Over the years of running smartsportstrader.com I’ve had hundreds of conversations with sports bettors. The recurring theme that has always cropped is “What do you do when your limited from every bookmaker?”

My response would be “Look for ways to make a profit on the exchanges.”

Which granted is easier said then done. Finding myself in the same situation of being limited from nearly every bookmaker in the UK, I have developed ways to profit from the exchanges.

Finding value bets on the exchanges and also profiting from the sports of mixed martial arts.

In 2023 I opened a free group to test out if sending out value bets on the exchange would be viable to hundreds of subscribers. The feedback has been positive as were the results. The Telegram group is here – https://t.me/+kNB8iWnyrpc5ZWJk

In 2024 I have created the Value Betting Collective for those that are looking to profit from the betting exchanges. In the Value Betting Collective you will get access to a Telegram group with my value bets on the exchanges and MMA bets. There will also be exclusive reviews looking at services/tipsters that work exclusively betting on the exchanges.

This is a low cost service at £13.99 making it suitable for those staking smaller amounts.

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