5 Profitable Matched Betting Strategies 2024 – Make Money On Gubbed Accounts

So you have received the dreaded email!
You are not eligible to receive sports betting promotions anymore.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts


Being gubbed is inevitable if you end up making a long term profit from bookmakers. whether its from the worst bookmakers in the UK or some of the more reputable ones. The simple fact is bookmakers don’t want you to win money.

Whilst you can prolong being limited by a bookmaker for a while. If you continue to win money this will happen.

This is annoying news, however it is still very possible to make a decent level of profit from other betting strategies. Strategies that don’t require the use of promotional offers, which are profitable even on gubbed accounts.

Having started matched betting ten years ago and still managing to make £20k+ a year from the sports betting markets.

I can tell you from experience it is still very possible to make a good income!

If you learn better through video I have attached one below that covers “How To Make Money From Gubbed Betting Accounts.”


Let’s take a look at the profitable strategies you can use even after you have been gubbed from promotional offers.

Matched Betting Make Money From Gubbed Accounts – 5 Strategies

Strategy Number 1 – Casino Offers

Casino offers are still a great way to make an extra income. You can easily find £30 -£50 in expected value from casino offers each week which adds up over the course of a year.

Matched Betting Gubbed Casino Offers
These offers work because much like matched betting bonuses that you receive. These casino offers give you a mathematical advantage over the bookmaker/casino.

The big difference with casino offers is that you don’t win every time. However as you can see from the above graph. Over the long term if you do enough offers you will make a profit.

Make Money Matched Betting Gubbed Accounts
There are still some very good casino offers available!

To put it simply its like flipping a coin with a friend who gives you £1.20 every time it lands on heads. Whilst you give them £1 every time it lands on tails. You might lose the first few flips but over the long term you know you will come out with a profit.

Strategy Number 2 – Arbitrage Betting

Ok so you have lost your ability to use promotional offers for betting but your still allowed to stake without restrictions.

Perfect!! you can still take a bit more money out of the pocket of the bookmakers.

Arbitrage Gubbed Accounts

Above is a an example of a simple arbitrage bet between Bet365 and William Hill.

For the £200 we stake a guaranteed profit of £3.32 is made. Irrelevant of the result being over or under 2.5 goals.

This is what we can call an arbitrage bet.

Arbitrage bets happen when multiple bookmakers are offering odds on an event. Which when backed guarantee a profit no matter the outcome. You can also find arbitrage bets between exchanges and bookmakers, as you can see below we found  a nice arbitrage bet using Oddsmonkey’s Software (Free Trial Available).

Arbitrage on Gubbed Matched Betting


An arbitrage bet means that  all outcomes of an event are covered in order to make a profit.

You can still use this strategy on some limited accounts.

For example on my limited Bet365 I can win up to £200 on some markets. The same applies to my Skybet account, so I can use these accounts to make small profits on a weekly basis. There are also many smaller bookmakers that don’t offer any promotional offers but are useful for arbitrage betting.

Strategy Number 3 – Value Betting

Value betting is closely related to arbitrage betting.

In that we are looking for outliers in the betting markets.

Some bookmakers are much better then others at compiling and moving their odds when new information enters the markets. It has been proven that we can use the odds at these sharp bookmakers/betting exchanges to consistently find value with other bookmakers.

Rebelbetting Graph

There are numerous studies that show this is a long term winning strategy.

So again I will use the Oddsmonkey software to highlight what value bets look like.

All of the above selections are value bets. This is because the bookmakers are offering greater odds then the lay odds offered by the exchanges.

This is the same as an arbitrage bet.

However there will be instances where a selection may be a value bet but would not be an arbitrage bet due to the commission charged by the exchange or margin on a bookmaker selection. If you are a beginner I would stick with arbitrage bets however if you want to increase your turnover and profit long term. Value betting is a great way to do this and a strategy I utilize a lot.

Learn More About Value Betting Here With Our Guide!

Strategy Number 4 – Each Way Betting And Extra Places

Each way betting and extra places can be a great way to get some extra value out of your bookmaker accounts.

Even after being limited the majority of bookmakers will still pay out on extra places.

You can find these extra place markets on the golf markets and horse racing.

Now with these extra place markets you can look to use a strategy similar to arbitrage or use a value betting strategy. Both will be profitable long term.

Extra Place Matcher
Oddsmonkey highlight selections that are value by showing the selections in blue. Under the title “rate”.

Lets take a look at the top selection Tyrrell Hatton.

William Hill are offering 7 places (2 extra then normal) for this market, whilst the exchange Smarkets laying to 5 places.

In this situation we can back Hatton each way at odds of 23.00 and lay him at odds of 23.00 on Smarkets. This is similar to arbitrage where we cover all outcomes of an event.

These two bets put us at a position of 0 should Hatton win or lose.

The big upside to this trade is on the place market where we also place a lay bet. Which covers the first 5 places, to do this we would lose 0.53p overall.

However due to the extra two places on offer with William Hill.

A profit of £53.47 would be made if Hatton finishes 6th or 7th.

Giving us big value with implied odds of 101 that he finishes 6th or 7th

Extra places can also be used as a value betting strategy. As the betting exchanges indicate that given the extra places on offer this bet has value as a straight selection.

Strategy Number 5 – Betting Shops

Although you may be limited or banned online some betting shops offer exactly the same odds as their online counterpart.

For example I am no longer able to place any bets online with Betfred. However I have two shops local to me that I can bet in.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts

When an arbitrage bet or a value bet comes up for Betfred on my Oddsmonkey account I am able to go and place that bet physically in the shop.

There will also be odds boosts and promotions that you can still take advantage of.

If you happen to live in an area with a lot of betting shops it can be a great way to earn some tax free profit despite being banned online.

Make Money Gubbed Matched Betting Accounts – Conclusion

So there you have it 5 ways to make money from your gubbed matched betting accounts. Sports betting is an excellent way to make a tax free income online and using these 5 strategies can allow you to make thousands of pounds in profit every year.

Make Money Bet365 Gubbed Account
Despite being gubbed on Bet365 you can see that using these strategies has still been very profitable.

If you are looking to make money with your gubbed matched betting accounts.
Overall the best budget option to take advantage of all of these strategies is Oddsmonkey!

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