Best 5 Youtube Sports Betting Channels 2024

Youtube can be a great source of educational videos, if your looking to improve your sports betting then there is plenty to get stuck in to.

In today’s article we are going to look at five of the of the best sports betting Youtube channels. Which can really help you improve your sports betting and increase your profits.

From Paulo Rebelo's channel

Top 5 Youtube Sports Betting Channels

Trademate Sports

First up is Trademate Sports one of the early pioneers of sports betting content on Youtube. Trademate’s channel features a variety of videos covering all aspects of sports betting.

My favourite sports betting videos on the Trademate channel and the ones I think that offer the most value, are their interviews with pro sports bettors.  Over the years Trademate have interviewed several sports bettors that have made millions in the world of sports betting. Some from Europe and others from the USA.

Whilst they won’t give single little detail of the their operation and give away every little edge. Their is still a lot of value to be found in these interviews.

Covering such subjects as:

  • Their approaches to betting
  • Staking approach
  • Finding new edges
  • Getting bets down after being limited
  • Scaling their sports betting operations.

These interviews give an excellent insight into the way a high level sports bettor think and what it takes to achieve success.

One of the founders of Trademate is Jonas Gjelstad. Jonas is a pro sports bettor who managed to turn £10,000 into a £1,000,000 inside a year.

Unfortunately Trademate isn’t as active as it once was, however it still worth a look through.

Below are some of my favourite interviews with high level sports bettors that i would recommend.

Pro USA sports bettors podcast

Pro UK based sports bettor podcast

Paulo Rebelo

Next up is a channel that might not be familiar to many of you. Most likely because this is a channel that is made by the very successful Portuguese bettor Paule Rebelo, as such the channel is in Portuguese.

The good news is however that many of the videos are subtitled in English. Which makes them very watchable and a great source of education.

Paulo Rebelo Comedy
One of Paule Rebelo’s entertaining characters

Paulo Rebelo is a football bettor/trader who focuses on using the platform Betfair to make his money. His videos are very well put together, entertaining and always offer some value.

If you are looking to learn more about trading football on Betfair. Then this is a channel that is well worth your time. Rebelo covers several different football betting strategies. Alongside his own betting philosophies and covers how to approach trading on football correctly.

You can visit Paulo Rebelo’s Youtube channel here

Bet Angel

Coming up third on the list is Bet Angel which is run by Peter Webb. Much like Rebelo, Webb is a trader/bettor that focuses on using the exchanges.

Whilst Rebelo sticks to trading/betting on football. Peter Webb produces videos covering several different sports. 

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis


Webb’s channel features multiple different strategies, trading philosophy and educational videos.  Whichever sport or strategy that you are looking at. It’s very likely that the Bet Angel channel will have something that can help you improve.

You can view the BetAngel channel by clicking here

Smart Betting Club

The Smart Betting Club podcast and Youtube channel have taken over from where Trademate left off. Interviewing many of the worlds top sports bettors.

Their focus is mainly on sports betting tipsters and they have several videos on the channel detailing how to find good tipsters. Along with many of the key factors you should when deciding to follow a tipster.

  • Historical Results And Proofing
  • Are Odds Attainable
  • Liquid Markets

Best Sports Betting Youtube Channel

If you are looking at using tipsters as part of your betting portfolio. Then taking a look through the Smart Betting Club’s Youtube channel is certainly a good option.

Caan Berry

Last on the list is one of the most active sports betting Youtuber’s and that is Caan Berry.

Caan has one of the longest running sports betting channels on Youtube. His videos always tend to be of a high quality with very good production values. 

Best Sports Betting Youtube Channel

Videos on the channel tend to be a mixture of entertainment and education. Featuring sports betting strategies such as matched betting, value betting and Betfair trading.

Caan’s main trading focus is on horse racing and their are multiple videos on him live trading and giving advice on strategies in this area.

Visit Caan Berry’s channel here.


There we have 5 of the very best sports betting Youtube channel around.

Here at Smart Sports Trader we also have a Youtube channel covering all aspects of sports betting and football trading. Below is one of the most recent videos which details how to make over £100 a day from sports betting.

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