WinnerOdds Review – Tennis Service That Has Made £40,487 Profit?

WinnerOdds Review – What is WinnerOdds?

WinnerOdds is a betting tool that highlights value bets within the tennis markets.

According to the official website.

WinnerOdds includes an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that calculates the real probabilities of all the tennis matches, compares them with the odds offered by the bookmakers and finds more than 5000 value bets per year in order to invest and earn money betting.

WinnerOdds Review

The official site shows some pretty impressive results since its inception in May 2016.

Despite tennis being a very popular sport that isn’t a large amount of tennis tipsters providing profitable services. Tennis Ratings and the Pyckio tennis tipster Nishi Kori are two other services that I have heard positive things about.

Lets take a look in this Winnerodds review whether this is also a service that can beat the tennis betting markets.

WinnerOdds Review – The Interface

The interface for WinnerOdds is extremely well polished, whilst also being easy to navigate and set up.

They have a well written tutorial which explains how to use the service. From setting up your bankroll to betting on the value selections that WinnerOdds highlights.

After you spend a few minutes getting familiar with the WinnerOdds software you can move on to selecting the bookmakers that you have available to use.

WinnerOdds Review

There are 22 monitored bookmakers. These are the bookmakers which the WinnerOdds software automatically scans and highlights when their algorithm finds value.

The other bookmakers are ones that you can manually search and add bets with if the software flags up a value bet.

WinnerOdds Value Tennis BetsWinnerOdds Review

Once you have set up your bankroll and selected your bookmakers its time to move onto the odds page. On this page you see potential bets that the WinnersOdds software has highlighted as being value.

WinnerOdds’s software shows you the tournament and time that the tennis match is being played. In green it highlights the player you should bet on. You will then see the algorithm’s estimation of the minimum value odds and if a bookmakers is matching that or offering higher it becomes a recommended bet.

The suggested staking is based on the Kelly criterion (read this article for a better understanding of the kelly criterion).

When you click highlighted selection, there is the option to adjust the amount staked and also adjust the odds if they have changed. WinnerOdds then tracks this bet for your and automatically updates your bankroll based on the result.

WinnerOdds Review

WinnerOdds Results

Lets take a look at the documented historical results of the WinnerOdds software.

WinnerOdds state that had you started with a £1000 bankroll at its inception.

Your total profits would now stand at £40,496 which is extremely impressive. This is over a total of 16295 bets using the suggested staking, averaging a yield of 8.81% per bet.

WinnerOdds ITF Results

One important factor to note is that the majority of these selections are not in the top flight tennis competitions ATP and WTA.

WinnerOdds seems to excel in finding value in the lesser know competitions such as the Challenger and ITF categories.

Lets take a look at the results for selections in the ATP.

WinnerOdds ATP Results

You can see in the ATP there has been 1542 selections since the WinnerOdds service started.

A profit of £732 has been made with a respectable yield of 2.42% per bet.

In the WTA the results are better.

A profit of £2095 has been made with a yield of 6.7%.

This highlights that WinnerOdds can find value in the higher liquid tennis matches. So for anyone that bets with exchanges this is an option.

WinnerOdds Review Results

Where the WinnerOdds algorithm has really made its money is in the Challenger and IFT competitions.

You can see from the above picture that after 5787 selections.

A profit of £17,871 has been made with a  yield of 9.19%.

WinnerOdds Review – Trial Results

I have had two months so far with the WinnerOdds software.

In between my normal betting and trading in my effort to make £1,000,000 from the sports betting markets.

I have been betting the value selections suggested by the software. So far I have logged in every morning around 09.00 and taken the suggested selections. This is a lower volume approach then is optimal.

WinnerOdds does send out selections to your email whenever the service finds new value in the tennis markets.

I found these very frequent and you will often get 20 to 30 selections a day. 

These are my results based on 134 selections so far.

WinnerOdds Results

Units Bet242.46
Units Won43.05

From the image above you can see that my early results have been pretty pain free. The profit graph is moving steadily upwards and there have been no real downswings yet.

Although it should be noted it is early days and a bad run of results could completely undo all of the profit made so far.

I checked my own results to make sure that there was no discrepancy with the odds recorded on my personal log and results recorded in WinnerOdds historical results.

Everything was recorded correctly and gives me confidence that the reported results from WinnerOdds is accurate.

WinnerOdds Pricing

WinnerOdds Price

Currently the cheapest option for subscribing to WinnerOdds is to pay every 390 euros (£353) every 6 months. This works out at an average of 65 euros (£59) a months.

This isn’t cheap working out at around £700 a year.

However if you have the required bookmakers available and a bankroll of around £1000. Based on historical results it is very likely that even after taking out subscriptions costs you would be left with a healthy profit.

WinnerOdds Conclusion

Early indications are very promising for WinnerOdds. The historical results are very impressive, the software works well and suggested staking is based on sound betting principals.

To get the most out of WinnerOdds you will need to have the monitored bookmakers available to bet with. Given that the majority of selections are in markets that aren’t offered on the betting exchanges.

Overall I was very impressed with WinnerOdds and I am happy to give it a recommendation.

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