Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – April 2022 Results

Month 61 has been and gone in the “Making A Million Challenge.”

Building on a record month in March where for the first time a fix figure profit was made.

April was going to be interesting, let’s take a look at the results.

Making A Million

Value Betting/Trading

Another strong month for value betting and trading.

Although with football nearing the end of the season, my usual strategy wasn’t as straight forward. Some teams have bigger motivations then others with potential relegation/promotion. Whilst other teams had little to play for.

This means more volatility in the football markets.

Bet365 also seemed to have settled down a little with their boosts. Initially they seemed to be offering value on almost every game, however now they are being a little bit more selective.

Value Betting Trading

In total there were 512 bets made.

A total profit of £3042 was made.


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Advantage Play – Casino Offers

It was the lowest volume month in years for me when it came to completing casino offers. Just doesn’t seem to be as much around as there was. However I will also admit that I am not actively looking every day.

Let me know in the comments if your still doing a lot of casino offers?

During April I did 10 offers.

A profit of £190 was made.

Smart Sports Betting Community/MMA Results

A profit of £690 was made from 9 bets this month on the pre fight MMA selections.


MMA Bets April

I also bet in-play on MMA using Betfair but I added these results to the value betting/trading section. The pre fight bets I send out for free on Discord.

If your interested in receiving them email at [email protected] and I will send you the link.

Horse Racing Tipsters

The horse racing tipsters are holding steady at the moment.

CD Systems is having a a pretty bad year but has a stellar record behind it.

I always find it tough following tipsters, as you always wonder whether the downswings are due to variance.

Has something changed in the market?

Do they still have an edge?

The other two horse tipsters made a profit this month.

Quentin Franks Racing – Betting odds 5.0 or above using only exchanges (Click Here For Our Review)

Kieran Ward Value Service (Free Smart Betting Club Tipster)

A total of £354 was made from horse racing.

Staking £10 on horses above odds of 10.00 and £20 stakes on odds below 10.00.

A New Tipster Emerges

Hansbury Racing is a tipster that readers have emailed me about. It’s a service that multiple stellar reviews. Including the Smart Betting Club who recently showed in their review that the service is very profitable even betting at Betfair SP.

So it made sense with football winding down to look at adding more on the horse racing side. Hansbury Racing looks like it should be a good addition.

Hansbury Racing
The headline stats look very impressive.

Click Here To Read More About Hansbury Racing


It was a poor month for Golf betting.

PGA Profit has not performed very well this year, my own value selections (based on what the markets is doing) also under performed this month.

Golf Betting

Overall a loss of -£463 was made betting on golf.


Misc includes bets from free tipsters such as Matchbook Insights.

Along with other bets/trades that I don’t track in any of the above categories. For example live bets if I watching a game. However I do add these to my daily P/L at the end of every day.

From this section a profit of £506 was made.


Overall it was another strong month. With football winding down and no big international tournament in the summer profits are likely to drop.

The horse racing markets are still something I would like to get more involved in. From talking to people it seems like one of the sports where following tipsters is a good option.

Other then that I think its just a case of continuing to scale what is working at the moment. Which is mostly value betting and a few strategies of my own that are based on beating the closing line.

I do want to keep this blog interesting, as I realize just writing profits from strategies I am not willing to give away will become tiresome. So if you do have any interesting tipsters or services, you would like me to trial let me know.


Results For April

Value Betting- £3042

Casino Offers – £190

Golf – –£463

MMA – £690

Horse Racing Tipsters – £354

Misc – £506

Total Made In April


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began



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I only recommend services I am using or have used in the past.

6 thoughts on “Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – April 2022 Results”

    • I did hammer them previously and in 2020 I think they were my biggest earner. Just doesn’t seem to be a lot about at the moment.

  1. True, casino offers especially the reload ones were much better about 2-3 years ago. I think there is still some money to be made from sign up offers if you can get accounts in the names of family members, etc.

  2. HI Ryan, good results, hope it continues. Just noticed you spent a couple of years in Thailand then sensibly returned to reality in the UK. I on the other hand came to Thailand almost 30 years ago , met my future wife, we had a daughter and just didn’t want to go back home(UK). So you trade all these different sports, but I don’t see tennis, any reason for that? Best wishes from LOS.

    • Hi Nick, thanks for the comment.
      Yes I loved living in Thailand and still go back every few years. I just found on a teachers wage, I wasn’t financially comfortable in raising a family over there. Whereabouts in Thailand do you live?

      I have previously followed Tennis using tipsters but currently I don’t trade or bet it. No specific reason I just find my hands full with other sports and its not an area I have much knowledge in.

  3. Hi Ryan, thanks for the reply. I now live up in the Loei area (in a small village up in Isaan) ,all that sticky rice and somtam! Had been in Bangkok for nearly 30 years since leaving the UK, so now enjoying semi retirement here with my wife, daughter is holding the fort down in Krungthep! Have to be honest I miss living in Bangkok and will return in two weeks for a week. Anyway all the best and good luck in making that million! Nick


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