Using Sports Statistics To Win At Sports Betting

Statistics have always been a key component for successful sports betting. Those that know how to use them effectively have been able to generate a lucrative income from the world of sports betting.

Many of the pioneers of sports betting such as Tony Bloom and Matthew Benham used expected goals long before everyone else. You can find XG figures on plenty of statistical websites today however previously this was only used by football bettors at the top of their game.

Billy Walters one of the most sports bettors of all time was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast and spoke about how they would a similar method to XG for NFL games. Having members of his team break down individual plays in American football and removing points when these situations occurred via luck.

Why Should I Use Sports Statistics For Betting?

Statistics may reveal a lot about a team or individual player, including their strengths, limitations, and performance in various circumstances. They may assist you in comprehending the reasons behind team historical victories and defeats. How they perform against different levels of opposition for example.

Football Stats

While some may consider statistics uninteresting or unimportant, others may feel they are crucial to the game. If you are looking make profitable betting decision with bookmakers. Then using a statistical approach is always wise. Statistics can offer you a distinct viewpoint on the game and can aid in your understanding of the nuances of sports. 

Taking this approach enable the tracking and measuring of the performance of individuals and teams, evaluating the effectiveness of plans and tactics, and much more. In the absence of statistics, analysis of sports is difficult. 

Best Sites For Sports Betting Statistics?

There are a huge number of statistics sites for sports betting. Obviously it depends on which sport you are looking to focus your betting on. In 2024 you can pretty much bet on every sport imaginable for popular sports such as football, tennis and horse racing. To more niche sports like badminton, greyhound racing and table tennis.

Let’s take a look at some of the best statistics sites for some of the major sports!


Horse Racing

  • Time Form
  • Racing Post


American Football

There are thousands of statistical sites if you want to find data for the specific sport you are looking to bet on.

Will Using Sports Statistic Make Me A Profitable Bettor?

Using statistical analysis can help you become a profitable sports bettor. It isn’t however a guarantee that you will be profitable. Bettors that using statistics in order to find value from the markets usually do so due the betting not factoring in a statistic effectively. There may be a bias for example in the market meaning that something is underestimated in the market.

This could be many factors including;

  • Player Injuries
  • Home Field Advantage
  • Weather Conditions
  • Time Between Games
  • Coaching Styles
  • Form
  • Tactical Match Ups

It is the job of the sharp sports bettor to find angles that the general public may be missing. If you can do this successfully then there is the ability to make a profit from sports betting.

In general the easiest sports betting markets to beat are the one that most of the general public are betting in. If we take for example football, the general public like to beta in the bigger markets such as;

  • Match Odds
  • Over/Under Goals
  • Draw No Bet Market

The markets that are generally the easiest to beat with the bookmakers and the exchange when it comes to the football markets, are secondary markets;

  • Corners
  • First Goal Scorer
  • Card Points
  • Player Passes
  • Players Tackles.

If you are looking for the low hanging fruit and the easiest sports betting markets to profit from using basic statistics. Looking at these lesser known is often a great starting point. The bookmakers are often lazy with these markets and are much more prone to making an error with the odds. This can offer great value to us as sports bettors if we are able to sports bettors if we can spot this opportunities.

One simple approach to making money from sports betting that is proven to work is using the best value betting software available.

Overall if you are looking to profit from sports betting, using statistics is definitely something you should consider looking at.

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