Make Money Playing Jackpot Games Online

Can you make money playing jackpot games and slots online?

In today’s article were going to look at whether it can be profitable to play jackpot games online.

Looking at strategies that you can use to flip the odds in your favour and still give yourself a chance of winning a big jackpot.

Huge Casino Win

How online slots and jackpot games work

Online slots and jackpot games are extremely popular, the thrill of landing a big win is only a spin away. However online slots are ultimately a way for casino’s to make a long term profit. Which means that the majority of slots players are going to lose long term.

Slots and jackpot games are programmed with a mathematical formula to ensure they don’t give out more money then they return. This formula is known as return to player (RTP for short.)

For example some of the highest online slots have an RTP of 97%. This means that for every $100 that the slot brings in on average it will pay back $97. This means that long term for every $100 it takes a profit of $3 over the long term.

Slots obviously distribute payouts unevenly. Which is why you get some big winners but the majority of players will be either small or big losing players long term.

Below is a list of some of the highest paying RTP games that you ply online.

  • Book of 99 (99% rtp)
  • Monopoly Big Event (99% rtp)
  • Jackpot 6000 (98.86% rtp)
  • Bloodsucker (98% rtp)
  • Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix (98% rtp)

Bloodsuckers Jackpot

Can It be profitable long term to play jackpot games and slots?

Yes, it can be profitable long term to play slots and jackpot games under the right conditions.

There are times when a casino may offer a sign up bonus, free spins, cashback offer or other types of bonus that can push the return to player (RTP) above 100%.

One of the more common bonus is cashback on losses, for example some casino’s may offer a day in the week were you get 10% cashback on losses.

If we take Bloodsuckers for example which is a game that has 98% RTP and decide to stake $100. We cab break it down to show how long term this would be profitable.

$100 x 0.98 which equals $98 meaning a loss of $2 is expected.

However we can get $10 back should we lose due to the cashback offer.

$98 + $10 = $108

Meaning that if we only played the slot Bloodsuckers when the cashback offer was available, long term we could expect to make a profit.

This is Advantage Play

Whenever you can flip the odds from the casino to yourself as player it is known as advantage play. Due to the fact that it is you that now has the mathematical advantage rather then the casino.

There have been professional advantage players in the past that have made a lot of money by doing this. One of the most famous group of advantage players were the MIT blackjack team.

This was a group of students that used card counting techniques to beat the game of blackjack. Their story inspired the film 21 which was based around the idea of advantage play.

Using advantage play is the best long term way to make money from playing online slots and jackpot games. Yes you may get lucky and hit a big winner. But why rely on luck when you can use advantage play to give yourself a mathematical edge that is proven to work.

Where Can I More About Learn Advantage Play

You can learn more about advantage play in the guide below.

Make Money From Casino Offers Guide

This free guide covers everything that you need to know about advantage play.

  • How advantage play works
  • Understanding EV
  • Flipping the odds to your advantage 
  • Where to find profitable casino offers
  • Staking and risk management
  • Step by step instructions for a cashback offer
  • Video Instructions for an offer

Overall playing jackpot games and slots can be profitable. Either by being very lucky and hitting a big jackpot or flipping the advantage over to yourself via advantage play.

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