Tony Hargraves Badger Review Follow Up

So the review that I did on two of Tony Hargraves “The Badger’s” ebooks have been receiving a lot of attention. You can read the reviews here.

The intention of the review was to raise the awareness. That “The Badger” may not be as successful as he claims to be. And that you should bear that in mind when purchasing his products.

I could have left a neutral review stuck up an affiliate link and profited from “The Badgers” products. Having bought poor trading products before. I know how disappointing it is to spend hard earned money on something that offers little to no value.

Tony Hargraves is a great self promoter if you google him you will see a lot of courses and videos etc on how much money he makes from his trading. If you have been involved or around trading communities for a while though you get to see things from a slightly different perspective.

Below is some suggested reading.

Suggested Reading

Choose Your Trading Mentors Carefully

So some of this probably lacks some context. But if you have been around trading communities for a few years you see a lot of the “Badgers” business ventures surface and come under a lot of scrutiny.

Just as an example his trading advice service has no results page and isn’t proofed anywhere. Although in the past there had been a results page. But when results went sour it disappeared a tactic many scam tipsters use (again use your own judgement).

His affiliation with Steve Davidson who is a guy that seems to pump out a automated “winning” systems on a weekly basis. Also adds fuel to the fire that the Badger may not be as legitimate as he claims.

You can read their affiliated product here.

There have been youtube videos where he uses progressive staking to get out losing trading position. Which doesn’t make much sense coming a seasoned professional trader.

You don’t see this type of negativity towards other notable Betfair Traders like Peter Webb, Caan Berry, Mark Iverson or Paulo Rebelo.

If you have purchased a product from Tony Hargraves and felt that it has aided you in learning to trade more profitably then that is great. My own opinion though is that the products I reviewed are over priced, poor value and his claims over exaggerated.

I believe that there is much better information available for free on the internet and trading products for similar price tags which offer much much more.

Personally I have found to be an excellent free resource for anyone aspring to make money from the horse racing markets. Which in my opinion offers much more value then anything I have read or watched from “The Badger.”