service gives you the exact instructions on how to extract money from these offers.

You can then use the Oddsmatcher software included with Oddsmonkey to find the best possible odds for your free bets. A subscription to Oddsmonkey allows you to go through the whole process as efficiently as possible. Whilst also highlighting any new opportunities that arise.

Oddsmonkey Sign Ups

This is easiest way to start making money from sports betting and great way to build up some capital before you move on to the next set of methods.

Oddsmonkey Review – Bingo and Casino Offers

Bookmaker offers are the not the only focus of the Oddsmonkey service.

Oddsmonkey all access membership also highlights the best opportunities available from bingo and casino companies. Again the instructions are laid out very simply and are easy to follow.

Oddsmonkey Casino

The image above shows four highest value offers currently available in the new sections sign up of the casino section. Oddsmonkey explains the mathematics behind why these offers are so profitable and instructions are for each offer is explained in well written guides.


Whilst new offers are added and existing offers are also being updated frequently.

Oddsmatcher software (odds matching software for arbitrage and matched betting)

One of the stand out features of the Oddsmonkey premium membership is the Oddsmatcher software. The Oddsmatcher software allows you to to filter the odds, bookmaker, date. sport, betting exchange that you want to see.

This allows finding qualifying bets and odds matches for your free bets extremely easy.

The Oddsmatcher is extremely straight forward. It is quick at processing the information you input. Whilst it can also be used to find arbitrage bets and value bets. Oddsmonkey have really created an excellent piece of software with the Oddsmatcher software. its a joy to use.

Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher

Racing Matcher

Racing Matcher is a piece of software created by Oddsmonkey to make profiting from horse racing offers as easy as possible. There are so many bookmaker promotions on horse racing and Oddsmonkey’s racing matcher can help you pinpoint the best opportunities.

Oddsmonkey Racing Matcher


It highlights the races for the day. Which offers are available for each race. What the qualifying condition for the race is e.g free bet if a faller.

Then it shows you the current odds available at both bookmaker and exchanges. Showing you the potential profit or loss for the qualifying bet.

Again its all about speed and efficiency with the Oddsmonkey software.

The racing matcher allows you to take advantage of horse racing offers in the quickest possible way.

Each Way Pro

How much more software is there?

Oddsmonkey really go all out to provide everything you need for matched betting. This is the real benefit of using a paid matched betting service over trying to do it all yourself. The software provided helps you maximise your returns.

Lets take a look at Each Way Pro.

Each way betting involves backing horse in both the win and place market. Due to the way bookmakers calculate an each way bet it can be open to exploitation.

You can exploit these situations by guaranteeing a profit from backing at a bookmaker and laying with an exchange.

Each Way Pro Review


The Each Way Pro matcher highlights these profitable opportunities.

Calculates the stakes you need to make a profit and updates every 30 seconds. Meaning that any new matches will appear as the odds create a profitable eachway bet.

Extra Place Matcher

Often when there is a big horse racing festival. Bookmakers will offer a special promotion paying out extra places. 

This then creates situations where you can back and lay a horse. Should they finish in that extra place spot for example 5th.

You can win both the back bet and the lay bet.

Oddsmonkey Review Extra Place Matcher

These opportunities can be extremely profitable. Oddsmonkey created the extra place matcher to take advantage of these scenario’s.

Highlighting the best extra place opportunities and doing all the calculations for you.

Matched Betting Calculators

Alongside all of the software mentioned above.

Oddsmonkey also provide 12 different matched betting calculators. Which cover pretty much every situation you find yourself in.

Oddsmonkey Review Calculators

1.EV calculator

2. Each way calculator

3.Each way reverse calculator

4. Each way extra place calculator

5. Risk free equal profit calculator

6. Trigger bet calculator

7. Rule 4 calculator

8. Early payout calculator

9. Sporting Index calcultor

10. Dutching calculator

11. Unwanted lay calcultor

12. Win bonus calculator

Matched Betting Spreadsheets

Once you start matched betting and see how profitable it is. It’s likely that you going to start hitting hundreds of offers each month.

Keeping track of all these offers and your profit can be quite hard work.

Luckily Oddsmonkey provide 14 different ready to use spreadsheets formatted in Excel.

Oddsmonkey Review Spreadsheets

Simplicity, speed and efficiency for matched betting is the ethos behind Oddsmonkey. These spreadsheets again are an emphasis for this.

Acca Matcher (accumulator software that profits from bookmaker promotions) 

Do you want to learn how to make money from accumulator offers?

The Acca matcher will show you exactly how to do that.

Whether you wish to take a value betting approach and let your accumulator bets run. Perhaps you prefer lay each bet sequentially to guarantee a profit.

Maybe you want to mix your approach and let your initial bets run and lay the last two.

Oddsmonkey Review Acca Matcher

Oddsmonkey’s Acca matcher does all the hard calculations for you.

Highlighting the most profitable opportunities available at the time.

Matched Betting Forum

The popularity of Oddsmonkey has grown and grown over the last few years. As this has happened so has the community. Oddsmonkey now has a very active forum with lots of helpful individuals giving out advice.

There are threads for beginners, threads pointing out profitable odds boosts, discussions on how to make the most of matched betting.

Oddsmonkey Review Forum

For those that want to become part of an educated matched betting community.

The Oddsmonkey forums are a great place to be.

Daily Offer Calendar 

Recurring offers are pretty prevalent among bookmakers and casino’s.

The daily offer calendar captures all of these recurring offers. It then presents you with instructions on how to complete the offers. Along with an estimated profit upon completion of the offer.

Oddsmonkey Review Daily Offers

Oddsmonkey Results 2024

Oddsmonkey has been a staple of my matched betting betting and value betting strategies for a very long time. Over the last 81 months I have been recording my monthly profit and loss.

Oddsmonkey Profits

Over that 81 month period a tax free profit of £183,663 has been made, however not all of that profit came from Oddsmonkey. As time has gone on other strategies have been adopted, in the first two years the majority of that profit was from using Oddsmonkey for matched betting and arbitrage. Adding casino offers and value betting after that.

Here are my results over the course of one year when I first started using matched betting and arbitrage.

April – £787

May – £91 (Made a mistake which cost me £300)

June – £548

July – £380

August – £1261

September – £892

October – £1139

Oddsmonkey Review Results

November – £643

December – £578

January – £1113

February – £956

March – £1295

Even now in 2024 I still use Oddsmonkey to take advantage of any matched betting opportunities that come up.

Along with value betting opportunities that occur from boosts and each way bets.

Oddsmonkey Free Trial

Want To Get Started Cick Here For Your Free Trial 

Oddsmonkey do offer a free currently. This trial will show you how to earn up £39 for free.

Giving you access to the introduction guide which will show you step by step how make money from matched betting.

0% Commission Deals With Oddsmonkey

A huge benefit of joining Oddsmonkey in 2024 is their exclusive 0% commission deals that they offer. Currently if you want to get 0% commission with Smarkets or Betconnect they are exclusive to Oddsmonkey.

Smarkets is my preferred betting exchange and over the years I have saved thousands of pound sin profit by utilizing this 0% commission deal with pays for the subscription in itself.

Oddsmonkey Commission

Oddsmonkey Review – Still The Best Matched Betting Service In 2024?

Whenever I do a review, I like to highlight any negatives I find within a service.

But truth be told Oddsmonkey is really an exceptional service.

You get your value for money with OddsMonkey. It is really the complete package offering anything you need for matched betting.

There is a huge amount of content and useful software included in your membership. The website is very well put together and easy to navigate. For the new or advanced matched bettor. Oddsmonkey have really made it easy for you to find what you need very quickly.

Really what stands out about OddsMonkey is how sleek, efficient and easy to navigate everything is.

They have packed so much software and content into the service yet I was familiar with it all within a few minutes.

OddsMonkey have really done an excellent of providing the best aspects of what Profit Maximiser have done. Then added as much value as they can on top of that.


Oddsmonkey Review


There isn’t anything bad about this service for £29.99 a month it is exceptional value.

Oddsmonkey Review

Final Verdict

Overall the service is excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone that was looking to start matched betting it is the complete package.

For those that are experienced matched bettors the tools and software that come as part of the OddsMonkey package make life very easy.

This is without doubt the best matched betting service that I have used.

You should easily be able make much more then the subscription price of £29.99 a month using the Oddsmonkey Service

I look at it as an investment that offers a great return.

You can be making profits of over a £1000 a month using this software.

It gets top marks for me its a five star product and is highly recommended.


(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Premier Greyhound Tips Review 2024 – Discount Trial Available

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Premier Greyhound Tips is a UK based tipster. That focuses on betting in the greyhound markets.

Established in 2014, this tipster has an exceptional record of profit.

Since 2014 Premier Greyhound Tips has made a profit of £20,581 to £25 stakes.

Premier Greyhound Tips Review


Let’s take a look at how I got on in with this tipster in our Premier Greyhound Tips review.

Premier Greyhound Tips Service

First off let’s take a look at how the service functions.

When you join Premier Greyhound tips, you will receive a daily email. This will inform you whether or not there is a selection for that day.

Premier Greyhound Tips Selections

If there is a selection for that day, Michael the man behind the service will explain why he believes the selection is value.

He will note down how much to stake (in terms of points) and the best odds available at that time. Along with the bookmakers that are offering those odds.

The services functions in pretty much the same way that all Betting Gods services do.


On to the most important part of the review.

What were the actual results?

I started following Premier Greyhound Tips on the 28th of April.

The results below are from the 28th of April up until the 25th of July.

Premier Greyhound Tips Results

Official results over this time period were excellent.

A profit of £2105 was made from 84 selections.

This profit was made based on staking £25 per point.

Not all selections are to a single point. Up to 5 points have been suggested on some selections.

Over the 3 month period a total of £5,737 was staked. An overall return on investment of 36.7% was made.

My personal results following this service were a little different. Due to bookmaker limitations I could not always get the quoted price.

If I wasn’t able to bet the selection at quoted odds. I used Betfair, placing the bets at recommend odds and setting to bet at the SP if not taken.

Greyhound Results

My results were lower then the official results.

Due to missing a few winning bets and also taking lower then quoted odds. However the the results were still very promising and a good profit was made.

A profit of £1712 was made after 79 bets.

These results were also based on staking £25 per point.

Below is a comparison of how the Premier Greyhound tipster performed at bookmakers in comparison to betting with Betfair. You can can see that both strategies showed significant profit.

Total BetsStakesProfit at BookmakersProfit at Betfair
84£25 per point£2105NA
79£25 per pointNA£1712

Premier Greyhound Tips Conclusion

Overall I have been very impressed with Premier Greyhound Tips.

It is a service that has been consistently making profits since 2014. The tips are clearly very well researched by an expert in greyhound racing. My profits following the service were excellent.

Let’s go through a few frequently asked questions regarding the service.

How quickly do odds move?

Selections do tend to get backed in.

However I did have a lot of success placing bets up on Betfair. Which were matched the majority of the time as the markets came to life about 10-5 mins before the start of a race.

Any negatives to report?

One minor negative is that there is no set time for when tips are sent. Most services tend to have a time frame for when to expect bets. Premier Greyhound Tips does not do this.

This means that there will be times when you miss selection.

Overall though I am very happy to recommend Premier Greyhound Tips, it is a service that is very well run and has been very profitable for a number of years.

If you are looking for the best greyhound tipster, Premier greyhound tips is clearly a standout tipster.

ResultsOfficialMy Own
Total Bets8474
Return On Investment36.7%31.7%


Premier Greyhound Tips is very reasonably priced at £17 a month.

They also offer several discounts when you join initially if you subscribe for a longer period.

3 Months – £29

6 Months – £39

Fancy testing out Premier Greyhound Tips yourself?

Use the link below for a discounted 15 day trial!


Premier Greyhound Tips Review



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)



Football Trading Club Review

The Football Trading Club is a service that runs via twitter, as the name implies it is a service that focuses on making money from the football markets.

This service is aimed at those that are looking to make a profit from the betting exchanges. Limitations and account closures have become more and more prevalent for those that dare to make a long term profit from bookmakers.

Which makes services aimed at profiting from the betting exchanges very appealing!

How The Service Works

Football Trading Club is very easy to follow. Once you have joined the service you get access to a telegram group where daily selections are sent out.

Football Trading Club Example

Then you simply log into your betting exchange of choice and bet the selections.

The service offers both pre match and in-play selections.

Football Trading Club Historical Results

FTC 2022

In 2022 a total profit of £8,258 is quoted from 9 systems. A 6.88% return on investment was recorded.

Only the draw no bet system failed to make profit over the full year. 

FTC 2023

In 2023 so far a profit of £4,282 has been recorded from 15 systems.

The football trading club isn’t a service that stands still it is constantly evolving. Systems that don’t perform up to expectation are removed and new angles are always being looked at.

Overall the results over the last two years have been incredibly impressive.

Beating the betting exchanges is much harder then profiting from soft bookmakers. Making a 6.66% return on investment over a two year period is excellent.

You can view detailed results for football trading clubs 2022 results and 2023 results by clicking on the links attached.

If you would like £5 off your first month at Football Trading Club quote “SST1 when signing up”

2022 Results

2023 Results

Football Trading Club 3 Month Results Tracked

I tracked 3 pre match systems for a 3 month period, staking a set £10 amount for each selection. From the start of April 2023 to the end of July 2023.

The 3 systems followed were home value draws, home win and home win lay the draw.

Let’s take a look at the results from home value draws first.

Over a 3 month period 233 bets were made and a total profit of £74.67 was made to £10 stakes.

Total Staked£2330
Average Odds3.32

Next up is the home wins system.

The home wins system was also profitable over a 3 month period tracked at £10 stakes, a total profit of £54.42 was made.

Total Staked£1050
Average Odds1.53

Lastly we have the home wins lay the draw system.

This system returned a profit of £236 after 101 bets.

Total Staked£4052.90
Average Odds4.94

Football Trading Club Cost

Membership to the football trading club costs £20 a month, with longer term deals also available.

Payment is handled via paypal or bank transfer.


I have been very impressed with the football trading club. My results tracking the service mirror the official results very closely. Other review services are also reporting profitable results which makes me believe that the historical results are accurate.

There are multiple different aspects to the service, which can be a lot to take in. Sometimes advised stakes are changed, systems are removed/added and multiple approaches can be taken to the lay the draw system. However you don’t have to follow everything or even follow the advised staking if you are comfortable betting a different way.

One of the big positives to the service is that the man behind it Chris is always looking at new angles and testing out systems. Which means that if a new edge reveals itself then it will be added at no extra cost as a new system.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do you make money from the exchanges?”

A simple answer to this is to follow a service such as the football trading club which will pin point value selections for you.

Overall the service gets a recommendation from me and is a service that I will be following in my making a million challenge

Football Trading Club Discount

If you would like a £5 discount on your first month with the football trading club. Quote “SST1” or let you Chris know you came through this site when signing up.

You can join the football trading club via twitter which I will link below.

FTC Twitter Link

For those without a twitter account you can contact Chris via [email protected] to set up a membership.


Caan Berry Video Pack Review 2024 – The MUST Read Review

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

Before I get on to the Caan Berry video pack review.

First I just want to briefly go over Caan Berry’s trading guide as this is a good introduction to anyone new to the horse racing markets.

It was also my introduction to the horse racing markets.

Caan Berry Trading Guide Review

If you are not familiar with Caan Berry or horse racing trading.

I suggest you take at look at the Caan Berry youtube channel and read this beginners guide first. 

Perhaps you are already trading the horse racing markets and are looking for a pre race trading strategy to take into the horse racing markets.

Could Caan’s guide be the answer?

Who is Caan Berry?

Caan Berry is Horse racing trader that has been on the trading scene for quite a long time.

From the Geeks Toy forums to his website/blog Caan has been writing about horse racing trading for many years.

He is also on Twitter and Facebook and frequently gives out back to lay trades and snippets of advice.

Endorsed by Betfair Caan Berry is one of the most prominent pro sports traders around.

What is in the guide?

First of all the guide costs £39 and is 118 pages long.

The guide is an overview of how the horse racing markets function providing a wealth of information which aims to help you make money from these markets.

It covers how to set yourself up for trading, alongside key factors that you should consider when looking at the markets such entry and exit points.

Caan Berry’s trading guide also gives you an insight into how you should use different approaches for different race types, odds ranges and price points.

Caan Berry Trading Guide Review – Conclusion

The guide is very well written and easy to understand.

Coming from a football trading background but having next to no knowledge of horse racing I benefited a lot from the information shared in this guide.

The information that I found particularly useful was in relation to how different races/time periods have different market environments.

This means that different strategies should be employed for different race types.

Examples of trades are shared and the reasoning behind them is excellent and clearly written. The importance of a good trading mentality is discussed as are some thoughts about trading psychology.

Caan gives his email and offers support for any questions that you may have.

I feel this is pretty important as there is a lot to take in if you are new to the horse trading markets.

Video Pack Content


This guide was a great introduction into the horse racing markets. It has given me a much better understanding of how these markets function.

Ultimately this guide is an excellent resource for anyone looking to start trading the horse markets or for someone that is currently struggling with them.

Previously my only experience in the horse racing markets had been from arbitrage betting.

However this guide combined with Caan Berry’s youtube videos have allowed me to start taking money out of the horse racing markets.

Which I previously had no experience or interest in.

Horse Racing Trading Results

Caan Berry Video Package Guide Review

After learning a lot from Caan Berry’s trading guide. I was quite excited when he announced his video pack follow up.

This follow up is in the form of an advanced video pack aimed at people that were already trading the horse racing markets.

Caan Berry Video Pack Review

Caan Berry Strategies – Video Pack Review

What do you get in the Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack?

The advanced video pack is presented as a online course. It starts off with a general overview of how to set up your trading environment and the general psychology behind being a good sports trader.


Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack Review Contents
The course contains 22 modules.

The video pack contains 24 modules to work through.

Inside each module there are a number of videos breaking down the subject of each module.

Just as an example if you were to look at the scalping modules. There are seven individual videos that break down different scenarios and examples of scalping.

Content List

The advanced video pack is extensive and covers several subjects including

  • Course Introduction

  • Absolute Basics

  • Scalping

  • Market Situations

  • Best Execution

  • Risk Management

  • Morning Routine

  • Drifting Prices

  •  External Indicators

  •  Significant Change

  •  Trading Tipping Services

  •  Scalping Broken Down

  • Swing Trading

  • Multiple Styles

  • Genuine Money

  • Market Manipulation

  • Volatile Markets

  • Irish Racing

  • Backing To Lay

  • Greyhound Trading

A very positive factor to add is that the video pack is constantly being updated and there is new content being continually added.

This is all done for no extra cost.

The majority of the videos are of Caan Berry trading the horse racing markets and breaking down his reasoning behind each trade.

Caan Berry Trading Review

Caan does a good job of explaining his reasoning and goes into a large amount of detail for each module.

Is Caan Berry Legitimate?

Caan Berry

With any internet expert you should always be careful.

However having been trading myself for a very long time and being active in various forums. I can tell you that Caan Berry has an excellent reputation.

Caan was actually used in a few promotional videos when Betfair were promoting their betting exchange.

This adds to his credibility as Betfair would not use someone that is not a legitimate trader.

Add to that his large social media following and the amount of valuable information that he has given out for free over the years.

Overall I think that when you put everything together you are getting expert tuition from an actual expert that profits from trading the horse racing markets.

Will I make money from horse racing trading after buying the Caan Berry Video Pack?

Ok, so to be clear this isn’t some kind of cheat code that will enable you to start making thousands of pounds in profit from the horse racing markets. There is no course available that will magically turn you into a highly profitable trader over night.

However what the guide and video pack will do is give you different outlooks on how to trade the horse racing markets.

This is really important as not everyone trades the same.

We all have different levels of comfort and trading styles that suit our personalities.

One important factor to consider, is that if your aim is to make money from the horse racing markets long term. This video pack could save you years of making mistakes. 

Which in turn will save you a lot of money in the long run.

It will enable you to look at different approaches and find the one that suits you. Which you can then develop yourself through experiencing the markets.

(Here is an example of how I trade the horse racing markets effectively using knowledge gained from Caan’s book, video pack and time spent studying the horse racing markets.)

If I take my own approach for example. I am not comfortable scalping the markets.

I prefer to take a longer term approach and use swing trading. This video pack really gave me the basis to develop a profitable strategy that suited my own trading style.

Caan Berry Video Pack Review Final Verdict

At £147 does the Caan Berry Advanced Video Pack offer any value?

Anyone that is looking to trade the horse racing markets seriously will find that this video pack absolutely offers a lot of value. It is at a higher price point but you are basically paying for expert tuition in trading the horse racing markets.

This is a unique product that offers something that very few people are qualified to offer.

If I weigh up the cost of the course in comparison to the time it would take to learn all the information provided.

Then I think it is very reasonably priced.

There is information within the video pack that will save you a lot of money in losses over the long term.

Also there is information included that will help you make a profit in the long term.

I think Caan has delivered an excellent trading education here on the horse racing markets. If you are struggling to get to grips with horse racing trading or maybe just breaking even. Then this is the best product I have come across to help turn you into a profitable trader.

It gives you the basis of everything you need to start making money from the horse racing markets. 

One of the big benefits of this course is that is constantly being updated as the markets evolve.

Caan Berry’s Advanced Video Pack gets a 5 star recommendation from me.

Caan Berry Video Pack Review




Affiliate Disclaimer

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)


Trademate Sports Review 2024 – BONUS Extended Trial

Trademate Sports Review – The software that has made it’s customers over 30 million Euros in profit!

With the popularity of matched betting rising in the last few years there are a lot of people that realize there is money to be made from soft bookmakers. This is certainly true!

Trademate Sports Profit


In this Trademate sports review. We are going to take a look at whether value betting is another effective way of taking money out of the bookmakers pockets.

Below is a video outlining my results using the software and overall thoughts.

If you would like to trial Trademate yourself. Click this link and when signed up quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the chat for an extended two week trial and 10% discount off your first month.

What is value betting?

Value betting is based on the concept that sharp bookmakers (which don’t limit winning players Pinnacle etc.)

Are much better at providing odds that are close to the true percentage of an event occurring. In comparison to soft bookmakers (Bet365, William Hill etc.)

This means that by following the odds movement of a sharp bookmaker such as Pinnacle, we can find value at the softer less efficient bookmakers. By consistently betting these value odds we make money long term.

If for example Pinnacle are offering something at odds of 2.0 and William Hill have the same bet at 2.2. We can be confident the bet at William Hill is value.

What is closing line value?

Many professional sports bettors look at the closing odds of an event to see if their bet was value. Rather then simply looking at whether it won or lost.

It has been proven that if you are constantly able to bet at odds which close on a sharp bookmaker at a lower number.

Then you will make money over the long term.

For example you bet Manchester United at odds of 1.5. On Pinnacle the odds close just before the event at 1.42. This would be seen as a “value bet” whether it won or lost.

Trademate Sports software monitors thousands of betting odds and flags up value betting opportunities when they occur.

Trademate Sports Pro And Core Review 


After 6 months of using the Trademate Sports pro and core software lets take a look at the results.

Key Stats

Total Staked£61,700
ROI (Return On Investment)2.5%
ROC (Return On Capital)29%


During the six months trial I got to test out both the core software (Costs around a £100 a month) and the pro software (£340 a month.)

The core software allows you to exploit a large number of soft bookmakers such as Bet365, Unibet, Coral, Will Hill etc.

Whilst the pro software focuses on the betting exchanges and Asian Bookmakers.

I have split my results up into two categories Core and Pro.

Trademate Core Results 

Using Trademate to exploit soft bookmakers was very successful.

I used a starting bank of £5000 and set my staking level to low kelly. (There are several different risk levels you can use with Trademate. Ranging from low to medium to high.)

After a total of 1146 bets a total profit of £1970 was made.

This worked out at an average return on investment of 4.1% per bet.

Trademate Pro Results 

Trademate Pro Results

The second set of results are using the pro software. For this software it is recommended you start with a £20,000 bankroll as the return on investment is much lower.

My starting bankroll however was again £5000.

Being based in the UK my focus was on using the pro software with the exchanges rather then the Asian bookmakers.

After 778 trades a total loss of -£430 was made with the pro software.

This worked out at an average return on investment of -3.1% per bet.

How to Use Trademate

Before I go on to my general thoughts about using the Trademate Core and Pro software.

Let’s take a look at how to use Trademate.

Trademate Sports is a very easy product to use and finding value bets is fairly simple.

It takes between 10 to 20 minutes to set up initially. You choose the bookmakers you want to use and allocate an amount of your overall bankroll to that bookmaker.

Then you choose the sports you wish to bet on, markets, odds ranges and how many hours before a game you are willing to take a bet.

Each time the software finds a value bet you get an alert with the suggested staking.

Once you register a trade, Trademate logs this bet automatically and grades the result. The data is then used to produce your results as seen in the images above.


The filters are then saved for future use and any time you wish to find value bets for your selected bookmakers you just log in to the software.

There are occasionally some small problems with the software. For example an edge may show up that has long expired or doesn’t exist because a game has been suspended.

Any errors are usually fixed very quickly though and if you bring it to the attention of the Trademate Sports staff they will reply promptly.

If your looking for the best sites/software for value betting then Trademate definitely stands out.

Trademate Sports Filters

An interesting aspect of the Trademate Sports software is that there are several different approaches to using it.

For example there are recommended and non recommended markets.

The recommended markets are the highest liquidity games for example the Champions League, Premier League, NFL etc where it should be less noticeable that you are value betting.

The non recommended markets cover everything from women’s European basketball to the Serbian second division.

My focus was on both the recommended leagues and non recommended leagues. I struggled to get a decent amount of bets by only focusing on the recommended leagues.

Trademate Sports Filter

So I opted to also include non recommended leagues as that dramatically increased the amount of bets that I was able to get on.

Interestingly enough I found that even betting the non recommended leagues I have several accounts that have not been limited despite using them for the six month period.

Trademate Sports Core Review – Thoughts On Core Software

The core software is the staple of Trademate Sports. It is the software that the majority of its user base are subscribed to.

It has a higher return on investment per bet then the pro software and is a third of the price.

My results using the core software were much better then the pro (which is to be expected as the pro software in general has a lower roi.)

The software covers a large amount of soft bookmakers and I realized that there are also a lot of clone bookmakers that I didn’t have accounts with or barely used in the passed.

The big upside of the software is its simplicity and efficiency.

Which means that there is still a lot of opportunity for me to use the core software despite being limited by the majority of bookmakers.

Also I found that even the likes of Bet365 and Skybet where I am limited still allowed me to stake to win £50 to £100 on a lot of lower league English markets.

Overall I was very impressed with the Core software. I think if you have a lot of soft accounts and are looking for a way to utilize them.

Then Trademate Core is a great way to profit from your soft bookmaker accounts.

Trademate Sports Pro Review – Thoughts On Pro Software

My results using the Trademate Sports pro software were not as successful in comparison to the core.

At the start of the review I had 0% commission with Matchbook, with Matchbook I was able to get a large amount of value bets above 2.5% however after around 2 months my 0% commission was removed.

After that there was a large drop in the amount of bets I was able to get on using the pro software.

The Betfair exchange provided the most. However the main issue with this was often the liquidity. Often it was was very low and I could only get on £20-£30 which isn’t enough when the subscription costs £340 a month.

Using the pro software to find profitable edges is much more challenging then the core software. I did find some profitable areas however I struggled to get a decent amount of volume through.

Whilst I know there are people that have used the pro software successfully. It is not as simple as the core software and you really need to dig into the big data analytics tool to discover some profitable angles.

I think the majority of people would be better suited to using the core software.

Due to the lower expected return on investment of the pro software and larger amount of capital needed.

My personal preference is the core software.

Trademate Sports Live Value Betting

In 2024 Trademate Sports have added live bets as a an option.

Live value bets are a great way to extend the longevity of soft bookmaker accounts as it is harder for them to sport live bets bets.

Trademate Sports Live Value bets

We are currently testing out live value bets, so far we have found good volume with Unibet and William Hill. Large value bets with these two bookmakers are very common and on a weekend you will find a large amount of live value betting opportunities.

Trademate Sports Review Conclusion

Based on the results of the core software I am happy to give a recommendation to Trademate Sports.

I feel that with the pro software I would need some more time to delve into the Asian bookmakers and get more data with the exchanges.

However the core software has proven to be very profitable.

Over the last few years there has been a reduction in the amount of money that can be made from matched betting. Trademate Sports and value betting in general are a great way of getting more money out of your soft bookmaker accounts.

The big upside of using the software is its simplicity and efficiency.

Allowing hundreds or potentially thousands of value bets a month.

Trademate Sports Discount

I will continue to use Trademate for my own personal betting, as part of the making a million from sports betting challenge.

Whenever I come across a service or product that is profitable I use it myself going forward.

By combining these profitable methods and services I have been able to generate a very good income over the last 4 years.

Value betting has been one of the main methods used.

Making A Million

I reached out to the Trademate Sports team and was able to get a special deal for readers of

If you would like to trial Trademate yourself. Click this link and when signed up quote “Smart Sports Trader” in the chat for an extended two week trial and 10% discount off your first month.

Trademate Sports Review



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