Football Trading Club Review

The Football Trading Club is a service that runs via twitter, as the name implies it is a service that focuses on making money from the football markets.

This service is aimed at those that are looking to make a profit from the betting exchanges. Limitations and account closures have become more and more prevalent for those that dare to make a long term profit from bookmakers.

Which makes services aimed at profiting from the betting exchanges very appealing!

How The Service Works

Football Trading Club is very easy to follow. Once you have joined the service you get access to a telegram group where daily selections are sent out.

Football Trading Club Example

Then you simply log into your betting exchange of choice and bet the selections.

The service offers both pre match and in-play selections.

Football Trading Club Historical Results

FTC 2022

In 2022 a total profit of £8,258 is quoted from 9 systems. A 6.88% return on investment was recorded.

Only the draw no bet system failed to make profit over the full year. 

FTC 2023

In 2023 so far a profit of £4,282 has been recorded from 15 systems.

The football trading club isn’t a service that stands still it is constantly evolving. Systems that don’t perform up to expectation are removed and new angles are always being looked at.

Overall the results over the last two years have been incredibly impressive.

Beating the betting exchanges is much harder then profiting from soft bookmakers. Making a 6.66% return on investment over a two year period is excellent.

You can view detailed results for football trading clubs 2022 results and 2023 results by clicking on the links attached.

If you would like £5 off your first month at Football Trading Club quote “SST1 when signing up”

2022 Results

2023 Results

Football Trading Club 3 Month Results Tracked

I tracked 3 pre match systems for a 3 month period, staking a set £10 amount for each selection. From the start of April 2023 to the end of July 2023.

The 3 systems followed were home value draws, home win and home win lay the draw.

Let’s take a look at the results from home value draws first.

Over a 3 month period 233 bets were made and a total profit of £74.67 was made to £10 stakes.

Total Staked£2330
Average Odds3.32

Next up is the home wins system.

The home wins system was also profitable over a 3 month period tracked at £10 stakes, a total profit of £54.42 was made.

Total Staked£1050
Average Odds1.53

Lastly we have the home wins lay the draw system.

This system returned a profit of £236 after 101 bets.

Total Staked£4052.90
Average Odds4.94

Football Trading Club Cost

Membership to the football trading club costs £20 a month, with longer term deals also available.

Payment is handled via paypal or bank transfer.


I have been very impressed with the football trading club. My results tracking the service mirror the official results very closely. Other review services are also reporting profitable results which makes me believe that the historical results are accurate.

There are multiple different aspects to the service, which can be a lot to take in. Sometimes advised stakes are changed, systems are removed/added and multiple approaches can be taken to the lay the draw system. However you don’t have to follow everything or even follow the advised staking if you are comfortable betting a different way.

One of the big positives to the service is that the man behind it Chris is always looking at new angles and testing out systems. Which means that if a new edge reveals itself then it will be added at no extra cost as a new system.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do you make money from the exchanges?”

A simple answer to this is to follow a service such as the football trading club which will pin point value selections for you.

Overall the service gets a recommendation from me and is a service that I will be following in my making a million challenge

Football Trading Club Discount

If you would like a £5 discount on your first month with the football trading club. Quote “SST1” or let you Chris know you came through this site when signing up.

You can join the football trading club via twitter which I will link below.

FTC Twitter Link

For those without a twitter account you can contact Chris via [email protected] to set up a membership.


Betting Reviews – Updates

Over the last 2 months I have been reviewing two services that come with very good reputations.

The first tipster is from Bookie Insiders.

Bookie Insiders Results

Neil Macdonald is a tipster that focuses mainly on the major European football leagues.

Over a 7 year period his results are extremely impressive.

A 6.8% roi over 5311 bets is fairly unheard of in the major football markets.

The big upside to following Neil Macdonald’s tips are that you are betting in big markets. Which means odds don’t get smashed as soon selections are sent out.

Results so far have been very positive.

After 92 selections.

A profit of £886 has been made.

Stakes ranged between £50-£125 on each selections.

Below are the official results over the same time period.

After 95 bets a total profit of £1058.

(The difference in profit and loss is due to missed bets and odds taken.)

Click Here To Read More About Neil Macdonald’s Service.


Ron William Results

The second tipster under review is Ron Williams, a successful horse racing tipster.

This tipster sends out tips selections the evening before the races. However I have been betting the selections the next day around 11.00 using the betting exchanges.

To see whether or not it could be profitable to follow Ron Williams using only the exchanges.

Long term results suggest if I am able to get odds somewhat close to the ones quoted in the email the evening before.

Then it could be profitable to follow tips using the exchanges.

Ron Williams Results

After 139 selections.

A loss of -£63 has been made

Stakes range from £20 to £40

A profit has not been made so far following these selections.

Ron Williams Official Results

Below are the official results from Ron Williams backing the selections the evening before racing.

After 170 selections.

A loss of -£385 has been made.

(The difference in number of bets made and profit and loss. Is due to missed bets and selections shortening in odds to the point where the value is gone.)

Ron Williams Horse Racing

Click Here To Read More About Ron Williams


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