The Football Guru – Month 1 Results

I have had a month of selections from[af_link id=”1911″]The Football Guru.[/af_link]

With historic results showing close to a 15% return on investment. I was quite excited to trial this service.

Has it delivered any profits in the first month of the trial?

The Football Guru – Month 1 Results

Football Guru Results Month 1

Key stats

Total Staked£4730

The Football Guru is a high volume service. At the weekend you might get as many as 10 pre match selections. Alongside the pre match selections there is also an in play part of the service. Where you might another 10-15 selections.

This means that you are staking a lot of money and the swings in your profit and loss can be quite high. I have found that the odds given out in emails are quite easy to achieve. Often also the odds given for in play selections can be bettered by using the betting exchanges.

The ROI is very small after the first month. However you really need a large amount of bets before the variance evens out.

Starting Bank


After the first month of results now stands at.


I have enjoyed following this service so far. It is quite unlike any other tipster service that I have followed.

Given the large amount of bets sent out. I should be able to get a large sample size of bets after only a few months. We should be able to get a good indication of how profitable this service is by then.

The next update will be around the 8th of April. 

If you want more information on the Football Guru you can take a look at the official site[af_link id=”1911″]Here.[/af_link]


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