Best Football Prediction Sites For Betting 2022

The football betting markets are are huge.

Billions of pounds are wagered every year on football, it is a sport where if you can find an edge.

Then that edge can make you a lot of money as we have seen from football traders such as Paulo Rebelo and Psychoff.

In this article we are going to take a look at the best football prediction sites for betting.

How useful are these sites when looking to make money from betting/trading on football?

Best football prediction sites

Best Football Prediction Sites For Betting

There are thousands of football prediction sites available on the internet.

However the vast majority are tipping websites that offer very little value. They give out predictions with very little analysis and are generally a poor resource if you are looking to find an edge.

So what are the best football prediction sites for betting?


In the above video.

Professional Betfair trader Caan Berry recommends infogol as a useful resource if you are attempting to make money from the football betting markets.

Seems like a good place to start, let’s take a look at what Infogol has to offer.

Best Football Prediction Sites – Pre Match Betting


What makes Infogol stand out above the hundreds of other football betting prediction sites?

First off is the amount of data that is available on Infogol, it isn’t just the standard “we pick team A to win, bet here with Bet365” which you get with the majority of sites.

Best Football Prediction Sites

On Infogol there is quite a lot of data to dig into.

For instance you can look how teams are performing using the XG (expected goals) metric. There is also an expected league position ranking based around XG.

Both of these metrics can be used to give an indication if a team maybe under or over performing.

This is useful to know as there maybe some bias in the betting markets which could be exploited.

Infogol also have their own pre match model which uses expected goals alongside other metrics to assess how likely it is that a team will win.

Best Football Prediction Sites Infogol

You can also find all the usual data such as head to head stats, winning streaks, losing streaks etc.

However what sets Infogol’s pre match statistics, data and predictions apart from the majority. Is the expected goal models and depth of data that is available.


Another site that I use for finding useful information on pre match betting predictions is Blogabet.

It isn’t a statistical prediction site like Infogol.

Blogabet relies on its users to provide predictions. It is a tipster platform that is very popular and allows people to write up their analysis and make betting predictions.

Often you can get really good information on team news and specialists in the some of the smaller niche betting markets.

What I like about Blogabet is that there are a number of really good free betting tipsters. That often give out information that has not been fully accounted for yet in the betting markets.


This is the type of betting analysis I like to look at with Blogabet.

A site like infogol can give you a indication of when a team looks to have an advantage using statistical analysis. Whilst a site like blogabet can reveal information that might not be commonly known.

Combining the information from both is good way to find value in the betting markets.

Blogabet Tipster

Here is an example of the type of tipster I like to follow.

They have a 5% yield over 1683 bets which is a good sample size. This tipster does very well in the South American leagues being profitable in the Bolivian, Argentinian, Costa Rician and Ecuadorian leagues.

Blogabet allows you to take an in depth look at a tipsters record. Allowing you to see which leagues they are profitable in.

Which bookmakers they use and which bookmakers they are profitable with.


For pre match betting Infogol and Blogabet are both excellent resources that I think are very valuable. An added resource that I like to use to track odds movement is Oddsmath.

The reason I like Oddsmath is that it gives me a visual representation of how odds have moved for various markets.

I find this useful as if I get some information on team news that maybe valuable. Using Oddsmath I can see if the market has reacted to this already.

Oddsmath use

Timestamps on the movement of odds allow me to see when the odds started to move. 

Whilst Oddsmath isn’t a predictions site it is an excellent resource that combined with Infogol or blogabet may give you an edge.

Combining all three resources could allow you to find a profitable betting strategy.

For example if Infogol’s model is showing there is value available at current odds. You can use this alongside a site like . To see if that team are shortening in odds ( an indication they may be value.)

Along with checking team news and looking at to see if  there are any profitable tipsters that like the same selection or have additional information on the game.


Best Football Prediction Sites – In Play Betting

When it comes to finding a prediction site that could aid you with in-play betting.

There are a number of sites that track statistics such as number of shots, shots on target, corners, free kicks and possession.

Flashscore is a good example of a site that does the above and also notifies you of when a goal is scored.

The majority of betting sites such as Bet365, William Hill etc also provide this type of in-play analysis.

For in-play statistics again its Infogol that stands out.

They provide in-play goal maps which provides you with the time of the chance created, player name and the probability of a goal being scored. This gives a lot of added depth over the standard shots on/off target count that the majority of sites offer.

Infogol in-play stats


Infogol still provide the standard type of statistics that you see from the majority of other in-play statistics providers. However again infogol add a little more depth with the addition of blocked shots, goalkeeper saves, completed passes and total passes.

When it comes to the best football prediction site for in-play betting infogol stands out.

Making money from the football betting markets isn’t easy. If you are aiming find profitable football bets/trades then you are going to want to use some of the best resources available to you.

Have any other football prediction sites that are worth a mention?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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