Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – July 2021 Results

July 2021 is over, it was a month where we got to see England reach the final of Euro 2020.

Make the best possible start to the game before snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Overall it was a pretty painful game to watch as you could see what was coming.

As someone that has got used to the ups and downs of betting. I feel pretty emotionally withdrawn from most sports but England still suck me it.

Maybe next year …………..

Let’s take at the results for July (Month 52).

Value Betting, Matched Betting And Arbitrage 

A negative result this month.

With no major football leagues playing it was mainly golf, tennis and horse racing.

Did a little arbitrage on MMA, although it probably should be classed more as trading as I predicted the odds on a selection were off pretty generous. Waited for the market to correct itself.

Then made the arbitrage bet.

Volume was down this month due to the kids being on holiday, also gave myself more days off then usual before football starts up again in August.


During July they were 151 bets.

A loss of -£226 was made.

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Advantage Play – Casino Offers

A better month doing casino offers in July.

There were times this month where I thought a big win was coming after hitting some bonus rounds on bigger stakes.

Casino Witches

However those perky Halloween Fortune witches decided that it wasn’t my time.

Still it was nice to get back in profit.

Casino Offer Results

In July I did 65 offers

A profit of £519 was made.

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Sports Betting Results

A decent month of MMA betting due to a decent string of winners.

On the last event of the month.

MMA Betting July

There were a total of 19 bets made in July

A total profit of £915 was made.


Let’s take a look at how the tipsters I follow performed in July.

Premier Greyhound Tips£437 from 26 selections (Staking £10 per point.)

Strong performance this month from Premier Greyhound Tips. Bet the majority of my selections using Betfair and setting bets to match at SP.

Low maintenance tipster to follow, hopefully profits continue.

You Can Read Our Premier Greyhound Tipster Review Here

Neil Macdonald – £87 from 9 bets (Staking £200 per point)

I messed up my staking this month.

Should be £200 per point however I placed £100 for some earlier bets.

Also some bets were only partially matched on the exchanges as odds shortened quickly.

Looking forward to things picking up in August when more football returns.

Hopefully Neil provides another profitable season.

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Tipster Results Overall



Horse Racing Tipsters

Since May I have been following three horse racing tipsters they are.

Quentin Franks Racing (Click Here For Our Review)

Kieran Ward Value Service (Free Smart Betting Club Tipster)

Betting Man Multiples (Free Smart Betting Club Tipster)

Horse racing is a sport that I know pretty much nothing about.

However it is on nearly everyday and if you can find a profitable angle then you can turnover a decent amount of money.

I bet all of the these selections as single bets.

Staking £10 on Quentin Franks and Kieran Ward’s selections.

£20 is used on the Betting Man Multiples.

Horse Racing Results

A small profit of £51 was made this month.

After 169 bets.

Below is the graph since I started following these tipsters.

Looking good so far but I know this can turn around pretty quickly.

Especially betting at higher odds.


Not been too active with trading this month.

Had one £200 position lose on Shanghai Shenhua which was a kick in the balls.

Complete domination and then a 94th minute penalty miss.

Shanghai Shenhua

That was my only football trade for the month.

Other then that, did quite a bit of trading on the UFC markets all pre fight.

Overall managed to scramble a small profit at the end of the month.

A profit of £80 was made this month

Results For July

Value Betting, Arbitrage, Matched Betting –


Advantage Play – Casino Offers




Sports Betting




Horse Racing Tipsters



Total Made In June


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target


Monthly P and L

Thoughts Going Forward

Took a lot of time off in July with the kids being off.

With betting it can be easy to sit in front of your computer for 10 hours a day.

As there is always something to do, if it’s not value betting. It’s analysing your betting or looking at tipsters. You can grind low value casino offers for a couple of hours a day.

Did think about joining Trade On Sports or Goal Profits for next season however feel like I have a good balance at the moment.

Balance is really important in life. At the moment the time I spend on betting and everything else in life. Fitness, Relationships, Time with kids, work, producing content for this blog etc.

Seems to be about right.

Because of that I won’t be changing the betting portfolio much. Will be adding Beth Bet results next month. Been testing out the software this month and results have been positive.

Can do this in the morning between 09.00-11.00 which is a time I use for my other horse racing bets. So it fits in pretty well.

Historical results are very promising and there is some scope to use it with limited accounts.

Will see how it goes.

Thanks for reading, see you next month!


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