Tony Hargraves Badger Review Follow Up

So the review that I did on two of Tony Hargraves “The Badger’s” ebooks have been receiving a lot of attention. You can read the reviews here.

The intention of the review was to raise the awareness. That “The Badger” may not be as successful as he claims to be. And that you should bear that in mind when purchasing his products.

I could have left a neutral review stuck up an affiliate link and profited from “The Badgers” products. Having bought poor trading products before. I know how disappointing it is to spend hard earned money on something that offers little to no value.

Tony Hargraves is a great self promoter if you google him you will see a lot of courses and videos etc on how much money he makes from his trading. If you have been involved or around trading communities for a while though you get to see things from a slightly different perspective.

Below is some suggested reading.

Suggested Reading

Choose Your Trading Mentors Carefully

So some of this probably lacks some context. But if you have been around trading communities for a few years you see a lot of the “Badgers” business ventures surface and come under a lot of scrutiny.

Just as an example his trading advice service has no results page and isn’t proofed anywhere. Although in the past there had been a results page. But when results went sour it disappeared a tactic many scam tipsters use (again use your own judgement).

His affiliation with Steve Davidson who is a guy that seems to pump out a automated “winning” systems on a weekly basis. Also adds fuel to the fire that the Badger may not be as legitimate as he claims.

You can read their affiliated product here.

There have been youtube videos where he uses progressive staking to get out losing trading position. Which doesn’t make much sense coming a seasoned professional trader.

You don’t see this type of negativity towards other notable Betfair Traders like Peter Webb, Caan Berry, Mark Iverson or Paulo Rebelo.

If you have purchased a product from Tony Hargraves and felt that it has aided you in learning to trade more profitably then that is great. My own opinion though is that the products I reviewed are over priced, poor value and his claims over exaggerated.

I believe that there is much better information available for free on the internet and trading products for similar price tags which offer much much more.

Personally I have found to be an excellent free resource for anyone aspring to make money from the horse racing markets. Which in my opinion offers much more value then anything I have read or watched from “The Badger.”


9 thoughts on “Tony Hargraves Badger Review Follow Up”

  1. Good post. I purchased Caan Berry’s trading guide then realised all the info in it was available for free at Always research everything before parting with your hard earned. The only way these so-called traders make any money is with these shite ebooks.

  2. Well I disagree about Caan Berry’s book for me it helped to put the whole picture together in terms of understanding the horse racing markets and is much more detailed then the Racing Trader. is an excellent resource and there is a tonne of information if you read through it all. I recommend both of their websites to people looking to get started in trading horse racing. Peter Webb from Betangel also has a few good videos related to trading horse racing.

  3. When I started to trade i had a look on twitter and came across tonys page, the information i got off these pages at the time i thought was excellent. I bought the ebooks and as i had nothing to compare it too i did learn from them. To be honest looking at his videos and twitter did keep me motivated and i thank him for that. Now i dont pay too much notice as soon after buying the e-books an update came for one of them which i had just bought, thinking this would be a free update i was wrong as i was told that i would have to buy the e-book again! After this i began looking for other traders, the likes of caan (who gives free updates to his video pack) and peter (who has mountains of info on line). These are the main guys i follow now, i stopped using racing traders because of this and also changed my mind on going on one of his courses. I am now a bet angel user and plan on going on one of peters courses sometime next year. I just want to reiterate that i think tony is a good guy, he did help me at the beginning and he does help alot of people on their trading journey but to ask people to buy an ebook again because of an update is in my opinion completely outrageous.

  4. Badger is the biggest fr*** online. He prays on gullible naive beginners that dont know he is full of s@#t. Once you get a basic understanding of trading then you quickly realise badger just charges people for mediocre stuff you can get for free anywhere near

  5. Everything you wrote about Badger is true. His products are overpriced and of little knowledge resource. The only thing he is good at is scalping horse racing and that is all. That is his bread and butter rest is bullshit.

  6. I wish i had seen this earlier. I got sucked in by this piece of shit snake oil salesman. It was such a pile of tripe for that price point. I plan to hound him on twitter for my remaining days to ensure no one else gets sucked in.

  7. I like what you guys are up also. Such intelligent work and reporting! Carry on the superb works guys I?¦ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my web site

  8. The Geeks Toy trading software launched an ongoing attack on Tony Hargraves via some pointless competition which required you to send in your Betfair profit and loss sheets, and how I understood it, Mr. Hargraves refused to get involved and that is where I believe the non profit making slur began via the Geeks Toy forum.
    Interestingly I also understand that at a similar time frame, Mr. Hargraves had bought into the racing traders software as an owner and was at that point in direct market competition with the geeks toy when he/they started to charge users for previously free software, and so you can make of that what you will.

    Whether you rate him good or bad is neither here nor there really and if you were inspired at the time as to what is possible then it can make a positive early contribution to your own personal journey regardless of how you use and develop the ideas in the future.
    In response to saying you can find this stuff already for free on the internet usually implies that you already know it all yet you are still looking for more ideas but have yet to do anything with the information you have already. Maybe this is the real difference between being a winner, a loser or even worse, an online weekend moaner looking to blame everyone for their poor fortune.


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