Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – February 2022 Results

For the last few months the recurring thought has been “pivot or go all in.”

The betting landscape in the UK doesn’t look the best at the moment. So it did make sense to look at what other opportunities there are to make an extra income.

Investing, cryptocurrency, blogging, affiliate marketing, Amazon fba, youtube. There is an endless amount of ways to look at making an extra income.

However in February I decided to focus entirely on betting/trading for the rest of the year. Its the old adage of being a “jack of all trades, master of none.”

Let’s take a look at results from February to see if it paid off.

Making A Million

Value Betting/Trading

January was a tough month for value betting however February more then made up for it.

From looking at the markets over a longer period, something I noticed was recurring patterns that happen pretty consistently. A positive from this is that I can normally get down on exchanges and add a trading element rather then straight up value betting.

For example with Young Boys you can see I get odds of 2.42, when they are trading at 2.06. By trading out half the stake or more. It creates a larger value bet.

This doesn’t pan out every time however I am able to read the markets well enough to be right about 70% of the time.

Still also value betting a lot with bookmakers and in shops, but this strategy has been working well so far. Plus has the benefit of not having to worry about limitations.

Value Betting Feb

This alongside Bet365 putting out several value bets everyday meant there was a decent increase in volume for February.

During February there were 433 value bets.

A profit of £4768 was made.


Not Familiar With Matched Betting Or Value Betting ?

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Value Betting Guide


Advantage Play – Casino Offers

Not much to see here.

Casino Offers

A low volume, low profit month for casino offers.

During February I did 59 offers.

A profit of £44 was made.

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Smart Sports Betting Community/MMA Results

Not a very good month betting on mixed martial arts in February.

Feb UFC results

Generally betting on underdogs so these runs are going to happen.

Not a lot to add really, not betting a lot of volume over the course of the month.

Long term results are still good.

There were 12 bets in February, a total loss of -£787 was made.

Horse Racing Tipsters

Beth Bet closing up shop left quite a gap in the horse racing portfolio.

CD systems daily bargain was brought it and a few other free tipsters were used.

All in all though it was bit of a car crash for the month of February as everything lost.

Horse Racing Results Feb

Not a good sign to lose nearly 50 points in month. Especially considering the amount of volume is much less now that Beth Bet is not providing 20 -30 selections. Generally betting somewhere between 2-7 selections a day currently.

These are the current horse racing tipsters I use.

CD Systems Daily Bargain

Lucrative Racing (Daily free selections)

Quentin Franks Racing – Betting odds 5.0 or above using only exchanges (Click Here For Our Review)

Kieran Ward Value Service (Free Smart Betting Club Tipster)

Overall a loss of -£931 was made following horse racing tipsters.


February was a strong month for the selections with a few big priced winners.

My staking is pretty simplified for the golf, aiming to win around £200 per bet.

Currently using PGA profit and the free Smart Betting Club Tipster Rainmaker. Along with some other free selections from Ben Coley and value based selections.

Golf Betting Results


Overall a profit of £718 was made from golf.

Trading/Free Tipsters/Misc

Everything else which includes some in-play betting, trading and a few bets from free tipsters accounted for a profit of £847.

Traded a few positions on the UFC and a few profitable in-play football bets accounted for the majority of the profit.


After a poor start in January, it was nice to rebound with my best ever month in February. At one point I was £5k in profit which would have been a cool barrier to break. But a downswing at the end of the month prevented that.

Overall pretty happy with how things are going. Making a firm decision to go all in with betting, alongside still working full time. Payed off well in the short term.

Edges come and go, but I do think I have found a new value betting approach that is going to work long term.

I am always looking for new ways to make money from sports betting. Looking at joining FTS Income for next seasonHaving listened to Ian (the guy that runs FTS) podcasts on and off for a few years. It’s clear to me that he is legitimate and has made good money from betting/trading.

So learning his process and approach is only going to benefit me going forward.

If anyone is a long term member and has any feedback I would love to exchanges messages.

Feb Total Profit Betting

Results For February

Value Betting- £4768

Casino Offers – £44

Free Tipsters/Trading – £847

MMA – –£789

Horse Racing Tipsters – –£931

Golf – £718


Total Made In February


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began


2 thoughts on “Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – February 2022 Results”

  1. I used to be a member of FTS between 2017 and 2019. Started with FTS football, where it’s based on them giving you Excel sheets and some advice, but it’s up to you creating profitable betting systems and finding edge, which isn’t that difficult to be fair given how easy the Excel sheets are to operate. The edge wasn’t huge, I created about 8 systems, 5 of which I used long term and they each produced around 20-30 points of profit per year, which doesn’t seem much, but given it’s based purely on Exchanges and games where liquidity isn’t small it’s certainly not to be sniffed at especially if you have a large bankroll. You need to be patient as there can be losing periods, but the ~2 years I’ve bet on football via FTS produced some nice profit overall. Some people on some forums claim you can get this information elsewhere and for free, but I haven’t been able to find anything similar and as easy to use elsewhere. Perhaps if you have the knowledge that may be an option, but for a beginner it’s certainly a great way to get started. Just bear in mind it took at least a full day of work when summed up to find these systems and fine-tune them before I could start to bet in practice and with every system I first bet on paper for at least a month or I used data from 1-2 months ago and then projected it forward up to present to see how I would have done if I did the same analysis 1-2 months ago. This is quite important as if you find something profitable you need to differentiate between “real edge” and looking for systems that are not profitable, but have been “just lucky”. Generally the larger the amount of bets in the system in the past the more likely it is that you found an edge.

    What I would be more interested in is FTS racing. That is a system that could have a huge potential I believe with more variables to tweak and much greater ROI to be found. There was a tool called the “RAP tool” and that could very easily tweak things and look for where the edge is. I switched from FTS football to FTS racing in August 2019 I believe and followed a few of my own systems that I created, like in Football, and they did produce profits, although some edge didn’t last and profitable systems seemed to lose their edge, but overall I made around 150 points of profit in about 6 months. They also used to offer several systems they produced, some even automated, but they weren’t as profitable if I remember correctly and the main power of their website lies in the relative ease of finding value yourself. After that Covid came and racing was closed UK-wide and for some reason the systems stopped updating data after Covid. Last time I checked was in September 2020 I believe and then I stopped the subscription, mainly due to having a new job and little time available. I’d be interested how FTS Racing works now and it’s definitely an area I’d like to get back to once I have more time, which should be soon. I’ve heard of some people on their forum caliming to be making 4 figure sums every month using their own systems, but can’t say if that’s really true. I’d be interested if you subscribe to FTS either football or racing to see how it is now and feel free to contact me by email if you are interested in any more details. I still have settings for the systems I used to use, but wouldn’t think the edge is still there 2 years later without any tweaking.

    And regarding Ian I did meet him personally at one of the meetings he organised in the past and he seems very fair and honest. He does say what he thinks whether good or bad and some people don’t like that (I think you would have noticed if you listen to his podcasts), but I think it makes him more trustworthy regarding the profits he claims to be making.

    Anyway, if there is anyone else who is currently a member of FTS I’d be interested how it is going now.


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