Making A Million From Sports Betting April 2024

April marked month 85 in the “Making a Million Challenge”. The football season is coming to a close but with Euro 2024 not far away, there is still plenty to look forward to in the next few months.

Making A Million

Value Betting Results

It was a volatile month for the value betting strategy. Which was very up and down through out the month, all value bets this month were placed on the betting exchanges. However I did start to look at using this strategy again with soft bookmakers as there a few bookmakers left that I haven’t got round to using.

  • Betgoodwin
  • Bresbet
  • 21Luckybet
  • Vickersbet

If anyone has comments on useful these are from a value betting perspective, let me know.

I have had a few emails regarding value betting on the exchanges and my approach is different to that of soft bookmakers. Unfortunately I can’t going into exact details without ruining my edge, however there are opportunities on the exchanges but that’s about all I can say.

Value Betting April

Overall there were 181 bets and a profit of £866 was made.

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Horse Racing System

The horse racing system picked up this month, a decent profit was made. This system can be used every day however it is a strategy that requires me to be at the computer at certain times in the day. Often work/family commitments take priority so there were quite a few no bet days.

In terms of staking I adjust my stake to win £100 per bet. Last month I mentioned that Copybet had allowed me to bet for about 6 months with decent limits.

About a day after I posted this blog last month my limits were cut. Which was frustrating but unfortunately that’s the game.

Horse Racing System April

Overall the system won £586 this month, which I am pretty happy with. Not much to add other then that I will continue on and scale up the bet sizing in the next few months, providing results stay positive.

The Value Collective

The Value Collective is a Telegram group where I send out selections based on value bets available on the exchanges and mma/boxing selections. The focus is on the stronger selections which also have enough liquidity on the exchanges to share with members.

Value Collective

It was a very small losing month for the Value Collective in April with 0.57 points being lost. My personal staking is £150 a point for these selections.

Overall a loss of -£85 was made.

Long Term Value Collective Results

Overall the service is in profit to 24 points on 2% commission and 26.5 points on 0% commission accounts. Personally I am very happy with the overall results.

Generally the feedback has been positive. However they seem to be some people that think if you pay for a service it should win every month or make 200 points a year. Some people have very unrealistic expectations when it comes to sports betting.

If you are happy with a slow burner approach which will profit long term. Then it’s a good service to look at. The service costs £13.99, if you want to join you can do so here.

Here is a link to the most recent results page.

March Totals

April PL

Value Betting/Trading = £866

Horse Racing = £586

Value Collective = -£85

Casino Offers/Misc = £93


Total Made In April 2024

Total  = +£1460

Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Thoughts Going Forward

Felt like a pretty comfortable month in April.

Moving towards lower volume style of betting suits me pretty well. There was period of time in my life where I wanted to be in front of the computer 24/7 and hit any type of edge that I could. However at this moment I am very happy to bet in the area’s I am most confident in and spend time working on things outside of betting.

Completely off topic but have been massively enjoying breath work recently. Started maybe a year or two ago with the simple Wim Hof method but lately been doing lots of different extended breath work sessions and it’s crazy the effect your breathing can have on your body. Seems like a very under utilized tool, that we never get taught about growing up

If you are someone that struggles to deal with stress or anxiety. Which sports betting can definitely be a source of. I’d recommend looking into it.

Moving forward I will be looking at using soft bookmakers again. Still have some friends and family members that I can work alongside. This could see profits improve in the second half of the year hopefully.

Overall thanks for reading, will be back next month!

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