Bet Hero Review 2024 – Exclusive Discount And Trial

Bet Hero Review

Bet Hero is the newest value betting and arbitrage betting software to hit the market. These are are two proven betting strategies that we have covered in detail on this blog.

Arbitrage betting looks at covering all outcomes of an event to secure a guaranteed profit. Value betting uses sharper bookmakers to highlight value with slower moving soft bookmakers. There is no doubt that both strategies work, however does Bet Hero offer anything new to the market.

In this review we will cover everything you need to know;

  • How Bet Hero Works?
  • Which Bookmakers Does Bet Hero Cover?
  • How Much Profit Can I Make From Bet Hero?
  • Does The Software Offer Anything New?
  • Is There Bet Hero Free Trial Or Discount?

Bet Hero Review


Bet Hero Setting – How It Works

Bet Hero is incredibly simple to set up!

Once you have signed up you simply need to put in your starting bankroll, choose your staking plan and preferred odds format. Then you can get started with with either value betting or arbitrage betting.

Bet Hero Settings

The first thing that you need to with either the value betting or matched betting is to choose the bookmakers that you have available to you. In total Bet Hero offer over 230 bookmakers worldwide, however depending on the country you are based only certain bookmakers will be available.

Bet Hero Review

In the UK there are a total of 48 bookmakers covered.

  • 888sport
  • All British Casino + 2 clones
  • Azuro (Crypto bookmakers)
  • Dafabet UK + 4 clones
  • Betfair/Pokerstars/Paddypower
  • Betvictor +2 clones
  • Bwin + 3 clones
  • Unibet + 5 clones
  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • Matchbook
  • Betfair Exchange
  • Skybet
  • Midnite
  • Plus more

(Clone bookmakers are sites that are in a different name however offer the same odds. For example Unibet have many clone sites with the same odds such as 32Red,Leovegas and BetMGM.)

How To Find Arbitrage And Value Bets

Once you have set up your bankroll and bookmakers you have available to you, it’s time to move onto the software which flags up all the opportunities available to you.

Bet Hero Arbitrage Bets

Looking at the software right now there are multiple arbitrage bets available at the moment. The largest arbitrage bet is between Boylesports and the Unibet clones on a baseball game between Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres.

This is an 11.3% arbitrage bet. Which means for every £100 you staked across all outcomes a profit of £11.30 would be made. There are multiple arbitrage bets available every single day, if you are looking for a low risk way to profit from sports betting. Arbitrage betting is an excellent strategy to use.

Bet Hero Value Betting

Bet Hero Value Betting

Next up is the value betting tracker, which flags bets where the bookmaker is offering odds which are bigger then they should be. Bet Hero compares odds from all 230+ bookmakers available to highlight outliers which offer value. It uses sharper bookmakers who are more efficient at pricing their odds to pinpoint bookmakers that offering value.

One aspect of Bet Hero that makes it stand out among other bookmakers is the amount of markets that it covers. The majority of value betting software does not cover prop markets such as card or corners in football. Bet Hero covers all these markets and as such often finds very large value bets.

How Much Profit Can I Make From Bet Hero?

Profit will vary depending on multiple factors;

  • How many bookmakers you have available to you
  • Starting bankroll
  • Time able to be spent using Bet Hero
  • Country you are based in
  • Ability to get new bookmaker accounts or bet in shops

What I can say however is that value betting and arbitrage are strategies that do work. personally I have used them over many years and made over six figures in total from sports betting.

Value Betting Results

To share my personal value betting for this year up until mid way through May. A total of £5353 has been made from using a value betting strategy. I should note this isn’t from using Bet Hero but the way in which value bets are found is the same (using sharp bookmakers to find value.)

It is a strategy that has been proven to work long term.

Bet Hero WinningsLooking on the Bet Hero Discord there are multiple users having a lot of success using this strategy from multiple different countries.

Does Bet Hero Offer Anything New?

On this site we have covered the likes of Trademate, Rebelbetting and Oddsmonkey which can all be used for value betting purposes. So does Bet Hero actually bring anything new to the table?


There area couple of aspects that make Bet Hero unique. The first one that has already been mentioned is the amount of markets they cover. Player prop markets, card markets, corner markets, Bet Hero seems to cover basically everything you can bet on.

Alongside this it covers 26 sports with all your major sports and niche ones such as;

  • Chess
  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Lacrosse
  • Floorball
  • Water Polo
  • Aussie Rules

In my opinion this is one of the biggest reasons to look at using Bet Hero. It highlights some very big value bets with bookmakers that I had no use for previously.

Discord Integration

Discord integration is also something Bet Hero offers. This enables you to set up betting alerts through your phone or desktop via the Discord app. They also use Discord to host a community so that you can connect with other users or ask any questions.

Bet Hero Free Trial And Discount

Bet Hero costs 66 euros a month if paid for annually or 99 euros a month on a rolling basis.

Bet Hero Cost

There is currently a 3 day free trial you can get with Bet Hero. This is enough time to get to grips with the software and try it out. The ideal day to try it would be Friday, in order to give you a full weekend when there are the most opportunities.

In terms of a discount, should you want to continue with Bet Hero. We reached out to the owner of Bet Hero and he kindly gave us a discount code for 20% off your first month.

The code is “SST20” when using the link below.

Click Here For 20% Discount

Bet Hero Review – Conclusion

Overall Bet Hero is a good addition to the list of growing value betting software available. Whilst it isn’t as visually impressive as Trademate Sports for example and lacks a few things.

  • Tracking clv (closing line value)
  • Additional filters to choose specific markets

It does cover a very wide range of additional markets alongside covering many bookmakers that other value betting software doesn’t. For those reasons alone I believe that it is worth taking up the trial for the software.

If you are also in a country that most value betting software doesn’t cater to, looking at Bet Hero is a good option as there coverage of bookmakers is extremely wide.

Click Here To Start Your Free Trial


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