Bonus Accumulator Review 2022- £26,639 PROFIT Learn How

What Is Bonus Accumulator?

Before we get started on this Bonus Accumulator review.

You might be wondering what actually is Bonus Accumulator ? (This is now known as Profit Accumulator Diamond)

Bonus Accumulator is a subscription service that enables you to profit from Casino offers.

The service gives you in-depth instruction and software that allows you to make a profit from low risk to high risk casino offers.

It is from the same company behind the very popular matched betting service Profit Accumulator.



How Much Can You Make From Bonus Accumulator

If you are a regular reader of this blog then will know that exploiting casino offers has been a staple of the making a million betting challenge.

Over the past few years I have made good money exploiting casino offers using various services. I did a lot of this manually before Bonus Accumulator was created and also took offers from another service.

Are Casino Offers Worth It?

Below is my profit graph after exploiting over 4892 casino offers.

A profit of over £26,639 has been made since 2019.

Bonus Accumulator Results

So the question is can Bonus Accumulator allow you to do the same?

Lets take a look!

Bonus Accumulator Review


So first off the mathematics behind exploiting casino offers profitably can seem difficult at first.

It differs to matched betting as you will not always make a profit from every offer. However every offer you do will have a positive expectancy.

This means that in the long run if you keep doing offer after offer you will make money.

Huge Casino Win
Sometimes you will win big!

The example that I always use for simplicity is that of a coin flip.

Lets pretend that you have a friend that believes heads is luckier then tails.

Because they believe this they are willing to pay you £1.10 every time it lands on tails. But you have to only pay them £1 every time it lands on heads.

This situation would give you a clear mathematical advantage.

Long term this is called plus EV or positive expected value.

When Tails lands in this situation the payout odds are 2.1  (real probability is 50% so the odds should be 2.0)

Heads lands and the payout odds are 2.0 (This is the true value of a coin landing on tails.)

If you flipped the coin long enough you would make money.

Casino offers work on exactly the same premise.

Bonus accumulator provides plenty of instruction for those new to exploiting casino offers.

In the form of videos and written guidelines. So which ever way you learn the best, they have it covered.

The videos and guidelines cover.

  • Why Should You Do Casino Offers
  • Types Of Casino Offer
  • How To Play Roulette
  • What Is Wagering?
  • How To Play Blackjack
  • How To Play Slots
  • ID/KYC Verification
  • Risk Free Offers
  • Low Risk Offers
  • Medium Risk Offers
  • High Risk Offers
  • How To Use The Simulator

Bonus Accumulator Offers

This was probably most interesting part for myself.

As I mentioned earlier I have been exploiting casino offers for many years now using another service.

So how does Bonus Accumulator stack up in this department?

Bonus Accumulator Offers
Names of the casino are hidden to protect copyright

Extremely Well!

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of offers that the bonus accumulator service covers.

There are hundreds of offers covering risk free, low risk, medium risk and high risk.

Sign up offers are often the most profitable but there is also a large quantity of reload offers to do.

In comparison to the service that I have been using for years it stands up very well.

Bonus Accumulator Instructions

When you choose the offer that want to exploit.

Bonus accumulator gives you step by step instruction on the optimal approach, to extract the highest value possible.

Another aspect of the Bonus Accumulator service that I really like is the in-depth breakdown of each offer.

The detail is very impressive and puts them ahead of their competition.

Breaking down the EV for example into an hourly rate is something that I really like.

A lot of people seem to think that matched betting and casino offers aren’t worth the time.

However this really highlights that if you put in the time exploiting casino offers it is still extremely profitable!

What Tools Do You Get With Bonus Accumulator 


There are several tools that come with a Bonus Accumulator subscription.

We will start with my favorite which is a simulator for casino games.

Bonus Accumulator Simulator

As you can see from the picture this is a really handy piece of software.

You can run a number of simulations regarding the type of bonus or cashback offer that you are doing.

Such as 

  • Bet And Get
  • Sticky Bonus (Where bonus is removed and only profit from bonus counts.)
  • Free Spins
  • Second Chance Bonus
  • Post Wager
  • Cashback

It then spits out a number of metrics for you.

This is an excellent tool that is especially handy for reload offers that get sent out by casinos to specific customers. It is a very quick way of seeing if the offer is profitable or not.

The above picture is a breakdown of a cashback offer that I was sent on the slot Rick and Morty Megaways.

Below is a video of me doing this offer. I managed to hit the bonus round on my last spin. (The video length is cut due to file size)

Just to prove that the video is legitimately me completing the cashback offer.

Here is a screenshot from my gaming history (the extra £6.40 came on the initial spin before the bonus loaded.)

Bonus Accumulator Review

So although this offer only had an expected value of £3.95. The hourly rate on completing an offer such as this is £236.75.

If you look at exploiting casino offers as an hourly return then it really does hammer home how much value there is to be had.

My profit from this one offer was £566.40.

This does highlight the variance in results and it can swing both ways. You can run way above the expected profit but also below it.

It is important to focus on the long term results as you will have losing periods at times.

However I can tell you that after doing 4000 plus offers the variance does even itself out.

Slots Database

Next up in the list of tools that you get with Bonus Accumulator is the slots database.

This isn’t anything fancy it is pretty much as the name suggests. Its a database of slots that allows you to search based on 

  • Name
  • Return To Player
  • Variance
  • Provider

Bonus Accumulator Slots Database

You might want to use this tool if you get an offer that is slot specific or are just looking for high RTP (return to player) slots to complete an offer with.

Perhaps you want to look up the RTP amount of a slot in order to input it in the simulation tool.

Again its a handy tool to have and saves you manually looking for everything on google (which is something I have done in the past.)

Blackjack Calculator

Last on the list is a blackjack calculator.

Blackjack is a game that I have played for probably hundreds of hours, given its high return to player if played optimally.

Making it one of the best games to rollover a casino bonus with if allowed in the bonus terms.

Previously I have used an online template for optimal blackjack strategy but Bonus Accumulator has its own.

Bonus Accumulator Blackjack

The blackjack calculator is extremely simple.

You input the dealer hand, then state what your own cards are.

The calculator then spits out the optimal move to make allowing you to play the best blackjack strategy possible with highest rtp (return to player.)

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker

When it comes to having a quick and efficient way of tracking your profits, Bonus Accumulator has this covered also.

It uses a very simple process.

Where when you have finished completing an offer you input your actual profit the software logs this then also tracks the expected profit from the offer.

Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker

The software then saves this information and allows you to track all the offers you have done.

Producing a nice graph which shows your real profit alongside your expected profit.

Profit Tracking 2

Having done this for a few years already I have always used Excel.

The profit tracking with Bonus Accumulator is again very simple to use and very efficient. 

They have done a great job of creating functional profit tracking tools that will save you inputting everything into Microsoft Excel. It might seem like a little thing but its a great little time saver that compounds in the long run.

Bonus Accumulator Forum

There is also an active community within Bonus Accumulator.

This is in the form of a forum, where you can reach out for help or advice if you are struggling. Make suggestions for further tools to be added or adjustments which might benefit the community.

If you are wondering whether or not a recurring reload offer is profitable you can ask a more experienced member of the community for confirmation if it is value or not.

Bonus Accumulator Review

It is always good to talk with individuals that share the same interests as yourself.

So the addition of a active forum is a big positive for Bonus Accumulator.

It is a good place to learn and also take motivation from the results of other people that are looking to make money exploiting casino bonuses.

Are Casino Offers Still Worth Doing In 2021?

Below I have attached my results for the year of 2020.

As I have been asked a few times are casino offers still worth doing in 2021?

Bonus Accumulator Results 2020

Over the course of 2020 I took part in 2202 casino offers.

A total profit of £11,946 was made.

I will be continuing to do casino offers in 2021. In my opinion I believe there is still good money to be made from casino offers in 2021.

A big bonus is that casino offers work even on gubbed accounts.

Bonus Accumulator Price

Bonus Accumulator now comes under the umbrella of Profit Accumulator diamond membership.

£39.99 monthly subscription.

£300 a year subscription ( £25 a month.)

The monthly fee is very expensive in comparison to other services. A yearly one off payment works out at £25 a month which in my opinion is value.

Profit Accumulator Diamond membership brings together the best of matched betting and casino offers. So this remains a good option if you want to make the most of both.

However a cheaper alternative would be Profit Maximiser which covers both casino and matched betting for a fraction of the price (£115 yearly)


Team Casino Or Bonus Accumulator?

There are not that many products around that solely focus on exploiting casino offers.

The other notable bonus service available on the internet is Team Casino. Having tried both services I found Bonus Accumulator to be much more in depth.

Choosing between the two my recommendation would be to go with Bonus Accumulator.

Bonus Accumulator Review Conclusion

In this Bonus Accumulator review we have covered all aspects of the service and from the tone of the review you can probably tell that I have been impressed.

Like I have mentioned through out this review I have been exploiting casino bonus for a few years already.

So when I heard about Bonus Accumulator I thought initially it would just be more of the same.

However Bonus Accumulator have taken everything that was already available and improved it in every aspect.

They have delivered a really sleek and most importantly very functional service that provides a tonne of value for anyone that is looking to make money from casino offers.

Are there any negatives?

Exploiting casino offers isn’t something that is brand new but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of money to be made from doing it.

The main drawback to Bonus Acucmulator is the price tag in relation to its competitors.

However if you want combine matched betting and are new to casino bonus hunting then this is the perfect place to start.

Is there a Bonus Accumulator Trial?

There isn’t a Bonus Accumulator trial. They have now combined there casino service with their matched betting service Profit Accumulator. Under the Diamond membership service.

If you want a similar service you can trial.

My recommendation is Profit Maximiser who offer a £1 trial for 14 days which is excellent value.

Click Here For Your £1 Trial



(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers.

Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)


Bonus Accumulator





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  • Great Value
  • Easy To Use Software


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33 thoughts on “Bonus Accumulator Review 2022- £26,639 PROFIT Learn How”

    • Would say a minimum of £500 and you need to avoid high risk offers initially.
      If you want to jump straight in to the high risk stuff £10k would probably be my minimum recommendation.

  1. I was extremely disappointed with the product, I love PA but this is poor value (IMO) for the monthly cost, as you are ultimately gambling. Shame as I like the guys who run PA but the price for this is a little steep.

    • Sorry you were disappointed.

      It is gambling yes.
      But it is gambling with a huge edge!

      You do have to go through losing runs but the expected value you make for your time is much higher then matched betting.
      At the moment this is a really good opportunity to make money online.

      These opportunity only have a certain shelf life before the profit margins become a lot smaller (e.g matched betting)

      Maybe it isn’t for you, but the product is excellent value if you understand the mathematics behind exploiting casino offers.

      • I lost all the £550 casino money i put aside for doing this (includes the BA membership cost), but worst of all i lost countless hours doing it, so £500 down and days lost. Not good for me thanks. I have to assume others in my shoes have not been bothered to comment. or they got addicted and are embarrassed about that. Be warned, you are not guaranteed to win even with mid to low risk offers. Maybe i just go super unlucky, but from my point of view its a casino scam and has been waste of time. Profit accumulator is great though, been on them for years and still do MBing regularly.

          • Did about 30 of the low risk offers and 3 of the meduim risk . Were you doing high risk when you lost £1003? Don’t have the stomach to go that deep in to my wallet. You have a big set of balls.

          • That’s a tiny sample size to be honest.
            Yeah that included some high risk offers but the majority are low-med risk.
            If you can stomach the losing periods there is a lot of money still to be made from casino offers but its not for everyone.

          • “That’s a tiny sample size to be honest.”
            Exactly (i ran of out £550 bank roll before i could even finish!), so that means you may need more than £550 to bank roll all these low to med risk offers.
            Perhaps you should increase your £500 recommendation as to not mislead the readers?

            “Would say a minimum of £500 and you need to avoid high risk offers initially.”
            Would you think £1k is more realistic? It seems so.

            My guess is that you will not allow this comment to be published because you profit from BA links – a moral hazard.

            It’s your site, it’s your hustle. cool thing is that if you don’t post this comment i will learn a lot and be even more convinced Ba is a scam.
            Then i learn that the money in these casino profit sites are really in peddling the memberships – then i will leave it alone, save my time and get back to MBing.

          • Hi James

            I think £500 is fine if you are just grinding low risk offers. Obviously you can hit a bad run of variance and lose that amount on the flip side others will be up thousands. The £500 was an estimate of mine and perhaps your right it is too low.

            When you say BA is a scam ? Do you believe that you can’t make money from casino offers?

            Sorry that you lost money doing this, It’s part of the game unfortunately.

            Outside of only using matched betting and arbitrage betting strategies. Losing runs are unavoidable and something that you have to accept.
            The way I built up my bankroll was to use the profit from mbing and arbitrage for the higher risk stuff (casino offers, value betting) but it sounds like maybe you should just stick to those strategies as they suit your risk profile better.

            Always happy to allow criticism on the blog so long as its balanced and reasonable which yours are mostly.

  2. What’s the difference between this and Profit Maximiser? Looks exactly the same except you get a lot more with PM.

    • They are similar.
      Bonus Accumulator is purely casino stuff and they cover more of the higher risk offers then PM do.
      PM covers matched betting and casino offers so it more of an all round product. If you still have access to bookmaker sthen I would choose PM if your purely looking to exploit casino offers I would go with Bonus Accumulator.

    • It covers all the high risk offers that they don’t put on PA.
      These are a lot more profitable but also a lot higher variance.

      • I’ve recently subscribed to PA, so looks like the way forward is to complete the basic offers building up the bank and then progress to BA

        • I think that’s a good idea. Build up your bankroll with the lower risk offers before moving onto the higher risk stuff.

  3. I’ve been mb for several years now but have gone over to casinos as I get gubbed on more and more bookie sites. I’ve been making around 500-1000 a month for the last couple of years but the smaller offers are getting harder and harder to find so I’ve been doing the big aco offers. My last mb company really went downhill so I’m looking for a new site.

    Does bonus accumulator cover the advanced offers in detail or is more the smaller offers.

    • It focuses on all risk levels from low to high.
      Similar to yourself I have been doing casino stuff for years and BA is the best service all round for exploiting casino offers imo.

  4. Been on this site for just over 12 months, followed instructions to the letter and lost nearly £4000…crock of shit!!!


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