Make Money Betting Premier League Football Tips

Betfair Football Betting

The Premier League is renowned as being the most exciting football league on the planet. Record viewing figures and passionate fan bases around the world suggest this is the truth.

So making money betting Premier League football tips would be an enjoyable way for many to start making an extra income.

But is this even possible?

Yes it is, let’s take a look at exactly how you can do that.

Make Money Betting Premier League Football Tips

Firstly let’s take a look at Premier League tips that you need to avoid. There are plenty of Premier League tipsters and sites that will promise much but deliver only losses.

If you want to make money from sports betting in the long, you need to be able to identify these type of tipsters.

Premier League Tips

Google search “Best Premier League Tips” and the first page will be dominated by websites that look similar to this. These sites are bookmaker affiliates.

This means that when they refer a customer to a bookmaker. They then take a cut of the revenue that punter generates. What you will notice on these sites is that they will do everything possible to get you to click on a bookmaker link.

Affiliate sites are littered with links on every page.

Premier League Bet365

These bookmaker sites only make money when you lose, which in turn means the business model of these affiliate sites is to send as many losing customers as possible to the bookmaker.

As you can then imagine, the tips that these sites provide are not meant to help you make money. They are merely a way to send you to the bookmaker in the hope you lose long term.

That is why tips from any site that tries to send you directly to the bookmaker through an affiliate link. Are almost always going to be poorly researched and offer no long term value.

Now that you know this, you can see look for the warning signs on any of these Premier League sites.

Best Premier League Football Tipsters

So the are there actually any good Premier League football tipsters worth following?

Yes there is!

One website that I rate the betting previews and podcasts of is Matchbook Insights.

Matchbook are a betting exchange that also produce betting content.

They differ to traditional bookmakers in that they don’t make money from losing bettors. Their business model works on charging a 2% commission on winning bets. This means that even if customers are winning, then they are still making a profit from them.

In my opinion knowing that a site isn’t directly profiting from losing sports sports bettors. Reassures me that the tips are now designed to help me lose money.

Matchbook Betting Preview

This is evident with Matchbook and has lead to them working alongside professional bettors. That produce excellent betting previews that have well thought out and well reasoned Premier League betting tips.

Betfair Football Betting

Another site that is worth highlighting is Betting.Betfair.

They are also a betting exchange that charge a commission rather then looking to profit directly from the losses of their customers. Similar to Matchbook they produce excellent Premier League betting advice and tips from experts around the globe.

Both of these sites offer much better Premier League tips and predictions. In comparison to the generic affiliate sites which you will find on the first page of most google searches.

Who are only interested in profiting from your losses!

Other Ways To Profit From Betting On The Premier League

I am going to let you in on a little secret.

As someone that has been betting, trading and profiting from sports betting for many years now.

Let me tell you, there are much easier ways to make money from the sports betting markets then following Premier League tips. In fact due to the huge amount of money staked globally on the Premier League.

It is one of the harder markets to profit from.

If you are interested in purely making money from sports betting then there are much better strategies!

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a strategy that is profitable on any football match in any football league. It is also a profitable strategy to use on any sport.

We noted earlier that bookmakers are looking for long term losing bettors. They are all battling each other for new customers.

Premier League Tipsters

This leads to bookmaker’s offering sign up promotions and recurring customer promotions as they compete with each other.

Smart bettors that know this can utilize these promotions to their advantage in order to make regular profits.

Premier League Offers

By only taking advantage of these type of promotions, you secure hundreds of pounds in profit.

This is possible by covering all outcomes of event for a very small loss, to then be given a free bet which you can extract a profit from.

Let’s take Bet365’s sign up offer for example.

Bet £10 and get £50 in free bet credits!

Bet365 Offer

I used a matched calculator to show how this works. We can bet our initial £10 on Mansfield at odds of 2.05 and lay it on a betting exchange.

A lay bet is basically the opposite of a back bet. We are betting that Mansfield do not win.

By backing and laying the same selection we have covered all outcomes of the event. As you can see from the image this guarantee’s that a loss of £0.06.

Great you lost £0.06 well done

Hold on for a minute, because of the initial bet we just made. Bet365 will put a nice £50 free bet reward in our account. This allows us then to use the exact same process on the free bet to guarantee a profit.

Elanga Premier League Bet

As you can see a profit of £44.54 would have been made from this process.

Matched betting is an excellent strategy to use on the sports betting markets. If it is something that you want to learn more about and get a expert help with.

My advice would be to sign up for a free trial of Oddsmonkey’s matched betting service, that will enable you to get to grips with it.

OM Link




Recommended Tipster Results 2016 – Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin Franks Racing performed impressively when we started our review back in August.

Lets take a look at its results for 2016 as a whole since we started betting with Quentin Franks Racing.

Recommended Tipster Results 2016 – Quentin Franks Racing

Quentin Franks Results 2016
Results to bookmakers with best odds guarantee

I started following Quentin Franks Racing on the 4th of August. The total number of bets for this period up until the end of 2016 were 378.

The service produced profits of £2583 to £10 stakes using bookmakers with the best odds guarantee. The return on investment for Quentin Franks was a phenomenal 47.8%.

Key stats



Total Staked






Not everybody is able to bet with bookmakers that offer the best odds guaranteed promotion and some people cannot bet with bookmakers at all.

How then did Quentin Franks Racing do to Betfair SP prices with is available to everyone with a Befair account?

Quentin Franks Racing Results Betfair SP

Betting to the Betfair SP shows a lower profit which would be expected but the service still generated £891 profit which is very impressive.

Key stats



Total Staked






Do you still recommend Quentin Franks Racing going into 2017?

Quentin Franks Racing service is excellent so I have no problem recommending it going into 2017. There are multiple ways of profiting from the service by backing at bookmakers, Betfair SP or backing the selections when they are released and then laying them later on Betfair at a lower price for guaranteed profit.

The service has been very consistent and there have been no large draw downs or worrying periods as you can see from the graphs above.

Any major concerns about the service?

If you betting with the bookmakers you have to act quickly to get the best odds possible.

This just takes a little bit of planning. Set up notifications on your gmail account, login in to a few bookmakers before 09.00, wait for the email to arrive and a get your bets on.

Quentin Franks is an excellent service that you should really consider adding to your portfolio.

You can trial Quentin Franks Racing for 30 days at the cost of just £1 here.

Quentin Franks Racing Review

Understanding Variance in Sports Trading and Betting

Positive Variance

Understanding Variance in Sports Trading and Betting

Variance can be defined as the expectation of the squared deviation of a random variable from its mean, and it informally measures how far a set of (random) numbers are spread out from their mean.

If you struggled with that don’t worry your not alone. This definition doesn’t help those of us that are not very mathematically minded but there is a simpler way of looking at variance.

Variance is one of the key reasons why a lot of people struggle with sports trading and betting. It is something that I myself struggled with a lot when I first started sports trading and betting.

Understanding Variance in Sports Trading and Betting
Heads or Tails?

If we look at a coin flip there are two outcomes heads and tails. An equally weighted coin means that there is a 50% chance of it landing on either heads or tails. The nature of variance however means that if  we flipped a coin a 100 times it may land on heads 63 times and tails 37 times or heads 44 times and tails 56 times.

The results of a 100 coin tosses would not be exactly 50/50 very often.

We know however that with a fair coin toss the odds are 50/50. With a greater volume of coin tosses the number of heads and tails recorded should move closer to evens.

Understanding Variance in Sports Trading and Betting
Variance isn’t always negative and we sometimes do better then expected.

Understanding Variance in Sports Trading and Betting

Variance exists in sports trading and betting. There are several variables that we need to take into account when we looking at variance in our own betting and trading results.

We need to be aware of the odds that we betting/trading, the sample size of results that we have and what our expected edge is in the market we are trading or betting in.

It is important to develop a better understanding of variance as a sports bettor or trader. When we don’t understand something it often to leads to feelings of frustration and anger.

These feeling often have a negative effect on our sports trading. By breaking down and understanding the different aspects of sports trading we become better more profitable traders.

I am not an expert in probability and statistics it is something I am constantly learning about and trying to develop a greater understanding of. Luckily we live in an age were we can easily access articles and books published by experts in these fields.

Here is some recommended reading if you want to develop a better understanding of variance.

Its all about variance

Luck vs skill in sports betting



Sports Arbitrage For A Living – Interview

Over my years of betting and trading I have come into contact with a lot of different people that make money betting and trading.

Sports Arbitrage For A Living
Arbitrage bettors tend to have many identities.

One person that I have learnt quite a lot from is my friend Matt who has been doing sports arbitrage for a living now for the last five years.

Sports Arbitrage For A Living

An Interview with a full time arber

SST: First of all thanks for doing this interview Matt. My first question is how did you get started with sports arbitrage?

Matt: Well I had been messing around with betting for a few years pretty unsuccessfully. I came across the concept of sports arbitrage in 2008.

I started off very small and made maybe £30 in the first month but saw that it worked and gradually built it up.

SST: Were you doing matched betting to start with or straight arbitrage?

Matt: I started off with straight arbitrage between Pinnacle and Bwin and then started doing some matched betting or bonus scalping as people were calling it then.

SST: Has the landscape of sports arbitrage changed much since you first started?

Matt:Yes it is always changing. Bookmakers tolerated it more at first. I don’t think there were too many people doing.

The landscape is always changing with new laws and regulations coming in. I think that is why there is skill in becoming a good arbitrage bettor. You always have to adapt.

Full Time Arbitrage

SST: When and why did you decide to go full time with sports arbitrage betting?

Matt: In 2010 my total profits from arbitrage betting were more then my yearly wage. I had made around £40k which was more then my yearly salary.

I weighed up the risk and reward. I realised I could make more money from arbitrage. I didn’t have a great job so there was no issue leaving it.

SST: How have you managed to make a living from sports arbitrage the last five years when bookmakers limit accounts?

Matt: Its not been easy but I have learnt a few trends that bookmakers have. Some hate you taking arbs on horse racing but you can get away with other types of arbitrage for a long time.

Then you have exchanges, I live in the UK so there is also shop arbing. I have done a lot of the casino bonus stuff in the last few years also. There are lots of ways to make money from the bookies if you are creative.

I also have a deal with a few friends and family members where I act as an advisor of sorts and manage their accounts. I pay them 10% of the profits that I make each month and its a good deal for everyone.

SST: I understand. If someone wanted to get into sports arbitrage what would your advise be.

Matt: Everyone seems to be matched betting these days I would start with that.

Start small and don’t put all your money in one bookmaker. Use trusted bookmakers that have been around for a while. As there are quite a few shady ones that operate and will steal your money.

SST: Which bookmakers do you suggest using?

Matt: Use all the ones from they are all pretty good. Avoid ones that just arrived on the scene as many don’t last such as Bet666.

Start off with the major bookmakers Bet365 and William Hill for example.

SST: Any other advice?

Matt: Don’t worry about account limitation people get hung up on this. You will get accounts limited but new reputable bookmakers start up and then a whole new money stream opens up again.

If you really work at it its a great way to earn a very nice second income. If you really make the most of it then it can become a full time occupation.

SST: Cheers Matt thanks for you time.


If you want to start profiting from sports betting, arbitrage and trading. I recommend this service which is currently contributing the biggest profit in my 50k in a year challenge.




Banker Bets Review 2020 – Do Small Consistent Profits Add Up?

Banker Bets Results 2016

Updated 29/7/2017

Banker Bets Review 2017

I have been following the Banker Bets service since February 2016. In this time there have been 786 bets. A profit of £2197 has been made from stakes of £100.

Banker Bets Review

The service is still as easy to follow as I noted in the original review. It is very low maintenance and easy to get your bets on.

Banker Bets isn’t a service that will make you rich overnight. However if you are happy to invest some money and watch it steadily grow over a couple of years. This a service that you really should consider looking at.

I am still very happy to recommend Banker Bets.

Key stats

Total Staked£78600

Updated 9/1/2017

Banker Bets Review

Recommended Tipster Results 2016 – Banker Bets

Banker Bets Review
Banker Bets Results 2016 to £100 stakes

I completed our original Banker Bets review in May. Lets look at the service for the whole of 2016.

I started following the Banker Bets service on the 17th of February, from this time until the end of the year there were 524 selections.

The service produced a profit of £1789 to £100 stakes with a return on investment of 3.4%.

Key stats

Total Staked£52400

Banker Bets Review

Do you still recommend Banker Bets going into 2017?

If you look at the graph above you can see that it was pretty easy going early on in the year. I reached over £2000 profit in July and then there was a sharp downturn.

In August the draw down reached its lowest point although still showing £897 profit and the service spent the rest of the year slowing rebuilding. This is the nature of betting and like I have written numerous times it is a long term game.

Any major concerns about the service?

Banker bets has made some changes to the service as it now focuses solely on football. In the past the service had also included selections for Basketball, tennis and american football. The change was made as the service provider found that it was football that was carrying the service.

This seems like a good idea as from only betting the football selection my own results showed a profit of £2240 an increase of £451.

The one thing I would note is that the service recommends a 10 point bank (10 x £100 – £1000). Given the that there was a period this year which had a draw down of over £1000 it would be advisable to have a larger starting bank then this.

I have no concerns about this service. The service itself has been running for 3 profitable years.

The man behind it John Baker records his odds at the average available which really lowers his official results from what is achievable by seeking the best odds available.

You don’t really see any other services doing this and in my own exchanges with John have found him to be very transparent and honest.

Banker bets review

I will be using Banker Bets going into 2017 as it is an easy service to follow and most importantly has shown to be a profitable service to follow.

If you think that Banker Bets might be a good addition to your betting portfolio click here.

Affiliate disclaimer 

(This article features affiliate links. This means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I use or have used any product I review. If I recommend them it is because I believe they are helpful, useful and offer value to their customers. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel they will give you value or that they will help you achieve your goals.)

Original Review

So after 4 months of testing has Banker Bets lived up to its reputation as a solid tipster service that produces steady profits?

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets has produced profits month after month. An initial starting bank of £1000 now stands at £3032 showing a profit of £2032 to level stakes of £100.

Over a period of 4 months there were 186 bets, 27 losing bets and 159 winning bets at average odds of 1.29. The total amount bet over this period was £18600 with a profit £2032 which is a 10.9% return on your investment.

Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets Review

The Good

There is a lot to like about a service like Banker Bets.

Emails are sent every morning with the selections and a write up indicating why they are value bets. If there are no bets you will still receive an email to tell you there are no bets for the day.

The service is very profitable and has been profitable for a number of years. During the review I never felt like my bank was in danger. It only briefly dropped into the negative early in the trial for the sum of -£62 before rallying back.

The odds sent out by Banker Bets are easily achievable and the majority of the time you can better them using the betting exchanges.

I loved the consistency of this service from its morning emails to its results its a very easy service to follow and profit from.

The Bad

Its tough for me to find anything bad about this service. The only thing I would say is that you would need a minimum bank of around £500 to overcome the subscription fees and still see a nice profit.

However you should be able to easily build up a bank of £500 or more through matched betting and arbitrage.

I highly recommend Banker Bets and give it a 5 star rating.

It is an easy service to follow you simply place your bets and leave it. The service has shown profits over a three year period. As an investment in sports betting it is one of the very best.

I would recommend if you are serious about making money from sports betting you consider Banker Bets and see if suits your style of of betting.