Cudworth’s Racing Lays Review – Laying Horses at Betfair SP

I have had three months of selections for Cudsworth’s Racing Lays service. The service focuses on laying horses at the Betfair SP. Which is a great idea as you don’t have to worry about missing prices or getting limited from bookmakers. The lay bets are emailed on a daily basis around 12.00.

How then did the service perform over a three month period?

Cudworth’s Racing Lays Review

Cudworth's Racing Lays Review

It hasn’t been a good period for Cudwoth’s racing lays with losses coming quite regularly. Staking to £50 liability per race the total losses for the three month period was -£449.81.

The service also added a new element during the trial with 5 point back bets. There were only three of these bets over the testing period with two losses and one win. Early days for this approach but so far they have combined for a loss of -£31.

Key stats (Set £50 liability)

Overall results

Total Staked£5400

Starting Bank


Current Bank

£550.19 (449.81)

The official results for the service use a £10 per point staking system. This means that for each lay bet they aim to win £10. This staking method is also showing losses at -£202.

Cudsworth’s Racing Lays Review – Final Verdict

Despite really liking the whole idea of the service and its approach to laying at the Betfair SP. Results have been consistently bad and the service has never really looked like making any profit. On top of that if you add in 3 months subscription at £89.85 (3 x £29.95). Then you are looking at some heavy losses over the 3 month period.

I can’t recommend this service based on the results of the trial and it falls into the category of poor value.

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Cudsworth's Racing Lays





  • Consistent Service


  • Lost money over trial period

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