Loophole Trader Review 2024 – Worth The Money?

Loophole Safe Method Results

In the sports betting markets we are always on the look out for new ways to make money.

Markets evolve over time and old methods sometimes don’t work as well as they used too. It’s always exciting when a new service comes around that offers a new edge.

So the question is does Loophole Trader offer a real edge?

Loophole Trader Review

What is Loophole Trader?

Loophole trader is a service that offers a number of strategies. It has one bullet proof strategy that is tried and tested over a large sample size. Makes sense logically and has shown to be profitable, this strategy is the one that we will focus on in this review.

The strategy uses the promotion “Best Odds Guaranteed” which is something that many bookmakers offer for horse racing. When a bookmaker offers BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) if the price you take drifts in odds and has a higher starting price (SP) then your initial bet. It is paid out at the SP price.

Best Odds

Along with a bookmaker that offers the BOG promotion you also need access to a betting exchange. The method will work with Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq or Matchbook.

Loophole trader uses a clever strategy to take advantage of this promotion to make consistent profits.

Loophole Trader Bookmakers

The creator of the system kindly gave me a list of bookmakers that you can use for the strategy. In order of best to worst, given feedback from existing users of the service.

  • Bet365
  • SkyBet
  • Paddy Power
  • William Hill
  • BetVictor/Parimatch
  • Betway
  • Vbet
  • Livescorebet
  • Betfred
  • Coral
  • VirginBet
  • 888
  • Ladbrokes
  • Marathonbet
  • Boylesports

There are possibly other smaller named bookmakers that you could use however access to any of the above should allow you to make a decent profit from the system.


Results using the strategy have been very impressive. Loophole trader has a safe method and a higher risk method that you can implement.

Loophole Safe Method Results

Starting off with the safe method you can see that results are very consistent. The graph looks very much like that of a sports arbitrage or a matched betting strategy.

Which is a good category to put the loophole trader method in. It works in a very similar fashion.

The results show a profit of £2093.58 after 275 trades.

This is using £250 stakes. It should be noted that this £250 is not at risk with the method as long as you follow instructions correctly. The stakes are used as trading capital for small consistent wins or the occasional small loss.

Loophole high risk

Next up is the higher risk method.

Although as you can see by the results it isn’t very volatile and has actually produced greater profits over the long term. The strategy is slightly different to the safe method but uses the same logic.

A profit of £2888.57 has been made using £250 stakes on the high risk method.

Can You Use Loophole Trader Solely On The Exchanges?

There is a Betfair only method that is in development, that has shown in early testing to be profitable. The sample size however is very small and would need a much larger set of results to say whether or not it will be profitable long term.

Alongside this there is also a method called “In-play Maestro” which is a Betfair only method and an each way value betting bot.

The only strategy that I am confident to say is bullet proof and will make money long term is the bookmaker loophole method.

The Loophole Trader Method

Whilst obviously I can’t give away the Loophole trader method what I can say is that it does work. In the days before I was limited from pretty all bookmakers in the UK. I used a method that worked on exactly the same logic as this one and it proved very profitable.

The system comes as a course that is split into several different modules. There are videos examples provided so that you can learn how the strategy works. With all the possible scenarios that you may encounter covered and advice given on when to exit a trade.

A recommended minimum bank of £500 is suggested to get started with Loophole trader. However a larger bank would enable you to stake higher and cover more selections.

Given that Loophole trader is only a one off fee. Starting with a small bankroll and building it up is definitely something that you could do. 

Loophole Trader Cost

Loophole Trade costs a flat fee of £97.

Once paid you get access to the this system along with the Betfair systems that are in development. There is also a Telegram group and email support.

The system creator also offers a free week of training where you watch him implement the system and have one to one training if you need it.

Is it worth it?

The decline in money that you can make from matched betting offers and arbitrage betting makes the Loophole trader method a nice addition to any betting portfolio. It is a method that should also allow you to go under the bookmaker radar for longer then traditional arbitrage

Although limits and restrictions from bookmakers will come eventually. Unfortunately any method that wins in the long term eventually ends in account limits or closures.

That fact should not put you off as this is what happens to all profitable bettors, it s the nature of the game.


Overall I am happy to recommend Loophole Trader. Anyone that has access to a couple of the bookmakers listed in this article should be able to recoup the fee for the method, alongside making a nice additional profit.

If you have access to the majority of bookmakers that offer BOG, then there is the potential to make thousands from this strategy.

Loophole Trader review



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