Lay The Draw Tips

Lay The Draw Tips

I got an email recently asking me about whether or not I use the lay the draw strategy in football.

Lay the draw seems to be the first trading strategy that people learn when they get into Betfair Trading. The strategy involves laying the draw at the start of the game then waiting for a goal to be scored and backing the draw at higher odds for a profit.

Lay the draw tips
Laying the draw pre match

As time has gone on this strategy has become less popular and less profitable as the Betfair markets have matured. The odds on the draw don’t move as much as they did 6-7 years ago.

So is lay the draw still profitable?

Lay the draw tips
Makes more sense to lay the draw in the second half of a game.

I have written how I trade the first half of a football game but I do also have some strategies for the second half.

Lay the draw is one of those strategies that I use occasionally in the second half if the odds aren’t too high and a few other conditions are met.

By laying the draw in the second half we get lower odds and a higher profit margin from one goal so it makes more sense to use this strategy in the second half.

Lay The Draw Tips

These are the conditions that I look for for when looking to lay the draw when football trading.

Trading Football
PSG needed goals against Man City

Favourite needs the win

  • I want the favourite to be really pushing for the goal and leaving space to be countered.
  • A team that is chasing the title, european qualification, needs a goal to progress in the cup. I want pressure on that to team to score in front of home crowd.

Underdog can counter 

  • I don’t want to lay the draw if the underdog is just sitting back and holding out for a draw. I would back the favourite instead if it was one way traffic.
  • The underdog should look like they can score, have a pacy forward running after long balls or wingers that break on the counter.

Form and stats 

  • You want teams that have a tendency to score at home.