50K Betting And Trading Challenge – July Results

Last month I wrote that when everything goes well in sports betting and trading its important to enjoy it. Because things don’t always go that smoothly. Well this month things didn’t go so smoothly.

Matched Betting – Sports Offers

It felt pretty flat this month in terms of matched betting opportunities this month. Seems like most bookmakers are gearing themselves up for the start of the football season in August. Most of the profit came from the regular horse racing offers. 

For the month of July I took part in 142 offers. My total profit for the month was £380.

Advantage Play – Casino Offers

July bucked the previous trend of the hitting the ground running with casino offers. Was -£175 down at one point before things slowly started to turn around. An £80 win on a Ladbrokes offer sparked a better run of results. Eventually by the end of the month I was looking at a pretty decent return. Although still lower then previous months.

This month I have done 97 casino offers. A total profit of £693 was made.

Trading Results

Again its been a month of very low volume for trades. I did get a few horse trades and traded some Quentin Franks selections.

My issue with trading the horses is timing. With two young children I constantly get interrupted. Or often have to miss a good portion of the racing due to school or nursery activities. For me personally the football markets are much better. As they are much slower moving and I can monitor my positions on my phone even when out with the kids.

With the major leagues starting again in August this will improve. You can get much bigger stakes through these markets. I don’t pre match trade the summer leagues due to the lower liquidity and my own lack of knowledge of the teams.

I have been trading Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight which had some pretty crazy odds movement when it was announced. Hoping to have a good sized profit on this by fight time.

Overall I made 8 trades in June. A total profit of £63 was made.

Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service


It’s fair to say that Quentin Franks has struggled these last few months. Previously this was a tipster that was just churning out profits on a monthly basis. In the last four months I have recorded a loss of -£2 following his selections.

Not overly concerned as his selections still crush the Betfair SP on average. So the results should improve in time. Sports betting is a long term investment and I am not going to over react to short term results.

This month I bet a total of 91 selections from Quentin Franks Racing. A total loss of -£331 was made.

Sports Betting – June Results

So you can probably see that my sports betting for July sucked donkey balls.

The results were a combination of everything going poorly. The banker bets service had a bad month. My own short odds selections and mma bets also lost regularly.

I am aware that sports betting has a lot more variance involved. Compared to the other parts of my portfolio.

I take comfort that even those betting at really high volumes experience losing months sometimes. You’ll see millionaire sports bettor Jonas Gjelstad mention this in his video series.

Still though I did feel like a bit of a dick when I looked at my overall profit and loss for the month. With sports betting wiping out most of my profits from elsewhere.

This month I lost -£793 on sports betting from 36 bets.

My sports betting is a long term project for me. As I don’t think in the future matched betting and exploiting casino bonuses will be as profitable. Currently I only have 121 bets so its a very small sample size. So I am going to stick with it and see where I am at after 12 months. 

Thoughts Going Forward

Well with 8 months remaining that £50,000 target looks pretty far off. I need to make an average of £5304 a month to accomplish it. 

I certainly think that I can make a good push at it however. With the new season starting that means there will be much more matched opportunities available. My pre match trading is mostly on the major leagues which means more profit in that area. I have more resources to use for matched betting, advantage play and value betting.

As my bankroll increases I can invest more into pre match trading positions and value betting. So I don’t feel too dejected by this month. If anything it has probably taught me that I need to weight my portfolio more heavily on the low variance methods. 

Would be nice if I can get to the stage where I have a 100k bankroll. Help me handle the swings of sports betting a bit better. But until I do get to that stage my time is probably best invested in the easier methods of making a profit.

August has already started off much better. So hopefully it continues and I will be reporting a £5000 plus profit in my next update. 


Matched Betting – Sports Offers


Advantage Play – Casino Offers


Trading Results


Quentin Franks Racing – Tipster Service


Sports Betting


Total Made 


50k Challenge Remaining Target


Services Used

Oddsmonkey – Matched betting, Value bets, Accumulator offers

Profit Maximiser – Casino offers, Matched betting

Quentin Franks Racing – Horse racing tips

7 thoughts on “50K Betting And Trading Challenge – July Results”

  1. As always a good read, the honesty with your results is refreshing. Especially on a down month like July, I had a similar month myself due to lack of sports offers, etc.

    Hopefully more pre-match trades and MMA bet advice will be coming our way in the future. Cheers Mr Bruno.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah will continue to point out pre match trades that look to have good value. Also any MMA bets that look out of line.

      Matched betting was poor this month. Hoping that some new offers come up with new season starting.

  2. I like your honesty when things don’t go well. You rarely see people on social media posting losses. They paint a picture where everybody just crushes it every day.

    Keep up the blog really enjoy reading it.

  3. Thanks this blog has been really informative. Can I ask what stake sizes are you using for the casino and matched betting, and Quentin Franks?

    Are you using a fixed percentage? How do you decide how much to risk on the casino offers? Thanks!

    • For the casino offers the stakes sizes will vary dependent on the offer. A high risk sign up offer may be £200 but most offers involve much smaller stakes between £10-£50.

      Quentin Franks I have been using £20 a point.


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