Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – October 2021 Results

The year is flying by and its on to month 55 in the “Making A Million Challenge.”

For the second month running I made a very costly mistake and its made me make a few adjustments. The mistake in question was leaving a trade open that I intended to close before the start of the match.

Got wrapped up playing a board game with the kids and came back to the damage below.

Have felt recently that my approach to betting/trading is a little bit too scattered.

This year 2 silly mistakes have cost me over £1k which could have been avoided if I had slowed down a little bit. Tried to plan my days better rather then just pinging off as many bets as I can throughout the day.

I think It makes sense going forward to condense what I am doing but stake more aggressively on the edges that I am most confident about.

Let’s dig into the results from October!

Value Betting

A strong month for value betting. Still doing some arbitrage and matched betting but it accounts for a tiny amount of the volume.

Value Betting October 2021

Pretty interesting graph as basically didn’t really get anywhere for the first 100 or so bets. Then one decent weekend seemed to initiate a really nice upswing to end the month.

During October there were 201 value bets.

A profit of £1524 was made.

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Advantage Play – Casino Offers

A steady but unspectacular month for casino offers.

Left some money on the table by not doing every offer. Again though there has to be some balance and spending multiple hours doing casino offers isn’t the most rewarding thing.

However even smaller amounts of profit add up over the year.

In October I did 63 offers

A profit of £299 was made.

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Smart Sports Betting Community Results

These results are my own MMA/Boxing bets along with in-play football. For my betting I stake £200 a point on selections.

If you want to join this service it it currently free until November the 1st. (email me at [email protected])

It was another profitable month for the service. (Official profit currently stands at £1472 to £100 stakes since starting)

This month there were 42 bets and a total profit of £780 was made.


This is an area that I won’t be continuing in the future.

Mainly as both tipsters send out selections at any time with does work for some people. But with the mistakes I have been making lately.

I want to reduce the amount I am doing and these two services are a casualty of that.

Premier Greyhound Tips – Didn’t bet this month.

Looking at official results it would have been a profitable one. However I unintentionally missed bets in the first few days of the month. Then decided that I should narrow my focus to other area’s.

Neil Macdonald -£702 from 10 selections (Staking £200 a point)

A rough period for Neil’s service. Although his long term results are very good and I do think he will be profitable long term. His following is that big that he does move odds when selections are released. So getting on his bets do require a bit more work.

As stated before I want to narrow my focus to the area’s that I am most profitable in. Whilst also being more efficient with my time. So Neil’s service was a casualty of this and I stopped following midway through the month.

Tipster Results Overall


Horse Racing Tipsters

On to the horse racing tipster portfolio which has been performing really well this year.

At the start of this month I increased my staking to £10 on horses odds of 10.00 above and £20 on horses at odds of below 10.00.

Not the most advanced staking plan but I am turning over a lot of bets on the horses now. So fixed liability staking is an easy time saver and has been working fine so far.

This is the line up of horse racing tipsters I now use.

Quentin Franks Racing – Betting odds 5.0 or above using only exchanges (Click Here For Our Review)

Kieran Ward Value Service (Free Smart Betting Club Tipster)

Beth Bet (Read The Review)

Not the greatest or the worst month in terms of profit but not going to complain.

What I really like about this part of the portfolio. Is it takes me about an hour in morning and I can turnover a decent amount of money.

In October a profit of £161 was made from horse racing tipsters.

Golf Portfolio

Along with the horses, golf is another area of betting that I am really starting to enjoy.

It’s easy to get bets down on exchanges or shops. I can pretty much crack on with it after I am done with horses on a Wednesday morning. Then check results the following Monday.

Another plus is there are quite a few talented tipsters in the area of golf betting.

In October I carried on using movements on the exchanges to highlight value bets with online bookmakers and shops.

Going forward I will be following PGA Profit and the Smart Betting Club free golf tipsters.

In October a loss of -£106 was made.


So the -£760 Aubameyang mistake factors in to the trading this month.

This added to some in-play losses on the UFC. Didn’t do a whole lot of pre match trading throughout the month.

Overall it was a poor month for my trading.

In total a loss of -£1157 was made

Results For October

Value Betting- £1524

Casino Offers – £299

Trading – –£1157

SSBC – £780

Tipsters – -£702

Horse Racing Tipsters – £161

Golf Value – -£106


Total Made In October


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


Remaining Target




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    • I am not using it currently.
      Getting value bets quite a few different ways for example using shops and some other methods.
      Can’t really say too much about the other methods as it will just kill the edge but its the same as value betting.
      Using the sharps/exchanges to identify value.

  1. For Horse Racing Tipsters – Quentin Franks Racing, Kieran Ward Value Service & Beth Bet. Do you use Exchange Smarket & Betfair to place your bet or do you use soft bookie i.e Cora, Bet365 ?


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