Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – May 2022 Results

Month 62 is done in the “Making a Million Challenge” and it was another very good month with Golf and Horse racing tipsters chipping in with decent profits.

Things will be a bit quieter now we are in June and the majority of the football leagues take their summer break.

Let’s take a look at results from May.

Making A Million

Value Betting/Trading

There was a bit more volatility in value betting this month. With it being the end of the season and varying motivations for teams. Odds movement in football becomes much more volatile.

Whilst a lot of my value betting looks at recurring patterns in the markets, it was a little bit different during May. I couldn’t just rely on looking at odds movement as the markets behaved pretty differently.

60% positive and negative edges are usually pretty rare.


I often use Trademate to keep track of closing line. You can see from the above image that there were some big swings in prices by the time games kicked off.

Overall however it was another very good month. The gravy train that was Bet365 odds boost has slowed but they still offer decent value now and again.

One of my long term Bet365 accounts was limited which is always frustrating however had it had lasted about 2 years. So can’t really complain.

Using the exchanges as much as possible as long term there are only a limited amount of people I can work with. In terms of getting bets down on soft books.

In total there were 325 bets made.

A total profit of £3813 was made.

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Advantage Play – Casino Offers

In total I did 9 offers during May.

A profit of £148 was made.

Not much to write about here, there are more offers that I could be doing. However I just don’t really have the motivation to grind casino offers like previously. Sticking to doing higher value reload offers when they come through.

If you are looking to build a bankroll then doing lower value offers is worthwhile. Looking through Oddsmonkey’s casino reload offers you can still make £50+ a week from casino offers, fairly easily.

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Smart Sports Betting Community/MMA Results

A profit of £856 was made from pre fight MMA bets this month.

MMA Bets May

If your interested in receiving these bets for free email me at [email protected] and I will send you the link.

Horse Racing Tipsters

Rejigged the horse racing portfolio this month, after things had been a little flat for a while.

In came the highly touted Hansbury Racing, along with the free SBC tipster “No Photo Needed.”

Along with the long standing tipster in the portfolio Kieran Ward’s Value Tips (Another free SBC tipster.)


Horse Racing Results May

Results were really strong this month with Hansbury Racing having some big winners early on in the month. Before giving a decent amount of the profit back. Whilst Kieran Ward and No Photo Needed had strong second half’s of the month which maintained a decent profit overall for the month.

During May a profit of £581 was made from stakes ranging from £10 to £30.


PGA Profit came good this month in pretty emphatic fashion. Hitting 3 big priced winners over the course of the month. Tipping Sam Burns (34.0 winner), Justin Thomas (17.0 winner) and Max Homa (46.0 winner) which recouped all losses from the year and put the tipster up just under 100 points for the year.

Unfortunately for me. I completely forgot to place my golf bets the week Max Homa won. (Which is  the first week this year that this has happened.)

Only realizing on the Friday when golf had already started. Which meant I missed out on a 46.0 winner, buts that’s betting sometimes these things happen.

Overall a profit of £466 was made from golf


A profit of £167 was made following bets from free tipsters and misc bets.

This section basically includes profit on my daily P/L which is not accounted for in any of the other sections.

One free tipster that I think is worth a follow comes from Asian Connect. If you register your interest with them as broker you get sent free tips.

AC Tips
Example of Asian Connect tips

I don’t bet every selection but I think the break downs usually make sense. In this case Poland did shorten pretty significantly before the game started.


This year has been excellent so far. Profit made so far in the first 5 months is around what I normally make in a year. I am aware that I am running really well and expect things to slow down in the next two month. With a lot less football available to bet on, alongside the fact that I am clinging on to the last few soft books I have available.

In contrast to how well this year has been for me betting wise. The UK betting industry does seem to be on its arse, with over regulation and silly affordability limits. Looking like it could ruin the game completely or force all serious bettors into the black market.

Time will tell!

Given there is a lot less to bet on this month. Going to take a look at other ways to make money besides betting. Just in case it becomes no longer viable.

Looking at freelance writing jobs, creating another website. Always thought trading the financial markets could be interesting. Similar to sports betting it seems like the majority of people get burnt trading however there are those that are doing it successfully.

Thanks for reading will be back with the next report in July.

May Profits


Results For May

Value Betting- £3813

Casino Offers – £148

Golf – £466

MMA – £856

Horse Racing Tipsters – £581

Misc – £167


Total Made In May


Overall Profit Since The Challenge Began



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3 thoughts on “Making A Million From Sports Betting And Trading – May 2022 Results”

  1. Hi Mate, congrats on this incredible result yet again – been following your success for a while. Going to set up and start soon myself – purely inspired by you, so thank you for that! My only concern is longevity – do you have a few suggestions on what to do if a really important account such as Bet365 gets gubbed? I guess you can make an account in a family members’ name but are there any other suggestions? Also, just out of interest, what is your typical stake size to achieve these levels of profit?

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. Longevity is an issue with limitations, you need access to new accounts or develop strategies that work on the strategies. I have worked with family members but that has pretty much run its course now. So my focus has been on betting with Betfair, Smarkets and Matchbook, which is a harder but can be done.

      Stakes range from £10 – £300 depending on the odds of the selection. For example £10 on a horse racing selections at 10 or above, but I may stake £300 on a value selection at 1.5. When it comes to trading I can use stake sup to £5000 as your removing the liability before the game starts.


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