The Sports Trader Review and Racing Trader Review

In this article I am going to review two of Tony Hargreaves aka “The Badger” trading ebooks.

The first part of this article will focus on the sports trader review whilst the second part will look at the racing trader review.

If you are not familiar with the sportstrader take a look here

Sports Trader reviews
The Badger or the Blagger?

I have been interested in looking at Tony Hargreaves ebooks for a while as in the sports trading community he has a somewhat patchy reputation.

He is a self proclaimed professional Betfair trader and also offer training courses for people looking to take there trading to a professional level.

On sports trading forums however he has also been nicknamed “The Blagger” with some believing that he makes his living from his ebooks, courses and training with his actual Betfair Trading skills being questionable.

Sports Trader Review – Strategy Guide 

The first ebook I am going to review is the sports trader strategy guide.

The ebook briefly outlines 16 strategies and costs £39.99  it covers football, Tennis, Cricket, Greyhound, Rugby and horse racing.

The strategies are fairly basic and there isn’t much depth to any of them in fact you could find similar strategies browsing betting and trading forums online.

There aren’t any long term results shown with the strategies they are normally accompanied by a picture of a winning screen and “The Badger” writing that this strategy works most of the time.


For £39.99 I don’t think this strategy guide offers any value at all.

All of the strategies are very basic for example one “strategy” is the total sum of 4 lines!

I would not recommend this manual even to beginners as there is a lot of free content available that offers more.

The ebook is poorly written and the strategies lack any real depth or explanation.

What you will see mostly in this ebook are screens of winning trades and a very small amount of  actual strategy.

Sports Trader Review – Racing Trader Review 

Sports Trader review
The feeling I got after reading the Racing Trader

If I hadn’t been actively learning to trade the horse racing markets this last year then maybe I would have a slightly different opinion on this book.

If I hadn’t come across Caan Berry or Itsamugsblogs horse racing content maybe this book would have came across a little better.

So the Racing Trader costs £60 and focuses on the horse racing markets. If you buy this ebook  you get to see lots of winning trades and read how Tony Hargreaves made 61 winning trades in a row!

The same issues apply to the racing trader that were present in the sports trader strategy guide there is no real depth to the strategies discussed.

It all just seems as a way for the “The Blagger” sorry the “The Badger” to show how awesome he is at trading.

There is a lot of fundamental information regarding horse racing that is missing from this book.

I feel that if you were to trade the horse racing markets based on the information in this book you would lose money and the book would not give you the answers why.

This book simplifies the horse racing markets and focuses more on how much money you can make rather then going deep into the process of making consistently good trades.

So then do I think that Tony Hargreaves is full of crap and a snake oil salesman?

I think its a possibility or maybe he is just very bad at writing down the process of how he trades so profitably.


My main issue with these expensive ebooks is that they are sold on the premise that you are getting expert advice from a professional trader.

The information and content in these books though is very basic and doesn’t provide the depth of information you expect from a “professional trader.”

I would recommend you don’t buy anything that Tony Hargreaves is selling there is free information that is much better then what he offers in either of these ebooks.

Its get 0.5 star rating for me, the price tags are ridiculous for me and the books offer very little value.

I wrote a follow up to this review here due to some discussion this review caused.

Here are my recommendations for free material that in my opinion offer a lot more value then the “The Badgers” products.

 Peter Webb’s Youtube Channel

Caan Berry Website


Sports trader and racing trader ebook review





  • Lack of depth
  • Overpriced
  • Little value to be found

5 thoughts on “The Sports Trader Review and Racing Trader Review”

  1. Myself and 3 other from Newcastle did Tony course and all we can say is that this guy offers nothing. He was a complete mess and teach us nothing for the £400 we paid.

  2. The guy is a complete con artist, he has no respect in the trading community whatsoever.

    The only stories about him that circulate are about how much money he lost doing live trading – it is always in the 4 figures.


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