Trademate Sports Review – Will It Make You Money?

Trademate Sports Review – Will it make you money?

With the popularity of matched betting rising in the last few years there are a lot of people that realise there is money to be made from soft bookmakers.

Is value betting another way of taking money out of the bookmakers pockets?

After 3 months of using the Trademate Sports Core software lets take a look at the results.

Trademate Core Review

Key Stats

Total Staked£6,200.00
ROI (Return On Investment)2.70%
ROC (Return On Capital)15.30%


Trademate Sports Review

– The Results

If we take into account the 3 months worth of fees for the Trademate Core software ( £100 x 3) then we would be -£132 overall.

However the results may be a little misleading as I invested the minimum recommended amount suggested for the Trademate Core software.

I also used the lowest suggested staking method (low kelly) which meant that my bank was never in any danger but growth was slow.

You can see this in the graph below.

Trademate Core Review
The bank was never in any danger but growth was pretty slow.

Trademate Core is a very easy product to use and finding value bets is fairly simple. It takes maybe 10-20 mins to set up initially and then each time the software finds a value bet you get an alert with the suggested staking.

The filters are then saved for future use and any time you wish to find value bets for your selected bookmakers you just log in to the software.

There are occasionally some problems with the software. For example an edge may show up that has long expired or doesn’t exist because a game has been suspended.

Any errors are usually fixed very quickly though and if you bring it to the attention of the Trademate Sports staff they will reply promptly.

An interesting aspect of the Trademate Core software is that there are several different approaches to using it.

For example there are recommended and non recommended markets.

The recommended are the highest liquidity games like the Champions League where it should be less noticeable that you are value betting. The non recommended markets cover everything from women’s European basketball to the Serbian second division.

My focus was on the recommended leagues as I also use my bookmaker accounts for horse racing bets and would like to keep them from limitations for as long as possible.

Some users also stick to using specific odds ranges to lower the amount of variance they are exposed too.

For this review I decided to bet all edges up to odds of 20.00.

Trademate Sports Review

– Interesting Things To Note

Trademate Core Review

The image above shows how I performed betting odds up to 3.0.

As you can see if I had stuck a tighter odds range then my results would have been much better. Having written about the favourite-longshot bias in betting markets previously this was interesting to note.

Trademate Core Review

Betting at odds of 3.0 upwards saw a pretty consistent downward trend after an initial upswing. My sample size of bets is not big enough to draw any real conclusions.

The Team behind Trademate Core however produce videos called “big data analysis” on their youtube channel. In these videos they analyze their customers data as a whole.

I will be really interested to see if this is a trend for the whole community or just variance.

Here is a demo of the Trademate Sports software.

Trademate Sports Review – Conclusion

My bank didn’t grow as much as I would have hoped over a 3 month period.

The fact is that I think the minimum starting bank of £1000 is probably too low for this service. The only way I could see a £1000 bank grow substantially and account for the subscription fee would be to hammer all trades that appear and use a more aggressive staking plan.

Based solely on my results I would give Trademate Core a neutral rating. This however I feel would be unfair as my results were profitable.

Starting with a greater starting capital and slightly more aggressive staking plan I think Trademate Core has the potential to make good money after subscription fees.

Regarding subscription fees Trademate Core is not cheap at 120 euros about £100. This price is inline with arbitrage services like Rebelbetting and Betburger that use similar methods of continuously scanning bookmaker odds.

I think this is reasonable as I imagine running a service such as this comes at quite a cost.

Trademate Core gets a recommendation from me.

I don’t think it is for everybody and if you are fairly new to sports betting/trading then you would be better using bookmakers for matched betting initially.

Also due to bookmaker limitiations that happen due to using Trademate.

You may also want to consider surebetting and banking consistent profit with arbitrage betting software.

(You can read our recommendations below.)

Trademate gets a recommendation as in the long run you will make a profit. However I not sure if it is the most optimal way of using soft bookmaker accounts. 

Trademate Update

Trademate recently upgraded their software.

Here are the changes made.

New feature: Real-Time Result Updates.

You can now get live updates on the score and key statistics of any game you want to follow. This also includes statistics such as shots on target in football, 3 pointers in basket, aces in tennis and many more.

Another neat feature is that you can now see the status of your current bets in a payout grid, which gets updated in real-time when the result changes.

New feature: Odds Comparison

You can compare the odds of all the bookmakers supported by Trademate on any game to find the best possible odds offered in the market.

If you are using Trademate Core or Pro, it will also show you which of these odds that are also value bets.

New Feature: Results Tracking and Closing Lines on Custom Trades

It is now possible to register custom trades with the odds found in the odds comparison tool. Trademate automatically finds and updates the game results, closing lines and other key performance indicators for you.

New Feature: Odds Movements

You can see how the most recent odds changes in the time before you register a bet with Trademate.

Additional Updates: * Trademate now supports 110 soft bookmakers.

* Trademate now supports Ice Hockey.

* Trademate have added more oddstypes Including to win 1st half bets for Football. To win quarter bets for Basketball and to win set bets for Tennis.

* Edges: The new odds engine finds 5 times more value bets than the old one. 

Trademate Free:

Along with the updates we have added a product that is free to use. It includes bookkeeping of your bets with stats, the live score updates and the odds comparison tool.

For more information on Trademate visit the website below.


Trademate Core





  • Profitable way of betting
  • Easy to use software
  • Large volume of bets


  • Need a big bank to cover subscription costs
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4 thoughts on “Trademate Sports Review – Will It Make You Money?”

  1. are you going to continue using it?
    your average stake for this was ~7GBP is that right? i guess you wouldnt be getting
    limited even with soft bookies for those stakes?
    when you say you “get an alert” when there is a trade, do you actually have to be on their
    website or they send an email or something?
    how much time a day did this take you to find and make all these bets?

  2. I might come back to it with a larger bankroll as they have just added a few more bookmakers. I don’t use these bookmakers for horse racing so I wouldn’t mind getting limited betting larger stakes.

    Once you sign up to Trademate you get a dashboard. After you have filled in the bookmakers you want to use and your bankroll it scans for value bets. Edges then pop up on something called the tradefeed and you get a sound notification with the edge % and recommended staking amount.

    The average stake was around £7 yes. I would have the tradefeed open for most of Satuday and Sunday. Probably around 10-15 hours a week I would have it open but would also have been doing other things at the same time.

    • Hi Don,

      A profit was made with a £1000 bank.

      However when you take into account the subscription fees it would not have made a profit. With a bigger bank you would be betting larger amounts per bet. But still be able to stick to good bankroll management. If you were betting larger stakes your profits would have been bigger.

      This would means that you could cover subscription fees. Build your bank and then compound the profits over time.


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