Oddsjam Review 2022 – Includes Free Trial

Oddsjam are a company that provide betting tools. Which allow their customers to make a profit from the sports betting markets.

They include tools for the following.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I use arbitrage betting and positive ev value betting as a big part of my betting strategy.

These are solid strategies that have allowed me to make a consistent income from my betting over a number of years.

With the United States betting markets opening up.

More and more people are looking at sports betting as an alternate way to invest their money.

Let’s dive into this Oddsjam review and take a look at whether it’s worth your money.

Oddsjam Review 2022 – The Best Arbitrage Software USA?


Oddsjam Review

When you first log into Oddsjam you will see a number of options.

First off you have an odds area where you can compare odds between a few bookmakers.

  • 5dimes
  • Betmgm
  • Bookmaker
  • Borgota
  • Caesars
  • Draftkings
  • Foxbet
  • William Hill
  • Bwin

Are the bookmakers currently covered in the odds area.

This is an area to be used when you are looking to get the best possible odds for your bets.

Next up lets take a look at the betting tools Oddsjam provide.

This is the area where we will spend the most time on in this review. As the betting tools are really where the value lies with Oddsjam.

Arbitrage Software

When you select the arbitrage tool, a list of upcoming arbitrage bets for the next few days appear.

The arbitrage software covers the bookmaker already listed along with Pinnacle.

What is an arbitrage bet?

An arbitrage bet allows you to cover all outcomes of an event to guarantee yourself a profit.

Let’s take the top selection as an example.

This is an arbitrage between Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies.

In the player total RBI’s market.

The above example is a 2.62% arbitrage bet. Which means that can guarantee a profit of 2.62% n your stake.

Oddsjam provide an arbitrage calculator to work out exactly how much you need to stake. To equal your profit on both bets.

In this example a profit of $8.77 would have been made on the above bet from a total stake of $326.23.

Speed And Efficiency

One of the most important aspects of an arbitrage finder, is speed.

Overall the arbitrage software provided by Oddsjam is quick enough to get on the majority of the arbitrage bets shown.

Oddsjam doesn’t provide links to the bookmaker odds which does mean you have to spend a little time manually getting to the right event.

However using the arbitrage software I did find the odds still existed on both bookmakers. So stale arbs (arbitrage bets where the odds had already moved) did not happen very often.

Plus EV Value Betting Software

What is a value bet?

In simple terms a value bet in the sports betting markets is backing something that is estimated to have a greater chance of happening then the odds indicate.

If you are able to do this consistently then you will make money in the long term.

Oddsjam provide software which helps to identify value bets.

Oddsjam Value Betting

Using the sharp bookmaker Pinnacle.

It has been proven that by using the odds at a sharp bookmaker such as Pinnacle. You can identify value bets with other bookmakers. This is a winning strategy long term.

Oddsjam identifies bets at other soft bookmakers which currently offer value.

The percentage on the left of the selections shows the implied value of the bet.

For example the above bet has an implied value of 6.31%.

Meaning that the expected long term profit of this bet is estimated at to be $6.31, per $100 staked.

Value Betting September

Value betting is a great strategy to use alongside arbitrage betting.

Combining both methods can allow you to make a good income from the sports betting markets.

Middle Bets Software

On to Middle Bets!

With middle betting we cover both sides of an event.

This could be a handicap market, total runs, under/over. There are plenty of markets which present opportunities for middle betting.

The great thing about middle betting is that in certain situations you can win both sides of your bet. Other middle bets you can have one bet that wins whilst the other will be a push. This means we win a full bet on one side and get money back on the other.

Lets take a look at an example.

Oddsjam Middle Bets

In the above example we have a middle bet which is also an arbitrage.

As a straight up arbitrage bet there is the opportunity to make 1.48% on our stake.

However this is also a middle bet.

Draft kings are offering Chicago Cubs +6.5 at odds of -725

5dimes have Chicago White Sox -6 at +840

Middle Bets 2

In this example we stake $100 on Chicago +6.5 at -725, also putting down $12.11 on the White Sox at -6.

This guarantees a small profit of $1.68.

However if the White Sox win this game by exactly 6. The first bet on Chicago +6.5 would win and our bet on White Sox would be a push. Meaning would get our money back.

So a profit of $13.79 would be won on the first bet. Whilst the second bet would return our stake.

As you increase your stake the opportunity to make a larger profit with a middle bet also increases.

Middle Bets Oddsjam

Middle bets are a great low risk way of building a bankroll. If you want to make money from sports betting then middle bets are an excellent strategy to use.

Low Hold

The last tool that Oddsjam offers is one that highlights tight margins between bookmakers.

This is called “Low Hold”, it is aimed at helping you clear sportsbook bonuses with rollovers. Along with highlighting the best selections to guarantee a profit from promotional free bets.


BetUS Bonus


Here is an example of the type of bonus available to American sports bettors, where a rollover is required.

It is a 125% deposit bonus with a 10x rollover.

For example if I deposited $1000, I would be given an extra $1250.

With the 10x rollover, I would need to bet $12500 before it could be withdrawn.

The low hold tool highlights the best selections for rolling over your money without losing value.

This tool can also be used for free play bets.

In the above example, a $83.33 is guaranteed from a $100 freeplay bonus.

This highlights the value of the Oddsjam software.

Oddsjame Review – Other Tools And Software

That covers the main tools that Oddsjam offers. If you are looking to succeed in sports betting then they really do provide you with the software you need.

Along with the arbitrage, middle betting and plus ev betting tracker.

You also get the following –

  • Arbitrage calculator
  • Freeplay calculator
  • No-Vig fair odds calculator

Alongside the calculators you also get an area to track all your bets.

Oddsjam Bet Tracker


Oddsjam Review – Pricing

Oddsjam offer 3 different subscription options.

Oddsjam SubscriptionArbitrage betting, Middle bets and the Low Hold tool are all part of the Canada and US plan.

The main factor for pricing of the first two options is which country you reside in.

This will effect which bookmakers you have access to.

The benefit of the industry plan is that you also get access to the positive ev betting tool which highlights value betting opportunities.

Oddsjam Review – Conclusion

There is a lot of opportunity to make money from sports betting in the US and Canadian betting markets.

Oddsjam really provide you with all the tools to make it easy for you to make the most of these opportunities.

I have no problem in recommending Oddsjam.

If you are based in the US or Canada then Oddsjam is a great option for your sports betting needs.

Whether its arbitrage betting, middle betting, plus ev value betting or exploiting free bets and bonuses.

Oddsjam have you covered!