How to Choose the Right Bonus at an Online Casino

Maximising Your Winnings: How to Choose the Right Online Casino Bonus

One of the highlights of playing at online casinos is the bonuses they offer which are usually higher than what is offered at in-land casinos. These bonuses often add great value to your bets and the best casino offers can actually give you an advantage in the long term.

Some of the casino offers however come with many terms and conditions, which are hard to fulfil and mean that passing on that bonus is actually plus ev.

So every time you consider a casino bonus, it is very important to read the terms and conditions along with it. In this article, we have shared some expert tips to help you find the best bonus to maximise your winning at a casino.

Elements of The Casino Bonus One Should Keep In Mind

Every bonus comes with certain terms and conditions that mention certain bonus elements’ details. We have discussed the most important of them below and mentioned some expert views.

Wagering Requirements

Most bonuses at casinos come with wagering requirements. This means you need to meet this requirement before withdrawing the money from your casino account after a bonus is applied.

Wagering Requirements


For example, if you deposit £100 and the casino provides a 100% deposit bonus, that means an additional £100. So if the wagering requirement is 20x, you need to bet £2000 before you can withdraw your money. Bonuses with high wagering requirements result in players often spending an excessive amount of money, or they lose their bonus altogether. Players must consider the wagering requirements before obtaining such a bonus.

Besides the wagering percentage, some casino bonuses also require you to fulfil the wagering requirements by betting in certain games, e.g. slots. So a player should see whether he can play his preferred games while fulfilling the wagering requirements.

For example, If your wagering requirement requires you to play poker to fulfil the wagering requirements and become acquainted with the game, you may opt for a different bonus that suits your requirements.

Betting Requirements

Most casinos set a limit for the minimum and maximum bets you can place to avail of a bonus. These betting limits must be kept in mind while considering a bonus. For example, a casino bonus with a high minimum betting requirement increases the risk for your game and may not be suitable for beginners.

Besides, some bonuses may require you to deposit via a certain payment method, e.g. cryptocurrency, so be mindful of such conditions. If you fail to adhere to the betting limits, you can lose all your winnings. Certain bonuses are also levied on specific games, so you must check such requirements before proceeding.

Nature Of The Bonus

Not every bonus acts as a multiplier to enhance your winning amount; you may also get other perks. The common types of bonuses include deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, VIP bonuses, No-deposit bonuses and many others. Each bonus has pros and cons, which one should consider while opting for.

William Hill Casino Offer

Deposit Match Bonuses 

This kind of bonus increases your initial bet by a certain percentage. Welcome bonuses offer up to 200% in many reputable casinos. For example, if you deposit £50, you get £100 as a bonus to help you bet on more games. Deposit match bonuses sometimes come with high wagering requirements, so one must be careful before selecting one. 

Free Spin Bonus

This is a bonus that one gets for slots. After a minimum deposit or as a part of a welcome bonus, one gets a certain number of free spins on different slot machines. This is usually a bonus with low wagering requirements. For such bonuses, read the terms and conditions and see if the participating slots have a good Return To Player (RTP). 

No-Deposit Bonus

Usually, such kinds of bonuses are offered as a welcome bonus. This type of bonus is usually to help kickstart your casino journey. Even though the monetary value of such a bonus may be less, you can use it to explore different features of the games without risking your own money into it. Keep an eye on the wagering requirements for this, as they may act as a trap in some places.

VIP bonuses

Many casinos offer VIP programs which offer additional perks to the members. Being a part of such programs allows for faster casino transactions and offers higher deposit bonuses, free spins on certain games and lower wagering requirements on bonuses. 


A large variety of casino bonuses are present in different online casinos. To choose the best one:


  1. Ensure you have considered all the above mentioned factors to avoid irresponsible gambling.
  2. Keep an eye on your bankroll as you bet at an online casino.
  3. Make sure you bet at a licensed casino so your money is safe. 

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