Best Greyhound Betting Strategy For 2024!

Greyhound racing is often overlooked when compared to the “sport of kings” horse racing. However finding the best greyhound strategy can make you a lot of money in the long run with the right approach.  At the end of the day as sports bettors we are looking to make a profit.

Given that it is a sport that doesn’t attract the betting volume seen in likes of horse racing and football. There is often a lot of value to be had from betting on greyhounds, bookmakers don’t take as much care in setting the odds. This means there is often a lot of value to be taken on greyhound meetings. When there is value available there is also the ability to make money.

So lets get into it!

What is the best greyhound betting strategy?

Following Smart Money

One of the easiest ways to profit from the greyhound market is following the early money in the markets. Betting on outliers where one bookmaker is pricing one greyhound at a far better price then the majority.

Let’s look at an example using the odds comparison site oddschecker.

Best Greyhound Racing Strategy


Looking ahead at the days greyhound racing I have found a greyhound that looks to be great value. 

The image above is the Romford greyhound race at 15.07, Drumdoit Nova is the greyhound that has caught my attention. On oddschecker when a selection is blue this means the horse has shortened in price, this means that is has had money placed on it forcing the bookmaker to shorten its odds. A selection that is pink has drifted in price, which means there is not much money backing these greyhounds.

Greyhound odds shortening

What you can see is that across every bookmaker Drumdoit Nova has seen money backing it forcing bookmakers to shorten its price. Some bookmakers are as short as 2.75 which shows that do want people backing Drumdoit Nova. Bet365 however are offering a standout price of 4.5.

At 4.5 Drumdoit Nova looks like an excellent bet given how the rest of the market are pricing this greyhound.

Consistently backing these value prices has shown to make a profit in the long run!

It is a strategy that also does not require you to become an expert greyhound racing analyst or spend hours trawling through data. Following smart betting works and it makes this strategy one of the easiest on the list.

Using The Best Greyhound Betting Tipsters

The next strategy we want to look at is outsourcing all the hard work and using the best greyhound betting tipsters available. Over the years of running this site we have looked at a number of greyhound tipsters. Without question the best greyhound we have come across is Premier Greyhound tips.

Best Greyhound Betting Strategy

This greyhound tipster has been around since 2014 in that time he has racked up some really impressive statistics.

  • £33,715 profit (Staking £25 per point)
  • £306.50 (Average Monthly Profit)
  • £3678 (Average Annual Profit)
  • 13.17% long term return on investment.

He has achieved these results backing at bookmaker prices, sending out selections at 12.00 (UK time).

If your are looking for the best greyhound betting strategy. That is also very hands off and just requires you to follow a greyhound expert and place bets with online bookmakers then this is a really good option.

Premier Greyhound tips sends out selections with odds from mot major bookmakers including the following.

  • Bet365
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes
  • William Hill
  • Paddypower
  • Betfair

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Statistical Data And Form

Statistical data and form analysis is used in all major sports to find a betting edge. Greyhound racing is no different in that there are sites which offer statistical breakdowns which some people can use to develop profitable greyhound betting models.

Here are some of the best greyhound stats sites that we have come across.

Greyhound stats

Using the above sites can help you look for statistical trends in the greyhound markets which may be profitable over the long term. Looking at track specific data for example could uncover an edge in the market when backing favourites at certain price ranges.

Statistical data and form analysis is much harder then the first two strategies outlined in this article. However for the greyhound enthusiast and mathematical minded it could uncover the best greyhound betting strategy possible.


In this this article we have covered three excellent strategies if you are looking to make money from the sports betting markets. When following sharp money in the market all you need is an odds comparison site that features greyhound racing, our preferred site is oddschecker. This is a very simple greyhound betting strategy and perfect for beginners.

If you want a tipster that has a proven winning record coming up to 10 years, with profits in the excess of £33,000. Then you should take up a £0.99 trial with Premier Greyhound betting Tips for 10 days and start profiting from your greyhound betting the easy way.

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Lastly if you want to become an expert greyhound bettor or have a mathematical background. Breaking down statistical data could be your way to find an edge in the greyhound betting markets.

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