Beth Bet Review 2022- Profit From Horse Racing Using AI?

Beth Bet Review is an artificial intelligence that finds value bets in the horse racing markets.

In the past I have used several methods to make money from the horse racing markets. Exploiting extra places, straight value betting, along with using horse racing tipsters.

So I know that there is money to be made from the horse racing markets.

(Below is a video review explaining features via desktop.)

Having seen some positive reviews of the service. From respected names in the industry such as Caan Berry  (video above) and Stephen Harris.

The software looks very interesting.

So I decided to take a look at it myself.

What Is Beth Bet ?

As stated Beth Bet is an artificial intelligence that uses mathematical algorithms to find value in the horse racing markets.

The algorithm takes into account factors such as a horses pedigree, history, track conditions and weather conditions. This is all done in real time.

When the algorithm detects that a horse offers value the software will highlight it as a recommended bet.

Beth Bet Review

Which Bookmaker Does Beth Bet Cover?

Beth Bet currently covers 11 bookmakers.

  • 888sport
  • 10bet
  • Bet365
  • Betvictor
  • Betway
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • Netbet
  • Paddy Power
  • Pokerstars
  • William Hill

This isn’t a huge range of bookmakers especially for many of our readers that are already limited by a number of bookmakers.

However Beth Bet gives you a minimum price that you should bet at.

This gives you a good guide price for finding a value bet.

Beth Bet Selection


For example here you can see Beth Bet has shown the horse “International Lion” as value at odds of 29.00 with 888sport.

The true odds by Beth Bet’s estimation is 24.65.

A quick look at an odds comparison site such as Oddschecker would enable you to see if other bookmakers were offering a value price.

Not just relying on those covered by Beth Bet.

Beth Bet Exchanges

Something that I intend to do over a long term review of this service is to look at if this service can be used profitably with the betting exchanges.

You can see in the picture above I have placed a bet on International Lion at odds of 28.00.

Which is still a value price according to the AI of Beth Bet. However due to being limited with 888sport I placed this bet using the exchange Smarkets.

This suggests that there maybe a way to use with the betting exchanges.

How Profitable Has Beth Bet Been In The Past?

When you login in to you have the opportunity to look at historical results.

This is under the stats page.

You can choose to look at different bookmakers individually or group them together. Also you can break things down into different time frames for example months/years/weeks.


Above are the results from this year using only Bet365.

This shows that a profit of £2007.25 has been made to £1 stakes which is very impressive.

Unfortunately it doesn’t show exactly how many bets were made for this profit to be made.

Historical results are shown by the daily profit and loss.

Beth Bet Results

Here are the results for all bookmakers covered under the software.

These results are from 2021.

Looking through a few different time periods and going through each bookmakers individually.

Beth Bet appears to have been very profitable from past results.

 Beth Bet Review – How Does The Software Work?

The interface reminds me very much of Trademate Sports.

It looks great and is very easy to navigate.


Beth Bet Review

The workspace is where value bets are highlighted.

It shows the bookmaker, race, horse name, time bet was shown and time bet was placed.

If you click on the race. This will automatically send you to the bookmaker’s page for the highlighted race.

The Coef are the odds available at the time, the odds below that are the minimum odds the AI suggests betting the horse at.


Beth Bet Stats

Next up is the stats page.

I wrote about this earlier on, noting down that you can look at historical results.

Here you can also view your own results.

As when bets are placed using it keeps track of your profit and loss.

Event Results


Event results allows you to take a look at the days racing card.

Giving you a brief overview of the races.

It has a section indicating whether or not you had a bet on the race.

After this you have profile and subscription which are both fairly straight forward.


Beth Bet Review

Lastly you have the settings page.

This allows you to set a level staking size, choose how quickly the software refreshes and also allow you to add filters to the selections shown.

The filters are only available for the Pro subscription.

How Much Money Can I Make From Beth Bet?

This is a question that gets asked with most betting services/tipsters.

Like any betting product, this is going to vary depending on a lot of factors.

Which bookmakers do you have available?

What is your starting bankroll?

How much time do you have to to use

This is not matched betting or arbitrage betting so you have to understand there will be variance.

This means there will be periods when you are profitable but also periods when you are losing money.

Beth Bet Results

Looking at the graph above we can see that although has been very profitable long term. There is a long breakeven stretch at the beginning of the graph.

Probably the most important factor to consider here is that you are not over staking.

Staking is an area where users could probably use more information.

 Beth Bet Review – Improvements That Could Be Made

Beth Bet is a fairly new service but there are a few obvious improvements that could be made.

More bookmakers being added would probably be the biggest one.

This is something that the team behind have already said they are working on.



Suggested staking would be something that I think would benefit the software.

At the moment you set a level staking amount, then adjust it yourself when placing bets.

Odds on the horses can range from any 5.0 to 30.00.

An area where you could input your total bankroll and get a suggested amount to stake. Which would be based on the odds of the horse and perceived value.

I think would be great addition.

One issue I have noticed is that when horses are withdrawn. Odds on selections do not change. This means you have to manually alter them at the end of the day when going through results.

Automating this would be a beneficial.

Beth Bet Results

After 3 months of using Beth Bet you can view the results below.

Beth Bet Results

The creators behind Beth Bet suggest a level staking approach and suggest betting selections in the morning 09.00-12.00.

I have used a simple variable staking plan. Staking £10 on selections at odds of 5.00-10.00, then lowering my stake to £5 for selections above 10.00.

Results after 3 months testing the software have been excellent.

(Updated results after 2947 bets are below)


Beth Bet Cost

There are 3 different subscription plans that Beth Bet offers.

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro



Allows you to take a look at the historical results.

You don’t get any live selections sent through the workspace.


The basic version costs £39.99 a month.

With this version you get 30 recommendations day.

Having used the basic version myself for a couple of days I found that this was more then enough for me. If I let the software run for 2 hours between generally 10.00 and 12.00.

I would be able to get my 30 bets done.


The Pro allows you to tinker with some of the filters.

It allows you to have selections sent at certain odds ranges, set a maximum time till the race starts.

The biggest reason to have a pro membership would be to have the 30 selections cap removed.

If your a high volume bettor, perhaps your betting professionally.

You could leave the software running all day and make 50+ bets in a day.

Beth Bet Discount

If you want to test out Beth Beth for yourself.

I managed to get a really good discount for readers of

Click The Link Below And Use The Code “SST40”

For A 40% Discount On Your First Month


Beth Bet Review

Beth Bet Review – General Thoughts

There is a lot I like about Beth Bet.

It is a high volume approach to betting. Which is an approach I like, as this allows you to grow your bankroll fairly quickly. 

Along with this the software itself is very easy to use.

Ultimately like all betting services/tipsters it is going to be about the results I can achieve using the software.

I will be back next month with an update on my results using the Beth Bet software.


Beth Bet





  • Profitable
  • High Volume
  • Works On Limited Accounts


  • Bookmaker Limits
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Ryan is a former mixed martial arts and kickboxing competitor. After finishing university he played online poker and taught English for a living in Thailand for a few years.

Upon returning to England his focus has been on making a living from sports trading, betting and arbitrage. Over the course of 5 years he has managed to make a six figure profit using the strategies discussed on this site.

Ryan runs the sports betting and trading website

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14 thoughts on “Beth Bet Review 2022- Profit From Horse Racing Using AI?”

  1. wondering if you could back on the exchanges and lay closer to the off, for a trade approach rather than value.


    • That might be possible, obviously some will drift, some will shorten.
      However if it is profitable long term you would expect these selections to be beating the Betfair SP long term.

  2. Hi, I’m also trialing this out and I’m in day 8 with a profit of between £10-20 per day on average with only a day of a £3 loss.
    This has been varied from £1 stakes 20-30 bets a day to stakes of £2/3 with 50-110 bets per day.
    I’ll be interested in seeing your next update

  3. Hi, I am very interested to see how this works out for people.

    I was skeptical about matched betting when I first came across it. Thinking it was a scam and full of flim flam artists, then I came across a couple of YouTubers that were very, very genuine, so decided to try it out for myself. Damn, I wish I had started doing it years ago! Damn thing actually works!

    So, now we have Beth, and again I have difficulty believing this actually works.

    I could test it for myself. The monthly sub is not much and it might be worth the risk. I reckon the basic one, and doing the 2 hour run in the morning suits me.

    Now, is there anymore input by those that are trying it out? I await with anticipation for your replies 🙂

    • Hi Charles, glad to see you are matched betting. That is initially how I started with all this.
      With value betting you need a big sample size, so far I have 278 bets in 2 weeks. Will look at results after a few months.

  4. I have been trying this out (Basic package), minimum of 20 £1 bets a day, using 888 and BetVictor who show the second and third best returns through June and July according to the Beth stats. Best return is Bet365 but I am holding back on that one for now.

    I have not changed any settings, and as recommended I am using the software between 9 and 12AM. Although the software sometimes pops up the same horse twice, I ignore the second occurrence.

    Day 1 I made a £2.50 profit, since then 5 continuous days of losses ranging from £9 to £13.50. Along the way I compared my stats with the equivalents on the site. The site said +210%, my equivalent was -120%.

    Fortunately Matched Betting is propping this up! I was hoping to be in a comfortable place in terms of return and increasing stakes for Ebor Festival, and possibly moving to the Pro product. I do hope I can get there because I like the product, but the results so far aren’t what I hoped.

  5. The “official” statistics declared + 210%…..Yet by your calculations, it was minus120 %…!
    OK…so please explain the discrepancy, the mathematics cannot be all that difficult….in all fairness to concerned parties the truth should be known…..This is just to large a variance and if left without explanation, may well prove to be damaging to the service….( yes, incredibly, people do still tend to believe what they read ! )


    • @ Thomas Reginald Brookes

      Hello, to clarify.

      Both the 210% v -120% numbers are what the site stated on the graphs that show “Total Beth Profit for chosen period”, (ie Beth’s overall performance) vs “Only Saved Predictions” (my results). The numbers were taken from the two graphs produced by the site.

      Tonight, the graphs reflect “Total Beth Profit for chosen period”, ie Beth’s overall performance at +230%. vs “Only Saved Predictions” (my results) at -215.6%. Again, those are Beth’s numbers, not mine.

      As before, I like the product, but the results so far aren’t what I hoped, and have been discussed with Beth.

      • Thanks for the clarification, Peter…..Obviously, I did not wrap my head around it properly…Never considered that you were using Beth’s numbers, should have gained a better understanding of the service before commenting…..Hopefully, this is just a “Blip” as the product is certainly intriguing, and something that I would most likely subscribe to..

  6. I have found there is a lot of variance depending on bookie used. I initially just used VCBet and made very good profit , but after a month the account was gone £1700 profit using £10 stakes. So I switched to willhill , had more loosing days than winning days with them and strangely had 2 days of zero wins , which never happened with vc. Also if you have multiple bookies selected prepare for multiple selections on same horse. I use basic which is 30 unique selections but I have had over 40 selections when you add the multiple bets on same horse from each bookie. It wont work for everyone on exchange as here is no liquidity so first couple of people who get on exchange take the prices on offer.
    If you stake correctly for your bank then you should make money whilst you have access to accounts.

  7. I used it for 4 weeks betting £20 a bet and trying to bet 30 horses a day

    I lost an 888 and a hills account with this approach but cleared £4K in the process .

    Small sample size and I ended up £400 down last month betting to £10 stakes (getting £20 on the problem

    Beth seems to follow some morning sharp money if you have a bomb proof account then it’s worth a try .

  8. Started off well but soon got accounts restricted to minimum stakes on Betvictor and Bet365. Is a good set and forget as they seem to stop around lunchtime each day. I’m gonna keep going with other accounts to see how it goes and hope to be in profit but not a life changer.

  9. I am on the Basic package. Also trying to bet on 30 recommendations a day, but haven’t done that yet. The recommendations seem to slow down by 11:00 AM, so some days, although I have had more than 30 recommendations, when I take off duplicates, and those where the odds are gone, I end up at less than 30. Then non-runners may reduce the number, Rule 4’s the returns, but BOGs may help.

    Overall I am around 24% up, before the subscription fee. On that note, given the slow down I have seen, I am not sure that the £100 a month option would continue to generate a volume of quality recommendations?

    In terms of bookies I found Bet365, 888 and BV gave the most results, Ladbrokes, Coral, 10Bet and Pokerstars very few. PaddyPower also very few, but the most profitable. William Hill produced a few recommendations, but stake restricted me to £0.91 after 20 bets, none of which was a winner.

    I do have a concern about clicking through to the bookie using the links on Bet’s workspace. They seem to go “in the clear” which MAY mean the bookie can see Beth as the “Referrer”. To overcome that I have installed the “Toggle Referrer” extension on my browser.


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