Making A Million From Sports Betting June 2023

June marks month 75 in the “Making a Million Challenge.”

It was a month that I expected to be fairly quiet in terms of volume. Whilst there wasn’t as much to bet on this month, the betting gods smiled and in terms of profit it ended up being one of the strongest months this year.

Making A Million

Value Betting And Trading

Good month for value betting with selections popping up for international football, golf and even a few F1 bets.

Not a huge amount of bets with 87 being recorded but profit made this month was solid.

After 87 bets a profit of £1454 was made.

Not Familiar With Matched Betting Or Value Betting ?

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Matched Betting Guide

Value Betting Guide

MMA Betting

Under dogs seem to be having a better year in 2023 when it comes to UFC betting. Which is usually where I find most value in these markets. After a small losing year in 2022 (-£442), 2023 has seen an overall profit of £2354.

MMA betting June

In June there were 16 bets and a profit of £1944 was made.

Bets And Beers Telegram Group

Bets and Beers is a service that provides selection for lay the draw.

The service provides multiple approaches however I just use the lay the half time draw strategy. Staking £50 per selection.

In June a profit of £334 was made.

Bets and beers


Everything Else

There was no FTS Ultimate selections this month due to the major football leagues not running. Outside of the above selections, I also bet a few free tipsters selections and in-play bets.

These bets produced a loss of –£637 this month.

June 2023 Total

Bets and Beers – £334

Value Betting/Trading – £1454

MMA Betting – £1944

Misc – -£637

June PL

Total Made In June 


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began



Thoughts Going Forward

June was a better month then I expected. Some months you can put in a tonne of volume and work only to see a negative or break even figure at the end of it. Then other times you you do the bare minimum and the profit comes easily.

That’s the weird thing about betting, time spend working doesn’t always equate to making more money or even making money at all. It can be very frustrating and why a big part of this game is patience.

Got the house move done in June which meant the betting bankroll took a big hit. One of my initial goals was always to buy a house with money made from betting and now I’ve been fortunate enough to do that. My next goal is to bet more aggressively, scale things up and make some money that could lead to early retirement.

Now is a good time to prepare for the new football season. Football alongside MMA is really what I want to focus on going forward.

Having bet Tennis, Horses, Golf and numerous other sports over the years. I realized the sports I am most comfortable and confident in beating over the long term are the sports that I really understand. When it comes to betting larger amounts of money understanding the edge I have and reasoning for the bets makes it easier to handle the losing swings that inevitably come.

In comparison to following tipsters who bet in sports I don’t have a great understanding of. Where at times losing runs hit and you are asking “What the f*** is going on?”

FTS, Bets and Beers and FTC will be the services I will be using to take on the 2023/2024 football season. Thanks for reading, good luck with your own betting and I’ll be back next month with an update.

4 thoughts on “Making A Million From Sports Betting June 2023”

  1. I noticed in your Jan update mentioning a service called ExponentialBet which prompted me to do some research myself. In turn, I’ve ended up subscribing as it was providing a service I had been crying out for for years. A frictionless horse racing automated bot that is profitable on the exchange is something that massively appealed to me. I wondered if you ever had a chance to look into the service and if you had any thoughts on it? did you ever sign up for it at all?

    I’m a couple months into my subscription and am very impressed with the service – I’ve also managed to get onto the in play bet club plan too. Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

  2. I always enjoy reading your updates. I use Bets and Beers service, but not tried The Football Trading Club. Have you been using their service?


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