Geeks Toy Review – Betfair API Software

Geeks Toy Review

What is the Geeks Toy?

The Geeks Toy is a piece of software that allows you to connect with Betfair’s betting API.

Doing this enables you to see information quicker, see it presented in different ways and also execute your own betting orders quicker. API software is a must for sport traders that are planning to take on fast moving markets.

This what the Betfair interface looks like if you access it through a web browser. If however you use Geeks Toy you will see this information and more presented if a different way.

Geeks Toy Review

Why Is This Useful?

There are numerous reason why using API software like the Geeks Toy is useful.

Speed is Key

Speed is a necessity if you are trading markets that moving quickly. The Geeks Toy software allows you see data quicker and reacted to it quicker.

For example you are trading Barcelona vs Real Madrid in-play. In the corner of your eye you see that Ronaldo has sat down clutching his hamstring. You know that Real Madrid are going to drift out in odds as soon as this is acknowledged by the camera or commentators.

Another example would be if a horse reared up before the start of a race and started acting up. In these situations you need to be able to react quickly.

The Geeks Toy software allows you bet predefined stakes with one click allowing you to execute your bets in a second.

In the same scenario’s using the Betfair interface is going to take you several seconds to the same thing.

Charting Features

Geeks Toy allows you to see data visually in the format of a chart.

Geeks Toy Review

The above image is a screenshot from a horse racing market at Sedgefield.

If you look to the left side of the screen you can see that odds movement of the eight horses participating is in a nice graph chart. The other key features to note are the total amount of money matched at each decimal odds point (small black circle) and short term odds movement graph on the left.

Geeks Toy software is extremely customisable so you can really set it up how you want to. Different people will regard different data as more or less important to their trading. Geeks Toy allows you to set up the information you want to see and save the settings so you don’t have to set it up each time.

Geeks Toy Review

Overall Verdict

I have used a number of different API softwares and have always come back to the Geeks Toy. I have found it to be the fastest for my computer and simplest to configure.

At £20 for 3 months access, £60 a year or a fully owned licence for a one off fee of £120. The Geeks Toy is very cheap.

If you are planning on trading the horse racing near to off or in running then you will need API software. I would also suggest using API software for trading the in-play football markets and any other markets where speed is key.

I highly recommend Geeks Toy and they offer a free 14 day trial if want to test the software out yourself.


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