Can Sports Betting Be A Good Investment?

Sports Betting As An Investment

Is sports betting a viable way of investing money?

Let’s take a detailed look in this article.


Sports betting investment

It’s impossible to make money sports betting!

The bookmaker always win!

Sports betting is for mugs!

These are statements that you have probably heard time after time. Whether it’s from family members, a guy in the pub or even a close friend.

The majority of people hold the belief that it isn’t possible to make money from sports betting. However if you switched the term “sports betting” to “stock market” the majority of people would do a u turn.

Sports Betting As An Investment

Starting this blog my intention was to see if I could find multiple ways of making money from the sports betting markets.

When I started there was one strategy in my pocket that worked really well.  Over the last few years I have added a few more and overall managed to make over six figures in profit from sports betting.

Starting with £10,000 investment, 57 months later that investment now stands at 138,487.

Equaling a 128,487 profit.

Sports Betting Investment

You can make money from sports betting it is very possible this is a fact!

Will everyone make money from sports betting?

Will everyone make money in the stock market?

If you handed 100 people £1,000,000 and came back a year later. Would they all still be millionaires?

The answer to all these questions is no.

Obviously there are a lot of variables in life and differing outcomes depending on lots of different factors.

Whilst reading this article won’t guarantee that you will make money from sports betting as an investment. What it will do is give you a solid idea of how to approach it.

(Below is a video discussing how to treat sports betting like a business)

Why Sports Betting Can Be A Good Investment

First off why can sports betting be a good investment?

It’s Tax Free ✔

High Turnover ✔

Simple Low Risk Strategies To Get Started ✔

Here in the UK winning from sports betting are tax free.

Which is a huge bonus for anyone that wants to look at treating sports betting as a serious investment. Not having to give back any money in taxes at the end of financial year is a plus.

Secondly, there are sporting events every singles day. Whether its horse racing, football, boxing, mixed martial arts, tennis. There is always a sporting event going on which means with a proven strategy (which we will get onto soon) you turnover you money with ease.

Lastly, to get yourself started there are some very low risk proven methods that allow you to make profits with very little risk. Which allows you to get familiar with sports betting and also profit at the same time.

A Sports Betting Bankroll

The first thing you should really do if you want to treat sports betting properly is have a bankroll. This is money that is entirely separate from everything else in your life.

It exists purely for betting. It’s not to cover your mortgage payments, food bills or anything else. Like an investment it’s purpose is to be left to grow into something more.

Doesn’t have to be a lot, with the low risk strategies outlined in this article it could be as low as £100.

Low Risk Sports Betting Strategy

Let’s start off with the lowest risk strategy you can use.

Which is matched betting. Matched betting uses bookmaker bonuses to lock in a profit before the start of a sporting event.

In the above picture you can see Bet365 offer £50 in free bets if you bet £10.

By exploiting this offer you can guarantee around a £40 profit. This is done by covering all the outcomes of an event and is a very simple process.

Click Here For Our Guide To Matched Betting

The second low risk strategy that you can use is called arbitrage betting. This doesn’t involve bonuses however it is similar in that it allows us to cover all outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit is made. Arbitrage bets occur do the movement in bookmaker odds.

As indicated in the picture above. There times when backing all outcomes of an event can generate a profit. This is known as an arbitrage bet.

Click Here For Our Guide On Arbitrage Betting

Other Profitable Betting Strategies

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are great. However they are generally shorter term strategies that enable you to make some money and your feet in the betting markets.

Bookmaker’s will eventually realize what you are doing (exploiting promotions) and recognize that you are making arbitrage bets. When this happens they remove your promotions and limit your accounts.

Which means that unless you have an unlimited number of friends and family members that let you bet on their behalf. Your going to have to find a few more strategies to keep making money long term.

Once you have built up your bankroll from the low risk strategies, let’s take a look at what you can move onto.

Exploiting Casino Offers

The next step for me was exploiting casino offers. It is a proven way of making money, based on solid maths. When casino’s offer promotions/bonuses they often flip the mathematical edge they usually have over to player.

Whilst you are not guaranteed to make money on every singles offer. If you do these offers often enough then you will profit long term over a large sample size.

Click Here To Learn How To Exploiting Casino Offers

Value Betting

Another strategy that is backed up by solid numbers and proven to work long term is value betting.

Image courtesy of Trademate Sports

Value betting involves exploiting the slower moving bookmakers, who don’t move their betting odds in line with the rest of the betting world.

This means when the sharper professional sports bettors start moving the odds with their money. We can take advantage of that by backing following these sharp moves and betting with slower bookmakers.

Using Tipsters

Next up is using betting tipsters that have shown to be profitable over a large sample size of bets. Finding good tipsters can be difficult but there are some that exist.

One of the best resources to find proven betting tipsters is the Smart Betting Club who provide in depth analysis to research the very best tipsters around.

Sports Betting Compared To Other Forms Of Investment?

Lets take a look sports betting compared to other forms of investment that are available.

Currently £1000 put in the best performing ISA according to money saving expert. Would return 1.3%. Giving a  profit of £13 would be estimated.

Vanguard’s 60% medium risk bonds and stocks life strategy has returned around 8% annually over the last ten years. Meaning a £1000 invested over a year would be estimated to make around £80.

Taking a starting bankroll for sports betting of £1000. You can easily beat these returns just using matched betting and arbitrage.

For instance the total value of sign up offers on the matched betting service Oddsmonkey is over £500

Sports Betting Investment Risk?

It is true that sports betting is a higher risk investment then some of the lower yielding standard investments like ISA’s or savings accounts.

However this risk can be mitigated by using matched betting and arbitrage which enable you build a your initial capital.

This is the exact method used myself in order build up a starting bankroll. Before eventually adding casino offer and then focusing on value betting along with tipsters..

Sports betting has now become an extra source of income that has been slowly growing as time goes on. There are losing periods but over the long term my initial investment is growing at a rate that just isn’t possible with standard methods of savings.

If you approach it correctly sports betting is a very viable way of investing your money. 






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