Best Tennis Tipster 2024 – Free And Paid Tips

Who is the best tennis tipster in 2024?

In today’s article we are going to take a look at the great game of tennis and most importantly highlight the tipsters that are able to make a long term profit from sports betting.

Tennis is a sports that offers a lot of opportunity.

Matches are played on almost a daily basis. There is the ATP, WTA, Challenger series and ITF, which presents numerous betting opportunities for sharp tennis bettors.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tennis tipsters we have found available on the internet.

Best Tennis Tipsters 2024

TipstersNumber Of BetsProfitTrial Available
Rolling Aces307£1625Yes (Click Here)
Sean Calvert2827171 unitsNo
Wadsters Winners1849200 unitsNo

Number 1 – Winnerodds

One of the absolute best tennis tipsters on the market is Winnerodds. This service is much more then your standard tennis tipster. It is a platform that gives you access to value betting software that uses AI to find value in the tennis markets.

It has a proven track record of providing long term profits from its customers. Enables a high volume approach and covers the ATP, WTA, challenger series and ITF.

The software works by highlighting value bets available with a number of bookmakers.

Winnerodds Interface

It then suggests an amount to bet, based on your bankroll at the time.

Statistics (results for the average user)

Total Number Of Bets4188
Return On Investment3.78%
Average Profit (For One User)£9494.09
Average Profit Per Pick £2.27

There are many advantages of using Winnerodds in comparison to a normal tennis tipster.

  • Can use the software 24 hours a day.
  • Don’t have to worry about chasing odds.
  • Won’t lose value on your subscription by missing bets
  • Multiple different bookmakers to choose from

If you are looking for a proven tennis tipsters that has shown to make money over the long term. Winnerodds is certainly a service you should be looking at.

You Can Read More About Winnerodds Here

Number 2 – Rolling Aces

Rolling Aces is a tipster that comes out of the Betting Gods network.

Betting at average odds of 1.93 with a long term win rate of 58.55%, he has been profitable 11 months out of 14. Showing consistency and an ability to make money for those that follow him.

Rolling Aces bets mostly on the WTA and ATP.

Best Tennis Tipster


Total Number Of Bets307
Total Profit (Staking £10 per point)£1625.47
Return On Investment20.01%
Average Monthly Profit£116.10

You Can Trial Rollin Aces Here

Number 3 – Nishikori

Moving on to the next tipster on the list and that is the aptly named Nishikori!

The tennis tipster Nishikori comes out of the Pyckio betting stable. He is their number 1 tennis tipster having been on the platform since 2016 and is still going strong.

Nishikori specializes in betting on ATP matches. This means that if you follow Nishikori then you will be betting into markets that get a lot of volume. Which usually means it is easier to attain the odds quoted by a tennis tipster.

Smaller markets such as challengers and ITF will see big odds movement when a successful tennis tipster releases their picks.

Best Tennis Tipster Nishikori


Total Number Of Bets3974
Total profit (Staking £10 per point)£2680
Return On Investment6.8%
Average Odds2.6

Only downside to the tipster Nishikori is that he is an expensive tipster to follow.

For example subscribing to 50 of Nishikori’s picks would cost a total of £238 (£4.77 per pick.)

1000 picks would set you back £1505 (£1.51 per pick)

This obviously means that f you do choose to follow Nishikori you would want be staking appropriately to cover the subscription costs.

Number 4 – Sean Calvert

Sean Calvert is a well renowned tennis betting tipster. Working with the likes of Betfair and Unibet to produce previews for upcoming tennis matched.

Calvert has also been running his own tipping service for a number of years. He has an impressive overall return on investment of 3.13%, with the vast majority of his bets being in the ATP and WTA events.

In 2022 he has won 65 units and is running at a 10% return on investment.

Sean Calvert Results


Total Number Of Bets2827
Total Profit 171.98 units
Return On Investment3.13%
Total Amount Staked5502.82 units


Number 5 – Wadsters Winners

Wadsters Winners is a tennis tipster that comes out of the Smart Betting Club. He has been running his service since 2019.

In that time he has amassed a very impressive record with a return on investment of 10.11%

Wadster’s Winners advises the majority of his bets with the most popular bookmakers. Bet365, Unibet, Betfair Exchange, William Hill and Pinnacle are some of the main bookmakers used.

On average this service will send out between 40-50 tips a month.

Similar to Nishikori, Wadster Winners focuses on find value in the ATP and WTA. Where odds will not plummet immediately when selections are sent out.

Wadsters Winners

Best Tennis Tipster On Twitter

If you are looking for tennis tipster to follow on twitter.

The tennis tipster Sean Calvert that we featured earlier in this article. Is pretty active on twitter and is well worth a follow.

You will often find his betting previews for the likes of Betfair and Betrivers posted up on his timeline. These are free previews with tips attached.

Best Twitter Tennis Tipster

You can also find the likes of Nishikori and Wadsters Winners on twitter. Who both in the past have given out free selections however they are not very frequent.

Nishikori Twitter Link

Wadster Tips Twitter Link

Best Free Tennis Tipster

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of free tennis tipsters available on the internet. However the majority will be losing tipsters that are only interested in directing to a bookmaker sign up.

The five tipsters that we have noted in this article all have long term records and have proven to be profitable for a number of years.

If you are not looking to pay for a service then our advise would be to take advantage of the free selections offered by some of these tipsters.

Best Free Tennis Tips


Sean Calvert as we noted provides plenty of free tennis selections via his previews for various companies. Another good source of free tips is from Sporting Life, for example they have a nice round up of the best outright bets for the 2024 ATP season.

Lastly Rollin Aces features in Betting Gods daily free tipping email from time to time. You can receive these selections by signing up to the link below.

Betting Gods Free Selections

Best Tennis Tipster 2024 – Conclusion

In this article we have covered the five best tennis tipsters that are currently available. These tipsters are able to produce profits in the bigger markets such as the WTA and ATP.

Whilst Winnerodds also allows you to focus on making money from the smaller Challenger and ITF series.

Your preference will depend on which bookmakers you have available and which markets you want to bet in.

Given the high volume approach and flexibility of being able to use the software 24 hours a day. Our number one recommendation is Winnerodds.

Winning Record ✔

Long Term Track Record ✔

Verified Results ✔


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