Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – August 2021 Results

On to month 53 in the Making A Million From Betting Challenge.

August was an interesting month, it started pretty terribly as every day I updated my P/L with a loss.

After dropping just over £1k a nicely timed family holiday gave me a welcomed break.

Returned to betting a few days later, hit a decent win on the casino offers. The Premier League returned and a good run of bets in the mma markets got things looking a little better.

Let’s dig into the results from August.

Value Betting, Matched Betting And Arbitrage 

A profitable month in the end for this set of strategies.

It was pretty much 90% value betting with maybe 5 or 6 low value matched betting offers. Also hit a couple of arbitrage bets this month.

We welcomed back the Premier League in August which is always good from a value betting perspective. William Hill in particular seemed pretty generous with value bets all across Europe.

Hopefully they continue to provide this on a weekly basis.

Value Betting Results

During August there were 173 value bets.

A profit of £520 was made.

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Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Been a while since I had a decent win on the casino offers.

But the above win on Gonzo was a welcome one as I was down around £1k for the month at this point.

Seemed to be a uptick in decent offers this month. With Lottoland in particular offering multiple offers which amounted to decent value.

Casino Offer Results

In August I did 88 offers

A profit of £447 was made.

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Sports Betting Results

It was a strong month for mixed martial arts and boxing betting.

Didn’t start too great with a big bet on Hall KO at 5.4 losing. However this closed at a best price of 4.5 so was pretty happy to take a stab at it.

Bea Malecki also looked a terrible bet in hindsight as she did her best Stefan Struve impression and got blasted out int he first round.

Hit some nice winners at the end of the month. Jake Paul to win by decision at 12.0 was pretty ridiculous. Whilst these type of fights might not be for boxing purists there are often some good betting angles to look at.

MMA Bets

There were a total of 16 bets made in August

A total profit of £584 was made.


Let’s take a look at how the tipsters I follow performed in August.

Premier Greyhound Tips£120 from 22 selections (Staking £10 per point.)

Another good month from Premier Greyhound Tips. Not much to add really, an easy tipster to follow. I put up all my selections on Betfair and set to match at SP.

You Can Read Our Premier Greyhound Tipster Review Here


Neil Macdonald-£646 from 18 bets (Staking £200 per point)

Not the best month for Neil’s selections.

He’s a popular tipster which means some of selections which are aimed are markets with lower liquidity get hammered. This meant I missed a fair few bets this month.

Booked in a losing month in August but that’s betting you can’t always win.

Still I expect that by the end of the season its likely a nice profit will have been made.

You Can Read Our Bookie Insiders Review Here

Tipster Results Overall


Horse Racing Tipsters

Slightly revamped my horse racing tipsters with Beth Bet coming into the fold.

Been very impressed so far with Beth.Bet and its a good way to utilize limited Bet365 accounts.

This is the line up of horse racing tipsters I now use.

Quentin Franks Racing (Click Here For Our Review)

Kieran Ward Value Service (Free Smart Betting Club Tipster)

Beth Bet (Read The Review)

Due to the amount of selections I bet each day with Beth Bet (20 -30.)

I am just recording my horse results daily rather by each bet. This just saves me a tonne of time each day.

Stakes range from £5 – £10, on selections where two tipsters select the same horse I am doubling my stakes.

Horse Racing Results


In August a profit of £403

was made from horse racing tipsters.

Golf Value

In August I started backing selections in the golf markets.

Using an approach similar to value betting.

Looking at the exchange markets to highlight value with soft bookmakers.

In August a loss of -£225 was made.


A profit of £875 was made from trading this month.

The majority of which came on from the Manny Pacquiao  vs Urgas fight.

I have added a video of my Betfair P/L below for some credibility.

This video also includes profit made from arbitrage and regular betting. Which is why the Betfair profit is much more then my actual trading profit.

Results For August

Value Betting, Arbitrage, Matched Betting –£520

Casino Offers –£447

Trading – £875

Sports Betting – £584

Tipsters – -£526

Horse Racing Tipsters – £403

Golf Value – -£225


Total Made In August


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target



Smart Sports Betting Community

This month I also launched the Smart Sports Betting Community.

After exchanging lots of emails with people of the years. It seemed there was an interest in creating a group which focused on how I approach betting on a monthly basis.

So that was what I did at the end of the August, the “Smart Sports Betting Community” was created.

I can’t share 100% of what I do, as I follow tipsters and some aspects of my trading I can’t share due to the liquidity.

However the group does cover the majority of what I do.

Membership to the group covers.

– Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) Betting Tips – Past Results 14.9% ROI From 492 Bets

– Plus EV Casino Offers – Best Offers Highlighted Daily Via Discord

– Value Betting Opportunities – Best Offers Highlighted Daily Via Discord

– Betfair Trading Advice – Live and In-Play (In Liquid Markets, Will Highlight Best Risk To Reward Trades)

Link To SSBC Results So Far (Results Based On £100 Per Point)

Overall August was a pretty good month.

Thanks for reading, appreciate it if you made it to the end. I will be back next month with an update, best of luck with your betting.

If Your Interested In Joining The Smart Sports Betting Community Click Here To Learn More



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7 thoughts on “Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – August 2021 Results”

    • My results are based on using two limited Bet365 accounts and a 0% exchange account.
      Not recording the results individually. Will have a look at P/L from Bet365 accounts and see how much its has accounted for.

    • I have stopped following Betting Man Multiples, it was more based on work load and timing of bets sent.
      Can get all the other horse bets done by 11.00 which just make things easier and gives me a cut off point.

  1. Hi Ryan,

    How do you divide your time to do casino offer ? Do you try to do 2 to 3 casino offer every evening or 10 to 15 offers in weekend ?


    • Hi

      It depends what offers are available on the day. If there are multiple good offers on one day I will try and get them all done.
      If there is only very low value offers that aren’t worth the time I might not do any.

      Normally do a 5 or 6 on a good day, some days I don’t do any.


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