Smart Sports Betting Community

A community dedicated to making money from the sports betting markets.

The Smart Sports Betting Community was created after running this site for several years.

For over 4 years I have been writing about my approach to the sports betting markets. Recording my profit and loss on a monthly basis.

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Over the years I have exchanged many emails with people regarding how to make an income from the betting markets. This community was created to allow people to access a number of strategies that combined have allowed me to generate a consistent income.

Members get access to the following:

– Mixed Martial Arts (UFC) Betting Tips – Past Results 14.9% ROI From 492 Bets

– Plus EV Casino Offers – Best Offers Highlighted Daily Via Discord

– Value Betting Opportunities – Best Offers Highlighted Daily Via Discord

– Betfair Trading Advice – Live and In-Play (Quality Over Quantity, Will Highlight Best Risk To Reward Trades)


Smart Sports Betting Community

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In this section you can find more detail about the strategies used within the community and how information will be shared.

MMA Betting

MMA bets will be shared on the private discord channel.

Previously I competed in mixed martial arts and have been profitable betting mixed martial arts for over 10 years.

From April 2017 I started tracking my betting using  the results currently stand at a 14.9% ROI From 492 Bets.

MMA Betting Results

MMA bets will be shared with members on discord.

Casino Offers

Exploiting casino offers can be very profitable with the right approach.

When bookmakers offers bonuses and promotions, this can flip the advantage from the casino to the player.

By only playing when the advantage is in your favour you can make money long term.

Casino offers are still very profitable.

To highlight this above are my results exploiting plus ev casino offers. Since the start of 2020 up to August 2021.

Members of the smart sports betting community will get access to a daily discord channel highlighting the best casino offers. Along with a private members page which outlines the best sign up offers, with instructions on the best strategy to exploit them.

Need more information on exploiting casino offers? Click Here

Value Betting

Value betting in a proven strategy that uses sharp bookmakers and exchanges to identify value with soft bookmakers. Along with casino offers this is a bread and butter strategy that I use on a daily basis.

Members of the smart sports betting community will get access to a discord channel. Which will highlight value betting opportunities on a daily basis.

For a more in depth article on value betting, Click Here.

Betfair Trading Advice

When it comes to Betfair trading my approach is to look for scenario’s which present a greater upside then downside.

You can read a detailed article on pre match trading here

If you prefer video is a good example of one of the strategies used.

If you subscribe to the smart sports betting community you will get access to these trades along with in-play trading/betting advice.


You can find the current profit and loss for the Smart Sports Betting Community by clicking here.


My recommended staking plan for the smart sports betting community are as follows.

A 50 point bank for MMA selections and Betfair Trading.

MMA selections tend to be between 0.5 – 2 points.

Betfair trading stakes can vary due to pre match trading, which require larger stakes. This is not at risk as the trade is always finished before the game but required to make the profits worth while.

Stakes will generally range between 10 – 30 points.

Value Betting and Casino Offers

For value betting and casino offers the amount you can stake is normally capped.

This is dependent on the casino offer or the stakes allowed by the bookmaker.

For casino offers a good rule of thumb for higher risk offer is to not use over 1% of your bankroll. Lower risk you can stake more aggressively but would not go over 5% of your total bankroll.

When it comes to value betting my approach is to use variable staking depending on the odds I am betting at.

For example betting £100 at odds of 2.0, £50 at odds of 3.0 etc, lower stakes as the odds increase.

Important Information

Upon subscribing you will be sent an email giving you access to the discord group.

Before joining you will need to have a discord account. (Discord allows bets and information to be shared quickly and efficiently.)

Discord is free to use, you can create an account here –

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