Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies – 4 Football Strategies

Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies

Who Is The Sports Trader Psychoff?

Psychoff is almost a legendary figure among aspiring sports traders and bettors.

Appearing in the mid 2000’s on the sports trading forum Geekstoy.

Psychoff showed his ability to make money trading sports. Posting videos of his own Betfair account and the profits that he had been making. Sharing advice and snippets of information on how to trade successfully.

You can view the video of Psychoff’s profits here.

Psychoff Betfair Trading Results


However in 2010 Psychoff  disappeared from the sports trading community.

Leaving a goodbye message on his blog.

It seemed as though that would be the end of Psychoff’s communication with aspiring sports traders.

Disappearing into the real world, leaving us with a few snippets of what can be achieved if you really learn the betting markets.

Psychoff Returns

Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies

For six years nothing was heard from Psychoff within the sports trading community.

Until unexpectedly Psychoff announced his return.

A national holiday was declared in Turkey, England and Ireland.

People stormed the streets chanting “Psychoff, Psychoff, Psychoff!”

Well maybe none of that actually happened. But in my head it was quite a big deal.

Anyway moving on……………………………….

Not only did Psychoff return but he started giving out free trading advice. 

Starting on twitter initially and then moving on to Discord. Psychoff shared his goal alerts and gave an insight into his own Betfair trading strategies.

Lets take a look at some of the football trading strategies that Psychoff has shared since his return.

Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies

During the 2018 World Cup.

Psychoff gave out more insight into his football trading then ever before.

One of his most used live betting strategies was backing there to be 2 or more goals in the second half.

For example in the game between Russia and Egypt.

Russia were leading 1-0 and Egypt needed to score.

Psychoff Betting

Psychoff advised to back Over 1.5 goals and over 2.5 goals stating that these were value prices.

Russia ended up winning the game 3-1 and both bets were won.

Goals Change Games

From following Psychoff’s discord trading channel. This trading/betting strategy was used often in similar scenario’s.

“Goals change games” is a popular saying among arm chair football fans. But it is very true.

Often after the first goal a game will open up.

A tight first half that finished 0-0 can suddenly explode in the second half if a goal is scored early. As the losing team suddenly has to throw caution to wind and find an equalizer.

It seemed that some of the best value to found was in games where there was a low expectation of goals. Psychoff would often note that the price of odds wasn’t high enough in games where a lot of goals were expected.

Second Half Domination

When I first started this blog. I wrote about a football strategy I liked to use in the first half.

Titled the “domination” method.

From the trades that Psychoff shares it seems that he favours trades in the second half.

Over the course of the tournament Psychoff suggested backing a few teams that were dominating there opposition in the second half.

Teams that were maintaining possession, creating goal scoring opportunities and putting the opposition under great pressure.

Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies

We saw this when England were dominating Tunisia in the second half whilst the score was 1-1.

England were backed at odds close to even and won 2-1.

While France were losing 2-1 in the second half to Argentina, but looked the stronger side.

France were backed at odds of 8.2, they eventually won 4-3.

In the Semi Final Croatia were losing 0-1 to England, however they started to take control of play and dominate the second half.

Croatia were backed at odds of 30.00, they equalised and Psychoff advised removing the risk. If Croatia went on to win the game a large profit would have been made.

As the game finished 1-1  no money was won or lost.

In all of these scenario’s there was one clear team dominating the match. Through watching live pictures of the game and analyzing the odds movement. Psychoff saw value in the odds at the time.

Trading With Live Pictures

Psychoff is a big advocate of trading with live pictures. On twitter when answering questions from followers.

Live Trading

He has stated that he doesn’t use in-play or pre match statistics very much. Preferring to find value through game flow and what he is seeing on the pitch.

Alongside his many years of experience in trading football matches.

This allows him to make consistent profits trading on football.


During the 2018 world, Psychoff showed a few screens of his results from scalping.

Although he did not advise any scalping. Which given the in and out nature of scalping makes sense.

It would be difficult to advise the right timings to enter and exit the market.

He did highlight some of the best times for scalping.

For example when heavy favourites Germany were losing 0-1 to Mexico. 

Germany vs Mexico

With 10 minutes remaining the odds of another goal being scored remained around evens.

Often when there is an expectation that there will very likely be another goal the markets will stall. However as time ticks on and the goal does not arrive the market panics and the odds start to move extremely fast.

In these situations scalping can be very profitable.

Psychoff Goal Alerts?

Goal alerts have been Psychoff’s bread and butter trading advice since he arrived on social media.

These goal alerts are very simple and are a straight value bets without any trading needed.

Simply bet that there is going to be another goal in the game.

If you followed Psychoff on twitter and now follow him on Discord. Then it is likely you will have seen one of Psychoff’s goal alerts.

Goal Alert

Psychoff specializes in finding games where a goal late in the second half is more likely then the current odds imply.

Something that I have noticed is that most of the time there is only a 1 goal difference in the games (although not always.)

I wrote in the article laying the correct score tips that my preference for laying the correct score is when there is only a 1 goal margin.

Due to the fact that psychologically if you are only losing by one goal. A team is likely to go all out to find that equalizer. Where as if a team is a 2 or 3 goals down with 5 mins to play. They may conserve their energy and accept defeat.

What Psychoff has shown is with the right game selection there is money to be made from backing a late goal.

What can be learnt from Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies.

It is not that often that you get to see how a top level sports trader trades.

But for a guy that has won over 7 figures on the sports betting markets. Psychoff is way more open about his edges then the majority of successful sports bettors and traders.

Price is everything

One thing that should be noted is that although Psychoff uses live pictures and reads game flow.

He didn’t advise trades for every game in the world cup.

There were often times where Psychoff would state that he couldn’t find value in a match. A few times he stated that he would like to open a position but the odds weren’t high enough.

Psychoff isn’t the worlds greatest “hunch bettor” there is still a technical process about his trading. Every successful sports bettor or trader, will tell you that is all about value.

If the odds don’t provide value then you simply don’t bet them.

Psychoff Picture
Psychoff sharing a pint with one of his twitter follows.

I will admit I love following Psychoff’s trading advice and profiting from it. But I get a bigger kick from learning how Psychoff operates in the betting markets.

There is a lot of value in looking at the methods Psychoff has shown he uses. Combining these methods with the likes of sports arbitrage betting and also matched betting should allow you to make decent profits from the sports betting markets.

If you are aspiring sports trader or bettor then you should really be following Psychoff.



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Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies - 4 Football Strategies
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Psychoff Betfair Trading Strategies - 4 Football Strategies
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  1. Psychoff is well worth following when starting out in sports trading I think. I heard on several forums that he had a great World Cup and has a Discord channel with live tips.


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