Sports Trading Exposed Review

What is sports trading exposed?

Sports Trading Exposed is produced by professional trader Tomas Paul. Tomas started trading in 2006. He states that he has made more then £250,000 from sports trading.

The product comes in the form of an ebook and 45 trading videos. The focus of Sports Trading Exposed is mainy on the horse racing markets. There is also a small section on greyhound racing.

Sports Trading Exposed Review

Sports Trading Exposed Review – What Do You Get?

The book is well written, presented clearly and is quite lengthy at 234 pages. The first part of the book covers the basics of trading and how to set up your computer. Along with the the trading software you need, factors such as internet speed and latency, how betting exchanges function, lay betting etc.

Setting up Geeks Toy and becoming familiar with all of its uses is the next section that is covered. This is useful for beginners that are not familiar with API software. Money management is discussed and an overview of the UK horse racing markets is included.

Sports Trading Exposed Review

How much strategy is revealed?

After the basics of trading have been explained and you become aware of how to set yourself up to trade efficiently. We move on to strategy. There is quite a lot of crossover with Caan Berry’s ebook and videos. This is not a negative thing, as they are both professional horse traders its probably expected. There are however some new angles and insights discussed in Sports Trading Exposed that I haven’t seen before.

The strategy section of this book is very thorough and contains a lot of information.

What’s included?

  • Scalping Techniques
  • Crowd Thinking
  • Swing Trading
  • Price Bands
  • Que Positioning
  • Scratching
  • Spikes and corrections
  • Support and resistance
  • Market making
  • Spoofing
  • Clashes
  • Big Races
  • Using Betfair graphs
  • Screen Recording

There is also a lot more. You have 45 example videos where Tomas explains the strategies he uses and what he looks for in the markets. (Recently Tomas added videos of trades from Cheltenham 2017)

The book covers strategies used for Uk, Irish, US and Australian horse racing as well as greyhound racing.

Sports Trading Exposed Review – Conclusion

Overall Sports Trading Exposed is an excellent resource for those looking to profit from the horse trading markets. It is a really well put together trading package.

The fact that Tomas is also trying to build a community and has a forum is a really positive factor. Learning to trade well takes time. Offering an ongoing platform to give out advice on a frequent basis is an excellent idea.

For beginners or someone looking to start trading the horse racing markets, Sports Trading Exposed is ideal material to get you started. From the videos I have seen it is obvious Tomas is an excellent horse racing trader. The way he reads the markets and his reaction time to the changing dynamics are really impressive.

Given that his community is quite small at the moment means you are going to be able to get a lot time and advice.

At £94.80 you are getting a lot of content for money. Alongside continuing support from a professional trader. There is also a 60 day refund guarantee should you feel you haven’t got enough value from this product.

Sports Trading Exposed gets a clear recommendation from me. The horse racing markets are tough to crack and no ebook or training course will make you a super trader overnight. However this trading package will give you in depth insights of a professional trader, ongoing support and show you the necessary tools to succeed in the horse racing markets. 

You can check out sport trading exposed here

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Sports Trading Exposed





  • Well written
  • In-depth information
  • Lots of content

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